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The Archmage and His Dragon

 by Apricot Cat

Chinese Information:大魔导师和他的龙


Year: 2020

Genre: BL

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 3 Chapters

Translator: Addis


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The Archmage set off in the middle of winter to the border to get rid of the evil dragon but unexpectedly encountered a naive fool.

Chapter 1: On the coldest day of winter, the Archmage set out from the Empire

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Many years ago, before Oss was born, the Empire’s borders were overrun by a dragon, who did nothing but wreak havoc on people’s lives. Later, knights and mages formed a legion to eliminate the evil dragon at the cost of bloodshed. Recently, a rumor has sprung up that there was an orphan of the dragon, hiding deep in Flowing Flame Mountains.

The rumors grew more intense. The wind carried pieces of the border civilians to Oss’s ears.

Oss was the genius who amazed the entire continent, creating a whole new spell with his bare hands at the age of 18 and graduating from the Stell Academy early. He was awarded the title of Archmage by the Imperial Magical Association at the age of 24, and was promoted to the position of Dean of the Academy, a being most revered by the students.

On the coldest day of winter, the Archmage set out from the Empire, determined to slay the world’s last dragon and permanently quell the threat to man. In addition, he wanted to use the body parts of the dragon as materials for many of his spells.


The border was freezing cold and the tavern was the only place where one could fill their stomach, keep warm and have fun at night. The villagers gathered in a rowdy group and made fun of the red-haired lad.

“Don’t forget to come back often, little man!”

“Let me see your badge,” The one-eyed insect said, as it raised the shiny plum-shaped medal high to the firelight, “Well… it was cast from iron quite nicely. When you put more effort and change it to bronze casting, come back to marry Fenty! “

“Hahahahahahahahaha!” Laughter filled the whole tavern.

The red-haired guy, Vino, bowed his head in embarrassment. Fenty also stood up with a red face and said she was going to fetch them another drink.

“Vino’s a real piece of work,” Papa Marr drunkenly patted the lad on the shoulder, “The night’s drinks are all on me!”

The atmosphere became even livelier. No one else but Vino, the redhead, had obtained a remarkable score in the Magic Roots Test and would be sent to Stell Academy by the Lord of Lords. In other words, this shy young man was already a magic apprentice.

The secretary of the magic association, Keel, who hung around the entrance of their village every day, was only a lower-ranked junior magician. Even if it was a lower rank, he could still ride on the head of the whole village to show off his power and hit on the young daughter of the head of the village.

Vino was qualified enough to go to Stell Academy, which meant that at least he could reach the status of senior magician. What was there to fear of a mere Keel?

The baker’s daughter, Fenty, fetched gin and sat down next to Vino, before kissing him. Vino was surrounded by a group of people and vowed in his heart that he would work hard to change his badge to bronze and come back to protect Fenty and the villagers.

In the Magic Association ratings, trainee and low-level wizards had badges made of iron, intermediate had it cast in bronze, and high-ranked were made of gold. And the eight geniuses on the continent, the Archmages, were personally awarded the supreme honor by the president of the association, having the plum emblem embroidered in silver silk accompany them for life.

The fireplace warmed up the room. The door ‘creaked’ open, the whistling wind and snow could not wait to squeeze in, and the blacksmith near the door shivered awake from his drowsy sleep. A tall traveler walked in, all of him hidden under his cloak. Clearly having trekked outside, surprisingly, there was no sign of frost on his body. The crowd was oblivious, but Vino straightened up nervously. He stepped in front of the wine table.

“What would you like, guest?” The apprentice wine seller tapped the wooden table with a small wooden hammer and asked enthusiastically.

Without speaking, the traveler held out his hand and pointed out a few items on the menu, then pulled out a gold piece.

“Okay! Here you go.”

He chose wine, meat and salt. Ever since the rumor of the dragon in the border mountain, all kinds of brave people have been coming here one after another to try their luck. The tavern apprentice was no longer surprised.

After the uninvited guests left, the tavern became busy again. Fenty looked at her fiancé’s face and asked with concern, “How are you doing?”

“Fine, don’t worry.” Vino shook his head.

He saw the pattern of plum blossoms on the man’s lapel, shining with a silvery, elegant and mysterious hue.

What was an Archmage doing here?


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Oooh, a new short story… helps me with missing Ping Mo and Pei Yutu 😊
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