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The General’s Vampire Omega
by Little Baldy



Year: 2020, JJWXC

Genre: BL, fantasy, romance, comedy, transmigration, vampire, Omegaverse, fluffy, cute story, 

Novel Status in Country of Origin: 89 Chapters (Complete)

Translator: Addis

Editor: Karatechopmonkey

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As a newborn vampire, Luo ZhouZhou’s instincts are ingrained in his genes making him embark on a constant lifelong quest for a matching mate. His mate’s blood must be warm and sweet, with the scent of red caltrop fruit.

However, after almost twenty years of searching without any luck, Luo ZhouZhou felt himself withering away until he traveled to an unknown time and space.

Getting accustomed to his new human life (not human, vam-pi-re!) is far from easy, but when he ends up at the office of the Bayard district’s police station, he finally finds the smell he has been searching for all this time.

Only a whiff and I know he’s the mate I’ve been looking for!

In a strange place with pheromones and secondary genders, the naive Luo ZhouZhou, who knows nothing about the workings of this world, has to find the owner of that scent. And there’s also an Omega killer on the loose!

What are Omegas and Alphas? Some kind of personal slaves? If only this General Chu Feng would leave this vampire in peace so he can fulfill his lifelong quest, dammit!


Chapter 1: Methuselah

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey



“Johnson Lee.”



The guard looked up at the thin, bearded man in front of him, put the ID card in his hand into the hand-held reader, and stopped asking questions. The small light on the reader was flashing, while the identification was in progress.

There was no conversation, only silence, and the two silent people stood in the white light of the sentry building. In the darkness in the distance, the outlines of some houses could be seen, and from the small cluster of raised ground, it was the villa district of Aleisha.

Luo ZhouZhou’s heart was beating fast in his throat, but his demeanor was still calm. Even if there was anything unusual, it would not be obvious, since his face was covered with a beard.

“Johnson Lee, you want to go to the Bayard district?” The guard’s businesslike questioning, with its tiredness, gave Luo ZhouZhou some hope.

It was now midnight, and the guard must have wanted nothing more than to get off duty, his vigilance must have been lowered, so he probably would be released after a few more casual questions.

“Yes, I’m going to look for my aunt in the Bayard district. She has had a sudden illness, and I’m going to take care of her,” Luo ZhouZhou recited the words he had thought out in advance. His voice was shaking a little because he was so nervous. But the guard thought it was from grief and didn’t mind.

The district of Bayard was different from the district of Aleisha, where Luo ZhouZhou was now. It was said that all the people there were civilians, and the houses were as densely packed as a beehive. Unlike Aleisha, where there were only vast forest gardens and sparse clusters of villas.

At the same time, it was very free.

But exactly how free could it be? Luo ZhouZhou felt that if he found a small house there, General Luo Pei would not be able to catch him. He could leap from roof to roof on moonlit nights, come and go as he pleased in the cobwebbed alleyways, and buy the freshest blood every night in the legendary underground trading city.

He had not drunk blood once in two months since he had entered this strange world. His body had almost forgotten the moist sweetness of the liquid as it soaked his taste buds and slid down his throat.

More importantly, he had to leave Aleisha so that he could search for his mate. If he didn’t find one, he was going to die.

Luo ZhouZhou had never heard of a vampire who died without finding his mate, but he was about to be the only one.

What would it be like to die that way?

His whole body may shrivel up like dried tree bark, which would be frightening to look at. In the end, he would be burned with a torch, and his ashes would be flushed down the drain.

The one responsible for burning him would probably even be the humorless Butler Li in the General’s residence.

Luo ZhouZhou could even imagine his frowning face as he poured his ashes into the toilet. The corners of his mouth would be slightly lowered, making the decree lines appear deeper on both sides.

“Beeep————” The identification device loudly beeped with an error message, and a red light on top of it began to flash.

While the guard was checking the reader placed on the table, Luo ZhouZhou’s body tensed up, and he didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Is it broken again?” The guard muttered and looked at him at the same time.

Luo ZhouZhou reached out and took hold of the cap’s brim, pressing it down further.

The ID card was left behind by the gardener in the house this afternoon, and he had found it in the flower bed. There was no one else around, so he looked at it over and over for a long while and put it in his pocket.

The guard seemed to be wary of Luo ZhouZhou, their attitude was no longer so relaxed, and they looked at him several times. His scrutinizing eyes slid down from the oversized worker’s uniform all the way down to the lifted leg of his pants.

“You stand still.” The guard said.

Then he pulled out the ID card and walked to the sentry booth.

There was another reader at the booth, and the soldier put the card in and waited for it to be scanned while occasionally glancing at Luo ZhouZhou, who was standing at the gate.

Luo ZhouZhou swiveled his eyes under the shade of his hat and glanced toward the gate’s retractable door not far away. It was about ten meters away from him, not closed tightly, just enough for one person to pass through, and presumably reserved for the convenience of the guards, so they can enter and exit with ease.

“Beeep——” the sound of the reader not working sounded again, sharp and urgent.

“What’s wrong?” The other guard at the post asked.

The guard started to check the ID card and said, “Not sure, two readings were wrong…”

Luo ZhouZhou slowly moved toward the gap while they were whispering about the card. With about a few meters to go, he ran up and darted out as fast as he could.

The road outside the checkpoint was still wide and lined with tall trees, dappled with light from the street lamps. Luo ZhouZhou wildly ran through the empty road, hearing only his own footsteps and his violent heartbeat. Immediately behind him, there was a flurry of chasing footsteps and shouts.

“Someone’s breaking through.”

“Stop, stop or I’ll shoot.”

I can’t stop, I can’t stop, the bullets can’t hurt me, I can heal myself, keep running, don’t be afraid.

Hearing these cries, Luo ZhouZhou’s pace did not slow down at all. But his body was so weak that he could neither leap onto the roof nor scramble to the top of a tree beside the road to escape. He even almost fell because he couldn’t see a flight of steps, its outline blurring in the light of the street lamp, like the shadow of a leaf.

Luo ZhouZhou had never run so hard since he could remember.

The cap on his head had fallen off long ago, and his short, soft black hair was stretched out, bouncing in the night breeze. His lungs felt like they were going to burst, and his temples were pounding. But he had to grit his teeth and run across two long streets in a row. The lights on the way grew, and then the street ran out to a few forks.

It will be fine when I get to the fork, Luo ZhouZhou thought to himself, I’ll find a corner to hide in when I get to the fork.

The people behind him were still chasing him persistently, but the shouts were getting farther and farther away from him. They were about to be lost.

But then a siren suddenly sounded from the rear, and apparently others were catching up to him from halfway.

Just hold on a little longer, they’re not shooting, don’t stop!

An alleyway was in sight, with a cramped roadway opening and a backlit stone floor reflecting the cold light.

Deeper into it was a darkness that looked incredibly safe.

“Pah!” Just as Luo ZhouZhou was about to step into the alleyway, a crisp shot rang out from behind him.

At the same time, a white spark appeared from the stone floor on his side, and a few stone chips splattered. Luo ZhouZhou abruptly stopped running and stumbled forward two more steps.

I am not afraid, I can heal myself.

Just as he was about to start running again, “Pop, pop, pop!” The sound of connecting shots rang out, with him as the target, and several sparks splattered all around him on the stone floor.

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t dare to move again and crouched down holding his head.

The gunshots and siren finally stopped, and silence returned to the area. He was still crouching with his head in his hands, breathing heavily.

“Click, click, click.” The sound of the heel of a shoe hitting the ground rang out as someone was walking toward him. The sound was dull and rhythmic, sounding unhurried.

Luo ZhouZhou stared at the stone floor in front of him still holding his head, and a pair of high, black leather boots, without half a grain of dust, appeared in his vision. The boots stopped in front of him, and then a cold, hard, cylindrical object was thrust against his head.

Luo ZhouZhou’s head swung twice, knowing what it possibly was, and he instantly went rigid and his undershirt went cold.

“Stand up.” A voice colder than the barrel of the gun sounded above his head.

Luo ZhouZhou stood up.

Because of the violent running he had just done, he almost fell over as he got up, and scrambled to hold onto a lamppost by the side of the road. When he stood firm, he retracted his hands and hung them at his sides, gripping his pant legs tightly.

“Look up.” The voice said again.

Luo ZhouZhou lifted his head.

Across from him stood a tall man, wearing a military uniform. Luo ZhouZhou could recognize it as a military uniform because Luo Pei wore the same one every day when he returned to the General’s residence.

But with the same clothes, he looked significantly less frightening than the man across from him.

Yes, frightening.

Sharper, more fitting, with a more intimidating pressure that made Luo ZhouZhou’s heart wince.

The man’s face was hidden in the shadows and couldn’t be seen.

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t dare to look up, so he stared at the brass-colored metal buttons on his chest. His left hand was wrapped around his chest, and in his right hand, which was hanging by the side of his pants, he could see that he was holding a gun.

The gun was black and reflected a cold light. It was the gun that had just knocked the stone slabs around him off the ground, and it was also the gun that had hit him on the head.

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t dare to move.

The man across the street was obviously checking Luo ZhouZhou as well. Under the streetlight, the beard on his face had partially fallen off, and only half of it was still hanging by his cheek. His shoes were long gone, and his bare feet were on two pairs of pants that had slipped off the ground.

“Name.” The cold voice sounded.

“Luo ZhouZhou.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t dare to lie this time, he answered quickly.





“Secondary gender.”


The person in front of him paused and repeated, “Secondary gender.”

The tone did not change, still cold and low, but Luo ZhouZhou’s heart clenched instantly. He didn’t understand what secondary gender meant, but the repetition of the question indicated that his answer was wrong.

The vampires in his own original world were divided into ethnic groups, could it be that he saw his identity and was asking about this?

Luo ZhouZhou’s heart thumped. But this cannot be easily told to humans. The chief said, even if you are burned to death, you cannot tell others. The other man seemed to be impatient, and his hand, which was holding the gun, began to tap his right leg.

One by one, with a sense of urgency, it was like it was knocking on Luo ZhouZhou’s heart.

“Methuselah.” After a breathless silence, Luo ZhouZhou finally stopped resisting. He admitted his clan, sounding as if he was about to cry.

Sorry, chief, I’m really scared.

The man on the other side stopped tapping and uttered a syllable, “Huh?”

“Methuselah.” Luo ZhouZhou’s voice was a little louder and shaky, “My secondary gender is Methuselah.”


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February 1, 2021 12:15 pm

Hi guys!
Thank you for picking up this novel for reading. This is one of my absolute favorites, and I hope you’ll like it. The MC is realistically cute and ML is reasonably mature, their chemistry is what will make this novel great +1!
Hope you’ll enjoy the novel and love these characters as much as we do!

February 1, 2021 10:21 pm

An interesting start. Looking forward to more! Thank you for the chapter!!!

February 2, 2021 7:59 am

Good start! 🥰

Thanks for choosing this one ❤️

February 24, 2021 7:34 pm

thanks for this very interesting novel. This looks promising…Uhm, lets see..

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The single brain cell is strong with this one!

I wonder if the author liked the Trinity Blood anime/manga.

March 28, 2021 8:54 am

Methuselah Honeysuckle… 😂

Sue R
Sue R
April 25, 2021 1:40 pm

Now I just learn new word ‘methuselah’
Have to keep reading very interesting start.

Sue R
Sue R
May 4, 2021 2:58 am

I come back for the second round to read this cute lovely story again.

October 4, 2021 9:35 am

Whoops looks like I’m in another ride XD
First chapter in and I’m already liking this

November 4, 2021 4:09 am

hahaha good start

December 11, 2021 9:15 pm

Im here to start reading! Im interested with this novel because the tag Omegaverse and the sinopsis, and this first chapter actually so funny! 🤣🤣
Oh our innocent Vampire🤣
Thanks for the chapter!

February 1, 2022 3:07 am

I am a bit confused. Is this man General Luo Pei? ZhuoZhuo seems to had been in General Luo Pei’s house, but this man seems like someone new to him? I hope I’ll find my answer in the next chapter. Interesting start.

March 23, 2022 10:10 am

Revisiting and giving like to every chapter😍😍😍

March 29, 2022 1:13 pm

Lol wrong answer

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