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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


It was night, and in the bleak autumn wind, a person’s shadow passed by in a hurry.

“Ah, achoo!” Shivering, while thinking about the spicy hot pot container in his hand, Ren Huan pulled his clothes tighter and quickened his pace. 

After thinking of the senior students in his circle of friends who had eaten the hot pot, he felt super satisfied. Senior students needed to get their own food too, ah. Soon he walked into an alley, and the school was just across the street. If you walked on the main road instead, it would take more than ten minutes to reach.

The scorching heat from the hot pot finally dispelled, and Ren Huan’s fear of darkness and the unknown surged. He swallowed and stepped forward. The dark narrow lane was very quiet, but Ren Hua was inexplicably flustered, so he quickened his pace, and strode forward.

When the bright lights of the city grew closer, Ren Huan breathed a sigh of relief. But as soon as he relaxed, a pair of powerful hands covered his mouth and dragged him back into the alley.

“No!” The man’s strength was so strong that Ren Huan couldn’t resist. He was so anxious that he bit the palm of the man’s hand, but he was choked.

“Ugh, ugh…” The air in his lungs became thinner and thinner, and Ren Huan gradually lost his strength. He was being suffocated, but was full of the desire to survive. His hand touched the man’s chest to show weakness.

Fortunately, the man had no intention of killing Ren Huan. He released his hand and held Ren Huan, who was about to slide down, and pressed him against the wall. His voice was full of desire, and was surprisingly deep and pleasant, but his words were not so. “Don’t fight. Just let me fuck you, huh?”

Ren Huan, who was so frightened, couldn’t hear a thing. After a long time, he was forced to squeeze out a faint sound.

“Unbutton your shirt yourself.” His jeans were easily pulled off by the man, and his belt was pulled down to his thigh. Ren Huan shuddered as he unbuttoned his shirt.

His delicate skin was exposed to the cold air and he quickly got a layer of goosebumps. Ren Huan was turned over, and the man’s cold, slender knuckles poked into the dry but hot interior. Ren Huan placed his hand against the wall, gritted his teeth, and held back the whimper in his throat.

He was going to be raped by a completely strange, emotionless man.

…He was not a senior.

The uninhabited intestinal wall was very resistant to strange foreign bodies. The man frowned, pulled out his fingers, and forcefully inserted them into Ren Huan’s tight lips. “Lick it quickly.”

“Zi… Gu…” Closing his eyes, Ren Huan put out his tongue and licked the man’s fingers; tears rolled down from the corners of his eyes.

But I can’t, and I don’t want to die.

In the dark, Ren Huan couldn’t see the things around him, and could only feel the man’s repressed heavy breathing knocking on his tympanic membrane over and over. The fingers wet with saliva easily got in this time. The man’s breath was heavy and he didn’t have much patience, but he still had his reason and didn’t hurt Ren Huan.

The intestines gradually wriggled and softened under the man’s not very gentle pulling and inserting. The warmth wrapping around his knuckles could barely accommodate all three fingers. After that, the man did not hesitate to pull out his fingers.

Clenching his hands, Ren Huan burst into tears. In the quiet alley, only a few dozen meters away from the busy street, a man’s thick cock was on his asshole.

Pressed against Ren Huan, gnawing and licking his neck, the man buried himself in, inch by inch.

“It hurts…” The narrow and delicate intestine simply couldn’t accept a man’s oversized cock. Ren Huan shivered with pain, and the man’s intimate and greasy actions made Ren Huan humiliated and desperate, but he didn’t dare to struggle against it.

“Relax.” The man’s lower body began slowly pumping as he said this in a comforting way.


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June 21, 2021 6:28 pm

So sudden!! The man definitely was not wasting anytime!! Who is this man? And why him?? Did he follow him??

Audry Gazali
Audry Gazali
June 22, 2021 5:25 am

… He was not a senior. I think he was that senior! He knew Ren Huan is going to buy the hot pot.

July 14, 2021 3:11 pm

Woah Woah Woah.. this man wasted no time!

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