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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


But someone would have to be stupid to believe his farse, and that made him terribly distressed.

“I…” It would be hard for him to share his life with another person, especially a partner.

Hearing the pain in the senior’s voice, Ren Huan immediately felt guilt in his heart… he was just a little tired, how could he deny the senior’s avances like that. “Let’s do it… senior.”

“But you just said clearly not to.” The man said, holding Ren Huan’s hand and reaching for the fleshy member standing erect between his legs. “Then please insert it in yourself, and you’ll have to talk whilst doing it.”

Ren Huan blushed harder, looking like he was about to bleed.

The man couldn’t help but rub Ren Huan’s member. It was soft, slippery and warm. The rosy cheeks on his fair skin were looking really delicious and tempting. “If you don’t want to, then just forget about it.”

Although he said that, he didn’t stop his movements. Ren Huan didn’t say anything, only letting out a soft moan, his soul trembling.

“…” He didn’t dare look at the senior, but he wanted to make up for the fact he had first rejected him. The flesh in the man’s hand was hot and hard, and bounced slightly. Ren Huan was unable to speak for a while.

“I…” He wanted to speak, but he was very shy with the senior. Looking up shily, Ren Huan swallowed his words. He had no choice but to hold the man’s member and insert it into his own hole.

The hard and hot genitals came in easily up to a shallow point. He was about to push them in deeper, when he was stopped by a warm hand.


The fingertips were warm and much rougher than the skin of Ren huan’s hole, covering the wet area. The senior, being experienced, decided to add a bit of stimulation. Ren Huan trembled, almost unable to keep hold of the man’s genitals, looking at the man in a doubtful and pitiful way.

“You haven’t said please yet.” The man said.

“!” Ren Huan’s face turned suddenly red again. His teary eyes made the man want to bully him even more. Gu Sun moved his hand away, just staring at Ren Huan’s eyes, stubbornly and somewhat enjoying himself.


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June 23, 2021 10:56 am

Aaahh and there goes the Seniors personality lol

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