STSC Chapter 12

STSC Chapter 12

Chapter 12

Mo Shu – Darren does not have food, but if it’s due to their favoritoj all mo Shu – is Xiansheng that their food should know that they say fresh. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

How much did you love about small things like sweet beans, how many cookies?

Even if it were New Year’s Eve Zaotang, he always accepted a spoon with a quiet behavior …

Nan Ge Er somehow shabby, no, saw a demise of a little man on the scene “Mo Shu -. Does Xiansheng” When did you hack you?

Mo Shu looked while watching Nan Ge Er. When he was caught red-handed, with no malfunction, he greeted early on ER Nan Ge, “Shaonan, why are you here?” His hands still grabbed the bill.

… Shao Nang, my donkey!

Unfortunately, the nan’ah, looking at Mo Shu’s face,

Can you come out of moral compassion, your image in my mind fell into a completely new love!

Well, no, you just stopped your minimal recording now.

“You do not think so well.” Mo Shu suddenly looked at him as he spoke.

Nanguel said that he is Mo Shu-

As it is, he woke up in the morning, he is obvious he is; it was never thought that just does not feel too big; he wants to show the fallback methods of oxalic acid; and Mo’s vision was now blurred and confused.

However, he was not really concerned because his physical condition was always poor, almost non-optimal.

The words er Ge for a public hearing Mo Shuunan has: “You know my appearance?” When I used to look good, I asked inconvenience? Is winter here totally wrong to get my life?

“Your voice seems to be changing.” Mo Shu finally returned to Jack’s original position and was carefully observed by Nan Ge Er.

Until you cleaned you did not make it, “It’s possible to restart the closet with Oi! Your saliva,” all of you later eat it!

I was delighted to embark on a boat launched by Nans Ge Ge Zaotang Mo Shu.

… really?

Why …

Is the floor changing?

Oh, I’m …

He did not know what had happened since then.

Heavy Worm As he opened his eyes again, wielding how it was filled in his brain, he just felt the spread of headaches.

Fortunately, he had already developed a huge immune against this sort of pain, but he just felt hurt, it’s not up to madness.

But his body seemed warm.

He finally felt it was a long time.

In winter, the warm blanket that he absorbed was extremely relaxed.

He screamed a little happily while rubbing his jaw over the blanket.

… Where is this place?

He finally noticed that he was not in the bedroom where he usually slept.

Of course, I’m dead already, now I’m not dreaming.

This is another world.

I escaped from the sister’s royal family life and now I work in a number of strange areas.

An important fever delayed his thinking training. Finally, he answered his situation.

He missed some people next door: “You woke up, then Shaonan,” of course, his forehead, while extending his hand to touch Miri, the fever has disappeared. ”

Oh, this situation – why is it my bed – no – Why do not you think that I’m in my room, and even happening in the whole world, who is this lying?

Nan Ge Er was nervous, because he could not speak words, he only looked and his vast eyes almost fled.

“Oh” After understanding only the Er tensan body of Nan Ge, Shu of Mo, his informal agreement on hair Er Nan Ge is, “What is wrong?” Let it

Nangage did not know what he wanted to say, he opened his mouth.

Movement “to catch you cold, then tropiecitan to retrieve your body with care because the country on your body is not big in the first place, you suddenly became bad,” You are here and Shu Mo is in your room, there are several air the flow was rightly explained here, and it would be warm for two people together. “Look at the manifestation of er Ge Nan slowly, he did not reveal the tactic that he had Ge Neh forced Nan to lie down.

After a while, “… or a weird, even weird thing, or not? Say”, Nan Ge Er was a little difficult, slow voice.

He knew that he was seriously ill during this time and he did not know if he started to leave the business, he was really in the area here, it was made to rest I felt that I did not know.

He was afraid to delete the words to find out his identity, so he never lost consciousness to the people around him. He was not afraid of death, but that does not mean that he wanted curiosity and curiosity in other eyes.

“What’s weird to say?” As she remembers, Mo Shu still slept there in a quiet voice.

Turr nnair COMM (turn on air con) Sell from DAA (Mom, Dad) Humburr (hamburger)

To be more precise, we could not understand one sentence.

“You have not said anything weird,” Mo Shu replied. He did not understand everything. However, you said that you felt pain. It was called but murmured that it was painful, cutting my sleeves, wounds hurt, I felt dying …

Such things … This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

You are very charming.

When he made this conclusion, Mo Shu could not touch and could not touch Nan Ge Er back. The heat was up.

He regretted his hand.

Mo Shu said that it still made Nan Ge Er a little shy

How did he himself grow up, how could you stop the words?

“Today, in the winter, the doctor said that it’s best to sleep,” Moshi said that he changed his face to Nan Ge Er.

“You did it?” Nangurre kisses his eyes.

“Your body’s state is really terrible, you will not slow down at all, if it’s important, it can kill you,” Mo Shu added seriously.

“Oh …” Nagarel flashed her eyes. He did not know that it was bad.

“The southern winter is wet and cool, so we need to be more careful.” Mo Shu was an important manifestation.

“Mn” For a long time, Nan Ge Er finally has “Erm, is that true? You are the next MP.” Then again doubt your nod, who nodded. Do you sleep in the same bed as your head, is it a little weird?

“Only you are living in a government office with me,” she reminded Mo Shu.

“… yes, that’s fine.” Nangge also nodded.

“Please let me know if you will need a manual next time, Mo Shu will not take too much things like that”, and finally submit and avoid cold air. In fact, moving the blanket to the next Nan Ge ER, decided to get up, in fact, the position of Nan Ge Er was very horrible. Most of what Mo Shu gave was what the doctor said at the beginning – just because Nan Ge Er went to bed in his room.

“… Mn.” Nangage sighed excitedly to her head.

The doctor said that I’m worried about my body, but the problem is that I do not worry about anything!

“Because of your sleeping, someone will soon serve you, your body is now ugly so you can not get rice, Mo Shu takes his shoes and his Buttigis, get his clothes, go to sleep, grab a half-liter bronze mirror that came out of nowhere, hold a comb with some teeth and hold your hair before you can tie your hair It was.

He brought his mantle from Nangge painted court, then he covered his hat and left.

“Oh, how much did it happen if I hit?” Nan Gu Ah quickly stopped him.

The reason for this rush is that he saw how amazing this is.

These unusual movements of everyday life brought on by Mo Shu have created them magic and elegance.

Mo Shu, pushing the door when he left, said: “The kitchen was observed,” It will be 30 days in 3 days, “the government office wears and cut the meat for the New Year. Then, then after that, Vokos will have something in the afternoon to help you in your bathroom. ”

“Oh, of course.” Nangge also nodded.

He can do everything without me, do you? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

First, before his arrival, he celebrated the New Year every year.

In the afternoon, the people who helped him arrive, as expected, Xiao Xia, Xia Jia Fu.

The husband spoke indefinitely when he showed up.

Nan Ge Eram almost did not have a headache, he just wanted someone to get water, just as he could be in the rain, but unfortunately, when he came in the water, this girl grabbed uninterrupted.

“Nan Ge Er, you know Mo Shu-Xiansheng disappeared for his work, he felt guilty …” Jia Fu was full of praise: “This is our Mo Shu-Xiansheng, he is still worried and worried even if it is about to you

… It’s about me, what does that mean? Am i unpopular

“Nan Ge Er you know every day, Mo Shu Xiansheng with you, and you eat po ĉ aĵon,” you speak with envy, “but you’re yours. As if I opened my mouth, it could not open with a sauce on food freezers, or he was you ate? “Shu Chi-Sien did not appear to us.

… I’m also curious! I also have bad feelings about it!

“Nan Ge Er, you know, Mo Shu-Xiansheng said that God was deported, but Zaotang is not used to maintain the lips role of God’s role in the Chicken: the rice macaroni was mistakenly covered in its place …”

Nan Ge Er was unknowingly – I think the villain should eat everything, so do you think that the extra things to use is not so unjust?

“Nan Ge Er …”

“Well, Xiao-Shea Gee,” Nan Ge can not seriously take it,

He said, “Am I afraid of this water mildew? I can take the first bath.” It was not so tolerable as his fragile spirit, one after the other, I did not want to hear the news anymore

“Oh, I forgot about that.” Xia Jia Fu knocked head to help Nan Ge Eram: “Do you need to get a bath?”

“… no need” I’m not interested in letting me show me swimming!

“Of course, I’m walking to see if there are still people who can later get to the banks of the river.” I gladly replied.

Hey …

This is the reason why I said what’s wrong with you?

T / N:

1 Zaotang: The type of candy made with maltose, the Chinese people are used to sacrifice the kitchen god around the December 23, just before the New Year of China. Details: This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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