Ijiwaru Shinai de Dakishimete

Please hold me tenderly Cover
Please Hold Me Tenderly
Artist: Kinoshita Neri
Language: English
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapters 3 and 3.5
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Complete Volume


Cowardly First Love (Chapter One)

Seiji met Daigo when the latter was still in high school. After Daigo confessed, the two became boyfriends, however, even after months of dating, the two have yet to have sex. Will Seiji overcome his fear?

Please Hold Me Tenderly (Chapter Two and Three)

Bisexual playboy Yuuichirou who works as a book publisher and unsociable gay “Micchan” (Mitsuhiro) have been inseparable since high school. Without a lover, Yuuichirou lives an easygoing life, selfishly manipulating Micchan. But after turning 30 he starts to get a little lonely? After a sudden omiai proposal, he starts thinking that maybe he can get married, to which Micchan complains by saying “If anyone is fine, then I am, too!”, an unbelievable confession. Really? But we’re both tachi!!!? Seme x seme, a pure love!

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