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Main Story Part 12

He came back with wounds.

When he came into the room, I just so happened to lift my head up and see that handsome, emotionless face. The corner of his lips are slightly red and swollen. His clothes are a bit messy with mud and scratches…. At that time, I was just wearing that long shirt and sitting on the couch watching television…

“I’m back,” he says.

I stand up, look at the corner of his lips and ask, “You had a fight?”


“With who?”

Ye CanSheng sits next to me looking like he’s in his own little world. He solemnly caresses my face and changes the topic, “Why is your complexion so bad?”

I pull his hand away and say, “If you help me untie this chain, maybe my complexion would get better.”

“I won’t let you go. You were the one who said that there are some things that you must pursue no matter what it takes.”

“I meant items, not people.”

He takes the remote control in my hands and voices out while changing the channel, “You’re my item…”

I’m helpless at his stubbornness, “CanSheng, untie the chain.”


“Are you trying to drive me insane?”

Ye CanSheng’s hand once again caresses my face, “XiYan says, a person has an extremely high capability to adapt to their surroundings. You’ll be used to it in no time.”

I’m instantly startled, “Who is XiYan?”

“Me.” A familiar voice. It’s the glasses guy!

“XiYan, how did you come in?” asks Ye CanSheng as he stands up and looks towards the person who’s leaning against the entrance with a serious expression that’s not in the least bit negligent. The previous relaxed and easy going attitude completely disappears.

Being called out to, the person in the suit who’s leaning against the door frame says, “The second Young master[1] invites you to a get together tomorrow.”

He then leaves without even looking at me once and closes the door that was opened without a sound along the way…

CanSheng, who’s still left inside the room chuckles lowly. He uses his hand to touch the blood that’s seeping through the corner of his lips and casually says a few words.

“Humph, they’re fast.”

I don’t even have the energy to bitterly laugh. Clearly he said I was his item, yet I still don’t know anything…

“Ye CanSheng, if you really don’t tell me anything, how do I have the courage to stay by your side.”

“You won’t want me anymore if you know.” He sits on the couch, his red tongue licks at the open wounds on the corner of lips lazily, as if he’s fully enjoying this very moment. His expression makes the blood on the wound seem like it’s extremely sweet and delicious.

Goosebumps start appearing all over my body yet I can’t help but admit… This kind of Ye CanSheng is really beautiful.

I say, “If you don’t say something I’ll immediately abandon you.”

I grab ahold his shoulder and pull him over so that he’s facing me, “Who hit you?”

“My brother.” He laughs as he presses his own lips against the corner of mine and starts to nibble away. I don’t know but he’s very excited at this point in time.

“Why?” I push his head away and look at him very seriously, “Tell me, CanSheng. I want to know.”


Ye CanSheng reaches out and touches my eyes, he says, “Showing such an expression of worriedness makes me want to eat you up right now.”

I tremble and instinctively back away.

However, he pulls me back into his embrace. I smell blood.

I feel his breath against my body as he slowly says, “My mum has loved me ever since I was young. She was scared that I would die so she asked a teacher to teach me self-defense skills. The wounds on my body started to build up since then. I know she did all of it because she loves me.”

“I have an elder brother. I think he doesn’t think very highly of me, but mum says that as long as I’m stronger than my brother, he’ll think highly of me and respect me. So in order for my brother to like me, mum sent me to a small island. That small island had forests, fresh grass and flowers, beautiful scenery, and an azure blue sea. There was an instructor there who taught me how to kill people. Life was very tough but I know that mum had my best interests at heart, so I strived hard to live and survive.”

At that point, CanSheng’s body slightly trembled. He breathes out and continues, “After I came back I became strong but my brother still looked down on me. Mum said it was because I didn’t have my own power. So, I began to cultivate my power and influence. Just like that, slowly I began to have my own power but when my brother appeared before me once again, he said that I’m just a rat who shouldn’t have been born. He said he was here to clean the house[2]…”

“Mum has also said that before…”

“But clearly they should love me…”

I dumbfoundedly hug him without saying a word. I don’t know how to imagine just how much pain and anguish is hidden within these few short sentences. Small island? That’s a place where assassins are trained professionally ba. How could it possibly be as beautiful as he describes it to be? Isn’t it supposed to be hell on earth? I can’t understand how he can possibly describe it so sweetly.

Is this really love?

It’s not, yet I say, “They really do love you.”

He vigorously lifts his head up and shouts out my name, “YunSheng!”

Seeing his face full of excitement at the time, I just couldn’t imagine how he survived through his past. His past has already distorted his personality. That’s why he’s so anxious and temperamental…

I didn’t know that XiYan was also listening to the conversation on the other side of the door that day. Yet even though he’s listening to the same story, that person was crying…

And that night, CanSheng once again topped me. He bit at my body and forcefully entered as he was fueled by his excitement and sensual desire. Just like how that XiYan person said, he destroyed me once again…

He’s always like this, he likes hurt. The strength in his hand that’s pinching my knees is so strong that it almost dislocated my bone. Even if I display the slightest bit of struggling, I’ll just be even more dominantly pushed down by him accompanied by an even more forceful entrance…

After that, I fainted again…

I didn’t know what I was feeling then, but I knew. I found it hard to let go of Ye CanSheng.

At that time, I still didn’t know Ye CanSheng’s true past, but it wasn’t long before I did.

That day Ye CanSheng kissed me. After he left, XiYan then came in shortly after. He entered while smoking a cigarette, his first sentence was, “Do you want to know our Young Master’s true past?”

The man in front of my eyes smoked two cigarettes and finished telling me a completely different story.

“Once upon a time there was a prostitute who fell in love with the mafia boss and became pregnant with his child. The good times didn’t last long. With a huge tummy she quickly found out that the woman who the mafia boss truly loved had already passed away and there was another woman by his side who was in her late pregnancy stage. That woman was also pregnant with a boy…”

“Although she was a prostitute, the woman had a personality different from most other prostitutes. She was arrogant, virtuous and lonely. Yet, she was faithful when it came to feelings of love. After the cards were laid out on the table, the mafia boss didn’t dote on the prostitute like how he used to…”

“Afterwards, she gave birth to the child. However, it was not for the sake of the child, but rather for revenge. Or in other words, to vent out her anger… Because she named that child CanSheng[3]. No mother would call their own child that. She was brutal and wished for nothing but for the child to die as early as possible…”

“The child was very cute and he loved his mother very much, despite how his mum would always hit him and curse at him. And so the child went to find his dad. His dad pushed him away and said: It’s because your mum loves you.”


[1] Although as previously mentioned CanSheng is the second Young Master, for subordinates, their own master will always be number one and everyone else is ranked after him, so the eldest Young Master becomes the second Young Master for XiYan.

[2] 清理门户 This pretty much directly translates to clean the house, however it’s specifically referring to cleaning by throwing out things that are dirty and broken.

[3] 残生 Just for those who have forgotten, a little reminder that CanSheng means the rest of one’s life, however it’s a negatively connotated word so really it means the rest of the person’s life isn’t good.

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July 16, 2017 11:55 pm

His mom’s a selfish, psycho, b*tch

July 17, 2017 1:00 pm

My heart hurts for them both. The angst is strong but I stick around. Thank you for this chapter and translator’s notes …

July 17, 2017 4:34 pm

Is always like this weak mom use her own child to fen their anger

July 17, 2017 11:58 pm

I see. Because his father said that he mistaken all of it as love😔

Thanks for the update😘

Blood A
Blood A
April 28, 2018 7:29 pm

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December 25, 2018 3:50 am

Okay i have a question.
The phsycologist always refers to CanSheng as a kid, and in a previous chapter it was mentioned that his age is 29 so how come? And if he is 29 then how old is the psychologist?

Another question, did YunSheng actually study psychology to a become a psychologist?

Because I understand that he picked CanSheng out of intrest, but I don’t recognize any profissionality in his actions and words towards CanSheng as his psychologist.

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That mom’s the worst 😡

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