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Translated by Kaushika of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“Please, I beg you…”

Resting his head against the hard wall, Ren Huan reached out to grab the hem of the man’s shirt, holding out a last glimmer of hope. He couldn’t contain a series of choking fits as the man responded with indifference. 

“…” in the darkness, Ren Huan couldn’t see the man’s furrowed brows. Because the man hadn’t shook off his hand, he persisted in his efforts, tugging again at his shirt. At last, as Ren Huan was about to withdraw his hand, the man grasped it instead. He pulled up Ren Huan vigorously, and put his pants and coat back on, just as a beam of light shone on them.

With his face buried in the man’s chest, Ren Huan trembled, his whole body ice cold. His sweat lustfully absorbed all of the heat from his body, and as the cold wind blew through, his body couldn’t help but become cold as ice.

“Senior.” The man nodded respectfully. Ren Huan’s face was buried in his chest, only soft black hair showing through. The girl couldn’t see his face at all. In the dim light, she couldn’t make out anything unusual. She thought of Ren Huan as a shy person because of his demeanor, and she even thought of him as the girlfriend of the senior. She asked him sweetly if that was the case.

“That’s right,” the man nodded.

Ren Huan was so afraid he couldn’t speak a word. He didn’t notice anything unusual in the conversation the two were having. After the girl walked away, he gasped for breath against the man’s clothes, like a fish out of water.

“Ok, we’re alone again.” 

The man’s desperate desire didn’t leave Ren Huan any time for rest. The man patted Ren Huan’s butt and unfastened his belt once again.

“Take it off yourself.”


“…” Ren Huan choked as he realised he depended on the man, and that the relationship between the two was nothing more than the rapist and the victim… with the way he was acting, maybe now it should be changed to a consensual rape.

As Ren Huan moved aside, he panicked, turning against the wall to hide his embarrassment, and unbuttoning his jeans with his own hands. Because time was running out, there was no time to put on the underwear and fold his pants down to his knees. Ren Huan was stuck, not knowing what to do next. He lowered his hands. The man frowned, took off his shirt and laid it on the ground. He pressed against Ren Huan with his naked torso and made him kneel on his clothes, squeezing his genitals in Ren Huan’s wet and sticky hole once again. The loud squishing sounds made Ren Huan flush red with shame.

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June 21, 2021 9:34 pm

Wow, he was trapped in the situation and the young lady couldn’t tell… what will happen next?

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