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Translated by Rook of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Although Gin and Feisha woke at noon, Layton’s daily schedules and arrangements did not change. He was still full of radiant delight when he read the morning newspaper before breakfast. He was reading about various news articles, such as how many pieces of the titans’ underwear the dwarves won as war trophies, or the fantasy stories of the titans’ men becoming easily frightened at the sight of the dwarven women.

Feisha painfully chewed and swallowed the food in his mouth, “It would be great if your culinary skills could be as developed as your mouth.”

“Culinary skills?” Layton jumped down from the table, sat down, used a fork and played with the food in his plate, “I originally wanted to make porridge, but reality has proven that the rice wants to be a pot more. So, it’s not bad.”

Gin didn’t even take a bite, immediately pushing the plate away, “The pot is not bad, but I don’t want the coal.”

Feisha spit out the food that he couldn’t force down into a napkin, “The miraculous thing is, most of it has obviously been burnt into coal, but a small portion of the rice is actually raw.”

Layton licked his lips but ultimately still gave up on tasting those few things that were distinctly black and white. “Oh yes. Yesterday, the nightly news came from Hell, a new representative will be coming today.”

Gin subconsciously glanced at Feisha.

Feisha grinned, “Wonderful, right when we need people.”

Layton sighed, “But if you knew who this new representative was, I don’t think you’ll be grinning so happily.”

Feisha blinked a few times and said, “We can’t be that unlucky, right?”

Layton continued sighing.

Gin stroked his chin and said, “How about we stay closed for a few more days?”

Layton said, “The Interworld Exchange will never be called off.”

Feisha stared out of the window, looking like he was a brave fighter heroically sacrificing himself, “Also, the other party has already delivered goods to our doorstep.”

Outside of the window, that familiar spaceship was floating right over the entrance. The doors of the spaceship opened and a very small shadow flew out. Tiny black wings that looked like gliders slowly descended.

“I heard,” Gin said very slowly, “Raphael spent a lot of painstaking effort to remodel him.”

Feisha said, “So we are the test to decide whether the remodel was successful or not?”

Layton watched that tiny shadow disappear into the door and said lowly, “He’s here.”

Feisha leaned towards Gin, “If anything happens…”

“Leave it to me.” Gin patted his chest.

Feisha eyed him skeptically. Although he was known as the second best fighter of Blood Clan, why did he still feel no sense of security?

“It’s really been a long time.” Not long after, Borja’s cold ‘hehehe’ laugh came in from the corridor.

Gin said, “Every time I see you, a day drags past like a year.”

Borja’s wings had already been retracted. He folded his hands behind his back, walking like he was proud of himself. “Heh. you think I’m very happy to see you? If my father didn’t beg me to come here, I wouldn’t have even be bothered.”

Feisha continued, “Then why did you bother.” (1)

“You human again!” Borja looked at him, old and new resentments surging forward in his heart. “This time, Uncle Isefel isn’t here to protect you, so you better be careful.”

“He really opened that can of worms that shouldn’t be opened.” Layton mumbled in a low voice.

Gin saw a sliver of sadness flash past Feisha’s face and said unpleasantly to him, “You can just think about this kind of thing quietly, why did you have to say it out loud and make things worse?”

Feisha: “…..”

The fury on Borja’s face turned to curiosity, “Why do I feel like your words are hinting at something?”

Gin and Layton collectively looked at him, eyes full of dissatisfaction. Borja’s face was full of bewilderment.

Feisha slowly stood up, clapping his hands. “The Interworld Exchange is about to begin, what do we need to prepare?”

“Food.” Borja saw that the other two weren’t going to reply so he continued, “Since Uncle Isefel was the hotel’s CEO, then I have no choice but to reluctantly become the CEO. Let’s discuss the details of the Exchange. I’ve participated in an Exchange before so I still remember how it was carried out. Anyway, when it’s time to eat, there must be food. When it’s time to sleep, there must be rooms. When someone comes, you must welcome them. When they leave, you must send them off… something like that. Divide up the duties amongst yourselves, I’ll check on you later. Any questions?”

“Yes!” Three voices spoke in unison.


“Cook? You actually don’t know how to cook? What kind of joke is this?!” Borja stepped onto the stool, widening his eyes as he stared at the pot.

Layton quietly passed him the spatula.

“You don’t expect me to make something, do you?” Borja’s eyes were round as balls.

“A CEO is someone who can do what normal people can’t do!” Feisha flattered him.

The word ‘CEO’ hit right at Borja’s weak spot. He savagely took the spatula. “Where are the vegetables I have to fry?!”

Gin handed over a basket.

Borja looked at the things within the basket and he couldn’t hold it back anymore, “At least peel off the skin first and wash it!”

Layton was very touched, “He actually knows to wash the vegetables! He can definitely do it!”

Gin passed him the basket, “Remember to wash the vegetables.”

Layton said, “Then what are you and him doing?”

Gin and Feisha exchanged a look, thinking very hard.

Borja brandished his spatula and said, “Forget it. You’ll try the dish.”

Gin took the basket again from Layton’s hands, “I’ll wash the vegetables.”

Feisha took out a potato from the basket, “I’ll peel it.”


After Layton peeled without rest for three whole days and nights, a presentable-looking plate of potato curry and fried rice was born.

That day, Noah’s Ark’s CEO led and convened an emergency meeting. By unanimous vote, it was decided that December 16th was Potato Curry Fried Rice Day.


Three days after the Potato Curry Fried Rice Day.

Each realm’s chamber of commerce reached Noah’s Ark one after another.

Among the party was the Prime Minister of the Faerie realm, Fakley, leading the Faerie’s business council, Layton’s older cousin, Jamie, leading the Dwarves’ business council, Lanka’s future father-in-law, Lord Banderas, leading the Genesis business council…

Borja draped himself over the second-floor railing and watched the proceedings below, “This is the first Interworld Exchange I’ve seen that has so little people.”

Gin said, “The Titan clan is busy fighting a war, the Werewolves are busy finding a thing, Heaven and Hell have always came or stayed away as they pleased.”

“What about the Blood clan?” Feisha was always very curious about the vampires.

Gin said, “Leslie says going out is too troublesome. At this time, most of the vampires choose to sleep instead of go out.”

However, Layton was very happy, “There is always something interesting at every Interworld Exchange. Go down and take a look later.”

“Can it be sold?” Feisha was shocked. He had thought that a large-scale exchange like this could only be sold in bulk.

“Of course. So long as it can be sold, that’s fine.” Layton turned to look at him, “But do you have gold coins? Human currency can’t be used here.”

Feisha remembered the tips that he had received before. He held his head high and pushed his chest out and said, “Of course I have.”

“Then let’s go down and take a look.” Borja spread his wings, flying down.

Every realm had set up a few stalls that were manned by a few individuals. They also sent out others to look for things that they needed from the other stalls.

The main items that the Faerie Realm was selling were rare treasures and high quality food and vegetables. The Dwarven clan was selling small inventions and weapons. Genesis was selling more varied items: food, ore, even oil paintings…

The first stall Feisha went to was the Dwarven clan’s. Layton followed behind, proudly serving as the guide.

“This?” Feisha suddenly saw a familiar item.

“A Domino Listening Device.” Layton said arrogantly, “This invention has already been approved of by the king and it’s now being measured and manufactured by our clan.”

[T/n: mentioned first in ch.10]

Feisha sighed, “From now on, this world doesn’t just have a lot of peeping toms, it also has a lot of crazy eavesdroppers.”

Layton said regretfully, “You don’t like it? I was going to give you a set.”

“I am definitely one of those crazy eavesdroppers!” A listening device that was a thousand gold pieces a set would be profitable even if it was sold. Feisha fondled it admiringly.

Layton really gave him a set, “I heard your salary can’t be brought back to the human realm. Bring this back, then. Think of it as a souvenir.”

Feisha’s hand that was stroking the listening device shook a little before he smiled and agreed.

“Oh yes, what is this? It looks quite similar to the Domino Listening Device.” Feisha picked up a cylinder-shaped object easily.

“Oh. This is a feather-dying agent.”

“What is it used for?”

“It’s for dying feathers.” Layton spun the cylinder around a couple of times. “Look, this is Lord Michael. He’s the ambassador of this brand.”

Michael was the ambassador of a feather-dying agent? Feisha 囧囧 and looked at tiny picture on the cylinder.

In the soft and golden light, six pairs of dark jade wings extended out. The owner of these wings was very blurred. One could only roughly tell that it was a tall man.

“It must cost a lot to hire him as an ambassador, right?” Having an important angel like him serve as the ambassador was too wasteful!

Layton shook his head: “Lord Michael requested it himself. He thinks that Heaven is too boring and he wants to add some excitement.”

“Then does it sell well?”

“…..It’s a bit unmarketable.”

Feisha held onto the cylinder and refused to let go, “Very expensive?”

“Not at all, it’s only five gold coins.” Layton looked at him suspiciously, “Do you want to buy it?”

Feisha was stunned and then he smiled, “I don’t have wings, why would I want this? Huh, let’s look at other things.” As he said that, he put the cylinder back.

Five gold coins, exactly five gold coins. After Feisha had shopped one round, he stood in a corner, holding the gold coins and staring blankly at nothing.

Gin walked past, saw the gold coins in his hand, saw him, smiled and said, “Five gold coins is worth a lot in the human world, right?”

Feisha came back to his senses: “Uh-huh.”

“Although you can’t take your salary back, you can take the gold coins back.” Gin crossed his arms over his chest and said, “Nobody would know, anyway.”

Feisha smiled dryly and put the gold coins back into the pouch. “I only wanted to see what item would be worth taking back to the human world to sell. I might earn even more.”

“That’s true. Then sell the alle fruit from the Faerie realm. After eating, you’ll be full for a month. Or maybe Genesis’s emerald marbled gemstone. Although it is not as powerful as the Black Star, it’s probably still very rarely seen in the human world. The price is around five gold coins too.” Gin began to passionately give advice.

“Gin!” Layton, who was standing in the lobby, called for him.

“Take a look around yourself.” Gin patted his shoulder, heading towards Layton.

Feisha lowered his head to look at the gold coins in his palm, his gaze skimming over the Faerie realm and Genesis’s stalls, his feet carrying him to the Dwarven clan’s stall, “One black feather-dying agent.”



(1) Actually Feisha makes a pun on Borja’s words. Borja says: 我才懒得过来呢 Wǒ cái lǎndé guòlái ne. It means, “I’m too lazy to come over” with a connotation of disdain. I translated it as “I won’t even be bothered”. Feisha replies: “你为什么不懒得干脆点” Nǐ wèishéme bù lǎndé gāncuì diǎn, which is something like, “why don’t you be lazy more thoroughly”.

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