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Chapter 40: “I missed you, Professor Xiao.”

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


Xiao Ke didn’t know if he was overthinking, but the phrase “rainbow flag” suddenly made him feel that the boy was hinting something with that. However, Xiao Ke was not the kind of person who was interested in gossip about other people so he smiled slightly before he turned his head to no longer look at them.

He really liked Zhou Zui’s apprentice, except that Lu Xiaobei was a little more talkative and they were too much alike. But Lu Xiaobei’s own personality was not as cold as Zhou Zui, he still liked to chat and he was still taking care of the store’s external social media. He would be together with Zhou Zui for a long time to come.

This time, the other tattoo artists in the store were preparing for the competition. Everyone was busy as some even put off customers and spent every day thinking about the designs and their models. After all, the competition was about reputation and profit so everyone spoke on their own merits. There were even two people who applied for the newcomer category, and Zhou Zui said even less to those in the newcomer category since it would be unfair to the other contestants if he said too much.

Xiao Ke joked with Zhou Zui privately, “You’re probably going to make them feel emotional, the boss is too iron-faced.”

Zhou Zui said at the time, “There will be no emotion, I never give them my hand every time they enter. They know what I’m doing, and are used to it.”

Xiao Ke laughed and said, “Actually, there must be others who have outside help, right? Just because you don’t help doesn’t mean other masters don’t help, and it’s unfair from that point of view.”

“There is no such thing as absolute fairness,” Zhou Zui was coloring a design when he spoke which was a very bright blue and yellow that was a very sharp contrast. He looked at the picture for a while before continuing, “Some are even directly made by the master’s hands, hanging the name of the apprentice that’s participating, there are many of them.”

Xiao Ke nodded, “I can imagine.”

This time the store’s micro-blog and WeChat were also very explosive as many from the circle of tattoo organizations sent messages while hoping that they could participate.

Lu Xiaobei’s responses were all very official as he told them that the shop already had a tattoo artist who would participate in the exhibition, but also hoped that they can communicate with everyone more to absorb the inflow of more professional and advanced art.

Some people asked below, [Will there be a studio booth? Is there any merch we can buy? Can I buy Mr. Zhou’s tattoo stickers?]

This would not be the case since as long as Zhou Zui did not go out, no one would ever be able to represent Zhou Zui’s studio enough. Zhou Zui’s studio was independent from the entire tattoo circle as it did not appear in any exhibition. Too many circles wanted to have contact with them and wanted to communicate, but never had the opportunity.

Xiao Ke just felt that Teacher Zhou was the coolest in the world, and his personality was too high up there so he asked, “Why don’t you go?”

Zhou Zui laughed at the time and said, “It’s a hassle.”

His personality predestined him not to participate in these as he did not care about the fame. He didn’t need a trophy to give himself a value, and he didn’t need to add a prefix to his name to show his status and position as he had no need for it. For someone with the hourly price of five thousand, a mere trophy master title in front of Zhou Zui’s name wouldn’t change his status. Even if it was 10k an hour, it would make no difference to the effort given. It was the same in Lu Xiaobei’s eyes, even with superb technology and absolute power, the mood was almost meaningful. After all, from the beginning, he had been watching his big brother design tattoos so his perspective was very tricky.

Zhou Zui thought that charging two thousand was enough, plus he didn’t need more status and even if he did, he would still only charge two thousand.

Xiao Ke sometimes thought that it was also very interesting especially when put before how he may not have expected to find a tattooist boyfriend who, after all, is usually completely out of contact with him so life did not intersect. Now he mixed with a group of tattoo artists, and one day saw a college classmate send a circle of friends an armband that he had gotten which Xiao Ke gave a “tch” to when he looked at the picture as he thought that the level was too low. Lu Xiaobei could casually scratch two lines with the machine. and it would look better than this.

Xiao Ke almost sent out a comment at that time, ‘You ruined your skin, let Mr. Zhou give you a cover up.’

The time spent during this hot period was fast, and the week went by in the blink of an eye. It felt like they weren’t together for just a few days, but one day, they suddenly found out that they had been dating for two months.

Xiao Ke did not stop himself from bragging at that time, and immediately sent a picture of Zhou Zui’s painting of a bright warm field of flowers. The accompanying text read, [60 days in a relationship.]

This piece was sent out and certainly looked lively. Xiao Ke sent it out and locked the screen before he put the phone aside as he was planning to go to teacher Zhou in the evening to spend their 60-day anniversary.

Xiao Ke laughed at himself after a while. It was more that he missed Teacher Zhou, but it was not the weekend yet so he couldn’t wait to find a random reason to see him.

When he went there, Zhou Zui had just finished work and was dropping off clients so he was surprised to see him, “Professor Xiao?”

When the client left the front room, Xiao Ke gave him a hug.

Xiao Ke had always been so straightforward and enthusiastic, and Zhou Zui stopped him with his arm on his waist before he said, “My hands are dirty, I haven’t washed them yet.”

“Then you wash them,” Xiao Ke said with a smile, “and let me hug you for ten minutes afterwards.”

Zhou Zui also laughed and said, “Wait for me to clean up and then we can leave.”

Lu Xiaobei hadn’t touched the floor all day but looked up and said “hello” when he saw Xiao Ke enter. Xiao Ke walked over and flicked the brim of his hat before asking him, “How long will it take to finish? Let’s go eat together.”

Lu Xiaobei said, “It will take more than an hour. You guys go ahead, I’m not going. I’m too tired and just want to go home to eat a takeout and sleep.”

Xiao Ke saw that he was really tired so he did not say anymore.

Since Xiao Ke’s previous friend circle was too public, the whole social circle knew that he had been in a relationship for two months which also obviously included Old Xiao and Dr. Xu.

When Dr. Xu called, Xiao Ke had already finished dinner with Zhou Zui and was about to head home. Xiao Ke picked up the phone and heard her directly say, “How long has it been since you’ve been home?”

Xiao Ke felt guilty, but now that he was in a relationship, he wanted to visit Zhou Zui whenever he could so he said, “I’ll be back the following night after tomorrow, I’m guilty.”

Dr. Xu continued, “If you don’t mind, bring that person back with you. It’s been two months and there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I want to see.”

Xiao Ke subconsciously looked at Zhou Zui and said, “It’s a bit sudden. Let’s see. We’re not too ready.”

Zhou Zui guessed what he was talking about and continued driving so Xiao Ke hung up the phone and said with a smile, “The parents asked me to take you back.”

Zhou Zui was silent for a few seconds before he said, “All right, whatever you want.”

Xiao Ke reached over and touched his ear before he said, “Don’t worry, I’ll push it off this time, don’t be nervous the next time you go, Professor Xiao will cover you.”

Xiao Ke didn’t want to take Zhou Zui back right now to avoid stressing him out.

Zhou Zui asked, “Will your family be unhappy with my career?”

Xiao Ke shook his head, “They are very open-minded parents, don’t worry.”

His career was not unsatisfactory, although people who have not been exposed to the tattoo industry might be a little prejudiced, but things could be expected to change as long as there was more understanding. What may really cause discontent among the two leaders of the family was Zhou Zui’s history with his family, his extreme ex-boyfriend, and the fact that he had even spent some time in jail. Although all of these things happened for a reason, they all together added up to make the man seem less stable.

Thus, Xiao Ke didn’t plan to tell the whole story, and figure out what would happen then.

The place where they ate was very close to Xiao Ke’s place so they went back to his place afterwards. It was the first time Zhou Zui came here. Xiao Ke brought him in and said with a smile, “My place is much smaller than your house, so don’t mind this, Mr. Zhou.”

Zhou Zui shook his head and said, “It’s not small, it’s enough.”

“I used to think I earned a lot of money and lived in abundance.” Xiao Ke found Zhou Zui a pair of shorts for him to change into after he showered. Zhou Zui undressed and Xiao Ke reached out to touch his strong, thin, and powerful waist. While touching it, he said, “Now I feel like it’s hard to feed you.”

Zhou Zui wasn’t ticklish, and he let Xiao Ke touch it whenever he wanted to. He squeezed Xiao Ke’s hand before he smiled slightly and said, “I don’t spend much money, I’m easy to raise.”

Zhou Zui really did not spend a lot of money since he did not have to spend money on hardware so he brought practically nothing. Xiao Ke followed his waist line to his abdomen. Zhou Zui had been accustomed to exercising for years, and his muscles were comfortable to touch. Xiao Ke smiled and asked, “How about moving in together?” 

Zhou Zui did not hesitate at all and straightaway nodded, “Okay.”

“I’m serious,” Xiao Ke said this as he looked at him.

Zhou Zui nodded again and said, “I’m serious too.” After pursing his lips and looking a little uncomfortable, he said in a deep voice, “I missed you a lot, Professor Xiao.”

It was not easy for Zhou Zui to say these words. He would not say sickly-sweet words of love but him saying “I missed you” was already very seductive.

Xiao Ke froze for a moment, then pounced straight over and squashed the man.

It was their first time on Xiao Ke’s home turf, but Xiao Ke had to work tomorrow so they didn’t go through with the entire thing. After showering and lying on the bed, Xiao Ke sighed comfortably while resting his arm on Zhou Zui’s body before he fell asleep in no time.

Xiao Ke’s sleep quality was very good, and he usually did not wake up throughout the night. However, this night was an exception. He drank two glasses of water before going to bed, so he woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet. When he opened his eyes, he was a little surprised that no one was beside him.

He raised his eyebrows and walked out barefoot. The moonlight from the window came in so the room was not that dark.

Xiao Ke came out of the bedroom and saw Zhou Zui sleeping on the couch with his arm over his forehead as he was really asleep.

Xiao Ke stood still for a while as he wondered whether he should ask him to go back to his bedroom or not. The first few hours were spent doing intimate things together, and now he was sleeping on the couch. Xiao Ke didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. If it weren’t for the fact that he was still in love with Zhou Zui and was sure of his feelings, then he may even have thought that his lover was bored of him.


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These 2 are now full steam ahead!
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Thanks for translating and editing.

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I’m thinking ZZ had a bad dream or perhaps he was bothered that XK didn’t take him to his parents🤔 whatever it is, they will be ok I hope😔❤️ thank you for translating ❤️💜

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