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Chapter 4: Teaching

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

The hardest time was when Anes taught him how to use his mouth to make people happy.

Before he started, Anes told a lot of things about Ilfayi as usual, and Hamza carefully wrote them down, but the more he thought about them, the more impatient he became and the weaker his impulse was.

As Anes prepared him with his hands, he continued to talk about Ilfayi’s preference. Hamza was unable to enter the state for a long time, which confused Anes. He asked Hamza if he hadn’t slept well recently? Or was it too much to practice martial arts during the day?

Hamza was speechless. He looked down at Anes kneeling in front of him and could feel a fire burning in his abdomen. But when he thought that Anes did this for Ilfayi, the fire would be extinguished by the cold rain.

Finally, Hamza felt the lips of Anes, which made him forget Ilfayi for a moment, and his unhappiness was swept away.

In the concept of Cantari people, lips are sacred. They can express admiration, recite prayers and poems, and offer vows to their lovers at weddings. Cantarianes rarely kiss, let alone touch that place with their lips.

Before they started, Anes half jokingly said, “You don’t have to enjoy yourself. Remember the techniques.”

Hamza tried hard to remember, but soon forgot everything, leaving only his soul floating in the clouds.

When it’s over, he had to do it again with Anes. Anes sat, Hamza knelt on the carpet and began to kiss from the waist. He gave a little play according to his own will. While making preliminary preparations with his hands, he gently kissed the surrounding parts of the organ, and with his tongue, he made a hint at the meeting

For a moment, he felt Anes tremble a few times. It was not a fake teaching reaction, it was a real one.

Anes said he had talent. It’s very difficult to do this. Most people either resist nausea and insist on doing it, or they can’t get to the point of hurting each other. But Hamza did a good job. Not only was the process smooth, but also the interests that should be taken into account were in place.

“Remember, if you have a reaction after it’s over, or if Ilfayi hints at you, you can just hold him down and go on, and don’t worry if he’ll be tired just after he’s comfortable,” Anes said. “As for what is the hint, it’s easy to tell. If he doesn’t want to do it, he will shake his robe, stand up, or curl up in the bed, looking like he’s too lazy to talk to you; if he still wants to continue, he’ll interact with you, or even deliberately wait for you with his legs open.”

In fact, there is a point that Anes is right about. After finishing this, Hamza really reacted. He wiped his face with one hand and pressed the other on his trousers. Not long ago, he was released once under the service of Anes, and now he is suffering from pain as he serves him.

He didn’t want to lose his temper in front of Anes. Anse began to mention Ilfayi again, which was a big help to him. This made him much calmer, and his body’s heat receded a lot.

Unknowingly, a month had passed.

Hamza was now not only used to having sex with men, but has also mastered the use of many personal devices. Anes not only taught him techniques, but also how to understand Ilfayi’s lattice, what is welcoming or rejecting, what is sincere rejection, what is pretending to be cold, and what is boring and cold.

Anes also taught him a lot of things outside the bed, such as how to serve people to dress, how to communicate with the servants in the high-ranking official’s residence, and so on. Of course, it also includes how to bathe together and how to clean the body for the host.

In fact, Ilfayi rarely needed a bed mate to help clean up. He prefers to come by himself, but in case he needs it, Hamza has to be more proficient.

In addition, how to create a romantic and warm atmosphere when bathing together is also a knowledge, it’s no good rubbing the back of the host like in a public bath. There is a special Chamberlain for that. What Hamza wants to do is to be tender and then more tender. After conquering the master, he will pamper him and let him lean on his lover’s arms to enjoy the quiet time.

As he said this, Anes was leaning in Hamza’s arms. They were in the bath, and the water was covered with multicolored petals. The bath in Ilfayi’s residence was much larger than this, and sitting in the center of the bath, one is far from the wall. If the water was deep enough, people would definitely drown in it.

Surrounded by warm water, Hamza was relaxed. His hand was on Anes’ back, and his calloused fingers stroked the scattered scars on his smooth skin.

Anes gives a little shake, and Hamza wakes up.

He was afraid of being reprimanded by Anes, who suddenly asked him, “By the way, what’s your name?”

Hamza didn’t understand the question. “’Hazma’ obviously means a white haired man. What’s your Cantari name?”

Hamza sighed, “Sarin. My name is Sarin.”

“Is there any meaning? Bola names usually have a specific meaning, or comes from a place or a saint.”

“No,” Hamza said, “Cantari names have a catchy sound, usually without meaning. If Bola’s name has a moral meaning, what does “Hamza” mean?”

“Speaking of your name, I always wanted to laugh at you.”


“It’s like this,” Anes said. “The name ‘Hamza’ is derived from ancient Bola, a word evolved from the priestly language, meaning ‘Lion.’ Those people in the arena call you ‘Lion Hamza.’ Isn’t that translated as ‘lion lion’? The more you think about it, the funnier it is.”

Hamza said with a smile, “Probably because my hair is golden and shaggy, like a lion’s mane.”

“That’s a good name for you.”

“And your name?” Hamza asked, “what is the meaning of the word ‘Anes?’”

“Anes is very common. If you live in Bola Wangdu, you will find that at least four out of ten men are called ‘Anes’. It means ‘loyalty’, and is a very popular name here. A lot of people will give their sons this name even if they don’t want to.”

Hearing this, Hamza suddenly felt that they had become real lovers.

They often go to bed and touch each other’s skin. After the love is over, they will warm up for a moment, or bathe together as intimately as they are doing now. The only pity is that they haven’t really had a kiss yet.

Anes left the bath first. As he dressed with his back to Hamza, Anes sighed, “If I’m right, you’ve been curious about my scar every day for more than half a month.”

Hamza was always staring at him, and apparently Anes felt it. Hamza looked down in shame, and Anes said, “It’s okay to tell you if we meet each other. Come out quickly. We can have supper and chat like friends.”

The full moon is over. Today is not a good time to enjoy the moon. As Hamza came out, Anes sat in a cane chair on the terrace, carrying a sweet wine, and looking at the stars in the northern sky.

Hamza sits opposite Anes and finds his glass full of sweet wine. He didn’t refuse. He didn’t drink, but suddenly he wanted to try today. It was cider mixed with honey. Hamza frowned as soon as he tasted it, and immediately picked up the next water cup.

Anes snickered and said, “You must have been curious about two things. One is what kind of trouble I caused to be beaten like this, and the other is how I can survive so miserably. You’ve been holding back.”

“These memories must be painful and very private, so no one should ask them,” Hamza said

“It’s not private at all. If you ask people in the city, most people will know.” Anes put down the glass. “Have you heard of Princess Zanfield?”

Hamza shook his head. Anes sighed, “Have you heard of General Hurley?”

“I’m not sure,” Hamza said. “I haven’t even heard of the name ‘Ilfayi’ before. When people say ‘Great wizard,’ I know who they mean.”

Anes nodded and said, “I see. Well, do you know the emperor of Bola, his majesty Perush? Princess Zanfeld was his youngest daughter. In those days, she was about sixteen or seventeen. Her mother is a low-level concubine, she is not very valued. Among all the princesses, she is not very beautiful or popular among the nobility, but the people especially like her. She often helps the poor and goes to the temple to teach ordinary women to read.”

“What happened to the princess?” Hamza asked.

Anes lowered his head. Hamza couldn’t see his face in the night.

“She is one of the most distinguished guests I have served.”

Seven years ago, Anes had a great reputation on the streets. Since being seen by Ilfayi, he has not contacted other people for quite a long time. Ilfayi is powerful enough to make others dare not attack him, and he got enough rewards from Ilfayi.

It was in Ilfayi’s house that Anes first met Princess Zanfel. The princess is the adopted daughter of Ilfayi, who delivered her by hand. At that time, the princess’s mother was too young to give birth. Thanks to Ilfayi’s magic help, she finally arrived safely, saving the mother and daughter. The young mother often told the princess to remember the kindness of that astrologer. The princess was also very sensible and always respected Ilfayi.

But on that day, Princess Zanfield cried and ran out of the astrologer’s house. Anes secretly inquired about the reason: the emperor intended to let the princess marry the eldest son of general Hulei, but the princess refused. She ran to the temple of Demu to seek shelter, but the temple closed its door to her.

It was Ilfayi who facilitated the marriage and ordered the temple not to accept the princess. The princess came to interview her benefactor sadly, but Ilfayi, like the emperor, advised her to marry at ease. The princess married the eldest son of the general. Her future husband was one year younger than her. Both of them were young. It was much better than marrying to a remote desert country but the princess was reluctant.

Anes imagined that there were not much the emperor’s intentions in this, and the whole thing was completely arranged by Ilfayi. Bola’s emperor was old and sick. He was not interested in anything except food, wine and concubines. He gave everything to Ilfayi, his astrologer, his privy minister, his important counselor, even his eyes, ears and words.

Anes saw the princess for the second time, also in Ilfayi’s house. When he was about to leave, the princess hid in the garden trees and called him back timidly.

She didn’t know who Anes was, only that he and Ilfayi are close. She hoped that Anes can help her, but Anes can’t help. Helpless, he confessed his identity to the princess. The princess has never had a lover. How can she imagine what a place to buy joy looked like? While she was silent, Anes left in a hurry.

The princess’s wedding was coming. Ilfayi helped her prepare for the wedding, but she didn’t pay much attention to Anes. One midnight, a mysterious guest rode to the back door of Golden Bough hotel. The rider was wearing a heavy cloak and his whole face was hidden in the shadow of his hood.

Anes was resting on the terrace. The door of his room was suddenly knocked open and an unexpected guest stood in front of him. It was Princess Zanfield. She said, “Since you take money to make friends with people, and only serve nobles and high officials, then you should be able to do my business.”

A few days later, it was her wedding night. She didn’t want to offer herself to strange men, and she didn’t want to make those people happy. She said that she didn’t want to be a princess or a chaste bride. Instead, she would rather find a beautiful and gentle person to have her first night.

In the face of such a thing, anyone knows that they should stay as far away as possible. However, Anes agreed with her.

It’s not pleasant to have a blind date with a princess. After the clouds and rain, Anes secretly cried out in the dark. He thought of his teenage years. At that time, he did not want to “offer himself to a strange man”, but at that time he could not find any “beautiful face, a gentle” person.

In the next few days, the princess secretly came to find Anes almost every day, and showed her love for him implicitly. But it didn’t work. In the end, she had to dress up and get on the float to take her future husband’s hand.

It was supposed to end like this, but it turned out to be a disaster. On the night after the wedding, the princess appeared again. She wore maid’s clothes, a worn-out cloth towel on her head, and smeared egg white on her face to make her skin rough and wrinkled.

As soon as she saw Anes, she threw herself into his arms and began to cry. The husband’s family knew that she was not a virgin, and they were inquiring about the men she had met when she was alone. She pretended to be stupid and clever. When the people lost their vigilance, she found a chance to escape from the house.

Princess Zanfel said, “Come with me. I drove the carriage and stopped at the back door. Before the gate of the city is closed, let’s move quickly. My maid is waiting in the suburbs.”

Before she could finish, a group of soldiers broke into the Golden Bough hotel. Two or three servants surrounded the princess. The men knocked Anes to the ground and tied him up tightly with ropes. The princess screamed, but none of them said a word. He was used to enduring the pain, and he knew that more pain was still ahead.

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