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SH Chapter 54

Chapter 54: Approach (Part 2)

Translated by Rui
Is it sparkle? Someone gets fuel! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

So Isefel had already given her permission to stop, if he did not use this opportunity, he could change the name to “I am a pig” from “Feisha Shi” [1].

He grabbed the cloth with his hands and rushed to his room. Her damp hair cleans many small pearls of water as if she gets freely in nine heavens.

However, the prosperity of Feisha quickly became weak when a particular fair was appearing at his door.

When Shamal saw his eyes, he saw him, and he spoke mainly when he killed other people. “Do you still remember what you did when Gin burned me?” Feisha said with a cold smile.

Shamal replied: “I know, I should not disturb people.


“Oh, if you find that it is like the beginning of Jin Jin, I feel wise, your two were left in the world” representation in Shamal, that was a great regret.


“But you have a really good taste, Gin is strong, beautiful, romantic and delicate.”

In fact, Chiemau has thousands of people. [2] Feisha thought herself with 囧 囧 [3]: How are the elders looking at their eyes to join gins in such a good quality?

“The only point in the complaint is that he is already a fuse.” Is it rarely that you really do not mind it.

“…” Was it rarely that he did not care about it? Feisha always narrowed his face. “Are you here?”

Shamal soon said, “I want you to help me.

Feisha did not think about it, he rejected: “I will respond.

Shamal replied unclearly. “I do not even think I need help.

“Follow me.”

“I would like you to help me think about the solution.”

“I will respond.”

“… I have not said any problems that require a solution”.

“Follow me.”

The face of the shamal was calm. “I just got to Antonio’s door, but he did not answer.”

“I am,” Feisha is, looking at each other in front of her face, I was on the shoulder before laughing at “throw away”.

Shamal said: “Why?”

“I already said, I respond.

“I want to know the reason.”

Feisha, though, could not help, “because I think it’s awkward for you, do you know that it’s not symmetrical, from top to bottom?”

Shamal says: “What really seems symmetrical from bottom to bottom?

“Oh, hamburger.” Faisher responded promptly in response. “So I eat one person each morning.”

Shamal suddenly wept and nodded. He asked suddenly again. “Why does not Antonio respond to my knitting?

“…” Feisha had an amazing glory for other permanent people. He broke his arms over his chest and prevented Shamal. “If I do not help you, you will not be left.”

Shamal kept her sweet smile.

“Finally, if I can not get in, I will do it!” Feisha turned and left.

Shamal could not stop him.

Feisha went nine steps before he fled, and returned: “Did you put the door?


“Have you pressed the door?”


“Did you force the door?”

“… not”

“Go and give this shot.”

Shamal hesitated: “By accident, did you stop the door?”

“If you break the door, you will receive an answer.”

Shamal questioned half of the questions: “Are you sure?

“It’s even more true than real money” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

“Have you not tried to expel me?

Feisha knocking her teeth, “Do you think this is the second reason why I am to stop your time with you?

Shamal thought about it and said: “What will happen if I open the door and find him boarding?

“If you are stronger than him, you can force her, if he is stronger than you, he will give you.

Shamal knocked on his finger, “a good idea.”

“Can you now take your body out of my door?

“The last question,” Shamal asked for a unique question. “Is there really a relationship between Jin and Hughes?


Feisha returned to her room and quickly changed her dress. He found a wonderful record of history and went down the stairs.

However, he heard a loud noise, landing only halfway through the stairs. Under his feet he was shaken.

Feisha was libelling. While he was waiting to go up the stairs, he saw suddenly Shamal appeared in front of his sad facial expression.

“Antonio is not in his room.

Feisha quietly said, “This is the answer you want me to tell you, he’s in the normal kitchen at this time.”

“…” Shamak’s expression became frustrating. “Do you think that’s good if you’re talking to me orally?”

“Vision is to remember what you believe, practice is the only standard of truth!

Shamal breathed deeply. “Do you have a good idea about how to clean up after the answers?

“Money depends on it.”

Shamal looked at him carefully. “What if I have money?

“If you have money, you can go to find Leighton to repair the door. If you do not have the money …” Feisha gently grinned and said: “You can only confess to Antonio and confess my sins, but usually it is best, if you find out that in this situation you may have to marry.

Shamal suddenly happy ladder, “Aah, I am with the poor people. I am poor people, as I can, only getting a pledge of a crystal.”

“…” When the Shamal figure completely disappeared, Feisha said: “Of course, when you promised to marry, you would be a slave.

Feisha easily returned to the Isfel’s door without a shamel’s disturbance. When he was about to get closer, the door was opened from the inside. Isseferam had formal clothes.

Does it call them “they are related to heart and soul”?

As he had a remarkable record, Feisha secretly laughed.

Issefel said: “You have time.”

They were in fact connected with the heart and soul.

Feisha still laughed.

Isefer continued. “Please prepare, guests will come.

Feisha smiled, except that his manifestation became rigorous and compulsory.

He lifted his head and hid bitterness completely against his smile from his eyes. Both happy times were clear. Why did the guest come suddenly? Shamal, will you not solve your problem with Antonio? Why did you need to attract customers and complicate things?

Mr Isepel explained: “During this time the guests were very special, it was a personal request from the Governor of Genesis.”

Governor Genesis?

Feisha was in “Invisible Folk” at a time lost. If he correctly remembered, the ark of Noah was all the world’s delegates, but he was an exception.

“Yes.” Isfels said: “He is Hughes’s uncle.” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Feisha turned to several snacks: “What happened?”

“He wants Shammar heals his son’s strange illness”

“What kind of strange disease?”

Issefran’s eyes become darker, “Epilepsy per month.”


Meanwhile, he stood before the guests were ready to welcome, but Feisha was still frustrated.

In theory, these are the special features that belong to everyone, the moon, because it was when I saw that it is the same as a family that was laced, human blood if someone eats a human body. A person who wants to drink causes epilepsy. Why does it seem that there is an export trend?

Has anyone been infected outside Noah’s withdrawal?

He thought about it more and he was worried.

Layton, did you listen to it? Hughes, Genesis, the cousin of His Highness Heiress, calmly saying that he ran to his side.

“Genesis successor?”

“Yes. Layton has a very understanding of the minimal general knowledge of Feisha.” More and more people are gossiping, Merry spirit, “he passionately explained,” says the current governor of Moses, the uncle of the fuse, but the previous governor was the father of the fuse. Initially, the fuse was crowned to the heirs who was right; he was losing myself in my maximum Lanka competition.

“So,” Feisha felt more dissatisfied with his height, which he had never seen before, “is he an enemy of the fence?”

Layton said to the head, “They are, he did not have a good relationship with the fuse. He also says that if you have a very furious fuse, the first ark of Noah has been sent. Do you know that the invisible people will rise?”

Gin really tried to hide Hugheson, but the true form of Hughes had already been exhibited at a barbecue conference.

Feisha said: “I know.

Mr Layton continued: “This is the only invisible human nature that should be in the growing season for six months.”

“Yes, now I understand.” Feisha smiled strangely.

Layton says: “What do you know?

Feisha replied: “I know why he has epilepsy every month.

Layton asked strangely: “Why?”

“God thought that he was too much, as he did, he fled to fifty when he was angry and fell into the rest of the time.


“Nante is an interesting explanation.” The young man smiles with a soft smile of smiling brown, wearing long light clothes, slowly wearing tight black trousers.

The first Feish’s answer: “He’s wearing clothes.

Mr Layton has hardly explained that “When the invisible people go through a period of growth, their power grows and involves the fact that things are not visible for free.”

Feisha emotionally “He will be perfect as a thief!

“…” Leighton said: “That’s the height of his hand.

Feisha quickly smiled: “The height of a respectable line will not spoil my words?

Lanka answered with a thin smile. “It is very difficult for you to mistakenly throw in other words in your heart.


The hand is, “But if, if I have your name, you want to show how the air I want to meet your expectations.”

Feisha finally had a young man squarely laughing in front of him, “I deal with what he seemed to have found it is more difficult to find a course with selektecon unresolved issues with others. I think it’s better.”

“Oh, I remember that.” Lanka sometimes smiled. He saw: “Where is my beloved cousin?”

Feisha suddenly remembered that Hughes is still at its beautiful pace. He looked to the left and to the right. Lin, Layton, Asa was the only person at the reception. To remove him from this prediction, because it was obviously unrealistic to trust the other two, he can say to save only himself, “he is resting now.” Exhibition There is a lot of room to do, because it is growing recently, which is quite dangerous.

The hand appeared to me with a weak shadow, but it seemed to be used to it.

What was that?

Feisha secretly faded in the mind. He welcomed the gesture, saying: “How can you relax, please, why let me show you before. You should be tired after a long ride?”

“I want to be close to the fuse.” The hand smiled with a smile: “Is it possible?

T / N

[1] 那 他 就不 cries ‘stone 飞 侠’, Aratame 叫 ‘Shi 头 吧’ Ryo

As they sound alike, the last word of Fais’s stone (stone) is the word name (city), which means the word (city) above the words in the game. So Feish says that if he does not want to take the opportunity to grab the opportunity, then he is not Feisha, he’s a pig (stupid).

[2] Thousands of people employing 1,000 employees have a specific knowledge of Hemophoditis on Asia, which means that it is possible to translate text / things.

[3] OZ 囧 囧 Chinese version

[4] Normal Screening This will provide your body and will be happy to sleep with someone else This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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