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Chapter 50: Extra 2

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


Extra II

(Addis note: This chapter was not originally posted on JJWXC with all of the other chapters but on Weibo which is why it was not translated by the other translator.)

“Professor, can you give me a summary?” Xiao Ke was preparing the Powerpoint to be used later in class, and his hand that was on the mouse was slender and beautiful. He heard a student from below asking this and looked up.

“Let’s have a good year, Professor Xiao!” Someone else said once more.

Xiao Ke laughed and continued to click around in his folder without looking up. “Yeah, it’s almost New Year’s Eve, why do you still have such unrealistic fantasies?”

“Don’t you have any compassion?” The girl who spoke had short hair and a round face, and she said with a smile, “You don’t look like such a cold person from just your face.”

“Is that so?” Xiao Ke finished adjusting the Powerpoint before he stood up straight and said with a smile, “That’s not a coincidence, I happen to be that way.”

At the end of every semester, students would clamor for the key points which Xiao Ke never gave them. However, he wasn’t the kind of person who loved to make things difficult for students so the papers weren’t that hard and provided that they listened during the class, they could pass.

“Listen well to these two classes, before the end of the class, I will go over everything briefly once more whether they’re key points or not. I can only say that if you do not listen, then you’ll fail.” Xiao Ke said.

The students below laughed, and the time was just about up so Xiao Ke clapped his hands and said, “Okay, class is starting.”

Xiao Ke looked at the time and sent a text message while the students were discussing: [I may be late, I forgot to tell you yesterday that I have a class this afternoon. Wait for me at the store, I’ll pick you up after work.]

The text message did not receive a reply so Xiao Ke tucked his phone away and went back to class.

Last week, he was scheduled to go back to his parents’ place with Zhou Zui on this day, but he didn’t mention it for the past few days so Zhou Zui probably forgot about it.

At the end of the third period, Xiao Ke went out to get a glass of water and stood at the door while drinking it slowly. When Xiao Ke was not in class, he was very approachable and did not have any attitude towards the students.

The last class was not a good one since everyone was a little tired and hungry by now. Tomorrow was the weekend, so their minds were already halfway gone.

Xiao Ke said, “I know you guys are thinking about going out, and to be honest, I’m thinking about it as well, but we can’t leave anyway, so let’s finish the last class and we’ll be on vacation soon.”

Some students were laughing below, and Xiao Ke continued his class without noticing that there was an extra person at the table near the back.

Xiao Ke would not dress too casually in class since his appearance made students easily joke with him so he tried to dress formally in order to look serious. Otherwise, if he wore casual clothes, he would be no different from the students. Today he wore a casual suit to class which made him look very sharp, but also more or less with a little ascetic temperament.

Xiao Ke was writing on the whiteboard when a person came in through the back door and entered without making any noise. He sat close to the last row of the side near to the back door. The man at the back door was wearing a short down jacket while resting his two arms on the table in a proper sitting manner, but his short hair and his looks made him look a little mean. He didn’t look like a student for his age, but to say that he was a teacher would be even more unlikely as which teacher would have this haircut?

The girl in front of him, who was the class president, looked back at him and asked in a low voice, “Are you…. You’re here for the class?”

The man shook his head gently and replied, “No, I’m waiting for someone.”

The girl’s expression didn’t change, but she couldn’t stop her little soul of gossip from burning as she wondered which person in the class he was waiting for. She asked in a whisper, “Who are you waiting for?”

“The one behind me should stop talking.” Xiao Ke heard the sound of talking behind him and said without looking up, “Talk after class.”

The girl almost bit her tongue and turned back.

There were a few more people around who turned their heads to look over, and Zhou Zui’s age was indeed out of place in such a classroom. He didn’t care much about the students around him, and he took out a notebook and ball point pen from his pocket to draw with his head down.

He looked up from time to time, and his hand movements were not dramatic as he occasionally would drop his eyes to look at the tip of his pen.

Several girls in front of him kept turning around to look at him, and when Zhou Zui looked up, he met their eyes and smiled slightly at them so one girl asked him, “Who are you looking for?”

Zhou Zui still smiled and lifted his hand to point forward.

Xiao Ke was talking about the contents of the PowerPoint in the front of the class, but as if he had a heart-to-heart, he looked up and over. When his eyes fell on the person in the back, Xiao Ke’s voice faltered before he lowered his head and smiled.

He smiled so brightly that the girl sitting in the front row could clearly see this and looked back towards his line of sight but didn’t see any reason.

Xiao Ke cleared his throat and went on with his class.

The man in front of the class was dressed formally, and the man behind him was dressed casually with his head down as he drew. The two of them were doing their own thing, but their eyes met in the air from time to time. Their smiles were conveyed with their eyes, and they understood each other. They didn’t need to talk to each other, but the feeling in their hearts was very sweet.

In the middle of the students’ discussion, Xiao Ke came down to the back of the room and tapped his finger on the corner of his desk.

Zhou Zui did not look up, but when Xiao Ke turned to leave, his left hand suddenly lifted up to grab Xiao Ke’s hand which had not yet moved far enough.

Xiao Ke stopped moving and looked back at him with a smile and raised eyebrows.

Zhou Zui stuffed something into his hand, and then drew back his hand.

This was after all a classroom, how dare they be too arrogant? Xiao Ke clutched his hand in disguise and turned back to walk away, but the smile on his face could not be hidden. He looked down and saw that there was a throat lozenge in his hand.

The afternoon class was really hard on the throat, and his voice was slightly hoarse. The students could not hear it, but there was someone who could.

Xiao Ke tore the paper and put the lozenge in his mouth, and this made him feel sweet from the tip of his tongue to his stomach.

After the class ended, the students left first, and Xiao Ke was the last to go to the office to pack up his things before he also left. There was someone waiting at the door. During the class, Zhou Zui actually went up to make a joke and accompany the teacher to the class. However, he was also very aware of the impact. Although this was not a problem, he went back to the car and waited before the end of the class as he was afraid that he and Xiao Ke walking together in the school would not be good.

Having this Teacher Zhou simply made Xiao Ke’s heart flutter.

Thus, the first thing Xiao Ke did when he got into the car was to head over and kiss his Teacher Zhou on the mouth. The glass blocked the light so no one could see, and Xiao Ke kissed with abandon. His lips and teeth still carried the minty taste of the throat lozenge. Zhou Zui clasped the back of his head and pressed them together into a kiss.

When the kiss was over, Xiao Ke couldn’t even let go and gave the other man a heavy kiss on the lips with an audible, “smooch” sound. His mouth was pressed against the other’s lips, and he whispered in a muffled and slightly panting voice, “You’re killing me, baby.”

Zhou Zui’s hand on the back of his head moved, and his fingers scraped lightly on his neck before he said in a deep voice, “…. I missed you.”

They hadn’t seen each other for days, and Xiao Ke even wanted to stop going back to his mother’s tonight and just go home to have sex.

Zhou Zui’s hand gently rubbed his hair again before he let go of him and said with a laugh, “Professor Xiao’s class is too seductive, it’s not too late for me to say I’m having a crisis.”

Xiao Ke sat upright and pulled the seat belt buckle after he heard him say so before he shook his head and said, “No need, you are my heart and soul. You have nothing to fear.”

Zhou Zui started the car and said, “I saw so many handsome young students and teachers on the way.”

Xiao Ke’s hand lifted up and tugged gently on Zhou Zui’s ear before he said with a low laugh, “It’s no use, none of those are my Teacher Zhou.”

There were some people who never felt safe and secure like Xiao Ke and Zhou Zui.. Some words were said as a joke and not to be taken seriously.

;You never have to worry about whether this person will look at someone else. They will never be interested in someone else.’

‘As long as he didn’t say that he was leaving, he’ll always be yours, and that will never change.’

Zhou Zui had already been to Xiao Ke’s parents’ house several times, but each time he came, he was more or less nervous as his heart felt a little beaten up for fear that the two elders would be prejudiced against his profession and his past.

“Why are you still afraid of meeting your in-laws when you’re not a new bride?” Xiao Ke joked with him after getting out of the car.

Zhou Zui laughed and shook his head, “After all, our Professor Xiao is too good.”

“You’re just worrying,” Xiao Ke touched his arm, “You see how polite my parents are to you every time you come here.”

“That’s because my aunt and uncle are well-mannered.” Zhou Zui said in a low voice.

In fact, at the beginning, Xiao Ke’s parents did not think much of Zhou Zui.

This was mainly because they did not understand tattoo artists or the industry, and that the people who do this line of work are not very popular. However, as a knowledgeable family at the end of the day, they were very cultured and never gave Zhou Zui issues. Later, after more contact and gradually understanding more, they now looked at Zhou Zui with loving eyes.

The two went up after Xiao Ke’s parents had already prepared a meal, and they told them to wash their hands before they eat. Zhou Zui carried the things he brought to the balcony before he went to the bathroom with Xiao Ke and squeezed in to wash their hands together.

Xiao Ke grabbed his hand to wipe the hand soap on it for him, and their hands were slippery as they washed each other’s hands.

“Are you children, huh? You have to have your partner wash your hands?” Dr. Xu made a sound outside, and it was only then that the two rushed to rinse and dry their hands.

“Come on, Xiao Zhou, have a drink with me?” Old Professor Xiao called Zhou Zui over and poured him a glass of wine.

“Okay.” Zhou Zui sat down and honestly drank with his father-in-law.

After getting familiar with him, old Professor Xiao had already seen Zhou Zui’s writing and privately praised him to Xiao Ke. Calligraphy and painting were not separate, and Zhou Zui knew Chinese painting. He also did not leave calligraphy behind over the years. This allowed him to have a little conversation with his elders every time he came over for dinner, so as not to be too cold towards them.

Zhou Zui drank wine, and Xiao Ke also drank a little. The two of them didn’t go back that day and slept directly at Xiao Ke’s parents’ place.

The meal was eaten here, but it was the first time that they spent the night.

The two of them showered and went back to Xiao Ke’s room at night. Xiao Ke closed the door and smiled a little mischievously. Zhou Zui sat on Xiao Ke’s bed and asked him in a low voice, “Can I see your photos?”

“Yes, you can.” The two of them sat cross-legged on the bed and looked at Xiao Ke’s photos from childhood to adulthood.

Xiao Ke was a beautiful child when he was young, becoming more and more handsome as he grew up. He was the first boy you could point out in the class photo due to his handsomeness.

Zhou Zui gently touched Xiao Ke’s photo through the transparent layer, and there was soft affection in his eyes.

Xiao Ke raised his eyebrows to look at him from the bottom up and asked with a smile, “You like it?”

Zhou Zui nodded honestly, “I like it.”

“If you like it, I’ll make you a copy.” Xiao Ke closed the album and put it aside before he pounced on Zhou Zui and pressed him to the pillow as he whispered in his ear, “It’s not right to be in my bed without doing something improper, don’t you think so, Teacher Zhou?”

Zhou Zui laughed in a low voice and put his hand on Xiao Ke’s waist which he stroked back and forth while asking, “What’s improper?”

Xiao Ke’s eyes narrowed, and he kissed Zhou Zui’s lips before he said with a soft smile, “Come on, let me see your Tiger line.”


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ahhhh these two!

they’re so ridiculously in love!

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reading each chapter of this novel has always brought a smile to my face.

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Sighhh…. End of another good novel. Looking forward to a new captivating novel 😉 with lots of juicy detailed Love scenes 😉😁😘

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I love how this novel places the art of tattooing as high as it should be.
These 2 have been a joy, through their downs as well as ups. Thank you.

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I stan this gentle, loving couple.

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awnn this extra is so sweet! so domestic! they really became a family 🤏❤

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