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Chapter 25

What is that constant beeping noise? How come his bed was more firm than usual, and what happened to all of his pillows? Why was there only one? How come his body was all stiff? All at once Kichirou began thinking such things. He lifted his right hand and rubbed his forehead, it was cold and clammy.

“I must be getting sick,” he sighed and rolled onto his side, agonizing pain hit his nerves from head to toe. From that initial shock, he opened his eyes and bolted up right. Kichirou’s breathing came out heavily and he could feel his eyes widen as he looked around the room.

The first thing Kichirou noticed was that he was not in his own bed. His bed had a red and grey plaid comforter on it, but the one he was in was white. Light was streaming in through the window to his left, next to the window, there was a night stand where a vase of almond blossoms sat. By the night stand was a heart monitor, it was at that moment, when his brain realized that he was in a hospital. He looked at his right hand to see if he had an IV. He found an IV but he also found something weird. Very weird.

He might have screamed, he might have yelped, though all Kichirou knew was that the person sitting next to him, with his head on his hospital bed sleeping, sat up and rubbed his eyes. Kichirou moved back as far as he could with the IV still in his hand and watched the man wake up. Kichirou did not recognize the man. His mind searched every corner of his memory for this man. The thought of this made a deep stabbing pain echo through his skull.

The man on his bed stretched his arms up in the air and yawned. From where Kichirou was and from his position, he could only guess that his height had to be around 6’ 3”. He had blonde hair with long bangs. His complexion was perfect and when he opened his amethyst eyes, he stood straight up and ran towards the door.

From the sight of his retreating back, Kichirou noticed that he was wearing dark wash jeans and a grey white-beater. He had yet to regain control of his breathing when the man re-entered with a woman in scrubs. He stopped at the door and watched the nurse as she stepped toward Kichirou. The nurse had straight black hair and a kind looking face. She reached over and checked the heart monitor then she got down to Kichirou’s level and smiled.

“How are you feeling?” The nurse asked as she swept some of her hair behind her ear. Kichirou couldn’t answer, he just stared at the nurse with his mouth wide open. The nurse moved her head slightly to the left and looked into Kichirou’s eyes. “How are you feeling? Your boyfriend stayed with you all night.”

Kichirou’s head turned so fast towards the man that his neck cracked. He looked him over and then looked back at the nurse.

“I’m sorry but I have no idea who that man is.”


Kichirou’s eyes were wide as he pointed at the young man before him. The nurse’s eyes went wide and she looked over at the man. She looked back up at Kicirou and then stood up.

“I’ll be back in just one second so sit tight.” She said just before she ran out of the room. She gave the man a sad look as she passed. Once she was gone, he came over and sat down in the seat on Kichirou’s right. He looked him over once more and noticed he was in good shape, then he looked back into his amethyst eyes.

“Am I supposed to know who you are?” His eyes showed nothing and he put a hand under his chin.

“Maybe.” He smiled at Kichirou and looked out the window. He looked incredibly sad, as if he just lost half of his life in a single instance. Kichirou felt an ache in his chest and he didn’t know why. He longed to touch his hair to console him but he didn’t know who he was. And that seemed to pierce his heart.

“Why am I in a hospital?” Kichirou asked calmly, his eyes drifting around the room. He tried to move forward, but he felt a sharp pain in his chest. And he winced, almost throwing up at the intense pain. The heart rate monitor beside him exploded in sound, a constant, erratic buzz. Several nurses ran into the room, one went to the machine while the other went over to Kichirou, holding his arms away from his chest so he didn’t tear the bandages apart.

Groggily he looked down and noticed that his entire chest was covered in white bandages. They weren’t uncomfortable but, he started to notice, they kind of itched.

“What happened?” Kichirou asked the three people in the room. By the window, that young man smiled sadly, his heart ripping to pieces with each forgotten memory.

“You were shot.”

“I was? How come I don’t hurt really badly?”

“That might be the painkillers.” The nurse smiled softly, moving Kichirou’s hair from where it had fallen into his eyes.

“You had to have surgery.” Jun whispered, staring at the confused look on Kichirou’s face. “They had to reconstruct your heart, it was damaged badly.”

“My heart?” Kichirou moved his hand, which had multiple IVs in it, and he placed it over his heart. He felt it thud thud thud against his palm. Then he winced as his eyes lost focus for a second. When he looked around the room again, he noticed these odd red lines floating in the air. After blinking several times, a thought struck him and he looked down at his left hand. There, wrapped around his pinky finger was a red thread. It was tangled.

Oh, he thought, Rei was telling the truth. The fate threads do exist. But, what worried him most, as he examined his thread, was that there, at the end of it, was a frayed and tattered mess. There were no remaining semblances of a perfect thread, only something that was broken and imperfect. The sound of the young man’s voice from beside him brought him out of his stupor.

“You’ve been in a coma since the surgery.”

Coma? Isn’t that bad? Kichirou thought. It couldn’t have been that long.

“You were sleeping for almost four months.”

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aida hanabi
aida hanabi
July 16, 2017 11:53 pm

Ugghhh noooooo nooo noooo… I can’t!!!
Ugh… Amnesia??? Really.. Sometime I hate that. Specially it happens when the MC and his lover already been together… And suddenly he lost his memories which it will make some difficulty in their relationship and hust the lover… 😨😱😰😵😭😭😭😭

July 17, 2017 1:20 am

Ahahaha, I think I’m a sadist – I’m simply liking these developments so far 🙂

September 1, 2017 4:17 pm

Ahhhhh how could you !!!!???? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 Más Capítulo !! Más Capítulo

January 3, 2018 5:35 pm

noo, but the baby?! I thought there was a bun in the oven 😥😥😥😥😥😥

January 14, 2018 7:22 pm

Oh, Amnesia, I do so hate you but here we are saying “Hello” once more. Damn, but logic though, how??? Lol. I thought he was shot at the chest. Did he lose his memories through shock. And the schism does seem big enough to cut their strings of fate. Oh boy.

April 15, 2018 2:22 pm

lol.. amnesia? ok sure. let’s assume he fell hard and hit his head. or lost too much blood. but those painkillers are really fickle. first he almost threw up with pain and then he stopped feeling anything…

December 12, 2018 8:07 am

Wow..this went to an 180° but I’m enjoying it, I’m curious how it will go… I’m a bastard. But, can red strings, fated pairs’ strings break that easily…? I wouldn’t have expected that a person’s actions and the way things develop could change that. Just tell me it’s not gonna be tied to both Ren and Jun or something ahahaha…the suffering! I wonder if Jun will think/have to move out from Kichirou’s house now that they are “unrelated”. He accepted his memory loss so easily, it’s proof that he cherishes Kichirou, or maybe that he feels guilty…but Kichirou has only… Read more »

May 28, 2019 11:12 am

Oh my, this is quote a turn. No we’ d deserve somemore chapters (around 20 more) about the reconstructionof that thread amd their love!

June 27, 2019 4:22 am

OMG…I tried to finish this chapter through a curtain of tears. I kept wiping them away, then restart from “—” 🙁

March 29, 2021 8:38 pm

Noo!! K!! Please tell me Natsuki got arrested!!?? Poor J!!

July 31, 2022 6:18 pm

Four months is really quite a long time. Poor Jun is suffering from a broken heart as well. Thank you for the chapter. FYI if you want to better understand the “red string” watch the drama Until We Meet Again. It’s a beautiful love story that addresses the red string and reincarnation. One of my favorite BL dramas. Addis you have created a beautiful novel as well. You have a true talent for writing.

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