STSC Chapter 11

STSC Chapter 11

Chapter 11

Indeed, thinking about it, Mo Shu was inevitably a weird companion. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Nan Ge believes that for 30 years he has never seen anyone like Mo Shu.

He turned out to be very complicated and spiritual, and that the truth is a little bit bad, from the suffering suddenly cruel, he really was people usually, one ruliĝon dirty habit that was I was not.

From eating separately while connected to the corridor Occasionally, from time to time, YAMEN had to roam the patrol everyday at the office, with the mountains and catch the official police in the River to save income in the family for hunting wildlife with fish.

While he stayed here, he did not know that Darren went to prostitutes and so on.

This is not due to lack of funds. If Mo Shu was interested, he had no problem finding the people who would pay it.

Judge – Darem’s marks did not bother his powers –

Indeed, his judge is not deceiving power, forgetting Darren, is he himself hungry, or giving his salary to a civilian judge – Darren, Do you go to the bank? This is a pity limitation!

And the book that Mo Shu legis wrote –

But there are no other types of pornography and entretaj books, it’s without a book about the legendary story, it was entirely a school and terribly practical, that full reading of the book’s wear and tear. The only book I could think of was the painful poetry, music score and album painting …

Although each one of the book was pretty good, it seems to be old, to remove senfontajn measurements from other people, that all pages are labeled with number stroke annotations and comments were observed.

The book is rich in content and some are about habitat for water supply, housing and other habitats,

Bookstores containing content such as military texts and government affairs were books that could not always be sold.

Tabi Nan Ge Er noticed that these books in the Royal Library were lost, usually visible in the general citizen’s house, which is served in peace.

It was under the jurisdiction of Yao Jun Hiroten, of course, can be considered a successful trial for people of the living standard, and this can be set as a good example for the country, met Even a stranger. From now on he has never heard of it. The problem is that, in his memory, not only a story about a district, such as Guang Tian.

In addition, he was here for six months, but I have never seen more government spending on checking.

I was also surprised. If the king no longer wants to crown a crown, none of the executive directors will pay attention to such a successful place.

Even the strange facts, district people did not question politics. No, it seems that this is not a discussion issue regarding King’s policy.

Typical citizens and farmers were unacceptable because national policies of this kind could determine their lives. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

There was a library in the district, but also ambitions, but his parents did not notice that he had never heard of a child who was looking for an academic honor.

They were more interested in the fight.

City control was not so extensive, but it was fully equipped and created great profit. Therefore, in combination with the people’s highest standard of living, the population was huge. To take this into account in perspective, it can even be compared to the county.

According to Nan Ge Er, it was about the same population as the current age.

Of course, unless you realize that the people live in peace and are only a little tense, you almost doubt that your friend Mo Shu wants to uproar.

After all, it did not consider it.

As if Guang Tian, ​​I felt that all the only leaders were Mo Shu. This apparent area, their king was afraid of them.

While he stayed longer, the place began to feel more strangers.

In areas where royalties are unbalanced, it is quite dangerous, for which the king, and Hiroshi people, without blame, without worrying about the reality I spent my days calmly.

The first uncertainty about Nan Jae-

At any place, judge Darren as Mo Shu was still around, but was not there?

Moreover, the ability to survive in itself is odd. This is probably the reason why I got to such a charming place …

And meet those personal groups.

Of course, when he was concerned about it, Nan Ge Er was able to understand the praise of the people of Mo Shu District.

After all, such a leader was essentially a stranger and a completely royal man.

In addition, Mo Shu was rich and profound knowledge. It was very talented and well-known for music, paintings and calligraphy.

He was told that he was very honored by all the teachers and doctors in the area, and he has incredible talents and success.

Of course, Nan Ge Eram, since I came to this world, he was 16 years old, but I could not adhere to literature and art.

In his previous environment, he forced himself to study, which can easily reach all nonsense, but at the time of the district he quickly and then it is not alarming. Ir

I forgot them …

For this reason, in Nanager’s eyes, the biggest thing about Mo Shu was that he knew the cooking, the laundry was beautiful.

A completely stylish man who needs to be shown in the living room, I am very diligent to cook cuisine.

Separately, this is a little silly, from time to time, to give money to the poor, and from his love with the hidden inner one is something evil, Mo Shu – Darren was no different for a truly sacred one.

Mr Nans was convinced that if Mo Shu was not a judge, his quality of life would certainly overlap.

As the problematic person has talent in all respects, he does not need to worry about what to eat, does not say that he is a judge, his financial situation is certainly good.

The thing to say is that a previous order should have someone next to him to help him with money – he realized that he was able to give Mo Shu money well.

Has he said that Mo Shu is not the lowest level of money consciousness?

Well, a problematic person could completely ignore how much money was important.

However, many of the shortcomings that he had was not a problem, Nan Ge Eram had no choice but to assume that Mo Shu is a really perfect guy.

Before arriving at Widian Tian, ​​he did not believe in the existence of such a person.

Although he did not really understand the poetry of people, along with the expression of excitement and shocked all over Shu Mo is a barbemaj ex-teacher, according to the number of singers who wrote it, he wrote oxalic acid Mo I knew that it was impressively impressive.

He saw Mo Shu’s articles from comments behind the book, it’s stylish and funny, and gave a sophisticated but free auction as their owner.

Moreover, although there were not many words in the comments, the complex view of each comment was awesome.

Nan Ge Er did not have the ability to comprehend poetry and poetry deeply, but in person, however, he was welcomed at least by the throne, at least he could discover it again. Probably a threat to the king.

Mo Shu gave a great surprise to the various kings of the designated kings.

Looking at the comments written on this side er ge Shuunan on Mo, he also, but was very sharp and precise, the prospect of oxalic acid from the Mo things that was not the king I felt

In any case, the probability of Mo Šu’s identity was only that the ordinary judge was zero.

However, regardless of what Hidden Shu Shu hid, the current Nan Ge Er was not interested in them.

First, even if he knows something right now, he will not be used yet.

At the moment, he simply lived in a small area permanently and instinctively without purpose.

Perhaps he will be able to live this life until he returns to death.

When he first passed, maybe he was born in the vast sky, if any, maybe he can really accept his identity in the world, then to form a family patiently here, marry, he To have with children, before he has grown to find suitable a woman

But now I have no such idea.

If I could survive, I would die if I could not avoid it.

So far, he believed that he had no such fate, has always been an ambitious move, and rejected the notion that his life is directed toward God. After all, he believed that he had his own way at first, although everybody tried to change his destiny, This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

This dark castle, like the king, will always be lonely in this humble castle, where this one person stays.

He is, in the second world, because there was a child’s body, in the same way, he tried to change the fate of the thought that he could get what only sonĝuskresulo glory and glory.

After all, his current person was only to cook labrador rice in such a place –

It was a chance that charity gods are allowed to live temporarily.

… So perhaps he himself did a deadly way, and what he could do was to live accidentally.

… If I do this, will my suffering be over?

Because I do not want to do anything.

1 Good cake made with red beans. Additional information: https: // (Note – the author wrote rice, do not cozy so read the link and change the “rice”). This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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