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Chapter 52: Extra 4 [END]

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Mimosa


(Addis note: This chapter was not originally posted on JJWXC with all of the other chapters but on Weibo which is why it was not translated by the other translator.)

“Hiss…. Can you be more gentle, little brother? It hurts too much.” The tattoo chair had a short-haired girl, and she was getting a tattoo on the back of her neck. Lu Xiaobei was sitting behind her, with a black mask over his face that revealed a pair of eyes that drooped coldly.

The girl stomped her feet in pain, and Lu Xiaobei finished the last few strokes after lifting his hand slightly before he said, “Gentle or not, it has nothing to do with my strength. If it hurts, take a break.”

“Then I’ll take a break.” The girl was close to tears of pain and said, “I would have used anesthetic if I had known that it would hurt so much.”

Lu Xiaobei put his foot on the ground and let the chair slide back before he said to her, “It’s not a mistake. It is effective.”

After he finished, he put down the machine and stood up to drink water. Before he could take a step, Lin Cheng had already brought over a bottle of water with the lid screwed on and handed it over.

Lu Xiaobei looked at him and did not accept it nor did he remove the face mask.

Lin Cheng’s eyes were tentative to please as he carefully handed it over again and whispered, “Brother, drink water.”

Lu Xiaobei averted his eyes and did not look at him.The ends of his eyes drooped coolly, and he sat back in his chair without saying a word.

There was no one else on the second floor except for the two of them and the customer. Lin Cheng squatted down while holding something in his hand as he put his wrist on Lu Xiaobei’s leg. His voice softly and lowly negotiated, “Brother, don’t be angry with me…. I was wrong.”

He wanted to touch Lu Xiaobei’s hand, but Lu Xiaobei was still wearing the black gloves for work, and he raised his hand to not let him touch it.

Lin Cheng pursed his lips while his face was full of loss. Lu Xiaobei lowered his eyes to see his pathetic look and moved his lips from behind the mask to throw a phrase out, “I’m dirty.”

“Not dirty.” Since he opened his mouth to speak, Lin Cheng was very happy and raised his head to smile at him as he covered the back of his hand to touch Lu Xiaobei. Lu Xiaobei raised it again and did not let him touch it.

He frowned and said, “I said I’m dirty.”

Lin Cheng shook his head and Lu Xiaobei said in a deep voice, “It’s all pigment, don’t touch it.”

Lin Cheng had to nod his head and obediently agreed, “Okay.”

The little girl was resting in front of him, and her arms rested on the back of the chair. Her head was facing her phone and never looked up, but after hearing their conversation, she laughed and said, “The younger brother is so good at being bullied.”

At the store, Lin Cheng used to be afraid of customers knowing that he and Brother Bei were a pair, but he did not feel embarrassed now so he squatted there and said, “No, my brother does not bully me.”

The short-haired girl looked back at them both and said, “You two are a bit delicious in this setting.”

She finished and turned back as she did not want to see the hilarity and also did not want to gossip. Lin Cheng carefully reached out to remove Lu Xiaobei’s mask, and he said, “Brother, drink water.” 

This time, Lu Xiaobei did not move and let him take off. Lin Cheng handed the water over which he also drank, but that was all. Lu Xiaobei and he did not have any other interactions all afternoon.

Lin Cheng also did not make a fuss. When Lu Xiaobei was working, he sat back to read a book or play with his phone without disturbing Lu Xiaobei’s work.

In the middle, Xiao Ke came up once and told Lin Cheng to go down to play whenever he got bored sitting. Lin Cheng shook his head and said with a smile, “Not bored, I’m fine.”

This child had always loved to smile, Lu Xiaobei usually called him “sweet bean” since his smile was really sweet. However, this smile seemed a little forced today, and Xiao Ke also knew that the two of them had a bit of a quarrel since Master Bei had that temper where his heart was unhappy and his face showed it. His face had been dark for two days, and the only one who could make him so unhappy was Lin Cheng.

Xiao Ke looked at Lu Xiaobei who was doing his job, and then looked at Lin Cheng before he shook his head and smiled without saying anything as he touched Lin Cheng’s head comfortingly.

After he went downstairs, Zhou Zui was adjusting the design in front of the computer, Xiao Ke twisted his earlobe and said with a smile, “Master Bei is too difficult to coax. Xiao Cheng can’t even coax him for two days.”

Zhou Zui squeezed his hand and let go before he went on to do his thing and said, “Let them be, the trouble will pass.”

Xiao Ke knew Lu Xiaobei’s temper, but he indeed said that Lu Xiaobei was difficult to coax, which really wronged him.

There were few young people in love without quarrels and disputes. Lin Cheng looked good and sweet but was occasionally angry. Lu Xiaobei also had his teeth gnashed by his anger and hated being pulled over to play two times, but in the end, he could not give up. Every time he got angry, he didn’t say much and sulked without opening his mouth. He also knew that he couldn’t say anything nice whenever he was angry as he had a poisonous mouth and the words could really hurt the child. No matter how angry he was at that time, Lu Xiaobei basically forgave as long as Lin Cheng gave in to admit the mistake. Even though sometimes Lin Cheng did not admit his mistake, Lu Xiaobei obviously did not eliminate his anger but also did not want to scold him again so he grabbed him by the neck to grind his teeth on his collarbone as he bit him.

Master Bei’s temper was indeed big, but with Lin Cheng, he really wasn’t too mad and was not difficult to coax. The children had their own pain, and Master Bei had always loved his wife so he would not give him a hard time. However, this time he was really angry, so angry that in the middle of the night, he stopped his car in the middle of the street to turn his head to leave and not return.

Lin Cheng ran to chase him that day, but did not catch up as in a blink of an eye, he could not be found.

At that time, Lin Cheng came to the store early the next morning to guard it, and even guarded it for two days. His brother had been taking him as air and nothing was well between the two of them even now so the child was really panicked.

After Lu Xiaobei finished work, Xiao Ke called them to eat together. Lu Xiaobei shook his head and said, “I’m not eating, you and my big brother eat it, Brother Xiao. I’m a little tired and want to go back to sleep.”

“What time is it for you to sleep?” Xiao Ke slapped him on the shoulder and said, “Go back to bed after you eat.”

“No,” Lu Xiaobei said as he gathered his things. “I’m not really hungry.”

Lin Cheng, who was making coffee in the small hall, heard the door and rushed out to look. He blinked and panicked when he didn’t see Lu Xiaobei.

Xiao Ke pointed to the door and told him, “Go.”

Lin Cheng rushed to run, but he also remembered to turn around and say a sentence before pushing the door, “Then, I’m leaving!

Xiao Ke and Zhou Zui both liked the kid and thought that it was Lu Xiaobei who was being grumpy, but Lin Cheng didn’t feel that way at all. He knew it was his own fault this time and didn’t blame his Brother Bei at all.

Lu Xiaobei walked fast, and Lin Cheng ran to catch up with him. Lu Xiaobei did not have any intention to stop and wait for him as he did not even look back and kept walking. Lu Xiaobei crossed the road, and Lin Cheng had to wait for the red light. He was anxious and ran through despite the red light. The result was that he had just taken a step, but Lu Xiaobei suddenly looked back and lifted his finger to point at him. Lin Cheng hurriedly backed up and waited for the green light. Lu Xiaobei still didn’t wait for him, but when he took another step, his speed slowed down a lot.

When Lin Cheng caught up with him, he grabbed Lu Xiaobei’s hand and held it tightly. His voice was a bit shaky, “Brother, wait for me….”

Lu Xiaobei shrugged it off, but Lin Cheng squeezed it very tightly with panic-stricken eyes. He said in a muffled voice, “Brother, I’m wrong…. Don’t ignore me.”

He squeezed his own hand while slightly trembling with red eyes and a muted voice. Lu Xiaobei could no longer be cruel, so he just held Lin Cheng and walked home. On the way, several people stared at their hands, but Lin Cheng did not let go of the hand that he was gripping tightly.

When they returned home, Lu Xiaobei went to cook noodles in silence. After they finished eating, Lin Cheng went to wash the dishes while Lu Xiaobei changed his clothes and sat on the sofa to check his phone.

Lin Cheng came out of the kitchen and went to wash his hands before he sat next to Lu Xiaobei and peeled oranges. He handed a wedge of an orange to Lu Xiaobei’s mouth, but Lu Xiaobei raised his chin to avoid it.

Lin Cheng was treated coldly for two days, and was now very vulnerable. He put down the orange and reached over with both hands to hug Lu Xiaobei’s neck without releasing his arms. Lu Xiaobei did not push him away, but did not hug him either.

Lin Cheng himself went over to sit across Lu Xiaobei’s lap with his face buried in his neck silently. This time, Lu Xiaobei felt him shaking a little and raised an eyebrow.

Although trying to suppress the sound, his breathing could not deceive him, not to mention that his own neck was wet. Lu Xiaobei gritted his teeth and asked him, “What are you crying about?”

No matter what, as soon as he opened his mouth, his voice broke, and Lin Cheng tried to suppress his emotions as he said, “…. Brother, I’m afraid.”

Lu Xiaobei’s  eyebrows scrunched tightly as he asked, “What are you afraid of?”

Lin Cheng hugged him a little tighter with his face rubbing against his neck while still shaking, “I’m afraid you won’t be with me anymore.”

They had been together for more than a year, and Lu Xiaobei had hardly ever been cold like this whenever  he had been angry. This was the first time, and he was really angry.

The reason for the incident was quite simple. The two youngsters had a bit of a disagreement because of a small thing. Lin Cheng usually heckled him with “Haha” in the style of a sand-carving. Lu Xiaobei was angry at him for sending risque pictures, and he finally  completely ignored him. Lin Cheng stopped by for the afternoon, and Lu Xiaobei thought he was remorseful when he went to do a minor floral arm after his anger had also subsided. After all of his anger, he still missed his Little Bean.

Lu Xiaobei tried hard to find him, but he did not answer the phone or his messages while videos and voicemails did not connect. It was more than ten o’clock in the evening, and Lu Xiaobei frowned as he waited for half a day. He was still uneasy and finally drove the car to the small house rented by Lin Cheng. Lu Xiaobei turned on the lights and searched back and forth as he called and asked the two cats with a fierce look on his face, “Where is he?”

The cats didn’t even meow.

Lu Xiaobei looked like he was going to explode when Lin Cheng returned the call.

Lu Xiaobei picked up, and when Lin Cheng opened his mouth, his eyebrows immediately scrunched up again.

The son of a bitch had been drinking.

Lin Cheng’s voice sounded like he had been drinking, but he also reported the location himself. ‘Out drinking in the middle of the night, that’s really fucking great.’

At that time, Lu Xiaobei, although angry, still immediately drove out to pick him up. After taking him home, he’d find a way to make up with him. As a result, he waited for the young handsome  Lin Cheng to come out with his car parked in front of the building, and his boyfriend walked out holding the shoulders of another handsome young man.

That image challenged Lu Xiaobei’s visual nerves, and he was indeed furious as even his eyes were red. He met Lin Cheng’s eyes and laughed coldly before he turned his head to leave without even remembering to drive.

From the day after, Lin Cheng had coaxed until now but also did not coax people well. Now his face was buried in Lu Xiaobei’s neck, and his voice was hoarse as he apologized, “Brother, I was wrong, I was wrong, please pay attention to me….”

Lu Xiaobei frowned as he sighed and lifted his hand to the back of his head while rubbing it hard and twisting Lin Cheng’s soft hair.

“That boy is my childhood friend, he lived across the street from my house when I was a kid.” Lin Cheng rubbed his eyes on Lu Xiaobei as he whispered slowly, “I saw him walking unsteadily when he was about to go out so I went over to help a little. I know you are not happy. If it were me, I would also be very upset. But you should not be angry, he is not straight…. No, I wouldn’t like him if he was straight.”

Lin Cheng’s mouth was usually very sweet, and now he was trying hard to coax people. He said what he had to say while hugging Lu Xiaobei and cooing in his ear, “He and his sister haven’t been back to China for a long time, so I was very happy that they came back suddenly, so I went out for dinner, don’t be angry, I won’t go out drinking again like that night.”

Lu Xiaobei’s hand was still grabbing Lin Cheng’s hair and moved from his head to his neck. His thumb scraped gently on the back of his neck as he listened to Lin Cheng cry next to him and say, “Brother, you’ve never been so angry. It’s my fault, but I don’t know what to do…. Can we make up?”

Lin Cheng had always loved to laugh and not cry, but this situation really scared him a lot this time. How could Lu Xiaobei not be distressed after seeing him crying for so long?

He exhaled and touched Lin Cheng’s neck as he said, “Yeah, it’s okay.”

Lin Cheng, with tears still on his face, kissed Lu Xiaobei’s ear and sniffled his nose before he said, “Brother, I love you so much.”

Lu Xiaobei patted his back and kissed him from the side as he kissed away the wet tear marks on his face and whispered, “I love you, too. Okay, no more tears.”

Lin Cheng did not have a fussy and pampered disposition, and Lu Xiaobei was not angry with him so he no longer said pathetic words. He sat very still with his face sideways on Lu Xiaobei’s shoulder and only twitched his nose from time to time.

He was lying on Lu Xiaobei’s body like a good little cat, but it was more heartbreaking than pampering. Lu Xiaobei reached over and touched his face while asking, “Still crying?”

“No,” Lin Cheng gently shook his head and grabbed his hand which he put next to his mouth and kissed, “I’m not crying anymore.”

Lu Xiaobei touched him on the lips, and then sat up straight. Lin Cheng’s body also followed and sat up straight. Lu Xiaobei reached out to wipe his face, and the hand movement was not soft, but he appeared gentle doing such an action. Lu Xiaobei looked at Lin Cheng and suddenly laughed before he asked him, “Aggrieved?”

Lin Cheng immediately said, “No, it’s my fault.”

There was no way that Lu Xiaobei’s temper was ever bigger than Lin Cheng’s, and he felt regretful that he had lost his temper now that the boy was sitting on him in an honest way. He suddenly went over and bit Lin Cheng’s chin while biting and grinding his teeth. Lin Cheng did not move and let him bite.

Lu Xiaobei finished biting and rubbed him while saying, “I’m grumpy and I scared you.”

“It’s not your fault,” Lin Cheng lowered his eyes and looked at him before he said seriously, “I made you anxious and angry.”

The more time Lin Cheng spent with him, the more Lu Xiaobei liked him. It was precious the more the boy smiled all day..

Lu Xiaobei softly nibbled on his lips, and Lin Cheng took the initiative to extend his tongue for a kiss.

Lu Xiaobei held his lips and gave a low laugh while Lin Cheng hugged his neck and closed his eyes to kiss earnestly.

It had been several days, and now Lin Cheng sat obediently on his lap to ask for a kiss so Lu Xiaobei was bound to be unable to resist. One of his hands reached down the hem of Lin Cheng’s shirt, and his thumb gently scraped the side of his waist twice.

Lin Cheng has always been open to this kind of thing and lifted his arms to take off his own clothes. He was naked and felt a little cold, and the corners of his mouth gently hooked into a smile as he said, “Brother, hold me.”

Lu Xiaobei looked at him. He desperately liked him and genuinely loved him.

As Lin Cheng kissed him on the lips, he stood up in this position with Lin Cheng’s legs clamped around his waist.

Lu Xiaobei put him on the bed while Lin Cheng was panting a bit and closed his eyes as he whispered, “Brother, you take off my pants, I’m hard, it hurts.”

Before Lu Xiaobei took off his pants, he reached in and squeezed his hand. Lin Cheng purposely shrank his stomach so that he could reach in, which was so good that it made his heart go soft.

Lu Xiaobei dropped a kiss on his forehead, and his voice was a little muffled as he said in his ear, “Bean, who am I?”

Lin Cheng squinted his eyes and replied, “You are my Brother Bei.”

Lu Xiaobei’s lips touched his ear again, and he continued to ask, “Then who are you?”

Lin Cheng did not pause, and he hugged Lu Xiaobei as he replied, “I am your fan, Brother. I am your wife!”

Lu Xiaobei hooked up the corners of his lips to smile like a little gangster, and Lin Cheng loved this smile of his.

Their love was deep, and they were mingled with lust. The temperature in the room was even two degrees higher than outside. Those in love are never afraid to quarrel, because the love was still there after the quarrel, and everything was alright.




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