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Translated by satellite of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Locktini hadn’t even had the time to start conspiring with Shamal before he was suddenly taken away by Layton for an emergency meeting.

Isefel convened the meeting. There was only one topic of discussion– should they rescue Gin and Hughes?

After listening to Layton’s thirty six lines of nonsense (1), Feisha finally understood that Gin and Hughes were in danger in another world. For Noah’s Ark, it was the first time something like this had happened.

“Even though Gin and Hughes are members of Noah’s Ark, they’re representatives for the Blood Clan and Genesis. Even if we’re talking about staging a rescue, shouldn’t we be turning to them first?” Shamal asked.

“Cain, the lord of the Blood Clan, is still asleep. Commoners like us wouldn’t be be able to find him. Other than Cain, Gin’s the strongest one. Any other vampires would be useless even if they went.” Antonio said.

“Could we just get a bunch of vampires?” Shamal asked.

Antonio didn’t appreciate the suggestion at all, glaring at him. “Do you want to start an inter-world war?”

Shamal’s enthusiastic suggestions were met with such a cold stop, and his mood immediately went down the drain. Embarrassed, he stops talking.

Feisha felt like this discussion was going nowhere. Both sides were just refuting each other, and no one actually cared about the origin of the actual problem.

He thought for a bit and asked, “What’s the situation in Genesis right now?”

How did Gin manage to get himself in trouble simply by going to his in-law’s for a wedding? Or did Feisha jinx him, (2)  and it turned out Lanka really did have some sort of connection to the Liberation Resistance? Then Gin really did manage a narrow escape from this one. (3)

Isefel shook his head. “Not sure. Gin’s communication gem shattered.”

Feisha looked down at his own brooch on his chest. If even the gem had shattered, then it was unlikely the chest could make it out in one piece either. Suddenly a scene of Gin being disemboweled surfaced in his mind. It was truly…horrifying!

Antonio finally caught on to his train of thought. “What about Hughes?”

Isefel replied, “Can’t reach him.”

Shamal watched Antonio’s expression carefully and, trying to appease him, asked, “Would you like me to contact his Highness Lanka? Or the King of Genesis?”

Isebel replied, “Can’t reach any of them.”

“This sounds like some type of conspiracy.” Feisha stroked his chin. At the key moment, all the important players vanished. This was the crucial part of any good suspense drama. Next, the bad guys would prepare one trap after another, waiting for the protagonist to investigate and stupidly leap into them.

As a member of the audience, Feisha wouldn’t normally be a proponent saving them. After all, if one knew there was a tiger in the mountains and still walked boldly forward, that was not called being a hero– that’s called being a poser. But still…that image of Gin being disemboweled reappeared in his mind.

…Well, if he was already disemboweled, then it didn’t really matter if they saved him or not right? Feisha thought heartlessly.

Asa suddenly slammed his hand on the table. “Let’s fight our way into Genesis and get them out of there!”

An awkward silence filled the room.

Feisha watched Layton dejectedly wipe Asa’s spit off his face with his sleeves. He couldn’t help being pleased with himself for arriving early so that he wouldn’t have to sit across from Asa.

Shamal spoke. “Both Hughes’ and Lanka’s issues can be classified as internal affairs of Genesis. Would rushing to intervene like this be inappropriate?”

As the sales manager, his first concern was always the relations between Noah’s Ark and all its customers.

Antonio glared at him.

Shamal hastily added. “Of course, if they’re really in danger, we definitely can’t just stand by.”

If we can’t just stand by, then we have to take a seat in the peanut gallery to watch the show. (4) Feisha wasted no time helping him add in the second half of the statement.

Isefel sighed. “We’ll vote on it.”

“Huh?” Feisha stared in shock. He assumed that they wouldn’t be able to reach a consensus today, and never thought they’d decide in such a straightforward manner.

“Those for, raise your left hand. Those against, raise your right hand.”

This was an ingenious move. It avoided the problem of hesitant people missing the opportunity to vote for the first option and being forced into the second.

Both Antonio and Asa raised their left hands without hesitation.

Shamal frowned, and his eyes met Layton’s for a moment. Although it was only a few short seconds, it was enough for them to form a tacit understanding.

Sure enough, they raised their right hands at the same time.

Only Feisha was left, his arms around his chest as he watched the show.

He watched as everyone’s gaze swept over to him, and forced a laugh. He looked to Isefel and asked, “You aren’t voting?”

“I can’t leave Noah’s Ark. Even if there’s a rescue mission, only you will be able to go.” Isefel replied.

So to avoid the sin of being all talk and no action, (5) he was abstaining?

“But didn’t you say you could go to Hell?” Feisha whispered.

“Hell is an exception.”

Feisha sank, then suddenly asked, “Does that mean that if the result of the vote is to save them, I’ll also be required to join the rescue team?”

Everyone looked at him, their faces all an identical expression of ‘no kidding!’

Feisha gulped before saying “I want to ask, just…out of curiosity, have any humans ever joined similar expeditions? How did they do? Err, did they survive?”

“I’ve never encountered anything like this since I came to Noah’s Ark.” Layton replied.

Feisha looked to Isefel.

Isefel nodded.

So he would be the first human to fight alongside these other races? So regardless of whether he lived or died, he would be paving the road to a new era of humanity? So his vote would determine not only the fate of Gin and Hughes, but also his own destiny?

“Vote.” Isefel said..

Feisha clenched both hands tightly.

Shamal, Antonio, Asa, and Layton all stared hard at him. Feisha took a deep breath and slowly raised his hand.

Layton and Shamal were dumbfounded. Antonio was also dumbfounded.

The only one rejoicing was Asa. He stood up and hugged Feisha abruptly. Asa’s booming voice rumbled next to his ear. “You’re such a good person…”

Feisha rolled his eyes as he thought. That’s right, it’s great, now he wouldn’t need to die gloriously on the battlefield. Instead, he’d die pathetically before he could ever amount to anything. (6)

Isefel glanced at Asa, who was still overwhelmed with joy. “Sit down.”

Although it was just a single look, Asa immediately let go of him and obediently returned to his seat.

“Since we’ve made the decision, the next step is to plan the rescue.”

This was a matter of life and death. Feisha sat up straight and listened attentively.

“We still don’t have any way of knowing specifics on the situation in Genesis, so we’ll need to play it by ear.”

Feisha could die of regret right now. (7)

The meeting was over and everyone left the conference room, one after another. As always, Antonio led the way. His steps were slower than ever. Feisha was the last to walk out.

Antonio stepped back to where he was, commenting, “This type of thing has never happened before, because the Isefel in the past would never care.”

Feisha stared blankly for a moment. “What?”

Antonio continued, “The last representative of the Titans suddenly disappeared in werewolf territory. Even though I asked for our patriarch to investigate it for a long time, there was no news. Legend says that the Titan sent a distress signal to Noah’s Ark.”


“Yeah. Because Isefel has never mentioned this incident.”

Feisha asks, “So what’s this supposed to mean?”

Antonio gave him a look and huffed. “If you don’t know what it means, why’s the corner of your mouth turning up?”

“…I dunno, my face is doing that on its own.”

After returning to Isefel’s room, Feisha continued pondering Antonio’s words.

Was Isefel finally taking interest in other people’s business because Gin was Feisha’s friend? Or was his heart less indifferent now? After all, his embrace and his hands were so warm.

Warmth filled his heart. He looked up and noticed Isefel sitting on the sofa, watching him. “Come here.”

Feisha carefully hid his smile in his heart, but unfortunately his quick pace betrayed his thoughts.

“What’s up?”

“Time for a lesson.”

Feisha’s lip twitched. “Guest history? Seeing as we’ll be setting out tomorrow, could we skip it this once?”

Isefel placed a gemstone on the table and watched as Feisha’s eyes immediately lit up. When would he be able to treat gemstones like chewing gum, free to take out and use as he pleased?

Isefel gently waved his hand above the gemstone, and it began emitting a silver-blue light. In the center of the light, a map was clearly visible.

Feisha curiously inched closer. “What is this?”

“It’s a map of the different territories in Genesis.”

Feisha suddenly perked up.

“There are many groups of people living in Genesis. We can classify them by where they reside. The four main categories are the mountains, plains, rivers, and swamps. The invisible people represent the plains. Their bodies have a unique energy that allows them to resist mutation, and thus they became the leaders of Genesis. They live on the east side of Genesis in Crystal City.”

“Is Crystal City made of crystals?”

“There’s a massive energy crystal at the top of the castle that casts a protective enchantment and prevent invasions.”

Feisha muttered, “So it’s like Stargate Atlantis?”

Isefel continued, “Usually, if you enter Crystal City from the east side, you won’t encounter any other races. But to be safe, you should remember that people of the rivers fear fire, and people of the swamps fear incense.”

What was there to fear from incense?

Feisha asked, “Then what about people of the mountains and the plains?”

“Whatever you fear, they also fear.”

“What do they look like? Horrifying?”

“They’re alright.”

If even Isefel said they were just ‘alright’, then it really seemed like…Feisha was now extremely worried.

Isefel added, “Because I’ve never seem them.”

Feisha pointed at the map, “Then how do you know?”

“Common sense.”

No wonder he was giving him special treatment.

“Actually,” Feisha said, looking down at his hands, “I’m very fragile, and I don’t have any special powers that let me fly around. If something happens, I can’t even run very fast. Hey, have you ever thought that maybe…” Feisha looked up, gazing up with woeful eyes. “Maybe I could just stay behind?”

“Thought about it.” Isefel answered immediately.

Feisha’s eyes lit up.

Isefel went on and said. “But I think you might be necessary for this rescue mission.”

“Perhaps this fact is just too uncertain.” Feisha dropped down, rested his chin on the coffee table, and wore a face of utter dejection. Although deep down, he really did want to explore other worlds, any impulse of the sort was cut short when Noah’s Ark was attacked. After seeing that type of combat up close, he lost any desire to seek thrilling adventures. As the saying goes, if you don’t have the tools to do the job, don’t try to push it. (8)

He was Shi Feisha, not Yuan Zhenxia. (9) That type of thrilling scenario…he would rather just scream a couple times in excitement at the cinema and leave it at that.

Isefel was silent for a moment, then said, “The gem set into your brooch is the Black Star of Hell.”

Feisha lifted his chin, blinked a few times, then looked down at his brooch.

“It’s one billion times more powerful than a ruby.”

One billion? How many zeros was that? (10) Feisha looked down and started counting with his fingers.

“Although I won’t be able to leave Noah’s Ark, the Black Star can condense my energy. It should be enough to protect you and ensure your safe return.”

“Nine zeros.” Feisha heard Isefel’s words and looked up. “Should be?”

Isefel’s eyes are dark and serious as he slowly said, “Definitely.”

This was the equivalent of having a super bodyguard at his side.

All of his distress and anxiety were suddenly swept away. He jumped up excitedly, “I’m not sure what the weather in Genesis will be like? If it’s gonna be cold, I’d better pack some more clothes. But when Hughes and Gin left, they didn’t seem to bring very much luggage…ah! I should go ask Layton if he has a camera or something of the sort. I’d really like to snap a few pictures to bring back to the human world. Isefel, do you have any nice clothes that I could borrow? Ah, or a sun hat. The sunlight might be strong there, and my skin tans too easily. If only we had some sunscreen around here.”


Feisha tossed and turned the entire night in his excitement, not getting a wink of sleep. He would roll to the edge of the bed, stretching out a leg to tap the ground a few times, then later flip over and hug the end of the bed, humming a little tune to himself.

Finally, Isefel couldn’t deal with it anymore. He pulled Feisha into his arms firmly, and stopped him.

He may have stopped rolling about, but his excitement didn’t die down. His eyes stayed wide open until the next morning.

As soon as the clock struck six, he immediately crawled out of Isefel’s arms, turned on the light, stood on the bed, and announced with his hands on his hips, “It’s time to go!”

Isefel opened his eyes and said slowly. “Have I ever told you that I’m also not a morning person?” (11)


The rescue team gathered at the front desk.

Layton looked curiously at Feisha. “Why do you keep touching your ass?”

Feisha glared resentfully at the silent Isefel. “Because it was bullied this morning. ” Ugh, he really came down hard. With just one hit, it felt like his ass was run over by a train.

Layton’s mouth hung open in shock. He looked at Feisha, then looked at Isefel, and silently took two steps back.

Shamal still hadn’t given up on convincing Isefel to change his mind. “If we all leave, what will happen to Noah’s Ark? Wouldn’t it be better if I stayed?”

“Noah’s Ark will be closed while all of you are away.” Isefel replied.

“For what reason? Is the owner getting married?” Feisha was still moody.

Layton’s mouth opened even wider– he couldn’t believe what he was seeing with his eyes.

“The sales manager is on annual leave, so there’ll be no one here to take reservations.”

Shamal lamented. “But I don’t want to take my annual leave!”

“Is it that you don’t want to take your annual leave, or that you don’t want to go to Genesis?” Locktini slowly walked out.

Shamal suddenly switched focus. “Brother, how about I join you and return to the spirit world?”

Locktini replied, “When did I say I was returning to spirit world?”

Shamal stared at him. “Are you telling me you’re planning to stay here with Isefel…in a world for just the two of you?” (12)

The entire room froze.

Locktini coldly replied, “I’ll be going with you to Genesis!”

Shamal’s mouth formed a complicated expression. (13) “This is truly a magnificent decision.”

Feisha nervously pulled on Isefel’s sleeve and tried to exchange a meaningful look.

Locktini looked over at Isefel. “With this complicated situation in Genesis, an extra hand will increase chances of success, no?”

Feisha’s thought, this ‘extra hand’ might just be the culprit in all of this!

Isefel closed his eyes and seemed to weigh the pros and cons.

Shamal seemed to have thought of something and suddenly changed his tune. “Yes, yes, Genesis is the home of three great monsters. With Brother here, our hope for success will be even greater. After all, our goal is to save Gin and Hughes, we can put aside everything else for now right?”

In a rare show of agreement, Antonio said, “Not bad to have another helping hand.”

If he knew this would happen earlier, he wouldn’t have voted to agree! Feisha was extremely annoyed. The only thing he could count on now was Isefel’s ultimate veto!


His last hope has vanished. Feisha sighed.

Locktini’s lips curled up into a smug smile.

Asa brought out the Hell Horse that had been staying here ever since Shamal and Feisha arrived at Noah’s Ark.

Isefel spoke indifferently to Feisha before he boarded the carriage. “You still remember the summoning method, right?”

Feisha raised his head and looked into Isefel’s deep, fathomless eyes, noticing the concern hidden in them. Warmth filled his heart, and he nodded hard.

Locktini coldly intoned, “Why don’t you guys just keep dawdling until Gin and Hughes are both dead and collect the bodies?”

“Peh, childish words don’t mean anything.” (14) Feisha spit at the carriage before climbing on board.

The hell horses waited for the passengers to be seated, then without direction from anyone else, they charged into the depths of the darkness ahead.

Translator Notes
  1. 三十六句, literally 36 Sentences in Chinese. This likely refers to a Buddhist scripture that describes the Buddhist outlook on life. Think of the 10 Commandments but 3.6x longer.
  2. The expression used here is actually “乌鸦嘴”, literally “crow’s mouth.” Since crows are generally signs of bad luck/curses, it basically means someone is jinxing something.
  3. The idiom “九死一生” is used here, literally “9 deaths and 1 life.” It’s an expression for a narrow escape because if you tried 10 times, you’d only live 1 of those times lol.
  4. The actual expression Shamal used here is “袖手旁观”, literally translating to “watching with folded arms.” It refers to being a bystander without lifting a finger to help. Feisha sarcastically adds that if they’re not “watching with folded arms”, instead they should watch with popcorn in their hands.
  5. All talk and no action. The original expression is “站着说话不腰疼” (standing and talking without a backache), which refers to someone who makes loud proclamations but doesn’t really understand or experience the issue that he is talking about (usually at the expense of others). All talk and no action is not quite the same but it’s the closest I could think of in English.
  6. This entire passage is a bunch of idioms gathered together. The first two (“战死沙场” lit. dying in war on the battlefield, and “马革裹尸” lit. to be buried in a horse hide) both describe dying in battle, so I’ve grouped them into one. The third one, “出师未捷身先死”, literally translates to “sent out troops and died before achieving victory.” It’s taken from a famous poem by Lu Bu, which can be found here: It refers to how the famous Chinese commander Zhuge Liang during the Three Kingdoms period of China died of illness while out on a massive expedition. The expression, especially taken along with another phrase from the same poem, is usually used to describe the somewhat awkwardly anticlimactic death of someone who had great plans or ambitions.
  7. This was a pretty funny saying in Chinese so I thought I’d note it. The original text right here was “悔得肠子都青了”, lit. regrets it so much his intestines turned green. Apparently it’s only when you die that your intestines turn green, so it’s an expression for regretting something “to death.”
  8. The actual expression Feisha uses here is “没有金刚钻,就别揽瓷器活” (lit. “If you don’t have a diamond drill, then don’t take a porcelain job”). The “porcelain job” refers to repairing porcelain. Porcelain in the olden days was very expensive, so when it broke, people would be hired to repair it. But the only way to repair it would be to drill tiny holes in it and use copper wire to sort of “staple” the pieces back together. In order to successful get the hole in there without breaking the porcelain further and to make the final piece look good requires a lot of skill and craftsmanship, as well as a diamond drill. Thus the expression nowadays is used to say, if you don’t have the skill to do something, don’t try it, leave it to the experts.
  9. Feisha’s name shares a character with Yuan Zhenxia, the titular character of The Legendary Ranger, a 1993 Hong Kong miniseries. It’s also cross genre series with elements from scifi and wuxia alike and considered pretty groundbreaking because the wuxia genre is dominated by period-fantasy pieces.
  10. Minor note– we say 1 billion in English so it feels obvious how many zeros should follow that. But Chinese uses a different counting system. What they actually say here is “10 Yi”, where the “Yi” is a unit of measurement equivalent to 100 million. So Feisha here understandably gets a little confused at how many zeros tail it.
  11. This is a nod to earlier chapters where we’re shown that Feisha has a “morning temper” (起床气)
  12. There’s a romantic connotation to the “two person world” that Shamal’s saying here.
  13. The expression in Chinese is described as “嘴角一抽” which apparently means one side of your mouth tilts up and the other tilts down. It’s an expression of awkward almost-smile, partial-frown, and sort of speechless.
  14. The expression actually used is “童言无忌,大风吹去” (lit. children’s words are harmless, a great wind blows). I’m guessing a bit at the meaning here, since I’ve not actually seen the two halves of this phrase used together before. The first half is not usually negative in connotation, it refers to the fact that children are innocent and they don’t mean any harm in what they say. But it can also be applied to say that the things childish people say are ridiculous and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Second half is referring to…the fact that they can easily just be ignored I guess? Taken away by the wind.
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