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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Before leaving work, Luo ZhouZhou went to see Xiao Yu again.

He talked to Xiao Yu every day now, while she listened. He said whatever came to his mind, such as the two birds fighting outside the window every day, which he thinks have been badly taught by Qi Fen. Today’s lunch wasn’t very good, the mushroom cream soup was okay, Luo Pei was in a bad mood, so he didn’t bother him much, but he got a lot of scolding, and now it’s Qi Fen instead.

No matter what he talked about, Xiao Yu listened to him with great interest and the two of them got along very well.

Luo ZhouZhou had never found such a good listener, and almost ran out of things to say.

“We’re friends now, aren’t we?” Luo ZhouZhou confirmed it again with Xiao Yu.

The most pleasant thing about being in this world was that, in addition to knowing Chu Feng, he also had Xiao Yu as a friend.

Xiao Yu nodded her head affirmatively, “We are very good friends.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked into her trusting eyes and said seriously, “Xiao Yu, let me tell you something.”

Hearing his solemn tone, Xiao Yu’s expression also became serious, “I won’t tell anyone.” She lifted her right hand slightly, barely completing an oath.

“Actually, I can only be considered half-Omega,” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t want to tell the whole story, but he could reveal some of it. He paused and then continued, “A very close friend of mine says that I have the gift of vampirism.”

Xiao Yu opened his mouth, uttering a silent “Wow!” Her wrinkled face was full of shock.

“Do you believe me?” Luo ZhouZhou asked Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu nodded and replied, “Of course, I believe everything you say.”

Luo ZhouZhou pursed his lips in delight and said, “So don’t worry, I will find a cure for your illness.”

Xiao Yu became excited, and her slim, paper-thin chest rose and fell up and down. The hand beside the sheet moved and gave Luo ZhouZhou a thumbs up.

“Someone is coming to pick me up after work today.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t hide his happiness.

Xiao Yu grinned as well.

“I’ll be out for the weekend, is there anything you want me to do for you?”

Xiao Yu thought about it and reached under the pillow again, feeling for a piece of paper envelope.

“This.” She held the envelope out. “My brother… tried to find a way for me to come here. I haven’t seen him in over a year… Can you bring him this letter for me? I didn’t want… to let him see me like this, so I told him… that no terminals were allowed here.” Xiao Yu said a long sentence and took a moment to catch her breath afterwards.

Luo ZhouZhou came forward and took the letter and saw the address and name written on it.

Xiao Yu apologetically said, “He probably… changed his terminal number, so you can only… go to the address to find it.”

“Okay, I’ll go to Bayard this weekend to help you with your letter.” Luo ZhouZhou carefully put the envelope into his pocket and asked, “What do you want me to tell him?”

“Just tell him that I’m doing well and waiting to try the new drug. Once the new drug is out… the disease will be cured, so tell him not to worry.” Xiao Yu said after thinking about it.

Luo ZhouZhou promised, “Don’t worry, I will bring it, you are tired, rest first.”

Xiao Yu nodded, lay back on the bed with his help, and closed her eyes tiredly. Luo ZhouZhou tucked her in, then closed the door and left.

When the work day was over, Luo ZhouZhou was the first to rush into the dressing room and change out of his work clothes. He looked at himself in the mirror on the wall, and was quite pleased with himself.

The small, sky-blue shirt had a good waistline. He didn’t know Chu Feng was coming today, so he was a little sorry that he hadn’t waxed his hair and that it was hanging limply.

With his backpack on his back, he hurried downstairs and out of the elevator, feeling his heart beating a little fast. Looking toward the parking lot, he couldn’t find the familiar military black SUV, and there was no sign of Chu Feng. He followed the tide of people leaving work, left the main gate of the military headquarters, looked around for a while, and then stood next to the guard post.

After waiting for a while, the crowd thinned out, and only a few people were left outside the gate. When they saw Luo ZhouZhou, they looked twice at him strangely. Luo ZhouZhou has not yet seen Chu Feng, and fearing that he may have missed him, he sent a message.

【Luo ZhouZhou】: Chu Feng, I’m at the guard post at the main gate, come pick me up.

When Chu Feng didn’t reply for a long time, Luo ZhouZhou looked at the terminal and thought, Maybe he’s driving and didn’t hear the beep.

After the last of the cleaners had passed through, the guard at the guard post walked over and closed the retractable gate. Luo ZhouZhou began contemplating whether or not he should not speak to Chu Feng for half an hour because of his tardiness when he arrived.

He should be punished for not keeping the time appointment. But half an hour seemed a bit long, how about ten minutes?

“Is everything alright with you?” The guard gently asked Luo ZhouZhou.

The good-looking Omega, who had just been standing quietly beside him, made the young Alpha a little nervous. Luo ZhouZhou held on to his backpack strap and said, “I’m waiting here for someone.”

“Do I need to give you a chair then?” The guard eyed his thin, straight legs.

“No, thank you.” Luo ZhouZhou hesitated and asked, “Can I stand there?”

He was pointing at the guard post platform.

It was an eye-catching location, and Chu Feng could see him right away if he was looking for him.

Guard, “…Sorry, that is not allowed.”

“Oh, it’s okay, don’t be sorry.” Luo ZhouZhou smiled and continued to stand where he was.

As darkness fell, the street lights came on one after the other, and the guard on duty changed. After watching the guards change shifts, Luo ZhouZhou hesitantly contacted Chu Feng’s terminal.

Beep, beep, beep.

But there was no answer. He closed his terminal in anger and thought, Ten minutes ignoring Chu Feng was not enough. I have to make it a half hour. No, an hour.

“Why don’t you go back first? The person you’re waiting for may have been delayed and won’t come.” The second guard stood straight up on the guard stand, looking ahead, moving only his mouth.

“He’ll come, he said he’d pick me up.” Luo ZhouZhou looked at his shoes, his voice getting quieter and quieter.

The guard turned his face slightly sideways, saw him with his head hung low, and turned back. It was slowly getting dark, and there were two of them standing at the entrance of the empty military headquarters. In the white light of the guard post, they were just as silent and insistent.

Luo ZhouZhou felt his legs were already sore and numb, and regretted not accepting the sentry’s kindness at the beginning. It would have been much more comfortable if there had been a chair to sit and wait in.

At that moment, there was a sudden commotion at the end of the road, and the roar of a car engine.

Luo ZhouZhou and the guard looked over at the same time.

They saw a black military Land Cruiser, constantly changing lanes, overtaking all the cars beside it, the wind around it whistling like lightning. All the cars that were forced to stop on the road honked their horns angrily, and some simply stopped and opened their doors, standing on the street, shouting.

An automatic traffic violation aircraft was following it in the air, taking pictures, turning on its red lights and sounding its sirens. A mechanical electronic female voice blaring from it, “Warning! Please pull over immediately to the side of the road for inspection.”

The vehicle, oblivious to the commotion it had caused, had instantly rushed to the front gate of the military headquarters. After an ear-splitting sound of brakes, a man jumped out of the car and came running towards the sentry post.

The guard vigilantly raised his gun, and just wanted to yell “don’t move”, when he saw that the person was wearing a senior officer’s uniform, his shoulder badge was that of the rank of general.

He saw the handsome young face under the cap, and reacted instantly, putting his gun away and saluting loudly, “General Chu.”

The moment Luo ZhouZhou saw Chu Feng clearly, his heart jumped with surprise, and his grievances welled up at the same time.

As he ran this way, he secretly thought to himself, I’ll ignore him for an hour, and I won’t lose a minute.

Chu Feng’s eyes were locked on Luo ZhouZhou ever since he got out of the vehicle. He saw the empty gate of the military headquarters, and the only thing left was the thin figure standing upright, looking very lonely.

As soon as he ran up to Luo ZhouZhou, before he could open his mouth, he heard him say anxiously, “That thing is taking pictures of your car.”

“Whatever,” he said. Chu Feng looked at him intently, “I’m sorry, I was talking to President Calgar and my terminal was blocked. I missed my appointment, I’m sorry.”

“That thing has two iron arms outstretched and is towing your car.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t answer him, but pointed ahead again in panic.

Chu Feng looked back and said, “Wait for me.”

He ran back quickly, flipped neatly onto the roof of the car, reached out, and pressed his hand several times on the belly of the traffic violation aircraft. The two iron arms holding the frame immediately retracted with a click, and the sirens and mechanical female voice came to an abrupt halt.

But it didn’t fly away, still hovering on the roof with its red light flashing, and Chu Feng pressed the button several times. He jumped off the roof and ran back, lightly pulling at Luo ZhouZhou, “Let’s go to the car first, this thing can’t be turned off completely.”

“Let’s go, let’s go,” Luo ZhouZhou also urged him. 

After taking two steps forward he ran back and gave the stunned guard a salute, “Thank you for accompanying me. Goodbye!”

When he got to the car, Luo ZhouZhou remembered that he had decided to ignore him for an hour. He wanted to make a face, but his heart was bubbling with joy, and he couldn’t keep it down.

He held the backpack in his arms, kicked his legs lightly, looked at the vampire sticker on the light shield, and said to himself, You don’t have to look at me like that, he didn’t do it on purpose. I will forgive him this time.

Then he reached up and flipped the visor up, shutting the sticker inside.

“Are your legs sore? You’ve been standing for a long time.” After driving for some distance, Chu Feng looked at Luo ZhouZhou.

The aircraft was still following them, and the light inside the car was flickering with sometimes bright,m sometimes dim red light.

Luo ZhouZhou shook his head and replied with, “I’m okay,” when he saw the regret in his eyes.

“You’re hungry, then?” Chu Feng asked again.

Luo ZhouZhou rubbed his stomach, “It’s fine.”

The two of them fell into silence again. Luo ZhouZhou hadn’t seen Chu Feng for a week and couldn’t help but turn his head frequently to look at him. His face was still beautiful, although a bit of exhaustion was present, he couldn’t take his eyes off of it.

“Are you very tired?” Luo ZhouZhou hesitantly asked.

Chu Feng shook his head and said, “I’m okay.”

“Then are you hungry?”

Chu Feng also stretched out his hand and rubbed his stomach, replying, “It’s fine.”

Luo ZhouZhou widened his eyes slightly and stated, “You’re copying me.”

Chu Feng didn’t answer, but asked back, “What do you want to eat? I’ll take you there.”

Two seconds later, he said in unison with Luo ZhouZhou, “Tomato noodles.”

Luo ZhouZhou closed his mouth and stared at him with discontent.

Chu Feng laughed and said, “Okay, noodles with tomatoes.”

Luo ZhouZhou reached for the starry sky cushion beside him, held it in his arms, and pressed his face against it. Suddenly, he lifted his head, looked at it, then leaned closer, frowned and sniffed a few times.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng asked.

Luo ZhouZhou asked unhappily, “Who did you let hug my cushion? It smells like someone else.”

Chu Feng recalled and answered, “I must have been tired that day and slept on the pillow for a little while.”

“It’s not your smell, it’s someone else’s. It smells awful.” Luo ZhouZhou pouted.

“By the way, I haven’t been around for the past few days, so I threw my car keys to Chen SiHan. Maybe he was tired when he drove my car, so he used the pillow  for a little while,” Chu Feng explained.

“Oh, I’ll take it back and wash it then.” Luo ZhouZhou took off the cushion cover and stuffed it into his backpack.

Chu Feng laughed and said, “Okay, wash it. Chen SiHan is too smelly.”

Luo ZhouZhou nodded approvingly.

At the entrance of the alley, Chu Feng stopped the car and opened the door for Luo ZhouZhou.

When Luo ZhouZhou got out of the car, he looked at the small aircraft that had been hovering on top of the car, scratched his face, and asked in confusion, “Is it going to stay here, while we are eating noodles?”

Chu Feng crossed his arms in front of his chest and gave it a glance, “Nothing I can do about it, it’ll stay as long as it wants.”

A young man squatting on the side of the road, looking up at the flashing red lights of the auto-tracking aircraft, and then at the car, whistled, “Cool.”

Luo ZhouZhou followed Chu Feng, bypassing the piles of briquettes stacked under the eaves, avoiding the sheets that were hung to dry, and arriving at the noodle shop. However, the doors were shut, as if the noodle shop was already closed.

Luo ZhouZhou reluctantly peered into the crack of the door, unable to see anything in the dark, and could only turn around and say in disappointment, “We can’t eat any more.”

Chu Feng raised his hand and stroked his chin, seemingly in thought, then suddenly said, “Right, I remember another place that makes tomato noodles as good as this.”

“Really?” Luo ZhouZhou’s eyes lit up, he touched his empty belly and urged, “Then let’s go, let’s go eat there.”

“It’s just that, would there be any problem if you went home late?”

“The General is also on a business trip and hasn’t been home for a few days.” Luo ZhouZhou’s tone was like he was flying with joy.

Chu Feng couldn’t help but smile and said, “Okay, I’ll take you there.”

He went back down the alley, and soon got out of the alley and back onto the street. But when he came to where he had parked at, Luo ZhouZhou was dumbfounded.

The vehicle had vanished into thin air, and there was only an empty lot left.

The young man who started whistling was still crouching by the side of the road, and when he saw them looking at the same spot, he said, “Hey, looking for your car? As soon as you left, the flying machine extended two iron claws and towed the car away. Cool!”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Chu Feng and blinked.

Chu Feng obviously didn’t expect this and flinched, but immediately lifted his wrist and fiddled with his terminal, “Let’s take a taxi.”

“But what about your car?” Luo ZhouZhou was a bit worried.

Chu Feng looked at his terminal and carelessly answered, “I’ll give it up for one night, but it can’t go back to the garage tonight. But don’t worry, it has slept in the open field many times.”

It was probably rush hour, Chu Feng waited for half a day, but he couldn’t get a car. He looked at Luo ZhouZhou and said, “What should we do? Is it okay to walk? It’s only three blocks away.”

Luo ZhouZhou nodded, “Yes.”

“Good boy.”

The night was really waking up in Bayard, and the streets were lit up with neon signs and a steady flow of people appeared. Luo ZhouZhou looked all the way around and bumped into someone who was right in front of him. He took two steps backward and was about to fall, when he landed on a solid chest.

“Be careful,” Chu Feng whispered in his ear.

Luo ZhouZhou couldn’t help but feel his heartbeat quicken as his voice was deep and magnetic, like fine velvet brushing his ears.

After helping him stand firm, Chu Feng looked to his left and right, pointed to a nearby alley, and said, “Go through here. The road there is a little farther, but less crowded.”

Across the alley, there was a newly built road. It had not yet been opened to traffic, and there were only a few pedestrians on the road. After they walked for a while, Luo ZhouZhou felt his feet getting sore, and he slowed down.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Feng stopped in his tracks and asked him.

Luo ZhouZhou rubbed his legs, “My feet are a little sore.” 

Chu Feng squatted down, squeezed his calf, and said, “Maybe it’s because you’ve been standing for a long time.” After some thought, he turned around and crouched down, “I’ll carry you on my back, come up.”

Luo ZhouZhou flinched for only a moment, and then quickly climbed onto his back.

Chu Feng stood up, weighed him, and said with a smile, “You’re not going to thank me?”

Luo ZhouZhou pursed his lips and said, “Thank you.”


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