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Chapter 14: Best I’ve Ever Tasted

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey. That’s it.


Gu Ang looked up, not on the same brain wave, “Hanging out with whom?”

Ye Fei’s voice was already cold, and now it was even more like a layer of ice had been frozen over, cold and prickly. He knew he was overstepping his bounds, but he couldn’t help but open his mouth, “You smell like someone else’s pheromone.”

Not a little, but a lot.

Gu Ang realized that the whiskey covering agent was the cause of this.

Ye Fei misunderstood. He thought that he had close contact with another Alpha? Was it possible that it really crossed his mind and got him jealous? Gu Ang was on the verge of trying it out, while upholding the idea that it would be a good time to draw a line in the sand with Ye Fei.

The provocative beast in his heart stretched out his claws. He gave a laugh, “Oh, whiskey, ah, it’s a senior Alpha’s. We just had dinner together.”

He was about to continue the description when he was interrupted by Ye Fei, “It doesn’t smell very good, go take a shower.”

“Does it smell bad? I don’t think it’s bad, hm?” Gu Ang sniffed, How fierce and wonderful, ah. Tsk, this person doesn’t know how to appreciate it.

Ye Fei laughed at himself and had no position to ask which fierce Alpha. Who was more fierce than him? If he could eat a meal like that that moistened his throat and was delicious, he would kill the fucker… 

His mood was like a rotten white peach, moldy and rancid. Ye Fei swallowed the questioning, not wanting to continue the topic. Bored for two seconds, he turned to the small balcony to light a cigarette.

Gu Ang thought to himself, That’s it? How can you be that cold? I thought you were jealous, but I’m the one who made a fool of myself.

The scent was worse than Ye Fei’s pheromone, and this person was indeed qualified to be critical about it. But he thought it was not bad either. He raised his voice to the balcony, “I’ve taken a shower.”

“Take another one.” This time the man’s head didn’t turn, but his face was ugly to the extreme.

The cigarette in his mouth was covered with a row of vicious teeth marks. When he found that Alpha, would he split his body or slit his throat?

Gu Ang stared at the man’s back, pondering. It seemed that today’s spray was a bit too strong, so tomorrow he would reduce the amount.

There was a message from Bai SiNing on his communicator, [Is Brother Ang coming out for dinner? A new crawfish restaurant has opened in front of the school.]

Gu Ang’s eyes lit up and he quickly replied, [Yes, send me the address.]

After sending the message and getting up, he glanced at Ye Fei on the balcony and could only see his broad back, his expression was firmly obstructed. 

How many cigarettes have you smoked? Not afraid of being smoked to death? Forget it, Gu Ang didn’t care. He organized his clothes and got up to go out.

When he heard the door close, Ye Fei turned back coldly, his teeth grinding the cigarette into two halves. Two in one day, how dare you, see if I don’t kill you.

Gu Ang quickly ran downstairs, and went to the location sent according to Bai SiNing. The person was already waiting at the door.

“Ang, this way, I took the number.” Bai SiNing had saved a seat for him.

Gu Ang walked over and sat down, arrogantly crossing his legs and looking at the pedestrians coming and going, “So many people?”

“It’s the store’s grand opening. Their capacity has almost been reached.” Bai SiNing showed him the display, “After the competition today, the school forum opened a new poll.”

“The forum is so idle? Why is it always polling all day long?” Gu Ang gave a disgusted tsk, but thinking that there was nothing else to do, he took it and looked at the screen.

Red Flame Top Face and Best Fighting Alpha Poll

1. Ye Fei (682 votes)

2. Wei YangZe (343 votes)

3. Gu Ang (342 votes)

4. Cheng JiaMu (251 votes)

“Who are all these people? Why is this Wei YangZe above Laozi?” Gu Ang rubbed his fingertips, a little upset.

The name sounded familiar, and he thought about it before remembering that, in his last life, this person competed with Bai SiNing to be his second-in-command. Later, because of the comprehensive assessment of all aspects, he chose Bai SiNing.

Wei YangZe, after finding that he lost the lieutenant position was suffocating enough, but to have a younger man get it made him angry. That reluctant expression now felt funny. But the battlefield didn’t distinguish between ages; who was qualified; or who was the big brother.

“Hey, hey, hey, Wei YangZe is the boss of the juniors, Cheng JiaMu is the sophomores, both quite popular.” Bai SiNing swept a glance at the number of votes, fawning, “But certainly can’t compare to you and God Ye. Don’t worry, I will create some side accounts for you at night to brush up the votes.”

“Do I still need you to do that?” Gu Ang raised his eyes and looked at Bai SiNing who was laughing like a husky. This person was silly, how did he compare Wei YangZe in the first place? He now felt his past decision was very doubtful.

“Yes, of course you don’t have to, you’re the best. There are so many of your fans in the school.” Bai SiNing is now Ang’s large licking dog, “There are still some black fans, but with this face and your strength, you will soon be able to dominate Red Flame and go to the Empire.”

Was he a talent show star? How did he have black fans?

Gu Ang frowned and scrolled down, the front was all about blowing his rainbow farts and boasting how heroic and manly he was in today’s game.

The next page had some not-so-good comments.

[This year’s Class S is no good, beating the ordinary class is worth blowing up?]

[Ye Fei isn’t bad, right?]

[Gu Ang is really nothing special, just fancy fists and feet.]

[Gu Ang is also average looking, I think he’s not as good as me.]

[I heard that today’s Class S won a close one. It seems that Red Flame is really getting worse and worse…]

[Blowing Gu Ang up fiercely, maybe people are in bed screaming, hahaha.]

Seeing these comments not only humiliate him but with such choreography, he let his anger explode.

When their number was called, Bai SiNing went to weigh the crawfish, then followed the clerk in and sat down.

Both the poor vote and the wanton mockery on the forum made Gu Ang quite unhappy. Gu Ang leaned back against the back of his chair, logged into the forum with his communicator and registered a number.

Stuck on the ID, he thought for a moment and typed in [Interstellar Mighty A]

Then clicked into the post, just as the number of votes was now equal to Wei YangZe. He topped the shame and gave himself a vote, making him relieved.

His fingertips moved up and the screen slid, stopping at Ye Fei’s name.

This man was the only man he had ever recognized in his life. He was a strong fighter, good-looking, and even his body had no faults to speak of.

Although divorced, Gu Ang decided to be fair and unbiased and gave Ye Fei a vote as well. He was about to reply to the mocking remarks above when he found that someone had already beaten him to it.

The ID was [YG], who was fighting with a fierce tongue.

[You’re good, you’re on.]

[Go back and look at yourself in the mirror.]

The latter may have been too lazy to respond so directly said two words, [Shut up.]

The wording showed the annoyance of this student, and Gu Ang was a little impressed.

This was the legendary iron fan, he smiled and clicked to follow [YG].

He found that YG also voted for the post that speculated about his and Ye Fei’s relationship last time. Gu Ang gave a tsk, so this person, a fool, voted for the absolute beauty double A.

Iron fans were iron fans and didn’t have a very good brain.

When he finished a round of operations, Bai SiNing just returned, “Ang, the crawfish are good. What are you doing?”

“I’m reviewing mecha assembly.” Without changing his face, he told a lie.

Bai SiNing’s admiration for him deepened. Ang is really excellent, ah.

He was the man who was going to dominate Red Flame.


The two of them finished eating four pounds and Gu Ang’s lips were on fire from the spiciness of the food. His thin lips were dyed into a bright rose red, looking extra moist.

Bai SiNing couldn’t help but stare and admire for a few seconds before speaking, “I’ll go straight back later.”

“Okay, this meal is on me.” Gu Ang stood up and quickly paid the bill.

“Hey, I said I would treat you.” Bai SiNing scratched his head, “Next time… next time I’ll treat.”

Gu Ang slapped his shoulder with a big grin, “It’s fine. I’m out, see you tomorrow.”

After eating the crawfish, he slowly walked back to the dormitory building.

At this time, the sky was dark, and the dim street light only haloed a small circle, not lighting the road.

Gu Ang’s hands were in his pockets and was about to enter the building, when a figure fiercely ran out. He reflexively held the person’s shoulder, only to find that it was a girl with long hair.

“I’m sorry.” Gu Ang let go of his hand and resumed putting his hands in his pockets.

Gangster-like, with a little distance.

The girl took a couple of sharp breaths and tidied up her hair, before she smiled and spoke, “It’s okay, I was too reckless. I’m Liang Xin from the media school next door, I…”

Gu Ang raised his eyebrows and waited for the rest.

Liang Xin flashed eight teeth at him, “Do you think I’m pretty?”

“Quite pretty.” Gu Ang couldn’t bear to spoil the girl’s face and said perfunctorily.

“Right, they all say I’m the school flower of Media.” Liang Xin hooked her hair with her little thumb, looking very confident in herself, “Actually, I saw some of your videos before and thought you were quite nice. Can we be friends?”

Gu Ang heard a little bit of her meaning. Oh, it’s a confession.

He was really dominating Red Flame, walking towards the Empire.

“Ah, I’m too coarse. Besides, it’s not appropriate for an Alpha and Omega to be friends. It will be gossiped about.”

“I don’t mind gossip.” Liang Xin took a step forward, hinting more obviously, “Your pheromone smells so good, it’s strong and fragrant. I like it very much.”

Gu Ang took a half step back. Bai SiNing was a Beta and couldn’t smell pheromones, so he had forgotten about it.

The two were half a head apart, and to outsiders it would seem that a handsome Alpha and a delicate Omega were standing together, a perfect match.

But, the atmosphere between the two was a little awkward.

Gu Ang was thinking about how to refuse and make it less hurtful.

Upstairs, Ye Fei just finished showering and was about to open the cabinet to find a blow dryer when he saw a pile of black plastic bags in the corner. He reached out and ripped it open, where a brown bottle said [Whiskey Masking Agent].

Ye Fei instantly understood, and his iceberg face melted away completely, his eyes showing a little smile.

The bottle was cupped in his palm, and he rubbed it with his fingertips for a while before putting the bottle back intact.

The truth came out, and his mood was also a lot brighter.

He couldn’t help but laugh a little bit once the cold aura collapsed and his smile went up little by little.

This child was the same as before, still disliked his own scent.

It was also a good idea to talk to him about what fierce senior Alpha he was talking about. So childish.

He quickly finished blow-drying his hair. Seeing that Gu Ang was still not back, he went to the balcony and lit another cigarette. It was late at night, and the surroundings were silent. There was no light on the balcony, and his whole body was shrouded in darkness, only leaving a vague outline.

Ye Fei stood idly with one hand on the railing, just in time to listen to the conversation between the two downstairs.

But Gu Ang never spoke, his eyes drooping in silence.

Liang Xin was waiting for a response, and so was Ye Fei.

He thought that Gu Ang would reject her outright.

Then, he heard Gu Ang speak, “I bought a whiskey blocker. The store is just around the corner, you can go buy the same type if you like it. However, whiskey is actually common and there are better smelling liquors. You can ask the boss.”

Liang Xin, “?”

What did he mean? How was this not quite the same as what she expected?

Ye Fei finished exhaling a puff of smoke and could barely keep the corners of his mouth from curling up.

It was true that there was a better scented liquor because Gu Ang had tasted it when he licked Ye Fei’s neck before.


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Acting the age they’ve gone back to… purely to blend in, of course 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.
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The misunderstandings sort themselves out pretty well!

I wonder if these random characters like Wei Yangze and Cheng Jiamu will show up more often.

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Ye Fei has nothing to worry about. Gu Ang is his as much as he is Gu Ang’s.

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