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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Rattie


Since they were the thoughts from a mechanical being, the emotions carried a heavier feeling.

Jiang Ci sensed it.

The humanoid weapon in front of him was as cold as a bottle of ice; Jiang Ci looked at him and reached out to touch his hair. It was also cold, but unexpectedly very soft.

Jiang Ci could not help but compare it with Luci’s hair which he had touched before; they were both silver, soft and similarly slightly cool to the touch.

Being stroked, Fer stood unmoved, and his face was expressionless. This humanoid weapon was so motionless to accept Jiang Ci’s touch on him, this itself showed his obedience! If he had direct contact with Jiang Ci, he would not have been thinking of the other, Fer discovered.

The emotion called ‘longing’ was suppressed, but it was difficult to grasp that the illusion of heartbeat did not disappear but became clearer instead.

He spoke again, “Then why…”

Hearing a pause in the sentence, Jiang Ci issued a questioning monotone, “Hmm?”

“Why does it still feel as though I have a heartbeat?” Fer explained the situation in a declarative tone, “Before, I felt this feeling only when I was thinking about you, so now that I’ve seen you, I shouldn’t be thinking about it.”

Good grief, just met and already lost. The system closed its eyes tightly, and it did not feel the need to open them again.

Mechanical beings had a difficult time understanding their emotions, but once they felt them, it seemed obvious, at least to the system. Faster than with the other administrators, the system tried to analyze the reasons, and finally could only conclude that the humanoid weapon in front of him had instinctive love for Jiang Ci.

This love was not written into his chip by Jiang Ci, but from the moment this mechanical being was created, he was destined to adore his creator. This could be attributed to the autonomous generation of the source code.

Jiang Ci was still giving a serious answer, “In addition to thoughts, other emotions can also cause this feeling.”

Fer continued to probe deeper, “What kind of emotions?”

“Many, any strong emotions.” Jiang Ci pondered, “Positive ones like joy, excitement, well… someone can also have this feeling.”

Jiang Ci’s words fell, the humanoid weapon next to him also followed slightly thoughtful.

Fer had no stored data records for the kind of emotions Jiang Ci spoke of; even if there were records, he was not clear which term should correspond to which emotions for the time being. He responded in a low, cold tone, “Hm.”

When he reached a step away from the obelisk, Jiang Ci couldn’t resist the urge to put his hand lightly on the outer wall of the spire to confirm its material for himself. This kind of a spire building, if placed in his original world, would be considered a miracle.

After touching it, Jiang Ci turned around and asked, “Did you choose the northern continent for your race’s territory because you didn’t want to come into contact with other races?”

There was no race that could adapt to the climatic environment of this realm of eternal winter – except for Machines. Other races were also able to survive in this environment, but this was by no means a suitable environment for them to live. Objectively described, this continent was a harsh place, so other races would not set foot in it.

Fer did not deny it, “Yes.”

This answer made Jiang Ci ponder; he originally had thought that Fer might also be suitable to be his successor. The lack of emotion in the mechanical life itself could be considered an advantage in the job of being a god, but now knowing that Fer wanted to be isolated from the outside world, Jiang Ci thought Ash was still the best choice.

“Ever thought of moving out of the northern continent?” Jiang Ci guided him, “Contact with other races is actually good for you to learn about relationships.”

Fer said expressionlessly, “I think I learn faster when I’m with you.”

Fer could only feel emotions when he spent time with the youth in front of him. It was difficult to categorize these emotions, but he could say the thoughts that were aroused at this moment. “I want to protect you.”

After saying that one sentence, this humanoid weapon spoke again, “You can give me any command, and I will follow.”

Jiang Ci looked at him and suddenly felt that the other party might be the most obedient administrator to him. Cold and icy, but actually particularly well-behaved. This was also somewhat similar to Luci, the difference being that Luci was sometimes hard to coax.

The indifferent character made him introverted, but this introversion was not easy to dissipate. A robot would not hide if he was upset, though if he would or would not become upset was another story.

The weather was bitterly cold, and the obelisk Jiang Ci just touched was like ice. Since he had been outside for quite a while, he wanted to go back indoors.

Fer noticed Jiang Ci’s discomfort with the weather and asked, “Does the weather here make you uncomfortable?”

Jiang Ci nodded gently, “A little, but it’s okay.”

In fact, along the way, the Black Dragon on his shoulder occasionally spewed Dragon breath to dispel the cold, so Jiang Ci did not feel too uncomfortable, and even quite warm, only the wind and snow were something he was not so used to.

Except for mechanical beings, all other races were longing for warmth, Fer knew this.

Maybe God was like that too. Fer silently scanned the body temperature of the youth next to him. His unclothed hands exposed to the outside were the coldest; Fer first performed a body temperature simulation, and then held Jiang Ci’s hand.

Although the temperature of the youth’s hand was colder than his simulated body temperature, Fer still felt warm when he touched Jiang Ci. He wasn’t sure why.

Jiang Ci completely forgot to move; for a moment he thought about how the administrators he created were very considerate and sweet…

“After a while, we will move the territory out of the northern continent.” Fer said to him, “What kind of environment do you prefer?”

Jiang Ci subconsciously replied, “Four seasons…?”

“Okay.” Fer nodded. “I understand.”

Jiang Ci then blinked, reacting to what the other party had decided to do because of his words.

The days were shorter in the northern continent, and the winds and snow blew and raged even harder at night. 

Jiang Ci returned indoors before it got dark. He was supposed to be the only one who went into the room, but noticing Luci, who hadn’t said much since sunset, Jiang Ci thought about it and pulled him into his room.

“Did you care about the name I gave Fer?” Jiang Ci asked Luci. He was not that slow, he actually had some awareness at that time, but that was only enough to call out the other’s name to appease him a little.

The silver-haired Celestial lowered his eyes slightly when his inner thoughts were spoken.

“Yes.” Luci looked indifferent but also admitted that very frankly, “Why did you give him the name ‘Fer’? Are other names… not allowed?”

This question was tantamount to questioning God’s decision, which Luci would not have uttered in any way. But Jiang Ci asked his voice was gentle, and being treated so gently, Luci would have wanted more.

“Actually, there was nothing in particular on my mind at that time.” Jiang Ci was telling the truth. “I just thought Fer and you were a bit alike, like twins.” Seeing that the other party was listening quietly, Jiang Ci continued, “You both have silver hair, and Fer’s eyes are also golden like your left eye, well… when you don’t talk, your appearance and temperament are somewhat similar.”

Luci listened without making a sound, and after a moment said, “But you said that the name represents your expectations of a perfect creation. Since you named him Fer, does it mean that in your heart, still only ‘Lucifer’ is perfect, and we can never reach it?”

Jiang Ci’s eyelids began to flutter familiarly, and he coughed nervously, “I thought I said there was nothing special on my mind at the time.”

Knowing that this argument was not very convincing, Jiang Ci also followed the old book, “I also said before that you are the embodiment of my expectations, which means that the you in my eyes is already the best.”

Feeling the need to completely eliminate the topic of ‘Lucifer,’ Jiang Ci stood close to gently embrace the silver-haired Celestial in front of him, “Your name is indeed from Lucifer, but you are special to me, unique.”

The system was deeply aware that this was also a very scary ability.

After that, Jiang Ci again said in a low voice, “So do not worry about the name I gave Fer.”

Even the most indifferent Celestial couldn’t resist such sweet words.

In Jiang Ci’s words, what touched Luci the most was of course ‘unique,’ which made the Celestial administrator’s feathers twitch involuntarily when he heard it. 

Jiang Ci did not realize that his words were an irritant to Luci. 

In a flash, he was pressed against the door, with his back against the cold door panel.

The silver-haired Celestial in front of Jiang Ci was already holding back his thirst since he had a dream like that. Luci could usually keep his cool, but after hearing Jiang Ci’s sweet words, the thirst became much more intense.

Although not over the top to the point of kissing, Luci could be said to be actively and forcefully holding Jiang Ci down so he couldn’t go anywhere else, holding him against the door while embracing him.

Luci’s voice was light and low, “I only care about you.”

Jiang Ci heard it and did not move against the door.

One thing Jiang Ci didn’t realize was that, unconsciously, he was now more accepting of the other’s feelings for him than when he first came to this world.

After coaxing him, Jiang Ci watched Luci the next day with a critical gaze to look at the human-shaped weapon next to him, who was also silver-haired, and then asked indifferently, “Do you really think that he and I are like twins?”

Because Jiang Ci said so yesterday, Luci now paid special attention to the other again.

“Ahem.” Jiang Ci couldn’t help but consider whether to retract this statement, and finally he nodded, “Quite alike…”

Especially when the two were standing next to him on either side, that sense of seeing twins was particularly strong. At this point in time, Fer poured him a cup of tea, Jiang Ci held the cup and felt his palms warm up.

“Thank you,” Jiang Ci said to him.

Mechanical beings had a great ability to learn; as long as there was an established method to complete the work, they could easily master anything – of course, including such skills as making tea.

Jiang Ci thanked with a smile that made Fer raise his hand to touch his heart again. He started to think about which emotion this heartbeat-like feeling should correspond to, and for this reason pulled out some psychology books written by other races from the database.

Jiang Ci watched his actions and asked, “That feeling again?”

Fer nodded coldly, then he took Jiang Ci’s right hand and said the answer he was thinking about, “I like you.”

Jiang Ci almost could not swallow the tea he had in his mouth. He glanced at Luci and saw that his face subtly changed. Jiang Ci knew in his heart that this was not going to end well.

Not to mention that there was also the Black Dragon on his shoulder who also told him he liked him.

Jiang Ci could not do anything, so he felt weak.


Luci’s response was quick and direct. He lowered his eyes and took Jiang Ci’s empty left hand, “I love you.”


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