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Chapter 3: Lord Ilfayi

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

They didn’t have sex that night. Anes described the appearance of Ilfayi and described in detail how he had served Ilfayi.

Ilfayi is about 40 years old, but he looks only in his early twenties. Like most Bola people, he has black hair and green eyes, with tender skin and slender hands comparable to that of a princess. He is shorter than most, and can just bury his face in Anes neck socket. He likes to cuddle up in Anes’ arms, who would then kiss the top of his hair, then his forehead, brow bone and bridge of his nose. When kissing him, Ages would close his eyes, showing that he cherishes the person in his arms and is afraid to look him in the eyes. These tiny kisses will swim to the cheeks and earlobe, and only avoid the lips. The kiss on the lips represents the most sincere love, without Ilfayi’s permission, Anes dare not kiss at will.

At that time, Anes didn’t have so many scars on his body. He would take off his clothes first and not want to strip off his master until they rolled down on the couch together. Ilfayi still had a loose silk long shirt hanging from him.

Anes was very skillful, and had no lack of patience and tenderness. It is said that when he is with a girl, he can make the girl who was tasting love for the first time feel no pain at all. But when it comes to Ilfayi, he had to show the side of being out of control.

He would trap the master in the soft cushion, his hands tightly imprisoning the master’s wrist, he left proper kiss marks on the master’s body, ensuring that each trace is within the scope that clothing can cover. He used a rosin colored cream, which has a light smell and greasy texture and differed from those sweet cream oil in Golden Bough hotel. This kind of ointment does not have any aphrodisiac effect and won’t let a person sink too quickly. Ilfayi doesn’t like to be influenced by drugs.

In a sense, Ilfayi was not difficult to serve. He doesn’t mind the occasional pain and doesn’t easily get angry about such things, but it doesn’t mean that the bed mate can be reckless to him. There were several things that others can’t do: you can’t tease him with frivolous words, your words and deeds must be affectionate and serious, and never show the appearance of being narrow and joking; the time for holding his hands should not be too long. When he really wants to move, you must let go of him, and act naturally without embarrassment; you should pretend to be his lover, not a male prostitute who comes to serve; you can’t directly ask the master for instructions, only clear his temper first, and then act according to circumstances in the process of love. You have to pretend to be obsessed with him, even if you are only obsessed with his body.

When serving Ilfayi, Anes would carefully design all the processes: he will first burn the master with the flames of love, and then immerse the master in endless tenderness. He will turn his body into honey, and fill the master’s body and mind with sweetness. He shows despair and piety, and always looks like he wants to leave his soul with the master.

On earth mother’s day of one year, the sky above the square outside the palace was full of brilliant fireworks. It was the last time Anes served Ilfayi. Ilfayi’s body was as soft as a drunkard’s, he cried and murmured for mercy. Anes knew his master very well, he knew that Ilfayi’s tears were just for pleasure, not for anything else. It is no wonder that Anes often sees such a side of him.

After this time, Anes got involved in some things and got into a lot of trouble. After the trouble subsided, he didn’t serve Ilfayi any more. Instead, Anes recommended other lovers to Ilfayi, each of whom was personally trained by Anes.

“Why didn’t he come to you?” Hearing this, Hamza asked for the first time, “Is it because of the scars on your body?”

“Yes.” Anes appreciated Hamza’s point: he asked if it was because of the wound, but he didn’t ask where it came from.

“I don’t have a perfect body, either,” Hamza said. “Will he accept it?”

“He will. Your scars are harmless, and it’s not too much. They just make you more attractive. I’m not the same. No one wants to look at this skin at close range.”

Actually, Hamza had been staring at the sweat on Anes’ neck, watching them slowly roll down and slide through the scars on the clavicles and chest.

After listening to Anes, Hamza now understands one thing: yesterday, Anes did not feel comfortable. His sweat was due to the room temperature and physiological reaction. Besides, he did not tremble or groan, nor did he lose his state like Ilfayi in the narration. He was silent all the time and kept calm all the time; he was used to invading and caressing.

After talking about the previous ones, Anes showed Hamza a few fresh objects, which were used between the beds. Hamza had never seen them before.

Anes wanted to write down some important things and let Hamza strengthen his memory at any time. He asked Hamza if he was literate, even if it was only Cantari, Anes could speak a little Cantari.

Hamza said, “Just write in Bola. I can read and write in Bola.”

“That’s good,” Anes said. “I’m a little surprised. Usually arena slaves don’t know how to read.”

Hamza said, “I had a good family, and I couldn’t… These are all in the past.”

Anes pulls a piece of paper from the thread binding book, picks up the pointed crow feather and dips it with ink. He writes slowly, and Hamza, who has been through many battles, can see that this is not because of clumsiness, but because of old injuries. Anes arms and shoulders are scarred. There must have been some injuries.

They didn’t have sex tonight, but they still shared the same bed. Anes’s room was large enough for another bed, but he said Hamza had to get used to sleeping with someone, and sometimes Ilfayi will like to sleep with him.

After that, Hamza had a similar life every day. He insisted on getting up early and practicing. When he was bored during the day, he would go to the streets to experience the joys of recovering his freedom. At night, he would return to his room in time to listen to Anes describe Ilfayi.

There are more and more notes written by Anes, Hamza kept them in a box. He finds one or two pages near his body every day and takes them out to read them silently.

Hamza never paid attention to the work Anes did and was never curious about the men and women in the Golden Bough hotel. Occasionally some brave prostitutes wanted to get closer to him, and he refused. Even so, he had to contact a lot of people outside or Anes, and from this he learnt some things that Anes which he himself has not mentioned.

For example, the flower basket at the entrance of the Golden Bough hotel is not a decoration. There are red and white flowers in the basket. If the guests only accept women, they will wear red roses in front of them; if the guests prefer men, they will wear white roses; if some guests are willing to try anything, they can also take one from each color. This will avoid embarrassment for guests and facilitate hotel service.

Another example, the real owner of the Golden Bough hotel is not Anes. The Golden Bough Hotel belongs to a man named Bared, who is Bola’s court manager and, in private, Bola’s richest man. In addition to him, there are also some people who have invested money in the hotel, it is said that there are two ministers and a rich businessman who is closely related to the royal family.

Anes only manages the hotel. The big men trusted him and gave him full control of all kinds of daily affairs. It is said that this is because he served those people many years ago, and has gained love and appreciation for it.

In addition to hotels, Hamza also heard about Anes himself: Anes doesn’t like too sweet and greasy fruits, but likes sweet and sour tastes; Anes only drinks fruit wine, but does not touch the wine made by grain; Anes does not wear gold and silver jewelry, he said that the feeling of metal touching skin is unpleasant

Every time Hamza recites a hobby of Ilfayi, he can’t help but think of one of his hobbies and secretly compare the two.

He likes the black hair of Anes, which glides through his fingers like silk; he also likes the emerald eyes of Anes, although he often dared not look at them directly for a long time; he also likes the soft pale lips of Anes, but perhaps no one in the world can dislike them; he even likes Anes’ scarred skin, which he doesn’t think is ugly, but is in love with. He wants to kiss Anes inch by inch all over his whole body, make him, who has felt pain in many parts of his body, feel a pleasant tremor instead. It is said that Ilfayi also likes to be kissed like this.

Hamza told himself: Anes will not know my thoughts, because these behaviors are exactly what I should learn. No matter how intimate I am with him, it is not beyond the rules.

One evening a few days later, Anes returned to the room early. He asked Hamza to wash and prepare, and today they were going to try again. This time Hamza had to treat him completely as Ilfayi and do what he told him.

Before long, both of them were ready. This time, instead of going straight to bed, they started at the patio door. Anes deliberately put on layers of clothes, because Ilfayi was always like this. Hamza pressed him against the carved lattice window, stroked him eagerly through the thick clothes, loosened his outer covering, and looked at him with wet eyes, waiting for his hint of permission to go on.

Anes raised his head, exposing his fragile neck like innocent prey. Hamza began to suck his neck and deliberately put his raised lower body against him. Anes put his arms around Hamza’s neck. Hamza picked him up and strode to the slightly disordered bed.

Hamza didn’t take off all the clothes on Anes, only the outer garment, leaving the inner robe and panties. The belt of the robe was tied with a rather complicated knot, and the small button was also very annoying. Hamza kisses Anes’s lower mouth through the thin cloth, and at the same time, he pulls off the underpants eagerly but not rudely, so that the palm of his hands touched the scarred skin.

They did it twice that night, the first time, neither of them undressed. Hamza unbuttoned his coat and exposed his chest. His trouser waist was half hung on his legs. Anes was still wearing a robe, his front was covered with wet clothes, his wide hem blocked the place where they met. His slender legs were close to the tight muscles of Hamza’s waist.

The second time started with a kiss. Anes reaches out to Hamza, who picks him up and kisses him on his finger. Anes caresses Hamza’s face with this hand. This is a signal that was not enough. It was recited by Hamza.

Hamza grabs his hand and kisses it from the palm to the wrist, then along the arm to the shoulder and neck. This time they took off each other’s clothes, and Hamza saw clearly the semi-soft but not hard penis of Anes. In the previous session, Hamza had taken care of it with his hands, but he never made it hard from the beginning to the end.

It is said that the real Ilfayi is easier to climb to the top. Anes said that Hamza has done a good job. There should be no problem, it’s just that he is different from Ilfayi.

Hamza leaned closer to Anes, holding him in a position so that he can kiss him on the back of the neck. Anes told him how to find the source of happiness in a man, but Hamza was not sure.

Anes told him that if you can’t find it all the time, distract Ilfayi’s attention, kiss more sensitive areas of him, or serve him in other ways. Don’t focus on one part as foolishly as you brush a bottle. Hamza did as he said, patiently remembering what he had learned and tolerating the almost gushing look.

And then he did, and he knew that Anes had a feeling. The interaction was wonderful, he couldn’t describe it accurately, but he was able to feel the feedback. This time, he entered more slowly, but moved faster and heavier. He kneaded Anes tightly in his arms, as if to make their bodies become one.

Anes didn’t yell. Ilfayi is said to never shout. This time Hamza was very successful. When his right hand was covered with thick liquid, he pressed his left hand tightly to Anes’ abdomen and let himself float to the top.

After that, Anes asked Hamza to help him clean. The right way is not to hold him, but to hold him directly.

Anes said Lord Ilfayi would not directly ask to be picked up, so when he said “help,” Hamza had to take the initiative to lift him horizontally. He had held Ilfayi in this way before. Ilfayi is light, and it is said that any stronger man can hold him up.

Walking to the bathroom door, today’s content is over, Anes wants to clean by himself. When he’s done, someone will change the pool water and ask Hamza to go in.

Anes said that taking a bath together is quite a skill. He will take a bath with Hamza one day to teach him how to serve people in the bath.

This day seems to be a turning point. From this day on, they did it almost every two days.

Hamza worried that Anes couldn’t bear it. The words made Anes laugh for a long time. He said, “Now I have only you, but in the past when I was in this business…Take others for example. There was a young man named Sur here, yesterday, he was with a father and son for the whole afternoon until night fell. After that, he went to meet the gemstone dealer in high spirits. The female guests didn’t want to come to such places in person. They would make an appointment for a place and wait. The jeweler took two friends, one of whom had lived alone for many years and the other had not gotten pleasure from his marriage, and when Sur had served them all, he had to get into the carriage immediately and return to the Golden Bough before midnight. He had a strange acquaintance who only liked to act in the latter half of the night. 

This did not make Hamza feel lenient, but made him even more intolerant.

Two days ago, Anes said one thing in addition to the rain. Pointing to the old round wound on the inner side of his left thigh, he said it was not a punishment, it was left by a former guest.

Because Hamza was always staring there, Anes simply told him the source of the scar.

Golden Bough Hotel forbids the guests to carry-out overly rude behaviors. Whipping, punching or kicking are not allowed. The men and women here are private property. Guests who violate the ban will be asked for compensation and could even be sued to the government. If the guest has a special hobby, he must pay a high price in advance. The hotel will arrange the right person for him. He has no choice but to name at will.

As a young man, Anes met an unruly guest who pressed a cigarette on the inside of his thigh and threatened him not to speak out. However, all men and women in the store are regularly examined, including all aspects of the body, inside and outside, and Anes’s injuries were found. When the guest came back, the store manager knocked him a lot of money.

If other guests experience this, they may make a lot of noise, but then admit the punishment and leave in anger… But this guest was different. He doesn’t care about the huge fine, or even the price.

After negotiating with the store manager and acknowledging his mistake, he continued to ask Anes to serve him. The scars on Anes’ leg had faded, but the guest covered his mouth and burned the original scar again.

The guest often comes to have fun, and every time he wants to be with Anes, the injury on the inner side of his leg was not good. After about half a year, the man probably found new entertainment and never came to Golden Bough hotel again.

The wound finally completely healed, forming a scar more obvious than that of common burn wounds.

After hearing this, Hamza felt a lot of pain and heartache.

He can always see the scar. Sometimes, the ambiguous liquid gets on the scar, he would stealthily swallow his saliva and want to lean over and kiss the place, but Anes doesn’t let him.

Ilfayi knew that Anes had this particular scar on his leg, which Ilfayi didn’t have on his own leg. If Hamza was used to kissing this part, Ilfayi would be upset.

Hamza and Anes always talked about Ilfayi.

At first Hamza thought it was normal. After all, both of them were favored by Ilfayi. As time went by, he was more and more reluctant to mention or hear about the man.

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