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Translated by EllaBells of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

At five o’clock the next morning, Feisha felt like he couldn’t sleep. After nearly an hour of tossing and turning, he finally couldn’t help but sit up and quietly turn on the bedside lights.

The black-and-white room gained a warm glow in the dim light. He pulled the quilt up and slowly scooted his body to the edge of the bed. Isefel was sleeping on his back. His long eyelashes covered the lower lids and his appearance was innocent and soft.

For the first time, Feisha discovered that Isefel could have such a cute and pure side.

The long eyelashes suddenly moved up, the ink-colored eyes first looked at the ceiling, and then slowly looked towards his direction as his head turned.

Feisha sprawled on the edge of the bed, his chin resting on the back of his hand. He smiled and said, “Good morning.”

Isefel looked up at the wall clock for the time, then he turned back and closed his eyes to continue to sleep.

“Don’t sleep, let’s chat,” Feisha laid his upper body on the bed.

Isefel didn’t move.

“Why don’t we chat about The Liberation Resistance?” Feisha’s body moved more and more forward. “The history of Hell is also OK.” Now that he spoke of it, it would be nice if there was a history class to help him fall sleep.

Isefel continued to ignore him.

Feisha decided to use his last move. He took a deep breath and sang loudly, “The girl of Ali Mountains…” [1]

Isefel suddenly reached out and pulled him into his arms on the bed.

Feisha’s heart jumped more than three hundred times in a state of madness before he gradually realized what happened — his face was pressed against a strong and broad shoulder, right before his eyes was a chest rising and falling with each breath. Isefel’s hand was still on his back, the warmth of his palm could be felt through the pajamas.

“Hey.” He peaked up at the side of the absolutely perfect face, and whispered, “I can’t sleep.”

Isefel kept his eyes closed, raised his left index finger and gently poked.

The light suddenly went out.

The room returned to darkness.

He didn’t know if Isefel’s embrace was too warm, or if he felt weary after a shock, but the sleep that eluded him for over an hour finally added weight to his eyelids. Feisha adjusted to a more comfortable position and fell deep asleep.

Just like that, three hours of sleep passed by.

If it wasn’t for a rush of rings from the doorbell, Feisha would probably have continued to sleep.

He opened his eyes. The room was still dark, and the echo of the doorbell remained from his dream, but his surroundings were silent.

“Just now, did someone knock on the door?” He muttered.

“Mn.” Isefel replied softly from above his head.

“Where are they?”


“Why is there no sound?” Could it be that Isefel also was not a morning person, got angry and killed whoever was outside? But there were only a few people on Noah’s Arc, who was so unlucky?

“I used a barrier to block the noise.” Just as he spoke, the doorbell madly rang again.

Feisha said, “Continue to block.”

Isefel was good at everything.

The room was restored to the quiet world of two people. Feisha’s head gently shifted, as if confirming that the pillow under the head was indeed Isefel’s arm. Isefel also shifted.

Feisha felt locks of long hair brush over his forehead, and it was as soft as a peach flower petals that fell during spring. He gulped nervously and broke the silence, “Who is it that’s ringing the doorbell?” As he spoke, he regretted that he could not swallow back the air that had just formed the words.

“Layton,” Isefel gave a straightforward answer.

Feisha paused and curiosity suppressed the feelings of remorse for the moment, “What is he doing here? Is there another guest coming?”

Shamal’s style was much more casual than Dea’s. In the past, whenever guests booked with them, Dea would hold a meeting in advance to give a general summary on what guests were coming, what background they had, and any requirements they had. But Shamal was completely a self-service: welcome the guests into the hotel, arrange a room, the rest was up to the guest themselves all the way until the guest left.

In the darkness, Isefel was silent for a long while, “Aren’t you not a morning person?”

Feisha blinked, “If I slept my fill, I won’t be.”

Isefel silently noted it down.

“Hey, should we go out and ask what happened? It would be bad if The Liberation Resistance came knocking on our door again.” The last terrorist attack left a shadow of fear in his heart.

Isefel said, “Not The Liberation Resistance.”

Feisha didn’t ask him how he knew. Since he saw Isefel’s methods in monitoring and control last time, he no longer had any curiosity or doubt about his abilities.

“Then let’s leave him be.” He struggled for a long time between his curiosity and Isefel’s embrace and finally decided to choose the embrace.


The light turned on.

He had just made a difficult decision yet Isefel was ready to get up.

Feisha unwillingly raised his head and let Isefel pull his arm away. “Getting up so early?”

“Mn.” Isefel stood up and walked in the direction of the bathroom.

Feisha suddenly straightened up and rushed to the end of the bed, and spoke towards the bathroom, “Sleeping on the floor recently has made my waist really sore.”

Isefel went into the bathroom.

“That…” It actually became easier to say certain things without seeing Isefel, “In any case, your bed is so big, it’s not like you need it all to sleep. Can you not share a bit of it with me? Just a little. Recently, my dieting has been very successful.” He waited a moment, then, afraid that Isefel thought he was trying to take a mile with an inch and might drive him back to his room, he hurriedly added, “If you can’t, uh, I won’t force it. After all, compared to my original bed and room, the floor here is much safer, at least I won’t die without knowing why.”

Water sounded from the bathroom. Feisha flopped down in bed in frustration. With so many sins in Hell, why did Isefel have to end up with indifference?

Lust, wrath, greed, sloth… These didn’t seem to be too good either. For example, lust…

In his mind, Isefel sat in a nightclub, and the image of the various ladies and mothers hooking up appeared.


Another example was anger… As soon as the scene changed, it became an image of Isefel kicking the table angrily and beating his wife.


Another example was greed… The wife was gone. In front of Isefel were mountains of countless gold and silver instead. He sat at the top and excitedly weighed them with a scale.

Feisha reluctantly surrendered. After some comparison, he realized that in fact, indifference was still a relatively minor sin.

The sound of water stopped. After a while, Isefel came out from there. Feisha bit the quilt and looked at him pitifully.

Isefel looked at him fixedly for a long moment, faintly said, “Not allowed to have a morning temper.”

“Yes, sir!” Feisha leapt up from the bed and saluted.

“You are not allowed to jump around in bed.”

Feisha quickly returned to his original position and smiled charmingly. Isefel reached out and opened the door.

Layton fell in and looked around with a sleepy look, “Why are you guys in my room?”

Feisha smiled darkly and said, “Because you owe me eight million gold coins, so you mortgaged your room to me.”

“Oh. Then I will go to sleep next door.” Anyways, Noah’s Arc may be short on anything else, but they were definitely not short on rooms. Layton got up and walked two steps. He suddenly woke up and turned and said, “Ah, did you guys open the door?”

“No. We didn’t open the door.” Feisha said and suddenly grinned. “We sought you out for fun!”

Layton said, “I am not joking around with you, something huge happened!”

“What happened?” Feisha’s spirit lifted the moment he heard that something huge happened.

“His Royal Highness Locktini is looking for you everywhere.”

“…” Feishaa’s spirit suddenly faded, and the whole body slumped on the bed, and lazily spoke, “Tell him, I accidentally died in my sleep last night. Tell him not bother to think of me, let me go with peace of mind.”

Layton looked at Isefel in distress. Isefel turned to Feisha.

Feisha acted pitiful, “Can’t I?”

Isefel said, “Why are you afraid to see him?”

“I’m afraid to see him?” Feisha quickly climbed up and sneered with his hands on his hips. “Haha, have you seen a mouse that is afraid of cats?”

Isefel, Layton, “…”

Feisha smiled awkwardly and said, “I spoke wrong, let me try again. Haha, have you seen cats that are afraid of mice?”

Layton said, “If His Highness Locktini is a mouse, it is still a magical high-powered mouse.”

Feisha remembered that fierce flame in his palm, lowered his head and obediently went into the bathroom to clean up. Since Locktini had such a negative air last night, Feisha specially found a bunch of flowers from the warehouse to ease the atmosphere.

When he reached Locktini’s floor and saw the back of a figure filled with a fiery aura, he felt that the flowers were quite necessary.

Locktini suddenly turned around and when his eyesight came into contact with him, the invisible flames on his body instantly jumped five or six meters higher!

Feisha’s throat was dry and couldn’t help but gulp. He smiled and walked up before him, “I don’t know if Your Highness slept well last night? These are the flowers I especially picked for you this morning. The so-called beauty with heroes, flowers with princes. Such flowers are the most suitable for such a distinguished prince like you. Hehe.”

He handed the flowers over, silently pleading with his eyes: for the sake of these flowers, let’s write off yesterday’s events, alright?

Locktini took a glance at the flowers and said, “Do you know what flower this is?”

“Oh.” Due to the rush of time, Feisha just ran into the warehouse and picked up a bunch, not to mention the name, even the shape was only just now clear. “I don’t know the name of the flower. I just saw that the appearance of this flower is so compatible with you, so I couldn’t help but pick it up for you.”

“It’s called The Pink Gentleman.”

“Haha, the pink gentleman, it really is a good name.” This time he was lucky. Feisha thought with relief.

“Do you know what it means in the flower language?”

Why did everyone like to ask about the flower language? Feisha remembered the allusion of the black rose last time and decided to remain silent this time.

“It’s meaning in the flower language is: a relationship with no love, want to break up. It is called the flower of breakup.”

Feisha’s courteous smile turned into a bitter smile. When someone is unlucky, even drinking water could get stuck between the teeth.

Locktini gnawed his teeth, “Very good. I give you honey orange orchid, I get myself pink gentleman…”

“Actually, this is a misunderstanding.” Feisha hurriedly spoke before Locktini could turn invisible flames into a physical flame, quickly extinguishing the fire. “The flower language is created by people, and is has nothing to do with the flowers themselves. Look at this pink gentleman, how beautiful and splendid it blooms. Saying that it’s a breakup flower, that is just ruining a great thing. I think it should be the prince of flowers, noble and elegant, and gentle and soothing. I totally feel that its appearance is in line with your temperament and identity, so I will give it to you, Your Highness.” At the end of the speech, he considered whether to stare at a brighter area and squeeze out a few tears to gain sympathy.

“Prince of flowers?” Locktini reached out and took the flowers from his hand.

Feisha quietly let out his breath.

A cold light suddenly flashed in Locktini’s eyes, “Where did you go last night?”

“Ha?” Feisha looked up, stunned.

Locktini uncomfortably revealed, “I couldn’t sleep last night, but you were not in the room.”

“Uh…” The cohabitation with Isefel was a secret that everyone from Noah’s Arc knew, but there was really no need to spread it to the fairy realm. Feisha spoke perfunctorily, “I just went out to visit someone.”

“Lies.” Locktini’s expression instantly turned dark.

[1] The song is called “阿里山” – Ali Mountain. It’s a fairly upbeat and bubbly Chinese folk song about a pretty girl being in love with a handsome boy.
Addis note: Orchids stand for the symbol of love and affection. It also denotes the ability to grow anywhere and has the power to bloom under any condition, that makes it a symbol of love. Giving an orange orchid, however, means that they are proud of the love they have. Locktini has proclaimed his love for Feisha without the dense human realizing it.
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