STSC Chapter 9

STSC Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Nan Ge did not interest places such as Guang Tian, ​​but with such a long-term exhibition he preservatively assumed that at least half of the people in the region were not civilians. Some people had strength, agility, and special physical capacity not compared to ordinary people. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

In any case, Guang Tian was a place where there was really an hidden talent.

Many homeless girls gather in such distant places, so each of them occupies their daily activities.

It was definitely impossible in the past Nan Gear, but he was now living with them.

In fact, he himself was not considered normal. He found it.

The background may not be simple, but what? At least they live here.

On the first day when he remained in the government office, Mo Shu could no longer tolerate it, so he went out and spent one hour and a half before finding a big white bald beast – of course, to have dinner It is roasted meat again.

During the flesh, Nan Ge Er returned to experience the form of honor of these martial artists.

But he ignored it calmly …

Unprocessed meat and organs remain in New Year’s preserved food, but again Nangeuel has been filled with women’s praise.

Actually, Nan Ge Er thought he was now a model for the teaching of housewives.

That’s why he was depressed.

He also noticed that the power that somebody discovered was not accidental, because he did not intend to hide anything …

Are you sure they will not misunderstand me? Well, even if that’s true, do you think it’s too humble?

Nan Ge Er fell again.

On the third day of the morning, Natsujiahu hurried and ran and said: “Xiansheng Xiansheng, I raised a person” when I ran and ran.

Sometimes Nageael poured water into the kitchen garden, exclaimed. Does this colleague turn to capture people when nothing has to be done?

“Where are they? Where are they?” Mo Shu stopped Zhu Xi to approve the corridors.

“On the board shore!” Cam, Horo and Juhu. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

… Because the Guata river has a magnet, can you steal people and tear them constantly?

The prime minister said: “In this special case, I must investigate myself.”

“Darren ~” Chizu, who came out, “When I went to the toilet, you ran to the eldest, he saw Xia Jia Fu,” Xiao Xia 1, what happened, another man Did you come back?

“One more time!”

Do you correct

Nan Erram was not a name.

“Yes, Zhu Xi, let me lay on you”. Xia Jia Fu seemed like a kid when he saw them with bright eyes.

Nan Ge. Despite quietly, she took a bucket and went back to the kitchen. He did not really want to participate in his sensual conversations by his disciples.

Xiao Nan. When he did not move it, it was perfect, but as soon as he noticed, Zhu Xi noticed him.

“Oh?” Nan Ge, though, it’s disappointing. Whether he wants it or not, Zhu Xi continued.

“Do you like fish?”

“Ha?” Nan Ge even saw anxious Zhu Xi.

“You can catch fish along the way!” Mo Shu soon followed: “Nan Ge is too weak.

“… You no longer have to go to me …”

“We must investigate” Mo Shu was created a bit.

“This is our Xianning.” Xia Jia Fu had a devoted position.

Nan Ge even pretended not to know these two fools.

Zhu Xi balanced his hand and mingled his mouth: “Two hours will come back soon.

When they were afraid to lose a break for one second with permission, they quickly disappeared.

Nan Ge Er confirmed a sympathy with Zhu Xi. “Xiansheng, you’ve worked hard”

Zhu Xi pleasantly cleared Nan Ge’s head. “Xiao Nan, Mo Shu knows very well, he’s wise, I just trust.”

Nan Ge, though nodded, he understood it completely.

I do not know exactly what Mo Shu means for security, I think he is a little incredible.

Two hours later, Mo Shu joined the government. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Natsuka took a lot of fish behind her smiling at Nan Ge Er, “Nan Ge Er, looking up, Mo Shu Xiansheng caught many fish.

Nan Jae stood before the wooden cube in the garden and dipped the canned meat, legs and pigeons better in the water. He raised his head and said: “Oh, wonderful, you have worked hard, thank you thankfully.

The Gia Fu, as a smile as he answered, I was not worried about it “Er Nan Ge, not for doing it. Not a complete credit go to Mo Shu Xiansheng, I just helped.”

“Thank you.” Nan Ge’s lips began when he answered.

Mr. Shuza Jiafu transferred a part of the wider head of fish before he traveled to the time of Nan Ge he left the straw on the fish and most of the fish wanted to pick up the kitchen.

“Did you do it?” Nan Ge Er saw Mo Shu without thread.

“Is it still tasty if it is preserved or not?” Mo Shu saw fleshy meat that did not finish this evening. Needless to say G. G. Ell, he raised his hand and caught him.

You really felt food for a long time.

Nanguel explained it very much. “They can only be saved after removal of organs.

“Oh, is it that?” Mo Shu snatched the rope from Nan Ge Er’s own vision, after the shooting of something dropped, followed by meat cutting “Chichi” I made a sound.

“Here.” Mo Shu transmitted the item cited by Nan Ge Er.

The eyes of Nan Ge are as broad as the ball.

This colleague allows him to simply open the fish’s stomach and pull the fish and quickly throw the inside.

The brows of the era of Nan Ge jumped with glutted teeth, certainly looking at the “falling corpse”, which began the sound of blood-bleeding blood.

In spite of this, he knew that it was still soft and smooth, had anyone been fitted with a knife, but required to remove the fish’s belly clearly, but immediately, Mo Shu used only two blows, could open the fish belly, and even clean the internal skin

Still Shu’s fingers still look at the fish on the floor and the floor, then he suspected that Mo Shu had already prepared fish in the past before it was transmitted to them I suppose.

This method quickly joined, Nan Er thought that colleagues would probably make blood crimes in the past.

What’s your nail?

“What’s wrong?” Mo Shu still does not know how his actions have shocked other eyes.

“You can stop fearing Nan:” Mo Shuu … “Zoo · Kushi probably left when he shook Mo Shu, glanced at Nan Ge, Mu Shu from the bed, eyelids, heard the outside worry Ge Er !!”

“You did that?” Mo Shu was shocked before seeing Nan Ge Er looking at him. Suddenly smiling, the era of his march and pieslaucīja Nan Ge: “I know a little bit about kung fu, do not worry.”

“… $ &&% …” The body of Nan Ge Er was congealed when it gave an ambiguous sound.

“Did you do it?” He was still astonished, as he saw Nan Ge Er shines his hair. This little child is small, he is thin, the head is very round, is the rumor whether or not a great brain brain is wise?

“… These … kl -… not …”

Mo Shu is hard and fixed to the arm, and said: “I speak loudly, because I forgot, I can easily change my fingers. Grinding, not afraid Do not do anything about it, I will not be hurt.

Nan Ge Er’s body shook slightly.

“Hey Zoo · Qi Talented eyebrows:” Come back soon, do not be afraid of him. Siao Nana First body is weak, you are still afraid of him … ”

“Bring me bloody bloody cherries!” Nan Ji jumped and exclaimed.


Please forget that this cowboy took fish with your own hand and cut one of these fish. I do something badly rubbing my head on my head. Great, my hair is certainly a strong fish! This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

Nan Ge Er felt like a bruise sound.

He was a prince then, he always bothered these sanitary products in the world, but the situation was not good. The level of luxury was satisfying, but the tragic hygienic standards were still far from the 21st century that he knew.

He had to worry about the past powerful fight and too crazy, but now he has a lot of time, he can not be pretty clean, he also is also notice that it is not dirty.

How wonderful Mo Shu directly covered my head with the blood of fish!

He felt he was almost indignant.

He could not feel pain with his usual wrong position. It was quite the opposite.

“Oh, I know how long it will need to wash it!” In response to Mo Shuzero’s response, he took the cookie for a hot water aunt Mo Shu while he ran to the kitchen. The hand immediately cried out by embracing his head.

“Note that you do not miss it.” Mo Shu shouted from behind.

Why are you missing

Nan Ge even sighed in his heart.

In a short time that Nan Gye-el escaped, Mo Shu could not finally smile in his eyes.

At the door of the place, Saishi was helpless. “You are …”

“But it’s really interesting.” Mo Shu laughed:. “This child seems to be completely wise and causing irritation, entering the fish he accidentally in his hand in a wooden cube I threw.

“… If he knew about it, he will surely relieve your tea”

He’s sorry, I’ll laugh: “The children must be more energyful.

“Looking at you, is he your child?” Shishid saw him.

“Because it’s funny”, “a small animal is very energetic about the hunter’s name, I feel like a pretty formidable, to pay for a desperate panic seal confusion.” Mo Shu laughed

“Yes, yes, Mo Shu xiansheng, you really do not do anything.” Before Zhu Xi responded: “So, did you Xiao summer find what?”

“This colleague had a great incentive,” said Mo Shu easily.

His expression was again indifferent and unhealthy again: “If you have a place for them, people who have intentionally come here will definitely ask for the death,” he said. I heard these words and had a calm expression.

“Oh, you’ve seen,” Zhu Xi was helpless, “did you tell me that you killed her?

“This time not” Mo Shu suddenly smiled. “I just said Shao summer would bring people back to the river.

“This person is as good a person as the dead” Zhu X’s trunk shook his lips.

However, Shu de Mo is, “in fact, it’s the head of Nan Ge’s really beautiful and round to the touch.” He refused to continue to smile, the subject while getting into the hands of a zoo taxi

“This is the case, right?” Zhu Xi is moved to the tea cup filled half by taking the hand with the inside of the force, was burning water in the hands of Mo Shu.

Mo Shu rubbed his hand and said, “I think I can plan something when his trauma recovers.”

“Was he disappointed that he did not do anything at all?” Zhu Xi broke hands while he looked at Mo Shu.

“No” Mo Shu smiled: “I feel happy.

“Everyone likes Nan Ge Er, it’s not a reckless reason” Zhu Xi spoke a bit.

“Nan Jae Ah looks like a fool, but in fact it is clear as a mirror in his mind.” Mo Shu washed his hands and talked, lifted his head. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Everyone is the same.” Saeko said with humor that he took a cup: “You are serious.


“There’s nothing,” said Zhu Xi. “I hope people like us do not need this time.

“There’s no problem,” Mo Shu spoke a bit. “There is no difference in killing one to 1000 people”.

“Tsk.” Zhu Xi his eyebrows, “Like immoral.

“Let’s go to an immoral adviser.” “Do not you say you have a registry?” He said when he fell asleep at the door.

1 Xiao Xia: As in the last chapter, Zhu Xi shortened Xia Jia Fu to Xiao Xia. He wants to shorten another name to Xiao This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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