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Please Look At Me: Brother Complex

After his angelic brother’s birth 17 years ago, Haruhisa became an extreme brocon the moment he laid eyes on him. He poured all his love into his little brother in their busy parents’ stead, putting his own needs aside.
On the day of his precious brother’s teacher-parent conference, Haruhisa marches in, ready to evaluate Mitsuhara’s worth as a homeroom teacher.
A few days later, Haruhisa discovers that his brother has a lover! Moreover, it’s a male student from the same high school!? Turning to Mitsuhara to find out the truth, Haruhisa is suddenly kissed for some reason…?

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Aniki to Isshoja Nemurenai

Eight years ago, our parents remarried and we became brothers.
Haruto is six years older than me. We’re not related by blood, but he treats me kindly and takes care of me as if I were his real brother.
Because of this, I started harboring this desire to monopolize him….
I don’t want him to find out about these dirty feelings!
Although I live alone now that I started university, my brother found a way to come after me….!?

Arihara-san no Himitsu no Jijou
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Arihara-san no Himitsu no Jijou

Arihara Keigo – he excels in any role he plays, and he has a few awards under his acting. Arihara meets Matsushita, an idol and his co-star who struggles with acting. One day, Matsushita mistakes the dressing room and discovers Arihara’s secret. The “aloof and mysterious” Arihara that everyone loves is actually a clutz with a sweet tooth! As the two become friends, Matsushita becomes interested in Arihara’s real personality…!?  

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Furete, Aishite, Dakishimete

Seno the bartender has been assaulted and has suffered trauma which made him afraid of human touch. Due to that, he has been unable to find a proper lover so he has given up.

One night, he is confessed to by a regular customer named Hakamada and Seno turns him down as usual, but Hakamada doesn’t give up and he confesses his sincere feelings again. Seno reconsiders and opens up about his trauma, to which Hakamada says, “That means if you understand that you shouldn’t be afraid of me it will be fine, right?” and hugs Seno to help him overcome his fear. After this, Hakamada continues to hug Seno every day…!?

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Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete

Cowardly First Love (Chapter One)

Seiji met Daigo when the latter was still in high school. After Daigo confessed, the two became boyfriends, however, even after months of dating, the two have yet to have sex. Will Seiji overcome his fear?

Please Hold Me Tenderly (Chapter Two and Three)

Bisexual playboy Yuuichirou who works as a book publisher and unsociable gay “Micchan” (Mitsuhiro) have been inseparable since high school. Without a lover, Yuuichirou lives an easygoing life, selfishly manipulating Micchan. But after turning 30 he starts to get a little lonely? After a sudden omiai proposal, he starts thinking that maybe he can get married, to which Micchan complains by saying “If anyone is fine, then I am, too!”, an unbelievable confession. Really? But we’re both tachi!!!? Seme x seme, a pure love!

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