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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Sob…” as he was fully penetrated, Ren Huan felt his face suddenly change in colour.

His pitiful hole had been filled by the man’s genitals to the extreme. Every fold had been opened up, the fragile mucosal lining being ruthlessly pounded through by the hot, hard member. It was burning hot, and there was a tearing pain.

The excited man was stimulated even more by Ren Huan’s cries. He had no patience nor time to care whether or not Ren Huan would adapt to the situation. He put his hand against the wall beside Ren Huan’s face, his lower body pounding vigorously, his member grinding against Ren Huan’s fragile intestinal wall. Its muscles scratched the flesh vigorously, his organs hot and the pain blurred. At this point, Ren Huan not only felt the constant penetration of the man behind him, but also some other, unexpected feelings.

Gradually, the thrusting became smoother, with a wet and sticky substance which could be saliva or something else. The man gasped in a low voice.

Sob… ah…” Ren Huan still felt uncomfortable, the kind of soreness felt when being caught in the sand. However, he couldn’t tell which feelings were suffocating him anymore. There was a name weighing on his chest… it felt as cold as the malatang 1 that had spilled on the ground when the man had grabbed him.

After going on for a while, the sex became a little unpleasant. The man turned Ren Huan around, entering from the front this time. Ren Huan was now forced to face the man. His hole was being pierced by his member; the man turned ninety degrees to the side, violently rubbing a certain spot inside Ren Huan, and going deeper.

“Ah…” there was a sudden moan mixed with the pain that Ren Huan couldn’t control. As his own genitals pressed against the man’s abdomen, Ren Huan got an erection. The intestines being pushed to the prostate shrank violently, squeezing the invading sex organ. The man chuckled lightly. Ren Huan’s opening had been worn out by the repeated grinding. Ren Huan rejected his reaction to the situation, but his sensitive body didn’t seem to be able to bear the pleasure, unable to hold back a series of moans…

How could he be so immoral?

As he moaned, Ren Huan reproached himself with his last bit of sanity. As the man heard him, he paused, although it was only for a short moment. Ren Huan didn’t know if he, who would have preferred to die just a few moments prior and was now addicted to this pleasure, was equally unbearable to this man who was raping him.

“Why…” apart from the meaningless escaped moans, Ren Huan cried and said those first words with a trembling voice. The man silenced him with his hand, and the aggression on the lower body carried on. Ren Huan didn’t know if that question was meant for the man, or for himself.


“He chose you, not me.” 

Grabbing Ren Huan’s hand and placing it on his own neck, the man pulled up Ren Huan from his hips, so that he would be just above his height, then lifted his head and started to lick Ren Huan’s nipples.

The squishing sound of the man’s movement inside Ren Huan was especially loud in the empty alley. The soft nipples gradually stood upright in the man’s mouth, itchy and wet, the licking matching the sound of the squishing. There was an unspeakable lust in the air.

Ren Huan lifted his hand to hide his face, then realised it wouldn’t make a difference in the darkness of the alley, so he put it back down. As the slamming of the lower body went on, his hands both went to grab the man’s neck.

Sob… mh, ah…” Ren Huan groaned softly. The feeling of being half-floating in the air was uncomfortable, so he put his legs around the man’s waist.

And so he thought… whatever, he should just embrace his depraved side… this was his true personality, he couldn’t deny it any longer.


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Translator Notes:

  1. A popular Chinese street food dish, a spicy hot soup


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