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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Oss put the wine and meat into his space and walked deeper into Flowing Flame Mountain. The snow was blowing continuously and the mountain was so stern and cold that he really didn’t know where the name ‘Flowing Flame’ came from. His talent was perception, and every element in the world had some kind of connection with Oss.

After establishing a connection with the water element, Oss patrolled the entire mountain through the roiling snow. Soon enough, he saw a dragon’s tail in the deepest part of the mountain. The Archmage soundlessly activated a wind charm, as the cold fluffy snow permeated into his skin, and the landscape on both sides shifted extremely fast. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived at the spot where the dragon was hiding.

The cold made dragons sluggish and weakened. That was why Oss chose to head out and destroy the dragon in the middle of winter. But he was surprised to hear the sound of ragged gasps, as tiny sparks bursting out of the hole.

Dragons were cunning creatures.

Oss used an invisibility spell, raised his caution by at least twelve points, and quietly walked in, unnoticed. He was vigilant, yet, it was unnecessary.

The deeper he went, the more Oss was sure that the cave where the dragon was staying was unguarded. While the dragon was coiled on the stone… moving up and down.

This dragon was beautiful, its two thin wings tucked behind it were as transparent as insect wings, its silvery scales shining with luster. It was a far cry from the evil dragon Oss imagined — spewing yellow smoke, as robust as a tall tower, with oily green eyes flashing with evil.

Oss thoughtfully stayed in place, carefully observing the dragon’s estrus condition. The dragon’s semen was also a rare material that contained great energy.

He waited for a long time.

As the faint fishy smell spread out, Oss suddenly thought, if he could keep the dragon in captivity, he would have a constant source of material. The dragon seemed to be tired, but it turned around to climb onto the treasure he had collected. Facing the boulder he was on earlier, it opened its mouth, “Hoo—”.

Flames flared up from the stone, emitting a sizzling sound. In a few moments, the cave became dry and fragrant.

As for the dragon essence that Oss wanted, not a single drop was left. It was all cleaned up by the flames. He lifted his invisibility and vowed that no matter what, after defeating the dragon, he would definitely capture it. 

The dragon keenly caught the movement in the air and turned his head, “Who’s there?”

Its voice was jarred. The dragon noticed Oss. Hidden beneath the cloak was a tall figure, the hood covering most of his face, revealing only a pair of dark, deep eyes.

“You’re so good-looking, are you an elf?” There was a subtle happiness in the dragon’s tone. In his vague understanding, elves had two front paws and two back paws, walked upright, and had a very friendly relationship with dragons. Although he couldn’t see his face, the dragon knew that it was proper to compliment an elf on their good looks upon meeting.

“I’m a human.”

“Human? Humans are delicate creatures, so why are you here?”

Oss raised an eyebrow and had a vague suspicion — the orphan of the dragon had grown up deep in the mountains, lacking the education of its clan, ignorant about the world. To test this idea, he stayed behind.

The dragon was very happy, since for all these years, it had no one to talk to. On this rare occasion that he came across Oss, the dragon’s years of pent-up desire to talk was satisfied as he took him around the whole Flowing Flame Mountain. He even said that he would pick out a gold coin as big as his palm from his treasures and give it to Oss.

Oss accepted the saliva-stained gold coin from the dragon’s mouth. His perception of the elements was extremely high, he could tell at a glance that the components of this piece of gold were very mixed, not valuable at all. But for some reason, Oss didn’t say anything about it. He fondled it for a while and put it away in his pocket.

The dragon was still lying on his beloved pile of treasure looking at Oss, his eyes shining.

Oss reached out and caressed the dragon’s silver horn, “Want to look like a human?” The dragon nodded excitedly. He had envied Oss’s dexterous hands for the longest time, how it could sprinkle salt and smear honey on the barbecue.

“As a thank you gift, I’ll grant your wish then.” Oss’s eyes became gentle. He felt that the dragon was so foolish that there was no need to get rid of it. But more importantly, Oss didn’t want the dragon to become unhappy.


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October 23, 2022 5:26 pm

Interesting short story. Looking forward to chapter 3. Shame it’s so short tho, I love dragon stories🐉❤️ thank you for posting it😎

October 24, 2022 8:25 am

Why do mages so often seem to have ulterior motives, without which, they totally lack compassion. It hasn’t changed… replace magic with science and medicine… if the end result justifies it, these groups are capable of immense cruelty, for the ‘greater good’.
Maybe things will have a twist once the dragon is in human form 😏
Thanks for translating and editing.

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