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Chapter 19: First Make Up, Then Do Everything Else

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey \o/


 Ye Fei thought to himself, I’m wronged.

“Not right… weren’t you also bitten?” Gu Ang wrinkled his brow and thought about Ye Fei’s firm ass, “Do you feel hot? Dry? Do you want to…”

Ye Fei interrupted him, grinding his teeth and lowering his voice, “Not even close, you’re in your susceptible period.”

Gu Ang suddenly realized, “Ah, you reminded me. I wronged the mosquito.”

The poisonous mosquito surnamed Ye was completely speechless. I reminded you many days ago. But. You. Didn’t. Care.

This guy, his head was harder than a mecha.

In the past, when Gu Ang was in his susceptible period, it was easy to tell due to his signs of fever.

His cheeks were red, his body was hot, and Gu Ang often gritted his teeth to hold on, but honestly, he was particularly comfortable to hug.

Liang Xin rushed over to Gu Ang with a concerned look, “Are you hurt?”

“No, I’m fine.” Gu Ang moved his wrist and flicked away the hair in front of his forehead, “Go see Wei YangZe. His hand fracture is a little serious.”

Liang Xin, in the end, was still soft-hearted. After all, for her duel to cause injury made her feel partly at fault. She squirmed for half a second, went to the martial arts stage and took out a tissue to help Wei YangZe wipe off the blood on his hand.

The onlookers were whispering that Gu Ang had won, but didn’t want the beauty. They thought it was a rejection, but now it seemed to be true, the concubine has love but the man has no intention. This plot direction was really a bit confusing for people to understand.

Gu Ang swept Ye Fei a glance, his eyes were filled with fog, his legs felt like he was stepping on a ball of cotton.

Just fighting, he had relied on his willpower to hold on, and now that his wariness receded, his entire body felt out of sorts. 

Fuck, it wasn’t like this in the old days when he was in his susceptible period.

Bai SiNing hooked his collar, “Brother Ang, after winning the battle, let me treat you to crawfish!”

“Don’t mention crawfish to me, it’s blacklisted.” Hearing these words, Gu Ang suddenly had a black face as he turned around and walked away.

During his previous susceptible period, in addition to having a little less energy, there was nothing else. This time it was different, and other pheromones put pressure on his legs and made them go soft. With his body and Ye Fei’s in contact, he wanted to go crazy.

It was too bizarre.

His susceptible period this time was abnormal, but it wasn’t a good idea to find someone to ask either, as he was embarrassed.

His brain turned a circle, and finally he intended to find his mother. He walked to the training ground outside, and called Qin LeHe’s phone. It rang for a while before his mother slowly picked up. This person really… was making a lot of money every day.

Qin LeHe asked gently, “What’s wrong, son? Are you short of money?”

“No, I just want to talk to you…” Gu Ang scratched his head, not sure how to start, “A friend of mine recently smelled someone’s pheromone and his legs went a little weak. Is that normal?”

The thought of being stimulated by the smell of rust and losing his body strength, Gu Ang felt suffocated.

Qin LeHe laughed out loud, “Which friend? Do you know him well?”

Gu Ang’s face turned red, “…Just an ordinary friend. I’m just asking.”

Qin LeHe responded, “Then is this friend of yours feeling weak, his limbs flimsy, and even has some sexual impulses?”

“Mom, you’re so blunt.” Gu Ang stammered, “Ah… All of those symptoms, but he also has a little abdominal pain and a sensitive neck.”

Qin LeHe couldn’t help but somehow feel that her son finally was at the age of strong blood and vigor. A wave of relief was born in her heart.

“This period is very special. You need to take good care of yourself and drink more hot water. You have grown up, so I don’t oppose you having further contact, but pay attention to take good measures.”

“What are you saying?” Gu Ang was extra helpless, “It’s really not what you think.”

Gu Ang thought to himself, There’s someone around to ease the situation, but… 

The divorce thing between them, and then having a relationship… Would he become the type of scum to sleep with a friend? That was too scandalous, heavenly slag level.

Qin LeHe’s brain lit up, as she came to a resolute conclusion.

“I didn’t expect you and Liang Xin’s relationship to be so close. I inquired about her, her character’s good and she’s also beautiful. You’re very discerning. That said, be responsible, ah! You can’t bed her then run.” She hurriedly added a sentence, “But you’re still studying, so don’t have children too early.”

Gu Ang: “?????” 

Where was his mother’s thoughts going?! He was a little annoyed, “Wait, what is this about Liang Xin?”

Qin LeHe softly explained, “You were asking how to deal with Liang Xin when she’s entering heat, right? I told you, Omegas in this period have these symptoms, ah. You grew up with very few Omegas around you, so it’s normal that you don’t know.”

He boldly assumed that the two of them weren’t even on the same brain wave. What Omega was like this? This ‘friend’ was your own son, ah! Gu Ang gasped and laughed, “Don’t guess. It’s not her. Forget it, I’m hanging up.”

It was a waste of time, asking her was the same as not asking. It was better to research why the rust scent overwhelmed his white peach oolong.

Gu Ang changed direction and went directly to the school library.

He didn’t think that the scum of a lifetime would take the initiative to go through books. The library was solemn and ancient, rows of bookcases cast by sea ice blue stone covered the entire thirteen floors of the perimeter walls of the library.

A book from stone, bamboo to animal skin, shell leaves, were neatly divided into categories quietly placed on the bookcases. They were covered in this dust, having an aura of a dormant thousand-year history.

This was the largest and most complete library in the Empire — the Red Flame Library.

Gu Ang, as a student of Red Flame Military Academy, directly scanned his face to enter. He took a big step into the reading area, casually found a book catalog retriever and started typing in.

[White peach oolong flavored pheromone’s natural enemy]

The quantum searcher instantly listed over forty-two million pieces of relevant information on the light screen projected by the searcher.

[Comparison of advantages and disadvantages: white peach oolong pheromone vs kumquat lemon pheromone]

[Next-generation tea pheromone: white peach oolong]

[The pheromone war: Three thousand tips for using pheromone]


Gu Ang wasn’t feeling well, but his mental strength didn’t decline, and he was scanning the information on the light screen with one eye. His right hand didn’t pause, swiping down to keep the screen in a scrolling state for a quick glance.

Three hours passed quickly. Gu Ang was exhausted, but still found nothing. At the same time, he also vaguely felt a little light bulb blink, a bold guess flashing through his mind.

Was it because of the change in his constitution after being reborn that he was now starting to have a stress reaction to pheromones?

Gu Ang slapped his head. He was really a genius!

In order to verify this conclusion, he had to find someone to try it with.

Ye Fei’s handsome, cold face appeared in his mind.

In terms of pheromone strength, oppressiveness, and intensity, there should be no one who could compare to him. Anyway, both of them were Alphas so he could let his roommate release his pheromone to play a game, and it shouldn’t be considered taking advantage of him.

The logic was smooth and clear, and Gu Ang was enlightened.

He hurriedly packed up and headed out of the library.

As soon as Gu Ang left the library, a teenager leaning against the railing on the seventh floor of the library confirmed the man’s departure by refraction of the light surface and put the mirror in his pocket.

It was the teenager Lin XuYong who had attempted to snipe his door’s Class S in the rally and then defeated Wang YeZhu head-on in the mecha class. He immediately rushed over to the retriever Gu Ang had just used and pulled out an ordinary-looking communication device from the other side of his pants, pressing it a few times.

As the light suddenly came back on, Lin Xuyong skillfully operated the retrieval device on what Gu Ang was just using.

The white glow of the light screen reflected on Lin Xiu Yong’s face, and he slowly revealed a hidden smile, murmuring softly in a low voice, “Ah, it seems that I found something interesting.”

Gu Ang rushed to pack up his things and rushed back to the dormitory without seeing anyone.

When he opened the door and saw the empty room, he felt kind of lost for a moment. Where had his dog ex-husband gone?

Wait, wait, he hadn’t returned.

Gu Ang randomly ate something to pad his stomach, and then went to the bathroom to take a shower. Just halfway through the shower, he heard the sound of the door opening and closing outside.

Gu Ang pulled down a towel and wiped his hair, wrapped his bathrobe around him and ran outside. As long as Ye Fei would try the pheromone experiment, he would know the truth of the matter.

Gu Ang inwardly couldn’t stop praising himself, not even ashamed, feeling clever and brilliant. He walked out with his head down and tied his bathrobe strap, when he bumped into Ye Fei.

Ye Fei’s index finger rested against his forehead, as he softly asked, “Why are you walking without looking?”

“You’re finally back, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Gu Ang smiled with a flattering face.

He who reached out his hand and didn’t smile wasn’t telling the truth, everyone knew that.

“Why were you waiting for me?” Ye Fei was bombarded with this inexplicable enthusiasm, “I went out to buy something.”

He took a small bottle from his backpack and stuffed it into Gu Ang’s hand, weighing his words.


“Your susceptible period may be difficult. This should relieve the dryness.”

After all, right now, he couldn’t possibly help. Nor did he want to experience the embarrassment of being awakened in the middle of the night by Gu Ang’s gasping breath again.

Gu Ang clutched the small bottle in his hand and smiled at him, “I can’t use this for now, but thank you.”

Ye Fei half leaned against the wall, lifted his eyelids and looked him up and down, “Why do I feel like you’ve suddenly come back to life?”

Gu Ang narrowed his eyes and smiled again, thinking how to speak more appropriately.

“So um… roommates… shouldn’t they help each other if they have difficulties?”

Mutual help during a susceptible period? This was a bit ambiguous when he further thought about it. Would the two of them hide under the blanket to enjoy the darkness and pleasure like before?

Ye Fei’s breath froze at his euphemistic, but meaningful words. Gu Ang was regretting the divorce and was ready to get back together with him.

He rubbed his fingertips, his heartstrings vibrating. If Gu Ang asked, he would forgive him. Whatever his reason was, it didn’t matter.

Ye Fei nodded gently and hmmed, “What do you want me to do for you?”

As words left his mouth, he noticed that his voice was a little muffled. His back became tense as he waited for the follow-up sentence.

Gu Ang had brought up the breakup and deserved to offer to make up, as he should. He will also take a big step to turn this matter over.

Gu Ang moved forward a step, the beautiful tail of his eyes rose, with a hint of blush. The distance between the two suddenly drew closer, so close that they could see their own faces with tension in each other’s pupils.

Gu Ang said softly, “Agree first.”

Ye Fei’s knuckles were clasped on the wall, almost leaving finger indentations, and the word “okay” was almost ready to come out, “Tell me first and I’ll think about it.”

He had restrained himself a bit.

Gu Ang stood up straight, gritted his teeth and blurted out two words simply and directly, “Pressure me.”

Ye Fei’s eyes moved slightly, “?”

The shock was followed by a flood of joy in his chest, and his heart was like a sail that had been blown by the wind. Gu Ang was actually willing to put aside his pride and submit to him in a humble manner.

Ye Fei wanted to say, We can go step by step. First make up, then do everything else.

Then he heard Gu Ang slowly add, “Nothing else, just release your pheromone and pressure me hard, I can deal with it.”

Like he was doused with a pot of cold water from his head to his toes, completely sobering him up. Ye Fei achieved great enlightenment.


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March 25, 2023 9:01 pm

Should’ve listened to your mother and thought a little more about the implications of what she told you, GA.
This should be interesting.
Thanks for translating and editing.

April 9, 2023 6:29 am

I thought when say light bulb he has already an idea when it comes to his second gender.

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