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Chapter 46

The next day, Nan Ge Er was dug up from bed early before the break of the dawn, before being fed breakfast groggily. Then, he was shoved into a horse carriage, beginning his rough journey away from Bei Jun’s capital while in Mo Shu’s arms.

As expected, the honorable scholar had a top-notch efficiency. In just one night, he thoroughly prepared every single person and object that needed to be brought back. The group of people left from the main entrance openly and mightily, utilizing the pretext of touring around.

The sun in the almost-ending winter had already risen to the top of the carriage’s roof when Nan Ge Er aroused from his rest.

It wasn’t known how and what was used to construct Guang Tian’s carriage, but in any case, Nan Ge Er found the level of bumpiness much more tolerable than other carriages. The noise from the carriage’s shaft and horse’s hooves weren’t so loud to the point that it would induce a headache either. Moreover, Mo Shu was serving as a cushion as he hugged him tightly.

Thus, after feeling satisfied with the quality of his nap, Nan Ge Er opened his eyes and moved his body slightly.

Mo Shu’s voice emitted out above his head, “Are you awake? Hungry?” Nan Ge Er merely ate a few bites of breakfast before going out for a date with the good old god of dreams.

Nan Ge Er wasn’t quite awake yet, so he only gave a sluggish reply after dazing for a moment, “I’m not hungry.” After a yawn, he tried to push away the fur coat binding him and Mo Shu together, wanting to lift the carriage’s curtain up to take a look outside.

“What are you doing?” Mo Shu stopped him, “Be careful not to let the wind in.”

Nan Ge Er only halted after hearing that. He continued to rest himself on Mo Shu, listening to Mo Shu’s regular heartbeat without a word.

“Cold?” Mo Shu reached out and pressed Nan Ge Er’s hands while asking.

Mo Shu only felt at ease after realizing the hands in his palms didn’t go cold due to Nan Ge Er waking up.

“How long will it take to get home?” Although the carriage didn’t discomfort him, it still wasn’t comparable to being in Guang Tian. It made Nan Ge Er miss his quilt, the warmth from basking in sunshine, and his wide bed more and more.

“Soon.” Mo Shu chuckled, as though pacifying a child. He whispered, “Do you want to eat?”

Nan Ge Er only answered lazily after pondering lethargically for a while, “Nope.”

“You didn’t eat much for breakfast.” Mo Shu muttered, “Have some porridge, alright? It was heated up for you.”

“I’m not hungry.” Nan Ge Er shook his head, “I can’t eat anymore.”

“At least eat a little, hm?” Mo Shu continued persuading, hardly discouraged, “Didn’t you previously say that it was good?”

“Can’t eat anymore.” Nan Ge Er yawned, “I’m sleepy.” Noting that Mo Shu wouldn’t allow him to crawl out, he found a new suitable spot to nest in again, planning to continue his nap.

Mo Shu sighed, unable to do anything with him. He rubbed Nan Ge Er’s stomach and realized the few bites eaten in the morning weren’t really digested as Nan Ge Er didn’t move around much.

“I’m really, really full.” Nan Ge Er murmured. Then, he rested his head, falling back to sleep in an instant.

Though Nan Ge Er isn’t really full to that extent, he probably wouldn’t starve from missing a breakfast.

Mo Shu only dropped the matter after thinking as such.

The carriage stopped all of a sudden. Following next, the honorable scholar reported softly outside, “Xian sheng, there’s new information.”

Mo Shu lowered his head as he looked at Nan Ge Er, whose face was almost completely buried in his chest. After confirming Nan Ge Er wasn’t awake, he gave a hushed command, “Enter.”

The scholar pushed the curtain away and got in, before whispering, “I’ve received news just now.”

“Hm?” Mo Shu raised his brows—he knew that the scholar would never report if it wasn’t something important.

“The king of Bei Jun hung himself in Prince Li’s manor.

A hint of astonishment flashed on Mo Shu’s face.

Prince Li was obviously the former identity of the fellow in his arms. Of course, Prince Li’s manor was the place he lived in previously.

A few years ago, the king of Bei Jun claimed that Prince Li was harboring ill motives and had plans of rebelling, so he removed Prince Li’s title, imprisoned him, and in the end, executed him.

However, Prince Li’s manor remained behind, and was no longer used.

Although the meaning behind that wasn’t quite clear, Mo Shu instinctively tilted his head down as he gazed at Nan Ge Er, who was silently burrowed in his arms.

“Xian sheng?” The scholar called out to him in whispers.

Mo Shu lifted his head, looking at him without any expression.

Though his expression had no dissimilarity from the look he usually displayed, the scholar reacted to it immediately, “Understood. I will not mention this to Nan Ge Er.”

Only then did Mo Shu curl his lips up slightly, “Being able to die with the title of a king is really too light of a sentence for him.”

“Perhaps, Bei Jun’s king thought so as well, which might be why he hung himself in Prince Li’s manor before anyone could get him.” The scholar lowered his head a little while talking.

Mo Shu drooped his eyes down, looking at Nan Ge Er’s pale white face and water-colored lips. He whispered, “Forget it. Since I promised him not to waste any more time, naturally, I won’t do anything more.” He lifted one of his fingers, poking at Nan Ge Er’s soft cheek, “Continue the journey.”

“Yes.” The scholar chuckled, before glancing at the ball of snow white fur wrapping Nan Ge Er—of course, he couldn’t see the person in Mo Shu’s tight embrace from his line of sight. “Everyone will definitely be joyous when they see Xian sheng and Nan Ge Er returning together.”

Mo Shu didn’t seem to understand what the scholar meant. He shot a slightly baffled glance at the scholar, before continuing to play around by poking gently on Nan Ge Er’s face, “Mn, he wants to get back as soon as possible too.”

After a light chuckle, the scholar bowed slightly towards Mo Shu and left deftly.

During noon, the group stopped once again—it was Nan Ge Er’s daily lunchtime.

If nothing went wrong, Mo Shu would vehemently insist on letting Nan Ge Er have his meals every day on time—even if Nan Ge Er was sleeping, he would still be woken up to have his meals before continuing his sleep.

At the moment, Nan Ge Er had already ended his sleeping ‘date’ and was gazing at the slightly sparse winter scenery while leaning against Mo Shu.

Neither did the area have any villages around, nor was it near any major streets. Judging from the jumble of vegetation all over the place, along with the small pathways that could barely withstand the weight of wheels, it was merely an exceedingly regular valley trail.

In the near distance, a few people were clearing out to make a large patch of grassland. Following next, they gathered some dry branches before placing a wok, basin, and whatnots above the fire they raised.

A few others asked Mo Shu over and went pathfinding.

On the other hand, Nan Ge Er could only daze around since he was unable to help due to his weak condition.

However, Mo Shu-xian sheng, an all-purpose housework expert with a robust body and a limit-breaking strength, was grinning foolishly while hugging his tiny tsundere pumpkin at the moment. He sat there, zoning out without a single guilt.

Ugh, alright. Mo Shu wasn’t actually zoning out. That fellow was constantly gazing at Nan Ge Er with tenderly soft, starry eyes.

Nan Ge Er ignored the fellow’s passionate and lingering gaze. After all, he was trained from the continual exposure. He busied himself by daydreaming; diverging train of thoughts filled his entire brain.

His thoughts swiftly changed from commenting on the fine weather to worrying if the piglets at home were taken good care of.

Once he glanced at the people heating water in the wok, he was instantly reminded of the scene in Guang Tian where everyone crowded around and barbequed. Then, he recalled what exactly that white fur was.

Why are sacred beasts treated like common wild animals by Guang Tian’s citizens?

In any case, such random and aimless thoughts casually ran in his mind.

Lunch was ready.

It wasn’t known who caught some skinny rabbits during the pathfinding, but the rabbits were skewered and roasted too.

When Nan Ge Er looked at the scrawny, nearly meatless rabbits, his eyes finally glowed brightly.

Winter was almost over; all animals only had a thin layer of fat underneath their skin and were mostly skin and bones without much meat. Nonetheless, their meat still possessed a wild flavor in them.

Noticing Nan Ge Er’s hungered look, those who were roasting delivered a hind leg over once they were done cooking them—the rations they carried was ample, so they didn’t really count on those wild animals to fill their bellies. It was just to bring a change of taste.

As Nan Ge Er’s body was frail, after tearing a tiny piece for Nan Ge Er, Mo Shu didn’t feed him more of it—besides, he felt that Nan Ge Er definitely had no interest in eating that skinny, shriveled rabbit meat.

Hence, he laid the ‘rabbit jerky’ down, before scooping out a bowl of porridge from the coal-heated lunchbox

“Drink some porridge.” Mo Shu scooped a spoonful out. With one of his arms hugging Nan Ge Er, he placed the spoon near Nan Ge Er’s mouth.

Nan Ge Er shook his head and turned away, expressing his disinterest.

“Xiao Nan, be good.” Mo Shu cajoled, “It’s delicious.”

Nan Ge Er shook his head again. This time, he even buried his head into Mo Shu’s chest.

“Xiao Nan…” Mo Shu coaxed with a helpless, yet coddling tone, “Your body will not recover if you don’t eat, you know?”

“Nope.” Nan Ge Er sulked

“Why not? Didn’t you say it tastes good previously?” Mo Shu urged in concern, as he jabbed Nan Ge Er’s mouth with the spoon.

Reaching the end of his patience, Nan Ge Er removed Mo Shu’ hands, which were groping around Nan Ge Er ‘s stomach underneath the fur coat. He howled towards a certain someone, “Are you kidding? I’ve been eating this for a whole week! Even smelling it makes me want to goddamn puke! Are you trying to kill me?!”

After a brief stun, Mo Shu replied blankly, “Didn’t you say you like it?” Obviously, Nan Ge Er current resistance got him flabbergasted.

“I said I liked it a week ago. But then, you fed it to me for a week, a whole week!” Nan Ge Er felt even more indignant when he noticed Mo Shu astonished expression.

The utterly sincere look on this guy’s face is exactly why I didn’t have the heart to reject him.

I initially thought, since we are heading home, there will not be any time or suitable condition to cook porridge. Who knew that Mo Shu would actually take the chef along too, and even make some kind of thermal lunch box!

I’m seriously damned to the bone!

My days truly are unlivable!

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August 20, 2018 5:23 pm

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