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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Please—” As Ren Huan slightly pushed the member inside, the senior leaned forward in cooperation. While shamefully opening his mouth and softly inviting him in, Ren Huan closed his eyes, not daring to meet those of the senior. “Senior, please… come in…”

It felt completely different from masturbation. This was a living being he was with; having a real temperature, and with real flesh being slowly and steadily squeezed into his soft intestines. The shape of the member was perfectly enveloped by the intestines; one being fleshy and hard, the other incredibly soft, as if you could squeeze liquid out of it.

It was also… the lewdness that came with it, worse than the wet dream that once caused Ren Huan to wake up in the middle of the night, completely flushed red.

“Come in? To do what?” The man raised his eyebrows. This was different from his gentle appearance. He had a wicked smirk which could make people fall for him.

“Fuck me…” There was a layer of shining teardrops on Ren Huan’s eyelashes. Probably, as long as he felt that kind of happiness, he didn’t care about anything else… it seemed that his shame and persistence had been put aside for a moment, and he finally spoke up as he cried.

“Senior, please fuck me…”

The senior lovingly wiped the tears away from the corners of Ren Huan’s eyes, and found out that even though he wanted to be gentle, he also felt an urge to bully him even worse.

Even though… his heart had already turned rotten, making this just an evil game.

No longer holding himself back, he pushed up and kissed the soft and sweet lips in a domineering position. There were warm and salty tears on them… and they were just as delicious as their owner, tasting like a delicious treat. The man repeatedly sucked them and played with them. 

The bed was big and soft, the room warm, compared to the small, dark alley lacking privacy. The naked and silent sensuality in the dark became tender under the bright light. At the same time, there were a lot of sensually appealing postures, which could completely satisfy the urgency of wanting skin to skin contact. The two men could clearly see the emotional expressions of each other, allowing them to obtain not only physical but also emotional satisfaction.

Lying on his back, Ren Huan bent his legs and brought them to his chest so as to make a wide open angle, making way for the senior to penetrate him. Under the silent urging of the man’s scorching gaze, Ren Huan’s hands slid down through the thighs and stretched his own buttocks wide, revealing the bright red hole within.

“Senior…” Because of the previous affair, he shrinked shily, his member shooting out a mysterious translucent liquid. The view was clearly discernible, but every bit of it was very attractive. 

The man’s eyes darkened as he looked. He pressed his fingertips against the jelly-like softness, then dented it shallowly, inserting his finger up to the knuckle. If it wasn’t for his own semen and fluids on it, the man wouldn’t have minded tasting the area with his lips and tongue.

“Senior?” Ren Huan urged the man softly, feeling a little uneasy under his wolf-like gaze, and from the fact the senior wasn’t moving anymore. The man inserted a second finger.

He pressed in as far deep as he could, into the soft intestinal walls. Because of the man’s body fluids reducing friction, it didn’t feel very painful; however, it was slippery, with an annoying squelching sound. Ren Huan turned his head away, unable to ignore the feeling of the inside of his body being explored by the man’s rough fingers. The man’s research wasn’t purposeless either. Following the texture of the sexual organ, he found the little fleshy bump with ease.


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Hmmmm, the senior is most experience getting ready to devour him 🌶🌶

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Senior should eat the booty like groceries

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