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Tree of Stars

星辰樹 by Tasdiparoa

Genre: BL, ABO, non-human, fantasy, interstellar, ODD

Novel Status in Country of Origin: Complete, 5 Chapters

Translator:  Addis

Editor:  UA

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Xing Chuan finally embraced his star. As long as the stars don’t die, the trees will live forever and some things are already in the soul.

God Tree x Human

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Chapter 1: The Tree God

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

Fan Xing opened his eyes and saw the dark blue sky. He was lying in the branches of a giant tree, the cushions and blankets under him were as soft as the moonlight.


“Mn,” Fan Xing rolled over and hugged a tangled vine that stretched out. “How did you change back?”

“The starry sky is beautiful tonight,” he said. “If XingXing doesn’t die, I’ll live forever.”

Fan Xing likes to listen to him and hear him call him ‘XingXing’ in his divine voice. He is a God, born from the starry sky and rooted in the earth. They met on a rainy night, and Fan Xing stepped out of the cage and stepped into the shrine to welcome the love condensed since the birth of the world.

But Fan Xing knows that he is still a person. He has a fragile and flexible body.

“Tree,” Fan Xing called him, “I’m in heat.”

The smell of orange blossoms mixed with the cold air from the snow in the ice field. It is so sweet and bitter that Fan Xing’s whole body felt extremely hot. He was shrouded in the moisture of the forest, and new branches grew from the vines around his arms, and wrapped his white body with its arms. Fan Xing has drunk the sap of many trees. The powerful liquid is the best aphrodisiac and the most intoxicating nectar.

Fan Xing couldn’t tell what the taste was. Maybe it was the spring water left by the starry sky, and the most mellow wine he had tasted could not match it.

A few days earlier, Fan Xing’s breathing became short and he fell into the arms of the tree. In heat, he only liked the tree, the smell of an alpha made him sick. He thought that even if he died in that moment, at least he would not be pushed to bed by an alpha who he didn’t know.

Fortunately, he met the tree.

“Dear XingXing, your previous life should have been a cold star full of orange blossoms,” said the tree, “Dear one, relax yourself.”

The branches under him changed shape with the movement of the vines. The wriggling branches stretched out slightly and connected to the burning glands on the back of Fan Xing’s neck. Fan Xing felt that his body was on fire for a moment, and his limbs and torso trembled with the shivering of his soul. The tree gave a low smile, and he had not changed into a human being until now, and he dropped a soft kiss on Fan Xing’s lips.

Fan Xing’s body was completely opened, and the blanket over his body turned into a branch, imprisoning him. His penis was dripping with pre-cum, the two overflowing holes under him were stained with the color of the night sky, and the flowing juice was filled with a strong fragrance. His legs were wide apart, the vines touched the soft opening, and Fan Xing’s whimper was not unexpected.

“Tree, Tree…” He called to his God, “I want to…”

“As you wish.”

Fan Xing knew that the tree would not refuse his request, and sometimes even gave too much for him to bear. The vines burrowed into his female corridor, rubbing the soft flesh inside. The mouth of his palace was penetrated by small branches. At first, he felt pain, but soon was completely engulfed by the hot passion.

The human shaped tree God touched his cheek, and watched Fan Xing open his eyes. In the light of the stars, there was a soft light that was inhuman.

“Tree…” Fan Xing’s voice was full of tears. He endured hard, and his penis was entangled with vines, “Mark me. How about… “

It’s an unanswered question because trees can’t mark humans.

He also didn’t like this request, because he was misled by Fan Xing’s human body. His XingXing has already given him his soul, and he would live on for an eternity, while his lover’s body decays.

But the tree wasn’t angry. He can’t be angry with his XingXing.

A deep vine pulled out from the palace’s mouth, as it is too delicate and not suited for repeated pulling and inserting. The vines swell as they leave the palace, but the tree is never satisfied with simple vines. A soft fluff ball grows slowly from the headl, and the vine shrinks. The fluffy ball brushes over the sensitive soft meat, making Fan Xing unable to make any sound.

The branches around Fan Xing limbs loosened  and created a woven cage around him. Fan Xing’s was completely robbed of his strength, and the soft leaves from the branches around his waist teased his navel.

He knew it was the tree licking his body.

Fan Xing couldn’t bear the fact that the ball of fluff that was buried in his body suddenly began to swing back and forth quickly. His cocky penis looked like it was about to shoot, but the green twigs wrapped around it and put its small end into the bell’s mouth.

The feeling of acid distension was too much, and the tiny stick on Fan Xing’s neck trembled with excitement. The tree’s sexual desire is always domineering but gentle. The starlight water is poured directly into the gland on his neck, like a pheromone at the time of marking, which gives his orange blossom fragrance a primary smell of forest and soil.

In Fan Xing’s still empty back cave, the cavity was stimulated so that it gushed out an endless stream of hot liquid. The tree will not waste these good things, and will absorb them into the branches one drop after another.

The tree thinks his Fan Xing is also a star and a unique treasure.

So he stretched out his own core and revealed his desire in the core of the main branch. The pistil didn’t even need to lubricate the back hole for a moment, the orange blossom hot liquid was the best lubrication, and an Omega in estrus did not need to be pitied. The pistil rubbed the entrance of the reproductive cavity, its tip opening the cavity mouth, and the slender and flexible tentacles went in effortlessly.

Fan Xing feels thirsty.

His tears burst out uncontrollably as soon as his genital cavity was touched. He could not grasp anything with his hands, and his curled toes were pushed apart by vines and licked wantonly one by one. They didn’t even neglect the back of his knee. At the same time, fluff grew on the vines and the tickling and numbness mixed together drove him crazy.

Liquid seeps out of the blocked bell mouth. Fan Xing’s whole body is burning with hot flushes. There is no doubt that his lust and madness have been revealed. He opened his eyes and saw the starry sky, the swaying canopy, and the water dripping from the moistened leaves. The smell of the stars made his consciousness dim, and the branches at the back of his neck made him unconsciously open his legs and crave the tree’s touch.

The pistil buried in his back hole kept moving, pushing branches and leaves into the genital cavity. The tentacles are fierce, and stretches the entrance of the reproductive cavity forcefully between the pulling and inserting motions of the pistil. Fan Xing was about to scream. His body was shaking, but the tree did not pity him. The fluffy ball buried in the corridor pulls and inserts with the pistil in the back cave simultaneously, but even a God can’t control his lust. The fullness brought by the fluffy ball when it leaves the hole makes Fan Xing think that he is going to die.

His body is completely opened, the genital cavity usually fully unbars on the first day of estrus. When he squeezed in, he was very angry, as if impatient with the long process of expansion. The inner wall of the genital cavity was suddenly scratched by countless slender and flexible tentacles, and his body was squeezed like a fruit, ushering in the first thorough climax.

But the tree doesn’t stop. It’s God’s blessing. No one will refuse XingXing. He is the most beautiful thing in the world.

Fan Xing’s eyes began losing focus, and the starry sky became a curtain composed of countless halo  light spots, and his trembling body was covered with sweat. The pistil of the tree fiddled with his reproductive cavity, whilst another vine somehow also climbed up to the entrance of his back hole.

Fan Xing’s still weak consciousness could still detect the danger. He wants to open his mouth, but the moment he does, his mouth is filled with vines. His sobs and pleas for mercy were swallowed up by the tree, whilst the vine against the entrance of the back hole slowly pushed its tip in. The tree doesn’t care what Fan Xing has to say, even if it could directly sense his consciousness.

“I won’t hurt you, my XingXing,” the voice of the tree envelopes him again. “You’re still in heat.”

Yeah, Fan Xing knows he’s still in the heat. The back of his neck is filled with what he thought was an overinflated hydrothermal fluid, the pheromone of the tree. When the tree is in its human form, it is a beautiful alpha, walking with a celestial halo.

People call it a divine deity. They do not really see his soft light, but they unconsciously fear it. Fan Xing doesn’t know how he, a deformed monster, got noticed by the eye of God, but he believes in the tree. He wanted to embrace the lonely tree with his soul, just as the tree saved him from hopelessness.

Fan Xing felt that he was born in this floating forest. Human beings could not see the appearance of the tree. He was beloved by God alone. Maybe he should be imprisoned in this body.

His lax thoughts were pulled back by the joy of resisting death. The tiny bell stirred the narrow urethra, and the fluffy ball in the corridor rubbed against the flesh.

Of course the tree can tell that he was not paying attention.

“You will be mine,” said the tree, “forever, until the stars disappear.”

Fan Xing was so tortured by pleasure that he could only grunt from his throat. His mouth was full of the tree’s vines. Whenever he was in the forest, he could not even wear clothes. Everything his naked body touched came from the tree.

He thought that the next step would be the familiar piston movement, but the tiny vine in the bell mouth suddenly turned into a hard thorn, and the fluffy ball in the corridor inflated. The uneven surface severely grazes the soft flesh of the palace mouth. Fan Xing’s heart suddenly surges into a panic. 

But he couldn’t speak, and the tree won’t listen. God will insist that everything he gives is something that the other has been longing for for a long time. Whenever the tree vents its lust, the branches and leaves of its crown will move without the wind. Those rustling sounds show it’s ultimate pleasure, which is poured into Fan Xing’s brain. As soon as he hears that sound, the two holes under him will subconsciously reflect and pour out fresh sweet liquid.

He is turned upside down, and the cage that held him wove into a new frame. The tree kindly gives him the power to support his body, but Fan Xing did not have any extra strength left at all. He complains in his head, and the tree is stunned when he hears it. The next second, all the branches around his limbs are removed, leaving only the sexual organs that filled his three mouths.

With Fan Xing paralysed, the prickle in the mouth of the bell goes deeper and deeper. He couldn’t feel the pain because on the prickle, there is the water of passion and the poison of paralysis. He was like an orange stuffed into a juicer, sweet enough to blossom. The tree was so pleased with the smell that he buried his core into Fan Xing’s reproductive cavity to suck the juice up and down, while the vine, which was at the entrance of the back hole, took advantage of the gap to squeeze itself in.

Fan Xing’s limp body suddenly starts shuddering on the tree trunk. His eyes are like a faucet in disrepair, dripping water through its eyelets. The wild shouts are still being swallowed up by the branches in his mouth. When he could no longer cry, the branches left his mouth and reached the entrance of his fluffy ball-filled corridor, joined to a thread of saliva.

The greasy, slippery liquid flowed from his lower body, running from the roots of his legs to the sockets of his knees, and spread across his reddish skin.

Fan Xing didn’t know what he looked like in the eyes of the tree, but he is far more beautiful than the starry sky, more attractive than the stars and more alluring than any divine power. The tree thought to himself that if he had to choose one day, he would search for this lost star in the vast starry sea, and abandon the glory of living hundreds of millions of years.

Fan Xing didn’t like the fluff in his palace, he wanted to get rid of it, like humans trying to get rid of dirt.

The branches stained with his saliva pushed into the “vagina”, rubbing the cervix until it was soft and hot. But the tree does not squeeze himself in gently, causing his little XingXing to cry out of breath. His oestrus was very intense, but there are always hours of pause at the end of the day.

Fan Xing blames the tree for being too rough, but the tree refuses to accept accountability.

He couldn’t control his instinctive response to the tides anymore, but the tree wouldn’t let him ejaculate. Therefore, when the spines finally pull out of his bell mouth, a large amount of semen  flow out. These are quickly absorbed by the tree and will turn into sweet dew  for next time.

Fan Xing doesn’t know how long he was out for, but when he came to, there was only the night sky and the stars in place of the tree. Time is a concept of nothingness to him. Fan Xing’s aching limbs are covered with red marks after being twisted by the leaves, which added a cruel beauty to his white skin.

He did not hate it. He even likes it. He liked everything about the tree, even the unbridled collisions when it indulged his lust.

The tree brought him food, and everything in the forest was delicious. Fan Xing didn’t even want to return to the world after his heat’s over. He is willing to drown under this starry sky.

But these are thoughts for afterwards, after all, it is only the first day of his oestrus period. The tree had stretched out only one core, and he had plenty of time to enjoy it.

The tree had a human name: Xing Chuan. He is the God of the stars, the God of the forest, the God of sleep, and the master of the night. Fan Xing met him when he was renting a house. At first, they were just roommates sharing a room.

Xing Chuan told Fan Xing from the very beginning that he was not human. At that time, Fan Xing thought that he was joking, everyone had his own ambitions after all, maybe this handsome boy’s ambition was to lie all his life. He didn’t take it seriously. But later, when his classmates robbed him of his heat inhibitor, whilst trying to get it back, he had to watch the glass bottle smash to the ground.

That day was the most painful day in his 20 years of life. He had to lock himself in the rental room and spend seven days with Xing Chuan’s pheromone driving him crazy. For the first time, he knew what estrus was like. For the first time, he tore up his bed sheets because he could not come.

Seven days later, he woke up in a completely soaked bed and suffered a belated fever for half a month.

At that time, he only thought Xing Chuan was a good man. Unlike other alphas, he would not do what his instincts wanted. Hence, Fan Xing sank himself into sleep, wrapped in the smell of forest soil, as comfortable as if returning to his mother’s womb.

Later, Fan Xing learned to trust a person, or a God. He knew that the warm deep sleep was also a gift from Xing Chuan, a gift of God’s humble love and pity.

After the fever, he opened his eyes and saw the starry sky. Fan Xing thought he was still in a dream. Under him was a cradle woven from vine branches and leaves, and on his body was a moonlight blanket, his whole being was covered with warmth and softness.

He loved it so much, just like he did now. After he fell into a coma again from the first heat, when he reopened his eyes, again the stars were in front of him.

Endless, boundless.

The tree did not hurt him when he was unconscious. Fan Xing still likes to call him tree because that’s him. Xing Chuan is just a name and only a part of the tree’s identity. Fan Xing wants all of the tree. But sometimes the tree asks fan Xing to call him Xing Chuan, the God had changed his mind and wanted to try out the life of a mortal.

The idea of the tree was directly infused into Fan Xing’s consciousness, the omega shudders and his mouth utters vague words.

“Xing Chuan……” The tree’s leaves shook and answered his call. “I’m so tired…”

“You’re still in the heat. I gave you water.”

The water was not ordinary water, it is a manna and alcohol pulp. Fan Xing is turned over by the vine as he closes his eyes. One of his legs is raised and pulled apart. The core and branch that had  been buried in his two holes begins swinging again.


Fan Xing hugs the thing in his arms. He didn’t mean to exert any force, but couldn’t control it because of the excitement from the pleasure. The glands in the back of his neck is full of the liquid that had been poured in before, but the tree still didn’t think it was enough. He connects to the back of Fan Xing’s neck and breaks away from the watery place. Within a short time, he became a man again, although he was still a part of the tree. Xing Chuan goes to Fan Xing and holds him in his arms. The vines in the ‘vagina’ slowly pull away.

Fan Xing knows it’s not the end, but just the beginning. His God has three pistils, which all belong as his genitalia, and one of them is connected to Xing Chuan.

“XingXing, you are so wet.”

Fan Xing was flushed by the simple sentence, but Xing Chuan was telling a fact, and he could not refute it. His heat lasted seven days, and only one day has passed. The tree has not even let out his pollen in him yet, nor given Fan Xing the thick sap from his main pistil.

Xing Chuan didn’t do much foreplay. He pushes Fan Xing down onto a bed made of vines. The pistil in Fan Xing’s back acupoint slowly rubs his prostate, and the prolonged pleasure makes him choke. But it’s not enough; a hand flutteres to Xing Chuan’s back, and grasps the part that was still exposed outside, wanting to stick it in and feel its love more strongly.

“XingXing, don’t worry.”

With a smile, Xing Chuan grasps his desire, rubs it against the mouth of the flashing bell, and is satisfied with a cry from the other boy. He is overbearing and Fan Xing couldn’t even hold his hand. Fan Xing didn’t realize that Xing Chuan’s penis is also fierce. He cries and begs Xing Chuan to enter, before his body is tortured crazy by lust.

“Mn, Xing Chuan…… Tree, don’t…”

Xing Chuan bends down to listen. His penis was still at the mouth of Fan Xing’s hole, but he didn’t go in. Fan Xing is so anxious that he burst into tears. “Don’t. Don’t leave- Ah!”

He wanted to say ‘don’t leave me alone’, but the tree had read his mind a long time ago. He smashes into him, his penis bumping against the mouth of the palace. Xing Chuan controls the vines and holds Fan Xing’s throat. He lies on the bed- maybe not a bed, but part of the tree. He lies on the tree and arches his back, the space left by the curve of his back is soon filled with new vines. Fan Xing is bent into a twisted position by the tree, but also breathless from the torment and the pleasure.

The vines in his throat protrude tentacles, and Xing Chuan fiercely thrusts into his vagina. His narrow, wet and soft corridor was fully prepared, greedily retaining the source of his happiness. Fan Xing could almost hear the squelching sounds, and the sound of the sticky liquid itself was also erotic, like those left by the leaves of a shaking tree, able to drag him into the deepest mudpit. Fan Xing didn’t care about the branches around his neck. He knows that it could kill him at any time if it wished, but he didn’t care.

Therefore, Fan Xing had no idea that tentacles were protruding from the vines. He was distracted by Xing Chuan’s penis and the core of the tree, and there was no breathing space, as the vines in his throat became tighter and tighter, like two holes spasming. His reproductive cavity was completely opened by the everfount, and a steady stream of water flowed from it. Like the bottle of orange blossom oil perfume has shattered, and the sweet and bitter aroma brought Fan Xing into the abyss of passion.

Xing Chuan leans down and leaves a kiss on Fan Xing’s sweaty cheek. It’s a soothing touch, because otherwise God would be mad and turn into a lock to imprison Xing Chuan’s soul. He pulls out of his penis, and the pistil in his back hole pulls away from the hot soft flesh of the genital cavity. Fan Xing let out a short gasp, but only for a second. Xing Chuan turns him over,  his penis still against the entrance of his back hole, but does not go in. Fan Xing looks back in a daze, an omega in heat is afraid of being abandoned, he thinks back to the days of heat that he spent alone and the fear and panic makes him sob directly.

“No! Tree, tree! Oh!” He cries and pushes his butt back, but there’s too much water inside to hold anything else. His swollen clitoris rubs against the villi of the pistil, but the acid bloating makes him barely able to support his elbows directly. He purses his buttocks on the tree, and his two rosy holes aches for comfort.

Xing Chuan sighs and puts his hand on the back of Fan Xing’s neck, the vines there slowly shrink with a touch of Xing Chuan’s fingers. The tree and Xing Chuan are one, if the tree wants to touch the gland with Xing Chuan’s hand, the vines will naturally leave. Fan Xing was crying so much that he couldn’t breathe. His throat was entangled with vines, his body instinctively resisting the feeling of being strangled. The cool hand on his neck pacifies him, and Xing Chuan’s fingertips stretch out tiny green tentacles, which are connected to the glandular light.

“XingXing,” Xing Chuan’s voice is a little different from the original tree, more like a person, “don’t cry.”

As he said this, the tree’s pistil directly inserts into Fan Xing’s ‘vagina’. Fan Xing finally gets what he has been craving for this whole time. Lustful sobs overflow from his throat, causing his head to lift with difficulty. The vines’ tendrils around his neck helps him, lifting his chin high, like a swan with a broken neck from behind. But the tentacles do not stop there; they extend their ends and move straight into Fan Xing’s mouth once again. His teeth were pried open, and tentacles played with the tip of his tongue, giving him a deep lustful kiss.

Xing Chuan’s penis is still buried in his back hole, and easily finds the entrance to the genital cavity, bringing out an overflow of water. The reproductive cavity is open to welcome visitors, and the invite also extends to the front corridor as well. The tip of the pistil opens, and the villi are rubbing against the tender cervix. The tree tenderly sticks out its tentacles from one side of its pistil, crumpling Fan Xing’s sensitive insides fiercely.

But Fan Xing couldn’t make a sound. His tongue was taken away and saliva flowed down the corner of his mouth to his chin and clavicle. He swallows unconsciously, drinking manna from the tendrils of the vines. The sweet fragrance kept him awake, but he was still completely lost even in his soberness. Fan Xing could feel his soul being stripped away, he watches as his body turns into a juicy sex organ, and couldn’t control the pleasure going from the spinal cord directly to his brain. He is struck by his own lust and the pleasure the tree is giving him, and his throat lets out an out-of-control scream, but the wordless sentences are once again eaten clean by the tentacles.

Xing Chuan feels love from his consciousness; his Fan Xing wants to say “I love you” even when he’s on the verge of collapse.

“I love you too, my XingXing,” God replied, “and I love everything about you.”

His penis in Fan Xing’s genital cavity swells violently, and the pistil against the mouth of the palace begins to collide violently. Fan Xing felt like he was dying and wanted to faint. He could not bear such strong pleasure. But the tree would not let him faint; the water he’s swallowed, the hands of Xing Chuan at the back of his neck, and the swollen knots in his reproductive cavity would not allow him to faint at this time.

The tree controls everything about him, including his breath, his heartbeat, his life, and his soul. When they mate, they are like one. All the reactions from Fan Xing are given by the tree. If the tree did not agree to it, Fan Xing does not even have the right to turn his eyes.

God’s love is overbearing and controlling, but Fan Xing indulges in it, he falls into it and goes crazy about it.

The tentacles, which stirs his tongue, reaches into his throat. He instinctively wanted to retch, but the action is pushed back by the tree at first sign. The tentacles go into his trachea, his esophagus, and pours water and oxygen directly into his body. He would usually be treated this way at the later stage of their sexual intercourse. The human body could not bear the full lust of the tree, After Fan Xing almost died the first time, the tree completely controlled everything.

The tree doesn’t want to let Xing Chuan’s human body go into decay because of one play, which he calls catharsis. He likes this body, he starts to understand Fan Xing from this body and wants to keep this body forever.

The water is his divine power, and his XingXing will assimilate into a God without life and death.

But right now Fan Xing couldn’t feel it. He feels suffocated, but is suspended in the air because of the strong current. The vines entangling his throat felt wonderful, but he didn’t lack oxygen; his nose couldn’t take in air, but his brain didn’t strike.

As a result, the swelling of the genital cavity and the opening of the uterine orifice are clearly imprinted in his brain, and he pushes in from the tight and narrow place without any hesitation. Fan Xing’s semen hits the vine branches under him and is absorbed completely at a speed invisible to the naked eye. The inner walls of his genital cavity are doused by a thick liquid,the ejaculation process of Xing Chuan is long. Fan Xing’s tears and saliva mix together and cover his face, whilst the water being poured into his stomach makes a tiny arc.

Xing Chuan’s thick juice in his body is very precious. His stomach was very swollen, and so was his reproductive cavity, but all those juices were locked in by the genital cavity because of the leaving of Xing Chuan’s penis, and none leaked out. The vines on Fan Xing’s throat slowly loosened, and the tentacles in his esophagus and trachea tickled his tongue before leaving.

The pistil is still in the mouth of the palace. Fan Xing knows that it will not leave easily. He did not know how long it’ll be, but the core of the tree has not ejaculated yet, and even has no meaning to release.

Xing Chuan gives him a tongue kiss, and Fan Xing is easily pacified by the sound of the water entangling with his lips and tongue. He seems to be very satisfied. He will accept everything God gives him. He believes in his tree, although the tree also scares him.

Fan Xing sees that the core of the tree has opened, and there is the last pistil. On the hotbed of gynoecium, countless pistils are waiting for his arrival. Whenever the tree satisfies him, he would take something from him as well. The love and desire are viscous, like the feeling and love accumulated for hundreds of millions of years, which is enough to make his mind collapse and spirit dissipate. The extreme pleasure has the opposite effect, but Xing Chuan’s hand gently touches the side of his neck, and he doesn’t feel afraid.

“Tree…” Fan Xing’s voice is so clear since his throat is moistened by the water and was not dry or astringent, “I accept you.”

He’s entangled in two stamens and dragged into the core of the tree, and his body fell on the hotbed of pistils. Fan Xing is engulfed, buried, enveloped in darkness, slumbering again, and waking again.

In this forest, under these stars and everything, he loves this tree.

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