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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


“Mh, ah…” His soft buttocks were being rudely ravaged, the tender flesh squeezed and kneaded until deformed to satisfy the man’s sadistic desire. The man’s breathing became heavier and his pumping intensified.

“Ah, ngh… ahh, don’t…” Ren Huan’s elbows were against the ground, the palms of his hands rough and cold. 

The pleasure gradually faded with time. Ren Huan started to feel uncomfortable with the relentless slapping and rough friction inside and against his pubic hair. After cumming twice, his genitals couldn’t get an erection in such a short time anymore. The lingering weakness of his body was a stark contrast to the waves of intense pleasure he felt not long before.

The sex, which felt secretly enjoyable at first, had started to feel a little unbearable. The fragile mucous membrane was gradually being scraped off by the heavy rubbing, and there was an obvious tingling along with the in and out of the man’s thick sexual organs. 

It might be getting swollen… but there was no use begging to a rapist.

The sweat on his forehead dripped onto his eyelashes. Ren Huan bit his lip, groaned patiently, and waited for the man to finally cum.

In the cool autumn night, the man’s fiery hands and body brought warmth to Ren Huan. Ren Huan couldn’t escape it but he couldn’t bear it either. When the pleasure finally accumulated to a certain level, Ren Huan came again and almost collapsed, hitting his head against the ground. 

His tightly bitten flesh brought great pleasure to the man’s genitals, and so he groaned and touched Ren Huan’s sticky neck with a smile. “Can’t help it, eh?”

“Hurry up and cum… please…” Shaking his head and sobbing, Ren Huan couldn’t hear what the man was saying, but when the man’s warm hands reached him, a certain feeling in his heart suddenly emerged and spread all across his body, giving him goosebumps. A convulsive horror made Ren Huan unable to stop himself from speaking up. “No… no more…”

Those words… he must have been crazy.


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