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Chapter 20: Unquenchable Dry Heat

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: ϞϞ(๑⚈ ․̫ ⚈๑)∩ (KarateChopMonkey)


Not trying to make up, nor trying to fuck him. Just simply… begging for his pheromone.

Ye Fei almost forgot that Gu Ang was an open and straightforward person. If it was really as he thought, he swallowed his words.

The dusty, dead branch in his heart didn’t die, and the broken branch just sharply cut him once again. Ye Fei brooded for several seconds before emptying the yellow scraps from his mind, “Why do you want me to release my pheromone?”

Gu Ang showed a hint of embarrassment.

“When I fought with Wei YangZe, I felt something wrong as soon as he released pheromone, and I suspected that I was now having a stress reaction to pheromone, so I wanted to try it with you. I just want to affirm that it’s simply caused by the release of pheromone, nothing more, don’t think too much.”

Fearing that Ye Fei wouldn’t agree, he tried sucking up and added, “After all, your pheromone suppression power is definitely the strongest.”

Ye Fei turned all the recent events over in his head and felt that something didn’t really add up.

The consequences of being reborn is still unclear. He had been checking but the reason for their rebirth was still unknown.

The two people were reborn at the same time, like pawns on a chessboard, the manipulative hands behind them didn’t reveal any breakthroughs. If his pheromone was really released, and Gu Ang had a negative reaction… he dared not think about it.

Ye Fei’s voice was cold, “No.”

“Why not?” Gu Ang frowned, “Don’t be so petty.”

Both of them were Alphas, so what was wrong with releasing pheromones?

In the past, when he didn’t want to smell it, Ye Fei often filled the room with his brandy scent to pressure him. After divorce this man had become really cold.

Ye Fei turned around and walked to the closet to take out his pajamas, “Just no. I’m going to take a shower.”

Gu Ang coldly grunted, sitting on the edge of the sofa, stretching his long legs while thinking of other strategies.

If Ye Fei didn’t agree with him, then he could pester him until he did.

This wasn’t the first time Gu Ang had used this tactic. When he was chasing Ye Fei, he didn’t use any stalking tactics. Gu Ang propped up his chin, thinking of himself at that time, he was so damn brave.

So now… 

He listened to the sound of the shower in the bathroom and got up with a jerk, turning the handle. In the steam, he slowly walked in and pressed himself against the glass, “Ye Fei, pressure me.”

“Fuck! Get the fuck out!” Ye Fei saw Gu Ang’s face, and his heart almost stopped. He didn’t expect this man to be so tigerish, he could rush in even while he was taking a shower.

Pressuring you.

Can you stand it?

Gu Ang wiped the condensation on the glass with his hand, “Then when you come out, we will talk again.”

Ye Fei washed his face with water, “No need to talk.”

In order to avoid Gu Ang, he washed extremely slowly to stall for time. A five-minute shower was delayed to half an hour, and by the time he was done, Gu Ang was already in bed. Ye Fei breathed a sigh of relief and finally went to sleep. 

He was about to smoke a cigarette and go to sleep when Gu Ang opened his eyes suddenly, “Finished washing? Come on, pressure me.”

Ye Fei felt his head was about to explode, as he rubbed his brow, “Don’t even think about it.”

“Why?” Gu Ang let out a long sigh, “I’ll bother you only this once.”

Ye Fei walked over and pressed him to the bed, covering his head with the blanket, “Sleep.”

Ye Fei underestimated the extent of Gu Ang’s pestering. In the past, when he was chasing him, he trained for real combat in and out of class, chasing after him and never letting go. In order to get him to release his pheromone, the man went out of his way to use the same trick.

During class, the Teacher was speaking on the podium about the history of the Imperial War, and Gu Ang passed him a small note. The note only had two words on it, [Pressure me.]

Bai SiNing between them was so scared that his hands shook, his thoughts shattering to the ground. These two people began to openly wage war in class? Had they not played enough yesterday?

After getting shocked, stimulated, he didn’t dare to say much.

At the end of class at noon, Ye Fei went to the cafeteria to eat, while Gu Ang unprecedentedly carried a plate and sat opposite him. Ye Fei didn’t say anything, lowering his eyes and eating his own plate of food.

Gu Ang pushed a small plate of shrimp over, which Ye Fei loved to eat. He almost called out ‘elder brother’, “Look, I’ve been pestering you for so long, just agree.”

“I really can’t.” Ye Fei didn’t know how to explain, Gu Ang’s current physique was too strange, what if something happened after?

The corners of Gu Ang’s mouth dropped, his expression tinged with frustration, “Where are you going later?”

Ye Fei thought, I have to find a place to hide.

The family mission was still going on, everyone’s been acting up lately, and he needed to occupy a marker near the school before he forgot. He whispered back, “I have to go back because I have something at home.”

Gu Ang didn’t say anything, since he wouldn’t be able to follow him home.

The person had to return to the dorm anyway, he could always find another opportunity. The two of them finished their meal in silence, when Ye Fei’s eyes filled with a warning, “Don’t follow me, it’s a really important matter.”

“Okay, I won’t follow you.” Gu Ang thrust his hands into his pants pockets.

Back at the dormitory, he would be waiting for the rabbit.

After sending Gu Ang away, Ye Fei went to the pharmaceutical lab of Xiantao outside Red Flame’s military school. Xiantao and Red Flame had a relationship, so they chose a site near the school to facilitate their cooperation. That was one of the thirty-two hidden coordinate points of the secret mission.

In his last life, Ye Fei wondered why this ordinary lab was chosen as a secret coordinate point, and even suspected that the school had other family members involved in the mission. But it turned out that he was really overthinking it.

This coordinate point from the deciphering to the completion of the mission, every step was plain and smooth, even from the beginning to the end no one came to fight.

Ye Fei lowered his eyes, and moved forward.

The laboratory was located at the top of a commercial building thirty miles southwest of the school. It had a total of seven floors, the remaining thirty-two floors were some scattered small companies’ offices. It was easy for Ye Fei to sneak into such a crowded and mixed place.

He casually bought a cup of white peach oolong from a street-side beverage store and walked inside with his tea as if no one was watching. Drinking tea, disguising himself, and stepping into the building’s video surveillance area, all in one go.

Like shopping in his own backyard.

Ye Fei took out the universal photon crack card from his trouser pocket and swiped it at the detection desk.

Beep. Passed verification.”

Ye Fei walked into the elevator and casually pressed the thirty-third floor, the highest floor of the public elevator.

Ding. Elevator going down.”

The elevator doors opened and he met a middle-aged man in a white lab coat. Seeing Ye Fei, who was strutting and sipping tea, the other man opened his mouth and scolded, “Which department are you from? So unprofessional. How dare you wear civilian clothes and buy drinks during work hours?”

“Brother Lu, I’m Xiao Ye from the Science and Technology Transformation Department. My mouth had a craving, so I went downstairs to buy a cup of milk tea.” Ye Fei, who had changed his face, forcibly turned a chatterbox personality, smiling and nodding in response.

Once heard the other party called himself Brother Lu, the man dispelled his suspicions. The last name Lu, how could he not help this employee of this laboratory?

“Hurry to the locker room to change clothes and get rid of your milk tea. You were lucky this time, if you had met the old king, I would be forced to deduct your performance.”

“Thank you, the next inter-departmental dinner, I’ll toast you two cups.” Ye Fei’s face was perfunctory as he said respectful words.

The three words [Lu Renjia] on the work nameplate were so conspicuous, how could he not know his last name? Lu Renjia patted Ye Fei’s shoulder and went into the studio on the right side of the elevator door.

Ye Fei watched him leave, before he went to find the locker room from his previous memories, grabbed protective clothing, covered up, only revealing a pair of dark eyes. He relied on the photon crack card to break all the way to the top floor.

This time the target point was a large civilian quantum computer, he just needed to upload the Yu family crest claiming occupation. Ye Fei found a random access point and inserted the prepared hacker program carrier disc.

“Initiating program…”

“Firewall encountered…”

“Calculating estimated time to breach firewall…”

“60 seconds, starting countdown…”




“Hmm?” Ye Fei’s pupils twitched slightly, sensing that something was wrong. Last time, it obviously only took ten seconds, so how come there’s something like a firewall now?

Ye Fei wasn’t the only one who was a bit confused.

Lin XuYong, who was in class, was also confused at the moment.

“Someone is trying to break through Lab 7’s firewall?”

Looking at the alert that popped up from the communicator, Lin XuYong bit the nail of his thumb and fell into a deep thought, “Exactly which side of the force stole the information from me? Although it’s just using this lab as a cover to use their quasi-quantum computer as an arithmetic tool to perform experimental data calculations… There’s not much useful data in it…”

Thinking of this, Lin XuY ong’s eyes flashed with a trace of ruthlessness.

“To be able to track it, this strength shouldn’t be underestimated. With those redundant remnants of discarded information on the computer, the other side should also be able to find some traces. Then… Let’s destroy it completely.”

Pressing the “confirm” button of the detonating device in his hand, Lin XuYong raised his head to look at the blackboard again.

But this time, his eyes looking at the teacher were a bit out of focus.


Meanwhile, Ye Fei, in the laboratory, hadn’t figured it out yet, when he saw the numbers on the screen suddenly changed.

“56… 55… 54…”

“…3… 2… 1…”

“Holy shit!” Ye Fei cursed, sweat breaking out on his back. It was too late to think about it, he immediately got up and rushed towards the window with all his might.


Ye Fei broke out of the window accompanied by a huge fire!

“This coordinate point actually blew itself up???”

Ye Fei, who had been swept out of the building by the blast caused by the explosion, relied on his extremely good physical quality and the long-range adsorption gun provided by the clan to pull himself back to the outer wall of the building.

Ye Fei was lying on his back outside the wall of the thirty-third floor, watching the stream of raging tongues of fire reaching out from the top floor, his heart full of doubtful questions.

He carried out many missions in both lives, but this was the first time he had encountered coordinates that had self-destructed. After combining the known information, there was no way to confirm whether this odd situation was really pure chance or a trap set by the opponent.

That night, after dealing with the explosion and various metal fragments embedded in his back, Ye Fei slowly returned to the dormitory. It wasn’t a serious injury for a soldier, but the burning sensation on his back didn’t abate at all, and the wound let the pheromone gush out unchecked.

The strong scent of brandy wrapped around his body and couldn’t be suppressed. Ye Fei stood at the bottom of the dormitory building looking out to the balcony of 404, the lights were out.

He was hesitating whether to go upstairs.

If Gu Ang was still awake, could Gu Ang stand his pheromone?

The wound made him hiss softly. Ye Fei lowered his eyes and bit a cigarette, falling into deep thought.

The dorm auntie came out for a walk and saw Ye Fei standing at the door, “Why don’t you go back to bed? You students are difficult to manage, running away every day.”

“I’m going up after smoking.” Ye Fei exhaled smoke and raised the cigarette in his hand.

“Smoking hurts your body, put it out.” The auntie reached out and grabbed the cigarette, crushed it in the trash can next to him, “Which dormitory room? I’ll go up with you.”

Ye Fei felt helpless, “404. Okay, I’m going back now.”

He didn’t expect to have to be chased back to his room by the dorm aunt one day, God Ye’s face was a bit embarrassed. The two of them stood at the door of 404, Ye Fei turned to look at the aunt, “It’s here. Don’t worry, I won’t run around.”

“Go in.” The auntie watched the person enter the password, and only then was she relieved enough to go downstairs.

Ye Fei pushed the door in, and before he could turn on the light, he was pressed against the door by a figure. His back hit the door panel, painfully jerking his nerves.

“Surprised?” Gu Ang uttered, quickly realizing that something was wrong.

The strong brandy in the small, sealed room practically swept in, scrambling to invade his body first. Each wisp carried the suppression and aggression of a strong man, like a fine net that locked his entire being firmly in place, making him unable to move.

The smell seemed to turn into a fierce beast that knocked him to the ground.

Every cell in his body was urging him to submit. He felt his soul drifting out, his legs were weak, almost sliding down Ye Fei’s body.

Gu Ang gritted his teeth and stood firm, his face bloodless. He felt the trembling from his fingers to his bones, and his taut back was almost bent into a bow that would be broken in the next second.

“This fucking…” Gu Ang felt cold sweat fall, squeezing out a voice from his teeth, “Your pheromone, put it away.”

Ye Fei’s voice was very soft as he raised his hand to turn on the light next to him, “I’ve tried to restrain myself, I’m a little hurt.”

Gu Ang then realized that Ye Fei’s face also looked sick, almost bloodless white.

“Injured? Is it serious?” Gu Ang realized that his voice was trembling when he spoke.

Ye Fei let out a sigh and held the man who was almost going limp, “It’s taken care of, a minor injury. Stay away from me.”

Gu Ang tried to move his feet, but found that he couldn’t move his body at all. The smell of white peach oolong had been completely evoked by the brandy, and the whole room was entwined with the scent of tea and wine, which was intoxicating.

Ye Fei’s fingers were still resting on his waist, a little short of hooking the corner of his coat.

If he reached in, he could explore, ignite, indulge, and sink with impunity.

“I can’t move.” Gu Ang closed his eyes, belatedly replying with a shaky voice. He felt that he had become particularly strange, this was completely different from his previous out of control susceptible period.

He couldn’t suppress the fire in his body, wanting to leave everything behind to indulge in love and desire. This man was standing in front of him, the saint stepped down from the altar, and could save him from torment.

Gu Ang’s eyes and eyelashes trembled, his reason almost collapsed.

I really want to make love with Ye Fei.


The author has something to say: 

Why did he become strange? Of course, his rut is here!


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