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Chapter 2: Eternity

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: UA

What is the kernel of a tree?

Maybe it’s God’s consciousness and God’s source, but Fan Xing thinks these are all wrong. The emotions and desires of the tree are magnified infinitely here. Fan Xing knows that the tree isn’t merciless, and God’s feelings are even stronger than human beings.

He’s sent to the warm bed and watches the sky above him disappear with the closing of the branches. But a new starry sky appears around his body, and he is completely enveloped by the smell of the forest.

He calls this the breath the world, and his tree is his world.

Fan Xing’s body is shining white, and he doesn’t realize that he’s the brightest star in this core. Xing Chuan asks him many times about assimilation and whether he really wanted to share eternity with him.

Fan Xing asks what eternity was. Xing Chuan explains that there’s no life, no death, no day and no night, eternity is stagnant time, endless space, the silence of heaven and earth, and the unity of all things.

But for a long time, Fan Xing felt that eternity was not what Xing Chuan said, because it is an endless thing, full of loneliness above loneliness, and is enough to make a God fall from the stars.

His skin shudders when it touches the dense pistils on the hotbed, which looks soft and gentle, but are actually far more cruel than the three stamens. Every hair on them is poisonous, and will magnify the sensory organs of the limbs by countless times. This means Fan Xing will lose control of his body completely, and his hair will completely be in the hands of the tree.

The hotbed devours him like quicksand, under which was the mire, the abyss, the end of desire and the destination of love.

The venom on the villi penetrates into his skin through his pores, and the core of his palace begins to rotate in a vicious way. Fan Xing, with his mouth wide open and letting out a long moan, sank into the hotbed, his body stretched out. His obedient manner pleases the tree, and so the pistil in the mouth of the palace goes deeper and almost breaks him.

Xing Chuan also followed into the core. The human God walked among the pistils, and the fluff rose into the air with his feet. When his hand touches Fan Xing, he’s wrapped into a cocoon. Finally, It also enters Fan Xing’s body, his two holes are tightly blocked, and his mind is so dizzy that it feels like he has swallowed some kind of hallucinogen.

“There are five days left,” Xing Chuan said. “You have to stay here.”

He has five days to go before his oestrus ends, which is also his sentence, but he would have preferred to be sentenced to life imprisonment.

“I don’t want to go outside… ” Fan Xing kept his consciousness, but his words were distracted by the continuous interruptions, “Don’t… “

“I’ll send you back in five days,” the tree said. “You’ll finish college.”

Fan Xing couldn’t help crying and laughing at the same time. He is going to be assimilated, what’s the meaning of finishing university?

“I see you, just like you see me,” the tree answered his question infrequently, “but I can’t stay with you. I want you to stay by my side, but not right now.”

In fact, fan Xing couldn’t understand the logic of this sentence. He stops thinking for a moment, but the tree does not stop his actions. He begins to wantonly collect rewards for answering Fan Xing’s questions. Xing Chuan picks up Fan Xing’s limp body and pushes his penis into his mouth without any hesitation.


Fan Xing’s jaws opened. He obediently folds his teeth, and the tip of his tongue stirs the contents of his mouth. There is no bad smell from the pistil, so Fan Xing did not reject oral sex at all. Everything here has the woody aroma of forest and soil, only he is an orange blossom in full bloom.

He’s too sweet, too sweet.

Xing Chuan’s food is hard to swallow. Fan Xing’s jaw is held by the pistil, and the fluffy tentacles penetrate his skin and slowly dislocates the joints of his jaw. Fan Xing’s breath quickened with a sudden exclamation, and the tentacles that entangled his jaw closed again, as if playing with a detachable puppet. Fan Xing is transparent in the eyes of the tree, and every fiber of his blood vessels, bones and even muscles can be seen through.

The mere touch and the package sent Fan Xing into a whirlpool of shivering. He struggled to swallow the core that held the shape of a human penis. It even stretched out its tentacles and stirred his uvula – he didn’t feel it, but was told. The tentacles sent out signals to him, and the places where there were no sensory nerves were also forced to accept the pleasure of touching.

Fan Xing’s upper jaw was severely scratched by the tentacles, and his grunts were completely smothered. The tree didn’t like to hear the words that came out of his mouth. He prefers to read his brain directly. Xing Chuan had told him that at his climax, the scene in his head was more beautiful than the superposition of ten million nebulae and deeper than all black holes combined.

The pistils in fan Xing’s vagina are completely stuffed in through the mouth of the palace. It opens its tip like a blooming flower to welcome spring. Still buried, the pistil suddenly swells, and the corridor is squeezed till not a trace of space is left. The area between Fan Xing’s two holes are spread into a thin membrane. The pistil in the back acupoint splits. At the same time, Xing Chuan twists the reproductive cavity, and goes deep into his intestines, dead against the prostate.

The poison on the villi made Fan Xing have his first climax within minutes, but his bell mouth was blocked by the pistil’s antennae, and he could not ejaculate even if the two holes under him gushed more water. His refractory period was compressed till it almost disappeared, his body twitching from the climax. The villi of the pistil slowly rubbed against the palms and soles of his feet, not even between his fingers.

Everything in the hotbed is soft and warm, but it did not lack strength. The tree’s excitement is vividly expressed in the airtight cocoon, which covers Fan Xing with water and fills the grooves of his navel and clavicle. Xing Chuan ejaculates into Fan Xing’s mouth, the thick juice full of the scent of trees. When Xing Chuan pulls out of his throat, Fan Xing opens his eyes and sees that the original shape of human genitalia has completely changed. The tip is now open, and the tentacles under the shadows are swinging flexibly.

Xing Chuan took him out of the hotbed, two pistils still connected to his body. Even the slight shuffling made Fan Xing feel full, the touch from Xing Chuan and the core still rotating in his sensitive points made him usher the second climax.

But he still couldn’t ejaculate.

The tree’s control of his ejaculation almost made him despair. His penis was swollen and in pain, but some of the semen inside was absorbed by the inserted tentacles, and the rest was completely carried back. Fan Xing knows it’s fine, but it was still unpleasant. He twists his body to get rid of the tentacles, but it only made the two cores in his lower body even more vicious. He rarely struggled or dodged, so this action made Xing Chuan slap him on the butt.

The slight pain was magnified, which scared him, and he was not happy. But he couldn’t be happy anyways because his actions had made the tree a little unhappy.

“You want to be punished?”

The tree clearly asked a question, but Fan Xing knows there is only one possible answer. Whether he wants to or not, he has to bear everything the tree gives him. He couldn’t speak, and the muscles of his face had no strength to move, but he asked the question directly from his head.

“I want your oestrus,” the tree’s voice infected him. “It’s mine.”

The tree didn’t give him time to react, and his movements started from the moment the last word fell. Xing Chuan turned into a tangled vine before his eyes, and the stamens returned to their original appearance. The pistils directly blocked Fan Xing’s mouth. The tubes from the tentacles were inserted into his trachea and esophagus, and the pistils suddenly swallowed Fan Xing’s throat.

There was a spike in the buried gland in his back neck, but it didn’t hurt, because the perception of the nerves around the glands was completely deprived. The water in his glands is completely swallowed up by the tree and filled with its sap. The inner part of his body was unable to bear the irrigation of the huge divine power. Fan Xing’s eyes were black, but he was pulled back by the tree from the edge of his coma. The juice that had been poured in was sucked out again, and new water poured back and forth ten times.

Fan Xing felt like a sponge that had been wrung out, filled with water, and then squeezed into a tight mass. The tentacles in his penis keep pouring water into it, his urethra is stretched open, and the pain is mixed with extreme pleasure, which drives him almost crazy. But he still has pistils in his mouth, intestines and vagina. The antennae of the pistil are connected to his fingers and caudal vertebrae. Every change in his body is completely controlled by the tree.

Except for his consciousness.

Fan Xing didn’t know that human consciousness can still stay awake under such a collision. The tree can’t take this part of him because it was his escape action. It’s the reason why anything can be done. Fan Xing’s panic comes from his body, but his consciousness is trapped in a warm spring. It’s the process of assimilation so that the tree may know his pain. The antennae from the pistil touch the rest of his body slowly and gently, even the pistil buried in his body is tender.

Fan Xing was crying all this time, his glands were swollen and tender, and the juice was thicker after injection. It was not from his skin, or even from the nerve endings. His control of his own body was usurped and his instinct disturbed by the outside world, but Fan Xing feels happy that he could get rid of what he once hated…

His oestrus.

“I saved you, and in return, I want to control you,” the tree’s voice sounded in his head. “Dear star, will you accept my gift?”

Fan Xing is willing to give everything. He is the most devout believer.

The tree receiving this signal poured its last thick mucus into the gland on Fan Xing’s neck, and the needle that went in was pulled out quickly. The tree’s hotbed made a soft cushion, and Xing Chuan emerged from the void and fell into the soft hotbed with his star in his arms. But the two pistils under Fan Xing’s body have not left yet. He couldn’t bear to rub Xing Chuan’s neck socket, and didn’t urge him to take Rui away.

After all, it’s very comfortable when plugged in. Fan Xing likes the feeling of being filled.

“My oestrus is gone,” Fan Xing said. “Is it over?”

“It’s over,” Xing Chuan said, “do you want it to start again?”

Fan Xing shakes his head. He wished he had no oestrus in his life.

“But I like your taste, star,” Xing Chuan said. “I can mark you now.”

Fan Xing thinks that trees are very good at giving people a sense of calmness. After digesting the meaning of this sentence for a long time, Fan Xing finally completely understood the meaning, and even did not care about the pistils still in his body.

“Really?” Fan Xing’s surprise was easily noticeable. “Really?”

“I wouldn’t lie to you,” Xing Chuan said, “but you need to rest, and I’ll bring you back into oestrus again, plus, the markers are tired.”

The tree said that he was tired, which did not mean the general sense of “very tired”, but even so, Fan Xing was still excited. His body was well-moistened by the tree, and he has even half stepped out of the human category. His muscles didn’t ache, and neither did the opened acupoints.

He was even frantically looking forward to the upcoming sign.

“You’re excited,” Xing Chuan grabs his waist and presses Fan Xing into his arms. “But it’s time for you to go to bed.”

Fan Xing’s consciousness was so dizzy after the tree said this, he almost forgot that his tree controlled deep sleep, and could even make people fall into eternal sleep.

When he finally fell into a deep sleep, he got a kiss, on the brow, it was almost too gentle.

“Sleep, star,” said the tree, “I love you.”

No one can refuse the deep sleep of the sleeping God. It feels like soaking in a hot spring, surrounded by clouds, even with dense consciousness.

When Fan Xing awoke, Xing Chuan was holding him behind his back, and his penis was buried in his genital cavity, which was so swollen that he had cried out in his sleep. Fan Xing found himself carried through his legs. He reached for a pistil on the hotbed and was gently comforted.

“OK, Xing Chuan?” His voice was pounded, “Tree! You didn’t — “

“Nothing?” Xing Chuan’s voice gasped, “didn’t you connect the pipe? Why, my little star will not have sex with me without the tree now? “

Fan Xing felt that his brain was full of paper mache. His hands were out of place. He didn’t know where to put his legs or even his head. He was pushed down and swayed forward by Xing Chuan behind him, but Xing Chuan only took one of his legs and covered his eyes with his other hand.

“Xing Chuan –” Fan Xing called him, “you should  use trees… “

“What tree? Baby star, you are excited like a vibrating sex toy, which makes people reluctant to leave you alone. “Xing Chuan bit his earlobe and fiercely conquered his reproductive cavity.” You should learn to make love with human beings too, my star, otherwise you won’t have sex with me if you are not in the floating forest. “

Fan Xing was amused to say that he was swallowed up by the tree on the first night, and was completely developed before and after. He thought he had enough experience, but now he realised that he would only have sex with trees. He didn’t know what human sexuality looked like, or where his limbs should even be.

Fan Xing was still shut up in the cocoon on the hotbed. He called the tree but got no answer. He did not pay attention to the pistils, except for a large dead pistil, there was only Xing Chuan behind him, who was still playing with his reproductive cavity.

“You, stop!” Fan Xing didn’t know where the strength came from. He was probably impatient, “I won’t do it!”

Xing Chuan was not angry. He slowly pulled his penis out of his back acupoint and placed his elbow on Fan Xing to cover him.

But his star ignores him.

“I’m here,” Xing Chuan seems happy to see him react like this, “no more?”

“I want a tree,” Fan Xing said, “change to a tree.”

“Am I not a tree?”

Fan Xing said that he wanted trees instead of people, but Xing Chuan in front of him is really a tree. He didn’t know what he wanted, maybe Xing Chuan in front of him is too personal. Just like any ordinary person in the crowd, he can laugh and touch his hair. He carries alpha pheromones, which is the smell of forest. Fan Xing likes it very much.

But human shaped trees always carry a little smoke and dust. Fan Xing always feels that he is subjectively rejecting this. But this tree is in its human form, and he craves it.

“Star,” Xing Chuan called to him, “if you don’t want to, I won’t mark you.”

Fan Xing did not speak. After a long time, he began to speak slowly: “I……”

Xing Chuan saw his idea directly. Fan Xing’s brain was a mess. He wants the tree’s mark but he doesn’t want Xing Chuan to come. But he also knows that Xing Chuan is a tree. They are the same. Refusing Xing Chuan is like rejecting the tree.

Xing Chuan smiles, lowers his head and kisses his closed eyes. Fan Xing opens his eyes and looks at him without knowing what to do.

“Xing Chuan,” he says, “I’m afraid of human alphas.”

He didn’t lie, Xing Chuan knew.

“So I… ” Fan Xing couldn’t say it, “give me some time.”

Xing Chuan took a deep look at him. Fan Xing’s didn’t know where to turn his face. The smell of the pheromones from Xing Chuan’s body excited and scared him. He fell in a trance, as if engulfed in his stomach within a second.


Fan Xing was stunned. He didn’t expect Xing Chuan to agree, but the surprise and shock lasted only a second.

“But for today, you won’t have vision.”

The feeling of being deprived of one’s vision and actively closing one’s eyes are totally different. Fan Xing was completely in the dark at the next moment, and couldn’t’ even see the dim lights and shadows after closing his eyes in the dark.


Fan Xing’s voice was shaking. He could only feel the pistil and hotbed under him. The tree only took away his vision, the rest of his body was still in his control. Fan Xing remembered that there is a cocoon around his body, he climbs forward and staggers to his feet, looking for something to hold on to.


Fan Xing heard the tree call to him, the sound came to his ears from all directions.

“You are in the hotbed.”

Fan Xing thought, yes, he is in the hotbed. There are only trees here. What is he afraid of? But the next second, he no longer thought this way.The tree’s words weren’t consolation at all, it was a notice.

Fan Xing was immediately brought to heat, he knelt down directly, but his hands could not hold his body. The emptiness and heat causes his tears to surge out, he cries and collapses on the ground, crazily rubbing the hotbed under his body.

“Tree! You, you and me… I’m dying… I’m dying… “

He thought of his first oestrus, he was so afraid and miserable back then. He didn’t know what Xing Chuan was doing outside their house, but he knew that his orange blossom smell filled the whole room.

Fan Xing began to cry for the tree. He said ‘I was wrong’, said ‘Don’t abandon me’, said ‘I love you’, many times, but the tree never gave him what he wanted. God’s feelings are always stronger, such as anger at this moment. He left Fan Xing there for a full hour and watched him insert his fingers into his vagina and his intestines. But this simply can’t satisfy his body, he cries almost empty, and his hands sticky with body fluid. He can only knead his clitoris and roll his penis like a masochistic man, but repeated tidal blowing and ejaculation could never relieve the surging upsurge.

An hour later, Xing Chuan stood by him. The handsome god gazed at Fan Xing on the hotbed with pitiful eyes. After Fan Xing ejaculated the thin semen again, he finally spoke.

“Star, there’s 24 hours in a day,” Xing Chuan’s tone didn’t fluctuate too much. “It’s only been an hour. You came six times.”

Fan Xing whimpered when he heard his voice. Ignoring the mucus on his hands, he moves his body in the direction of Xing Chuan, and finally touches God’s toes.

“You.. you don’t want me…Do you… ” Fan Xing sobs whilst asking him, “I was wrong, I was wrong, I… “

“No, star, you’re right,” Xing Chuan looks down at him. “I’m gratifying my selfish desires. I’m excited to see you crying and masturbating in the hotbed.”

Fan Xing gave a sharp contraction, and his fingers couldn’t help pushing into his body. Xing Chuan gave a light smile and leaned down slightly to see the water in his back acupoint.

“I want to see you pregnant, but I won’t have children,” Xing Chuan narrowed his eyes, like a deep-seated man from the city. “You have a uterus and a reproductive cavity. I want to watch you spit things out in front of you when you are pushed behind, and ask me to go out and let you touch the things behind you.”

Fan Xing is going crazy. His toes curl up consciously, and his fingernails accidentally press over the clitoris. He felt so good that itt directly brought to another climax, screaming and spraying his hands full of water.

“Star, I’ll give you a choice,” Xing Chuan said. “Now accept my mark, or show me what you produce.”

Fan Xing is still twitching in the afterglow of the climax. He is physically fine now, but still in the human category. He’s in a coma. The tree didn’t control his consciousness, but now he wanted the tree to take over all of his being.

The tree gave him a choice, but it was not the same. The tree is not in a hurry to mark him. He just wants to see his big belly now.

Fan Xing’s hands are tied above his head by the pistil under his body, and his legs are lifted up and extended. The two pistils were impertinently inserted into his uterus and genital cavity at the same time, holding the narrow entrance open. Fan Xing was scared. It was too hard to stand up and his toes curled because of the sudden filling. First of all, the mouth of his uterus was opened by something, and the pistil’s inner core vomited directly into his uterus.

“That’s the seed, three in your uterus, three in the reproductive cavity,” Xing Chuan explains kindly. “It’ll grow in a moment, my star, just as if you’re giving birth to a child. It’s just that it’s all me. “

Fan Xing did not have the strength to think, his reproductive cavity was so sensitive, and the process of the three seeds being inserted made him climax three times. The tree’s movement is slow, but it is a torment to Fan Xing during his oestrus. His stomach swells painfully, his abdomen bulges high, and his skin is almost transparent.

The seeds were still wriggling in his body, like children with hands and feet. Rui left his body after releasing the seeds. Fan Xing lost his comfort, but his hands couldn’t reach his hole because of his bulging stomach. He rubbed the pistils under him with his legs wide open, leaving a pool of water on the hotbed.

Xing Chuan was very satisfied with the scene. Fan Xing’s face was full of tears and his own water, and his saliva and sweat mixed in without leaving any trace. He was wet all over, holding his stomach and almost choking with tears.

Xing Chuan kneels between his legs, and God’s knees touch the ground for him.

“My star,” he whispered affectionately, holding Fan Xing’s waist with one hand and bending down in his ear, “you are so beautiful. I love you so much.”

His penis doesn’t go into Fan Xing’s gut, and the water makes it too smooth. Xing Chuan sighes a long sigh, like an alpha whose eyes are reddened by his partner’s pheromones, and his breath fills with burning heat.

After losing his vision, Fan Xing seemed to focus all his attention on the touch. He was red again by the heat from his earS and neck, and the hands caressing his stomach made him crazy. His stomach kept wriggling with the seeds in the womb, he opened his mouth, the pain mixed with the refreshing feeling , and let out a direct spray of water.

The climax made the inner wall spasmodic, and the first seed was spat out, full of orange blossom fragrance.

“Good boy,” Xing Chuan stopped his thrusting and rubbed his sweaty hair from his temples. “Well done.”

Fan Xing whimpered as he pressed his stomach and pushed the seeds out of the womb. Xing Chuan, laughing at his impetuous action, said that he was like a nurse pressing the belly of a pregnant woman in the delivery room. He wanted the baby to come out of the vagina the next second.

“Good…” Fan Xing has a strong nasally voice, “too much…”

His second seed is bigger than the first, but fortunately the outer layer is softer. The opening of the palace was uncomfortable, but Fan Xing knew that the tree didn’t intend to make him comfortable from the beginning.

As the soft seed was pushed out of the womb, Fan Xing was forced to reach another climax by the pistil of the tree connected to the back of his neck. He was no longer able to spit out semen, instead, transparent water flowed out of his erect penis, which was what the tree had poured into him before. Maybe it’s because the second seed is too big, that the third seed comes out with it. The tender green ball has the luster of jade and sprouts after touching the hotbed.

But Fan Xing didn’t care so much. Xing Chuan continues to move perfectly according to his words. He takes Fan Xing’s two knees and stands up directly, Fan Xing’s stomach presses against his abdomen, and his penis sways up and down with the movement. Fan Xing grabs his arm and reaches for Xing Chuan’s neck, but his abdomen suddenly feels a strong falling sensation, making him scream and hold his stomach. 

Xing Chuan’s movements were too shocking. His penis grinding Fan Xing’s prostate in his intestines, but now he’s turned around and rushed into Fan Xing’s reproductive cavity.

“Ah! No – It’s coming out! ” Fan Xing blurted out a scream, “Don’t! Things are coming out! Xing Chuan!”

Xing Chuan didn’t pay attention to him. He pushed open the genital tract, and his penis touched a seed that had been spitted out of the genital cavity because of its looseness. He pulled out a little and jerked it back in as the seed got stuck in the middle of the genital tract.


Fan Xing lost his voice at the top of his head. His stomach was in a mess. It was as if all his internal organs had been taken together. Xing Chuan felt so good  that he gasped in his ears. His penis expanded again, and even opened his mouth slightly like Rui. He had fun, so he let the seeds come out again and again and pushed them back in.

Fan Xing even stopped breathing. He raised his head and screamed silently. His body convulsed and vomited a stream of water from his empty vagina.

This kind of torture, the kind full of pleasure, lasted for nearly an hour. Fan Xing finally lost the strength to raise his head and collapsed in Xing Chuan’s arms like a rag doll.

The tree stretched out a few pistils, and finally gave him some water in his mouth.

“Star, you are beautiful.”

Xing Chuan hugs him and lies back onto the hotbed. His penis leaves the genital tract and the back acupoint and inserts into the recovering vagina.

Fan Xing is in a trance and now has three seeds in his stomach.

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I’m a little confused, who is Rui?

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This chapter was…… Interesting.
It made me cringe a little when his jaw got dislocated 😨, I suppose that must have hurt, but they didn’t even care.
I’m no expert on anatomy, but I thought i knew school-basic stuff. But this chapter got me questioning my knowledge. Like when his fingers went up to his intestines? How long are his fingers?
Anyways, thanks you so much for the hard work 😆

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Thank you for the story. I accept that FX is fully consented and allowing the God to do as he wants. I just couldn’t do it. {Snicker} I hate not having full control of my body. I don’t even like to do the autopilot thing most people do when they are doing a familiar repetitious activity. The way his mouth was filled would send into a panic. 0_o

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