STSC Chapter 8

STSC Chapter 8

Chapter 8

Note: From now on, Nan Ge Er will be replaced by Lil Pumpkin. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

The next day, when Lil Pumpkins came out of bed, he was a shocking judge – Darren found that I had already left the government office, but it was in the place carefully, I thought of the mountain.

Lil Kirgizo was surprised by a dirty kitchen. What played today?

Hearing Lil Pumpkin’s feet, Mo Shu smiled at him and turned his head: “This is Lil Pumpkin Good Morning.”

“Oh …” Lil Kukurbujo responded scarcely. “Good morning, last.”

“Will you wash the laundry? I’ll put it there and I’ll wash it later,” Mo Shu spoke to him naturally.

“Uh …” the pillow of Lil pulled out the edge of his mouth: “Well, today must be cooked Eunti King, have been put together, she is washing dinner today” Mo Mo Shu, he is going to express further observations: “Erm, me will give her more DAU-1 acne. “He’s reluctant Mo Shu villagers to benefit because he knew how to make use, he explained it formally.

Of course, rich urban residents, some cereals, many do not mean much, could not really be considered for payment. The reason for their help was much to help Mo Shu, some cereal was a small payment, it was not important.

But, responding to Lil Cucurbon, a little satisfying Mo Shu, he stopped focusing on this problem and asked back a pumpkin: “I have enough grain at home”

“It’s enough for the new year” Lil Pumpkin estimates that “This is where Daren is no longer getting relief.” He emphasized the dominion. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

In fact he believed that the most important judge in all the cities was the most important judge.

Mo Shu showed a little annoying smile. “Well, the weather is cold, please do not leave, please come back soon.”

Lil Kukurbujo asked an exciting question. “Honey, are you planning to go out today?

“Mm,” Mo Shuu nodded: “I can not work, I’m wonderful and small things to worry about here, I can not always trust my secretary.”

… As you, as a judge, you knew you should not be around!

Lil Kyrgyzstan began to infiltrate her heart.

He really believed that Guang Thian’s administration was so different from others.

It was not an exceptional emergency, but when it happened, Lil Pukkin quickly hurried to the only government agency that the stakeholders did not expect to hurry after reporting this problem. I saw it.

The next day, this question seems to be solved …

If there is no crisis, Mo Shu will normally stamp the document and the pen’s situation, after formulating the official report, after returning home during the night.

Anyway, he was really interested in how Magistrate had resolved to solve those serious minor problems.

“Maybe after winter and spring.” Moshu thought, “I usually stay out of summer and autumn.”

“Is it a reason for that?” Lil Pumpkin opened her eyes. Because it was because there was a lot of farming, Mo Shu just called out?

What a unique point of view of the Pumpkin of Lil showed Mo Shu: “When I want to work, I’m in love to sit and continue …”

The eyelid opened his mouth and opened his mouth. This guy was inactive.

A simple citizen, you are all betrayed by his facade.

“I intend to supply the laundry.” He continued to speak to Mo Shu and did not want to turn and walk. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Well, worry, do not stay too long, your body is weak, Moshi reminded him before continuing to see fake mountains where he was quite destroyed.

What do you see Lil Pumpkin after a few steps? Is there a false hill with unique art concepts that Mo Pe can have, for example, Mo Shu?

Mo Cheng looked down and saw Lil Pumpkin: “What do you see?” He doubts Lil’s pumpkin to my surprise.

Lil Pump instinctively felt that he probably had dominated Mo Shu, but he was still waiting for the indoor pipeline: “I found you see a false mountain”

Moshiu said to her: “Have you noticed?

Listen to Mo Shu, Rush Pumpkin thought he probably misunderstood Mo Shu, apparently, he really pushed for something.

“So the direction I saw was opposed to a false mount,” Mosh murmured.

Volume is not astute, but Lil Pumpkin was close to him, so he listened to it naturally.

He was stupid, turned and turned to the left. “Why do not you work with government documents, even if you’re free?” He condemned him.

“I have not yet corrected.” Mo Shu expressed displeasure: “It’s just one place though it’s long.

… I am wrong, why do you think that man is deep in the world? I am a perfect idiot!

There was not much interaction among them, but Lil Pumpkin is considered relatively unknown to Mo Shu compared to other cities.

He thought that Sharkuk apparently knew that the man was empty, but it simply did not say a loud voice.

Riders of Yarman, police, various civil servants, with the people of the city …

They felt their eyes covered with anger. Mo Shu, I saw with my eyes, was completely holy.

Despite what they did, their eyes increased endless forces, saw failures, illuminated the unconscious minds, then they imagined the best images of their eyes. Let’s not do …

Pumpkin Lil, he still felt that the saint of Mo Shu’s image might be strengthened even if you spilled some of the actual colors of Mo Shu from rationalization, before.

Anyway, Lil Pumpkin did not really intend to do such things as real.

Zhu Xi, a “Oh, Lil Pumpkin” counselor was before him and went to him. He was quite interested and celebrating, because I just relaxed and realized it. “Good morning”

Lil Krijo nodded “Good morning, xiansheng”. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Please find your little stature.” Zhu Xi went a few steps to Lil Pumpkin and made clay. “Have you ever seen Mo Shu?”

“To the real hill”. Shuzo looks displeased, but Mo Shu will not let me know my position?

Lil Kargik at that time sold Mo Shu without hesitation.

“I want to work HM from HM or it’s early in the morning instead, to choose that goofbols is apžilbt simply, to go?! It’s.” While he is locked up before he reached his hand to attract the Lil Pumpkin shoulder, the Akatsuki taxi, “asked Nan1’s teeth, you do well, Gege is very much thinking about you,” while moving to the direction in which the Lil Pumpkin does not come turning.

“… Shao Nang, does he tell me?

Also, Gege, did you make a mistake? I do not remember that such a cruel brother …

Lil · Pumpkinhead was a lady because she watched the number of Zhu X.

… Forget it, anything: first of all, I would like to put the shelter to my father’s yard.

Sincerely, the government is no longer just a lot of people, 18 people, Jamen participants, on the day that many secretaries, police officers and many others, in it, have a proper government. It can be considered.

There were only 20 people in the cafeteria, with the fact that secretaries, calculations and guards did not actually eat at the administrative office.

As usual, Lil Pumpkin greeted the cafeteria. He uniformly took clothes from wood, passing the door and went from the back door to the pen kitchen baby.

Before he could even bless her, a kitchen of brown was overthrown: “.. Lil pumpkin, just the time, I know grauzdējusi corn for you, it’s near the yard Fast use you will not be able to have dinner, so you will have to eat later , “soon”

It was a daily work as well. He usually has different dishes that he gives to women in the kitchen when he arrives.

Lil Kukurbujo speculated that, as his body was not really amazing, he was totally anxious, preventing protective instincts in these women as well …

“I have already dressed in a large cabin at the door. Pumpkin curbs the condenser’s grain.

“Well, Tunti falls after cooking, since I cooked the Lil Pumpkin today, we have to eat more, Lil Pumpkin.” When she spoke, the time to see Lil’s curly face was smooth from the cold I took it. “Look at her little height”

… I hate this sentence!

Lil’s cookie was a very depressed mouth, at the same time covered the outer leaves, stopped the appetite.

He erroneously moved to a small stool and listened to the Scandinavian kitchen baby to various kinds of questions in infinite different homes and sat on it.

I realized that he seemed to begin to love the boss

Therefore the influence of others is really dangerous. At least I have already adopted this lifestyle. I still blamed myself, but, strictly speaking, not many complaints.

“Oh, I, Rirukirugisu, you do not have to eat it, it becomes difficult to digest it. It pulled from the back of the hand, noyderdama maize was one-third of the food Lil pumpkin hand,.

Lil Pumpkin was sorry, because he turned his head to see colleagues dishonestly tortured with the horn he had taken.

“Mom, you are stressful are” non-inaccessible colleagues, Pop-up Vangu, who produce food: “Every day, and have special support to Lil Pumpkin,” he complained.

Tunda Vangs, he jumped out of the cup, “Rascal, why did you come from where they are? Sufficient food is not your home, you are in the event of an accident, especially in your Lil Pumpkin stomach on Lil Pumpkin Captured when I saw the amount which I ate from the special grace that I gave him.

“I’m sorry for Lil ‘Pumpkin. Lil’ Pumpkin always wanted to reward me. This is the question? This coach eats corn spaghetti, depending on the maternal incomprehensible, fast corn spashes While roasting, I covered the cup.

Yes, I noticed that I claimed that it was taken off the coast, I felt the government office and this Jia Fu colleague.

Because Lil Pumpkin looked at a timid colleague who was keen on his food,

What a subtle payment do you want?

“Looking at the small body of Lil ‘pumpkin, is there a mind to do it?’ This time, Tunty Wang delivered a kitchen knife in a hurry.

“Yes!” Xia Jia Fu avoided it with broad hair: “Mom, do you try to kill me?

“Oh, you supposedly guessed!” The king of the father smiled coldly. “Just cooking the time, slightly curved”

“Wow!” Xia Jia Fu moved his mother’s friendly signal. So he stopped the movement, lowered his head, saw Lil Pumpkin sitting on the flight and lighting him.

“He really is very small …” Jia Hu’s mouth, “Be here before you pass over the sea-holes in his hand roasted not to recognize him.”

Lil Krijo looked at the horn and left her head down, leaving only a few nuclei.

“Wow, Lil gold, do not worry, I’ll send the delicious delicious food next time you’re definitely.” Xia Jia Fu panicked. “No, tomorrow. How did I send you tomorrow?” Files dusmojat, you’re not a real man, and please, and anger, you will not be able to dry a woman. ” This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

“Xia Jia Fu!” King Aunt said: “Do you want to die?

“Unfortunately Wow, Lil Pukkin was not right” The Zia F. Conocpt repeated: “I’m getting something tasty soon, wait here”

… I do not mind looking at a roasted maize, or I must say that you have refused from what heals this colleague.

Angry was too much trouble.

He thought I was empty, he planned to get something delicate, but I was glad to accept that I was angry.

And sincerely, was this mother, son, and probably the whole city, thought that I looked like a baby?

T / N

1 Dou: measurement of Chinese grain; equivalent to 1 inch

2 Shao Nang: “Akatsuki Nan” means a bit, “Er by Nan’s Ge”, “Akatsuki” Lil Pumpkin Advisor shortening nickname. This is the text we are feeding sites using robots to steal off our site yet giving us no credit and making us sound lazy. To readers, look up Exiled Rebels Scanlations to get the real version.

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