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Translated by Rui
Is that a spark? Someone get the fuel!

Since Isefel had already given him permission to interrupt him, if he didn’t use this opportunity then he’d change his name from ‘Feisha Shi’ to ‘I’m a pig’[1].

He grabbed onto the towel with two hands and quickly rushed off towards his own room. His damp hair flung off a multitude of small water beads, in a similar manner to how he was freely flying up towards sky nine.

However, Feisha’s good mood instantly dampened when he saw a certain fairy in front of his door.

Shamal’s eyes instantly sparkled when he saw him, he was just about to speak when he got cut off by the other. “Do you still remember what you were doing when Gin unclothed me?” Feisha said with a cold smile.

Shamal replied, “I know. I shouldn’t have interrupted you guys.”


“Oh, if I had known you liked Gin earlier, I would’ve acted sensibly and left you two in your own little world.” Shamal’s expression was one of great regret.


“But you really have good taste. Gin is strong, handsome, romantic and gentle.”

Indeed, there are a thousand hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.[2] Feisha thought to himself in 囧囧[3]: Just how presbyopic must one’s eyes be in order to associate Gin with such good qualities?

“The only frustrating thing is that he already has Hughes.” Shamal paused for a moment before continuing, “The rare thing is that you don’t actually care a single bit about that.”

“…” It was only rare if he didn’t care? Feisha speechlessly wiped his face, “So what are you here for?”

Shamal instantly said, “I want you to help me.”

Feisha didn’t even think about it and rejected him, “I refuse.”

Shamal upsettingly replied, “I haven’t even told you what I need help with.”

“Then go on and tell me.”

“I want you to help me think of a solution.”

“I refuse.”

“… I haven’t said what problem I need a solution for.”

“Then go on and tell me.”

Shamal’s face looked depressed, “I just knocked on Antonio’s door, but he didn’t answer back.”

“I,” Feisha looked at the other’s anticipating gaze and shrugged his shoulders before smiling and saying, “Refuse.”

Shamal asked, “Why?”

“Because I already told you from the very beginning that I refuse.”

“That’s why I want to know the reason.”

Feisha couldn’t help but say, “Because I think you’re unpleasing to the eye. Did you know that you’re not symmetrical from the top to bottom, nor are you inside out?”

Shamal modestly asked for clarification, “Who actually looks very symmetrical from top to bottom?”

“Uh, hamburger.” Feisha quickly reacted and replied, “That’s why I eat one every morning.”

Shamal suddenly felt enlightened and nodded his head. He then suddenly asked again, “So why do you think Antonio isn’t answering back to my knock?”

“…” Feisha felt sincere admiration at the other’s perseverance. He folded his arms across his chest and squinted at Shamal as he said, “So, if I don’t help you then you won’t let me inside?”

Shamal maintained his polite smile.

“Fine then, if I can’t go in then so be it!” Feisha turned around and walked off.

Shamal couldn’t stop him.

Feisha took nine steps before he swirled around and walked back, “Did you knock on the door?”


“Did you press the doorbell?”


“Did you bang on the door?”


“Go and give that a shot.”

Shamal hesitantly said, “What if I accidentally break the door?”

“If you break the door, then you’ll receive your answer.”

Shamal half doubtingly asked, “Really?”

“Even more real than real gold.”

“You aren’t just trying to dismiss me are you?”

Feisha bit down on his teeth and smiled, “Do you think there would be a second reason as for why I’m here wasting time with you?”

Shamal thought about it and said, “What happens if I bash open the door and I discover that he’s taking a shower inside?”

“If you’re stronger than him, then you can push him down. If he’s stronger than you, then let him push you down.”

Shamal snapped his fingers, “Good idea.”

“Can you move your body away from my door now?”

“Last question.” Shamal curiously asked, “You really don’t mind Gin’s relationship with Hughes?”


Feisha returned to his room and quickly changed his clothes. He found the guest history records and ran up the stairs.

However, he only went halfway up the stairs before he heard a loud crashing sound. The floor beneath his feet even shook.

Feisha was left speechless. Just as he was about to continue up the stairs, he suddenly saw Shamal appear in front of him with a gloomy expression.

“Antonio isn’t in his room.”

Feisha calmly said, “This is the answer I want to tell you. He’s usually in the kitchen around this time.”

“…” Shamal’s expression became even more melancholy, “Don’t you think it’s better if you told me with your mouth?”

“You must remember that seeing is believing. Practice is the sole criterion of truth!”

Shamal took a deep breath, “Then do you have any good ideas as to how to clean up after the answer?”

“That’ll depend on whether or not you have money.”

Shamal cautiously looked at him, “What if I have money? And what if I don’t?”

“If you have money, then you can go find Layton to fix the door. If you don’t have money…” Feisha faintly smiled, “Then you can only find Antonio and confess your crimes. However, usually in these situations, it’s best if you’re aware that you may have to pledge a marriage with him[4].”

Shamal suddenly joyfully made his way down the stairs, “Aaahhh, I’m the poorest. I’m so poor I can only get by through pawning crystals.”

“….” When Shamal’s figure completely disappeared, Feisha mumbled, “Of course. After you pledge marriage, you’ll become a slave.”

Without Shamal’s obstruction, Feisha easily returned to Isefel’s door. Just as he was about to reach out and knock, the door opened from the inside. Isefel walked out in a formal attire.

Is this what they call ‘to be connected through mind and soul’?

Feisha secretly laughed quietly as he held the guest history records.

Isefel said, “You’re just in time.”

So they indeed were connected through mind and soul.

Feisha continued to smile.

Isefel continued, “Make preparations. Guests are coming.”

Feisha continued to smile, except his expression became stiff and forced.

He lifted his head, and hidden bitterness that was completely opposite to that of the smile on his face shot out of his eyes. It was clearly going to be the happy times of the two of them together alone, why were there suddenly guests arriving? Damn you Shamal, didn’t you solve your problem with Antonio? Why did you have to complicate matters by bringing in guests?!

Isefel explained, “The guest is very special this time. It was a personal request from the ruler of Genesis.”

Ruler of Genesis?

Feisha was at a temporary loss, “Invisible Folk?” If he remembered correctly, the people on Noah’s Ark were all executive representatives of each world —— he was an exception though.

“Yes.” Isefel said, “He’s Hughes’ uncle.”

Feisha scooted closer for more gossip, “What happened?”

“He wishes for Shamal to cure his son’s strange disease.”

“What strange disease?”

Isefel’s eyes darkened, “Monthly epilepsy.”


By the time he was standing in front of the reception ready to welcome the guest, Feisha was still feeling unsettled.

Theoretically, epilepsy that caused someone to want to eat human flesh and drink human blood when they saw the moon should be synonymous to that of the wolf family, as it was a special trait that belonged to no other. Why did it look like there was a trend in exportation now?

It couldn’t be that in the end, everyone outside Noah’s Ark would become infected right?

The more he thought about it, the more anxious he felt.

Layton quietly ran to his side and softly said, “Did you hear about it? The guest who’s coming is Hughes’ cousin, the crown prince of Genesis, His Highness Ranka.

“The crown prince of Genesis?”

“That’s right.” Layton was very understanding of Feisha’s minimal general knowledge. Following the spirit of ‘the more people in on the gossip, the merrier’, he enthusiastically explained, “The current ruler of the Genesis is Hughes’ uncle, however the previous ruler was Hughes’ father. Hughes originally had the right to be crowned the crown prince, but he lost to His Highness Ranka in a competition.”

“So,” Feisha felt even more dislike towards His Highness Ranka, whom he had never seen before, “Is he Hughes’ enemy?”

Layton nodded his head, “They say that he never had a good relationship with Hughes. He even got extremely furious when Hughes was initially sent to Noah’s Ark. Do you know that invisible folk have a growth period?”

Even though Gin really wanted to hide Hughes away, Hughes’ real form had already been exposed at the barbecue gathering.

Feisha said, “I know.”

Layton continued, “He’s the only invisible folk to pass his growth period in merely half a day.”

“Hehe, I understand now.” Feisha’s smiled strangely.

Layton asked, “What do you know?”

Feisha replied, “I know why he has monthly epilepsy.”

Layton curiously inquired, “Why?”

“Because god thought he was too much of a show off. So he made it that if the son was going to go crazy, then he would go crazy on the fifteenth and behave himself for the remaining days.”


“What an interesting explanation.” As a soft, gentle laugh resounded, a young man with chestnut hair, dressed in a long pale blue jacket and tight black pants slowly appeared at the reception.

Feisha’s first reaction was, “He’s wearing clothes.”

Layton awkwardly explained, “After invisible folk pass their growth period, their powers will further increase. This includes freely making anything they touch invisible.”

Feisha sighed emotionally, “He would be perfect as a thief!”

“….” Layton said, “This is His Highness Ranka.”

Feisha instantly smiled, “The honorable, His Highness Ranka, wouldn’t take my words to heart, right?”

Ranka replied with a faint smile, “It is extremely rude to casually toss the words of others to the back of your mind.”


Ranka said, “But if you would like me to regard your words as air, I am willing to fulfill your wishes.”

Feisha finally discovered that the young person who smiled beautifully in front of him, was definitely harder to deal with than what he seemed, “I think it’s better to have selectivity when treating others and handling affairs.”

“Oh. I’ll remember that.” Ranka faintly smiled. He looked around and asked, “Where’s my beloved cousin?”

Feisha suddenly remembered that Hughes was still in his cute growth period. He looked left and right. Him, Layton and Asa were the only people at the reception. It was clearly unrealistic to rely on the other two to get him out of this predicament, so he could only save himself and say, “He’s currently resting. Business is booming lately, so there are many rooms he needs to service. It’s quite tiring.”

A faint shadow seemed to cover Ranka’s eyes that resembled that of honey dates, “Is that so?”

What kind of reaction was that?

Feisha secretly speculated in his mind. He then made a welcoming gesture and said, “You must be tired after a long journey. Why don’t you let me show you upstairs so you can have a rest?”

“I want to stay next door to Hughes.” Ranka gazed at Feisha with radiant smile, “Is that possible?”


[1] 那他就不叫‘石飞侠’,改叫‘是头猪’了

Feisha’s last name 石 (Shi) is a word play on the word 是 (Shi), which means is, as they sound similar. So, Feisha is saying that if he’s not going to use take the opportunity, then he is not Feisha, but instead he is a pig (idiot).

[2] 一千个读者就有一千个哈姆雷特 A well known asian proverb that means there are a thousand ways to interpret one text/thing.

[3] 囧囧 Chinese version of OTZ

[4] 以身相许 This also means to willingly offer your body and sleep with someone else

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