STSC Chapter 45

STSC Chapter 45

Chapter 45

What Nan Jae-el said a bit glad. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

Mr. Number E. caresses his head to look at Moshu and … “Today I went out to find information about the king of Bae Joon”

Describing the expression of Nan Ge Er, which gradually becomes alkaline, Mo Shu said, “Are you right?

Nan Ge looked up at the sky and lifted her head and slipped. “Mn”

Mo Shu said “It does not matter what you have done, it has not said it’s his business, what’s happening, he’s just talking about us,” he laughed

Nan Ge Er smiled: “Mn.

Mo Shu accepted that Nan Ge Er was not interested in talking, he did not press. He only connected and wiped Nan Ge Er’s head.

“While I came back here,” Nan Ge Er said only after a little silence, a little said: “How much do I have to get the current situation in the Bei Moon wind?” I have a method. “He smiled:” You can not find the many things, what I found. ”

Mo Shu lowered his head to see the smiling face of Nan Ge Era’s buried light face.

“Even if you can destroy Bei Jun, there are many secrets that you do not know”

Before Mo shuff confirms confirmation for a moment, “Do we know these secrets, if we like it, it is useless, so Mn does not interest, in June, it will disappear.”

Revealing some of them was selfish ignorance and humility.

Nan Ge er laughing hard. “Do you think everything outside is weak and fun?”

Guang Tian and Mo Shu are not only isolated from the world. Instead, they move from heaven to the whole continent, looking at this Kazakhstan with a great and powerful attitude.

“This is for us.” Mo Shu reminded Nan Ge Eru that he is now part of Guang Tian.

With some control, entering my mind, Nan Ge Er inhaled deeply and tried to calm.

“Did I hear that Bei Juan’s state was a little worried?” After seeing Nan Ge Er paying great attention to this problem, Mo Shu seriously changes his indifference.

“Oh, Nan Ge Er said,” Of course this is annoying. ”

Mo Shu again knitting knitting of answers through the reminder of the current state of scientists said to him before: “If I am not wrong, the power of the king seems to be broken …”. He paid attention to him because he did not consider it important.

Army is easy to get, but the general was hard to get. Hirosato had many military talents that the king fought. For example, quite a few Guang Tian citizens occupied Bei Jun’s inner center. The end of the dynasty was not at all difficult.

Whether the king was honored or unjust, regardless of his ample land, so called grace can not stop the war.

The essence of human will will always change. People who have been defeated, regardless of their families or homes, disagree the tyrant when the gates of the city are infringed. Invaders conserve their weapons But if they block the attack and rest there, those who suffer military homelessness or accidents will change the party that denies fidelity and invasion.

With enough time, all cruel intruders will be king of honorary union. The winner was regarded as a king and the loser was designed as a thief. There was never a fair war or a lucky king.

It was a reality of history.

Perhaps the people sitting next to him also knew this principle. But when everything has finished, he is still …

… Is it a little weak, is it that?

Mo Shu, how to get to a slightly cold face by Er Er from Nan, disappeared in his eyes: “Why, unexpected feelings” he is certainly the King of Youth’s hardship I knew he spent his days.

That was clear. This can be fictitious by just conjecture.

At present, Mo Shu’s voice, ordinary indifference, can be heard for a moment.

Nan Ge, a little surprised.

Mo Shu probably did not understand it. He narrowed his eyes and whispered: “Who can not return to his original path, as is Shao Nang for you …” He used a little more. , Cracked the shoulder of Ge Er by Nan.

… Is that stupid?

He, while Nan Er’s suffered the pain of light “Mo Shu Xian Shenhu tries to break my shoulder. If you want me to be invalid, please continue.”

Mo Shu just returned to his sensation after a brief question. Meanwhile, he grasped his hand – he did not know he had used considerable strength. Fearing that he repeatedly caused the pain of Nan Ge Er, he fell unconscious and put a distance from Nan Ge Er.

He knew that a weak man before him was as fragile as his appearance, so easily he was caught accidentally.

Nan Jae Ele bent her head, but Moshiu’s face could only see her anxiety she had hidden This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

He, then, look at him, he is an unpleasant, expressive expression, raised chin: Although “cold” Mo Shu had passed to make sure you did not have to deal with him, he did not waste my head in vain.

The stolen robber hiding him again.

“Afternoon for a child I was well-behaved. Why, all the life I spent, I noticed slowly.” Long silence Nan Ge Opening post: “In fact, I am for it Can be partially responsible for that.”

“Shao Nang is the best.” When Na · G · er sat firmly in the hand, Mo’a fell quiet again. He rubbed Nan Ge Era’s eyebrows. “He is an idiot.

“Mn is,” Nan Ge Er nodded, “He’s really stupid. Of course, I’m not wise.” He was shocked, “what I am, we are that we have sown You can say that you get it.”

“Because he was cultivated in the cage, he would have to accept the fate” insulted Mo Shu’s voice signal and even if he is a wolf, the fact that he is his only dog We can accept it. ”

Nan Ge was laughed with a short shock: “Mo Shu, did I tell you before?

“What’s this?”

“You and Guang Tian are really right, maybe just people like Mo Shu could become Guang Tian young leaders.

Mo Shu smiled. Had he not understood Nan Ge Er’s word was unknown.

“I too, I did not know that it was such a huge force. I first before the dead, an incitator can still. Pretend, is that none of them, I’m back is no one dared to act strictly, hoping you can but, 3 jail of the year, they could not make it easy. “Lāpīgi when he murmured the ERS of Nan Ge captured:” When I die it is divided into all parts … “he laughed and he could not completely expel these furious positions.

They were bad, using royal titles as a lid to satisfy sinist desires. He was the title of the Majestic Reserve Junior Royal Family, but he was not just now, but also the only influence of the toy.

“It has not yet died,” Moshi covers his face, “Well, he’s still alive.

“Mn” Ge Er de Nan. So I can not come back again. , Mo’s Li Wei died, “whispered, what he lived in Er de Ge of Nan raised his head and laughed.

. “It’s as obedient when he received that promise by Nan Ge Er Mo Shu seemed shocked that touched the era of the lips of Milde Nan Ge:” This little vilkaks is not I a believer, so I can not find treasure. ”

“I’m not a treasure, but only Nan Ge Er,” he confused.

“Oshay, Shao Nang.” Mo Shu said and not only laughed. “In any case, I think I have a pretty good luck.”

He called it “The same goes for me,” he can reach the most spectacular broad sky, I was lucky to have, and what he returned alive again.

Nuna Nan Ge has finally received satisfaction, I felt he came to this world and could live.

Only, the Mo Shu by Er de Ge? “When they go home,” Nan asked for a long time they stuck, smiled at each other: “Who I – Miss Doctor, Xiao Summer, Zhu Xi and Miss Chun Traffic ..” Much more

This is to complete motion in the world with a turbulent flow with different pre-chaotic preferences, I am also more in the vast sky and compare it to the fact that you would like to get a small and poor Nan Ge.

All the best memories that I have in this world are Guang Tian.

“Is there really something else?” He asked again Nan Ge Er Mo Shu still seemed to be a little suspicious.

Nan Ge looks at her head: “I need not to be away from my hand.” Bei Junas Although great copper has fought each other violently, the situation is not as bad as the population resided in poverty. So Bey Juan’s position was relatively stable. “And,” he sminned, “I said before, it does not matter if it happens, I have no worries. We also save your time to avoid all of the worries I can go back to the past.”

Every time he saw this terrible face and appearance he felt ill. But when I was above all of these members and even strong, I thought they were all clean, because they were protected by anything I wanted to protect It was.

… Did I wear like a small face? How terribly did I live?

Nan Ge even realized he had never said himself.

Mo Shu did not speak some words. He took a hand to catch Nan Ge Go again. “What a good child you are true.

Nan Ge laughed and laughed before Mo Shu’s “Mn” was pressed.

I’m sorry that I do not have to spend time on these unimportant things.

I just excited, because I learned that everything I did before did not work at all. Everything is a reminder of Karma, not because someone is there. I do not like whether or not Bei Jun will be emptied.

There is no human life at all, I’ve been scavenging a bit. I do not know how long everything has been wasted, so I just want to come back to the world, I love the best as soon as possible.

But Nangage did not know if Moshi could understand it, so he simply smiled without further explanation.

“People who plan to go home will be back when they’re ready.” Mo Shu flashes.

“Mn” Nang asked a little, turning his head. “How long will this happen?”

“The early evening is bad for ourselves, we’ll come back after breakfast.”

What is mysterious? Just as we were very fast, why are you explaining this hell? Moreover, you did not want to prepare, are you? This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version. If you have any questions about this, maybe you should read the FAQ.

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