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Chapter 55
-Translated by Rurella of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Basically, everything above the twenty-fifth floor was for staff use. So the twenty floors of rooms were more than enough for those few guests. However, in keeping with the principle of customers first, Feisha still very boldly agreed to Lanka’s request.

On the way to the room, Asa stayed besides Feisha like a bodyguard. Since Feisha was held hostage the first time he greeted a guest, Asa had paid special attention to his safety.

Layton was like an attendant, diligently hovering around Lanka. It wasn’t until Lanka accidentally kicked his butt when rounding a corner that he walked back to Feisha’s side.

“Is Hughes used to staying here?” Lanka asked.

Is he a newcomer then?

Feisha felt quite speechless about that question. “He’s my guide. I think he should be better than me in terms of adaptation.”

Lanka said, “You don’t seem to welcome me?”

Feisha replied, “You are too direct.”

Lanka smiled and retorted, “Then I’ll change my words. You seem to be not very happy about my arrival here.”

Sure enough, it was just another way to word it. The sentence was longer, more words were used, but the meaning didn’t change.

Feisha continued, “I think you must have misunderstood me.”

“Really?” Lanka turned his head, his maroon hair brushed over Feisha’s nose with his movement. “I thought the person misunderstanding it was you.”

“Ah-choo.” Feisha sneezed and sneezed, then looked up innocently. “What did you say?”

Lanka shifted the topic. “As a human being who knows nothing about the Nine Realms, suddenly appearing in a place like Noah’s Ark, you must feel quite uneasy.”

“Actually,” Feisha gave him a bright smile. “I am not as ignorant as you think. As a human, we at least have the Bible. I know what Noah’s Ark is, and I know that wings are… -cough- Angels, the ones with pointed ears are the elf, the ones that have fangs are the vampires, the short ones are the dwarves, and the tall ones are the giants.”

Asa protested, “I am a Titan.”

“Oh, that’s just a translation issue.”

Lanka asked, “So what do you know about transparent people?”

“I have a very good transparent friend called Hughes.” Feisha stopped and looked at him seriously. “I don’t know if this kind of knowledge is enough for Your Highness Lanka?”

Lanka responded while smiling, “For the transparent people, it is enough. In fact, just by this, you are already a friend to all of the transparent people.”

Feisha looked at him suspiciously, seemingly judging if his words were true or false. Countless experiences and history told him that the real bad guys were usually amiable to deceive the trust of good people better. He definitely placed this guy in the hostile category.

Lanka asked, “Why did we stop?”

“We’re here.” Feisha reached out and opened the door.

Lanka stood at the door and looked around. “Where is Hughes living?”

Feisha pointed up, “Upstairs.”

Lanka said: “I believe I asked to be next door.”

“Things like walls, if it’s under our feet it’s called the floor, if it’s besides us, it’s called a wall. So when you lie down, you will find that Hughes is indeed living next to you.”


Feisha rubbed his hand. “Do you need me to introduce you to the room?”

Lanka shrugged, “If you like.”

“This is the toilet, this is the bed. The introduction is finished.” Feisha smiled. “I don’t think other things are very important to Your Highness Lanka.”

Lanka said, “One thing is somewhat important to me. I don’t know if you would answer me?”

Feisha repeated, “I said that Hughes’ room is upstairs.”

“I want to ask where is your room?”

Feisha watched him, suddenly alert. “Why do you ask?”

“Nothing, I just want to know what the room of a person with only a toilet and a bed should look like.”

Asa suddenly spoke up, “Then where does he go to eat?”

Feisha threw him a look, telling him to shut up.

Lanka smiled gracefully, “That depends on if the toilet or the bed is able to provide food.”

Feisha walked out the door and smiled ferociously. “I wish you a pleasant stay!”


The door was slammed shut.

Within the room.

Asa and Layton looked at Lanka, one laughed sillily and the other gave a dry laugh.

Feisha walked past a turn and a figure suddenly emerged from the corner, pulling him into the corner.

Feisha’s heart beat wildly a few times before he faced the other to speak resentfully, “Did you know that just now I was deciding between punching you or kicking you in the balls?” [1]

Gin said, “If you want to hit me I’ll let you hit me later. But tell me first, did Lanka say anything just now? What about his expression? Did he mention me?”

Feisha looked at him suspiciously. “Is he also your ex?”

“Who said that? Wait, what do you mean by ‘also’…” Gin took a deep breath. “The thing with Dia’s been over for thousands of years. Do you have to keep bringing it up?”

Feisha smirked, “If it wasn’t for someone always bringing it up, how could someone who was born only twenty or so years ago know what happened thousands of years ago?”

Gin couldn’t say anything to that.

“Since there’s no affair between you two, why are you so nervous about him?”

“He didn’t have an affair with me, but that doesn’t mean he might not have affairs with others.” Gin’s expression cooled. “Although he thinks he hides it well, ever since he first came to see Hughes, I realized that he has complicated feelings towards him.”

Feisha’s slapped his wrist. “I knew that I shouldn’t have treated him like that.”

Gin emotionally grabbed his shoulders, “Right? That kind of person really can’t be treated well.”

“No. I mean, I should have been more polite, kind, and affectionate,” Feisha shook his head in frustration. “It’s not easy to find a person who can rescue Hughes from the clutches of evil [2] in these times.”

Gin immediately pushed him three meters away.

Feisha took the opportunity to try to go upstairs but Gin blocked him.

“Brother… what do you really want?” Feisha looked at him helplessly.

“You haven’t told me what Lanka said.”

“He just asked where Hughes lives. That’s it.”

Gin nervously asked, “You told him?”

Feisha nodded honestly, “Told him.”

Gin was full of complaints, “How could you tell him!”

“You often pull Hughes into your room anyways. His room is basically always empty. What’s the difference between saying and not saying?”

“This is true.” Gin smiled smugly.

“Then can I go now?”

“Do you think he looks like he is sick?”

Feisha said sincerely: “Compared with you, he is very normal.”

Gin ignored his ridicule and said, “Oh right, you must not tell Hughes that Lanka is living here.”

Feisha raised his eyebrows. “You want to hide this from him?”

“This is a necessary means to deal with the enemy. You will understand when you grow up.”


“Remember to not say anything. Don’t worry, later on, if an old flame of Isefel comes, I will definitely defend you.”

Feisha smiled, “Thank you for your big mouth.”

“Right, there is one more thing…”

Feisha was so annoyed that he pushed him away and ran upstairs. “I’m in a hurry. If you still have things to say, write them in your will.”

Gin glared at the empty stairs and muttered, “I just want to tell you that Isefel is now in the meeting room, calling a conference, and not in his room.”

“Then why didn’t you say so earlier!” Feisha’s figure suddenly appeared at the end of the stairs, rushing past him like a burst of wind.

Gin stared. “He actually heard me?”

Before going to the meeting room, Feisha first searched Gin’s bar for two bottles of good wine, and then pretentiously knocked on the door: “Do you need anything to drink?”

It was silent behind the heavy door.

Feisha thought about it and quietly pushed open a small slit.

It was not the first time he has been to this room, but it was the first time that he felt so shocked.

On the wall across the doorway were the images of eight figures, all of them with powerful auras and majestic bodies.

The other side seemed to perceive the small movement at the door, and a voice that sounded like it was on its last breath spoke up, “It seems that a small fish has slipped in. Isefel, your Noah’s Ark is getting more and more interesting.”

Feisha was prepared to retreat but the door opened automatically.

Isefel’s back was facing him, sitting diagonally on the sofa just like when he was reading.

“I just passed by…” Feisha stuttered.

Isefel didn’t turn his head, “Wasn’t it to bring drinks?”

Feisha blanked and realized that he still had two bottles of wine in his hand. “I seem to have forgotten to bring any cups.”

“It doesn’t matter, they don’t drink.” Isefel said.

Abaddon laughed and said, “Isefel, are you messing with us?”

Feisha discovered that of the eight figures, he recognized two. Sitting in the center were Abbadon, and on his right side was Almedande. However, they are obviously in different places, and the background of the eight figures should also be different.

The blond man on the left side of Abbadon was very beautiful, especially when he looked at him with a smile. That smile could make the world melt into putty. “You must be the human ambassador who came to Noah’s Ark this year, right?”

Abbadon sneered, “Raphael, you are still talking as if you’re singing. As expected of the ‘Singing God’, you don’t even know how to speak normally anymore.”

“If speaking normally means to speak profanities, then I would rather not.” Raphael paused before smiling. “Or do you want me to teach Borja to be like that?”

As soon as he mentioned the hostage in his hands, Abbadon immediately shut up.

Isefel took the bottles in his hand.

The one standing next to Raphael, with a face was pale as paper, lips as red as blood, looking so ill that keeling over at any moment wouldn’t be a surprise, spoke, “Isefel, why don’t you introduce this little friend?”

Feisha recognized this voice as the one that spoke at the beginning. This kind of dying-breath type of speech was too easy to recognise.

Almedande said, “Drooling every time you see a human, Leslie, even after so many years, your bad habits haven’t changed.”

Leslie’s thin lips pressed into a knife like a smile. “I just think that since The Liberation Resistance is about the Nine Realms, then humans should also have a seat in this meeting. And obviously until now, the only human we can find is the little friend in front of us.”

“It seems that real humans are more petite and delicate than the ones described in books.” The rough looking woman on the far right looked at Feisha. Although she was also sitting, she was still much taller than others.

“Hmph.” The dwarf sitting on the far left was obviously very unhappy with her ‘ petite’ and ‘delicate’ description.

“Of course, I am definitely not referring to you. Short and petite have very different meanings.”

“I am fortunate that there’s no woman in my tribe that can be described as rough and stout.”

“Fortunately, there’s no man that can be described with short-statured here.”

Abbadon said, “Every time the meeting is over, it’s this kind of conversation. How boring.”

Raphael said, “The vulgar will never be able to appreciate the high class and elegant, because they can’t climb.”

The room heated up indiscriminately. [3]

Feisha was stunned.

Isefel acted as if everything was normal and asked in a low voice, “The customer is settled?”

Feisha also replied in a low voice, “Mhm, a floor below Hughes.” He paused. “Hey, I’m done delivering drinks so I will go out first.” Feisha was getting a headache from the loud voices. He was very impressed with Isefel who could keep calm.

Isefel nodded.

Feisha quietly turned around and was about to close the door when suddenly, he heard two sounds comparable to heavenly music ring out together. As if two rivers descending from the sky, instantly drowning out other sounds.

“Is there still no result?”

“Is there a result?”

One voice was clear, one voice was deep, but both were surprisingly pleasant.

Except for the echoes of their arrival, the room was silent.

Suddenly, everyone stood up respectfully.

Raphael and Abbadon both stepped back. The two seats in the middle were struck by two beams of light more bright than dawn, more splendid than sunset, and brighter than the sun.

One white and one gold, so superior that people dared not look at.

Feisha’s head was very low, as if even a peek was forbidden.

“Lord Lucifer.”

“Lord Michael.”

The door was closed but the sound passed from the crack under it anyways.

[1] “黑虎掏心” and “猴子偷桃”
which are martial arts skills “black tiger digs heart”: to rip out someone’s heart, and “monkey stealing peach”: to bust someone’s balls.

which means ‘bitter sea’ or ‘a sea of suffering’ but I don’t think the words and context made sense in English

which is literally “a pot of porridge began to boil wildly”, which means that temper(ature)s are rising, the pressure is increasing, a mess is about to happen.

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