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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Luo ZhouZhou watched Chu Feng drive away, returning to the villa with the bear in his arms, a huge smile on his face. When he opened the front door, Luo Pei and Linda were sitting in the living room with their backs to him, watching the news.

He crept up the stairs and was about to put Precious in his room before coming back down, but he just stepped on the stairs, when Luo Pei’s voice rang out, “Luo ZhouZhou, come here.”

Luo ZhouZhou didn’t expect to be noticed like this, so he grabbed Precious and walked over to him.

Luo Pei lifted his eyes and looked at him, asking, “Where have you been?”

“Looking for Lin Fan.” He had said this morning that he was looking for Lin Fan, and now when Luo Pei asked him, his heart began to beat like a drum.

Luo Pei looked at Precious and asked, “Where did the bear come from?”

Luo ZhouZhou said a little nervously, “It’s from someone.” 


Luo ZhouZhou kept his head down and remained silent.

Luo Pei wanted to ask, but Linda quickly interrupted, “Have you eaten?”

“I’ve eaten.”

“Then go upstairs and take a shower.” Linda gave him a wink.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at Luo Pei, saw that he didn’t ask any further questions, hugged Precious as if he had been forgiven, and hurried upstairs.

“You know how to spoil him, but he’s obviously lying.” Luo Pei snorted, “He’s been hanging out with some Alpha all day.”

Linda reassured him, “Didn’t you want him to find an Alpha soon? It would be nice if he could find someone he likes.”

“What’s wrong with the one I liked last time, Chen WenZhou? He pissed him off though.”

“Don’t worry. Maybe Zhou Zhou has found himself a stronger man than Chen WenZhou.”

Luo Pei sighed, and said, “I don’t know how long I can stay in this position, if I fall, what will you two do…”

Linda’s eyes watered, she put her arms around her husband and said, “You’ll be fine, our family will be safe.”

“I hope so…”

When Luo ZhouZhou returned to his room, he washed up and got under the bed, and then took Precious into his arms. He took the silver mask that had been placed aside and put it on Precious.

“Little Sharp Blade, good night.” Precious was silent and warm in the darkness. He nudged the bear’s nose and closed his eyes with a smile.


Monday, Institute.

Luo ZhouZhou was serving coffee to a colleague when Qi Fen came over, calling out to him, “Luo ZhouZhou, come with me to the Case Department in ten minutes.”

Luo ZhouZhou hurriedly delivered all the coffee and ran back to the small break room where he and Lin Fan were resting. When he came in, he looked everywhere and rummaged through all the drawers. Lin Fan, who was resting in the room, couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking for?”

“The colored paper that I saw last time.” Luo ZhouZhou replied.

Lin Fan asked, “Why are you looking for it?”

“I would like to fold a small frog to give away.” Luo ZhouZhou continued to search through the drawer without looking up.

Lin Fan rolled his eyes, “Stop making a mess, I put it away.” After saying that, Lin Fan took a wad of colored papers from the top of the cabinet and handed it to him.

Luo ZhouZhou selected a green piece of paper and quickly folded it over and over again. A vivid frog appeared in his hands after a few minutes. He learnt it when he was a child from the patriarch. He had once folded a closet full of them to give to the patriarch as a gift, but the other vampires found it and secretly threw it away.

Lin Fan was lying on the table watching him fold it, and asked, “Is this for General Chu?”

“No.” Luo ZhouZhou didn’t look up and started to do a second one.

“Then who are you giving it to?” Lin Fan asked in surprise.

Luo ZhouZhou tilted his head, pondering, “A woman with beautiful eyes.”

Lin Fan: …… 

“Luo ZhouZhou, let’s go.” Qi Fen called to him from outside.

“Coming.” Luo ZhouZhou grabbed the two folded frogs and stuffed them into the pockets of his overalls and ran out in a flash.

Lin Fan stared at the door, unable to recover for a long time. Then he picked up the handmade paper, looked to the right and left, and mumbled, “So there are tricks like this. Noted.”

Luo ZhouZhou followed Qi Fen to the Case Department.

“Come here, I’ll put you on the access list.”

Luo ZhouZhou stood next to the metal door, let the infrared sweep over his face, entered the information, scanned it, and then the tight metal door clicked open.

“I’ll be here for a few days, but I’ll need people to run both the other department and the Case Department. You’ve snuck in here anyway and are familiar with it, so I’ll leave this to you.” Qi Fen walked inside with a grimace.

Luo ZhouZhou did not dare to make a sound and followed him.

Passing by room 001, he looked through the glass above the door and saw Xiao Yu, wearing a light blue hospital gown, sitting half asleep on the bed, and quickly raised his hand to greet her.

After just two waves, Qi Fen seemed to notice and looked back at him coldly.

Luo ZhouZhou shrank his neck to catch up with him, muttering to himself, wondering if Xiao Yu had seen him. This time was different from last time, as he met several people along the way, including doctors, nurses, and researchers.

Qi Fen walked quickly to the data analysis room and took out a pile of data for Luo ZhouZhou, “Send it to Hong Fan in the lab.”

Luo ZhouZhou took the files, but he didn’t know if there was anything else he wanted, so he just stood there.

Without looking at him, Qi Fen lifted his wrist to look at the terminal and said, “Ten minutes left.”


Qi Fen continued to look at the terminal, and after a moment’s pause, “Nine more minutes.”

Luo ZhouZhou understood now and stopped asking him, but rolled out of the room like a whirlwind, and a crackle of footsteps sounded in the corridor.

Qi Fen slowly lowered his wrist, a smile appearing on his serious face.

Luo ZhouZhou ran out of the case area in one breath, then braked sharply and backed up to the door of room 001.

Xiao Yu probably had just seen him, and was staring at the glass door with shining eyes.

“Hello, Xiao Yu,” Luo ZhouZhou said to her.

Xiao Yu smiled, made a wrinkled face and said, “Hello, Luo ZhouZhou.”

Luo ZhouZhou lifted the file in his hand to show her, “I’ll come and visit you when I have some free time.”

Xiao Yu nodded, moved her withered arms, and said, “Go.”

“Luo ZhouZhou, fetch the A56 specimen from the experimental area.”

“This data should be checked by the experimental department. I’ll get someone to deliver it. Luo Zhou Zhou! Luo Zhou Zhou!”


Throughout the morning, Luo ZhouZhou was like a top that couldn’t stop, busy running between the case and lab areas. When he was finally done, he sat down on the toilet seat in the bathroom to take a break, and then he heard Qi Fen calling out to him like a ghost.


“Yes, what is it?” Luo ZhouZhou followed the voice and rushed to the data analysis room.

Qi Fen stood in front of a pile of test tubes and said without looking up, “Come here and help me carry the sample.”

Luo ZhouZhou held the sample carefully and stood beside him, watching him fiddle with the test tubes using the instruments.

After a while, his eyes turned to the window. Two birds were parked on the windowsill, chattering and fighting.

“Where did your eyes dart to? Pay attention to my movements.” Qi Fen buried his head and coldly ordered.

Did he have eyes on his back?

Luo ZhouZhou was too frightened to look around any more. 

“Although no one has told you, you know what kind of research we are doing, right?” Qi Fen poured the liquid from the two test tubes together, and white smoke rose up with a zing.

“I know…”

“Mn, it’s Sunset Face.” Qi Fen said.

“Oh.” Luo ZhouZhou responded dryly.

Qi Fen said, “In each of the wards here, there is a patient suffering from Sunset Face.”

Luo ZhouZhou sized up his look and said carefully, “The last time you said that Luo Bing, is also suffering from Sunset Face, right? So, actually, how…”

Qi Fen gave him a sidelong glance, “How old is he? He’s actually just under forty. It suddenly struck just as we were getting ready to be married.” He looked calm and spoke as usual, “He found out early, and I used the drug we were developing on him to keep him alive until now. But my drug is no longer working, and he is dying.”

Luo ZhouZhou looked at him in stunned silence.

Qi Fen took off his glasses, wiped them, and put them back on. “The patients in this ward are the lucky ones who were chosen to live a few more years while researching and testing drugs. Those who are not chosen will die silently outside.”

Luo ZhouZhou finally understood why Qi Fen worked so hard, like a machine that never tired. He wanted to race against time to save his loved one’s life.

Qi Fen asked, “That patient in room 001, the one called Xiao Yu, I know you’ve talked to her. How old do you think she is?”

“Fifty? Forty? Thirty?” Luo ZhouZhou guessed again and again, and Qi Fen shook his head.

“Eighteen, Xiao Yu is only eighteen.” He finally answered.

Luo ZhouZhou stood in stunned silence, unable to tell what was going on in his heart.

Xiao Yu, with her shining eyes and pale face, who smiled when he passed by, turned out to be only eighteen.

“My biggest wish in my life is to develop a cure for Sunset Face.” Qi Fen sighed long and hung his head, his back looked a little depressed. After a few moments, he wiped his face again, picked the test tube back up, and said, “I’m going to fuse the Benzedrine diluent with the serum, and then observe the results of the experiment, so come over and watch what I’m doing.”

Luo ZhouZhou quickly suppressed his thoughts and obediently stepped forward.

Qi Fen explained as he experimented, and soon it was noon. He lifted his wrist to look at his terminal and said, “It’s now 12:15, you have thirty minutes to eat and rest.”

“Thirty minutes? Can I have a bit more?” Luo ZhouZhou asked in distress. He was already slow to eat, not to mention that he had promised to see Xiao Yu, and thirty minutes didn’t seem quite enough.

“There are still twenty-nine minutes left.” Qi Fen said in a flat voice, still looking at his terminal.

Luo ZhouZhou said no more, turned around quickly, and rushed out with the same vigor he had on his morning run. Luo ZhouZhou found a small cafe in the case area, where a few people were already eating. Luo ZhouZhou took down a lunch box from the food cart, sat down in a corner, and gobbled up his food.

All the people around him were seeing him for the first time, and he was a beautiful Omega, so their eyes frequently fell on him after they exchanged pleasantries. Luo ZhouZhou didn’t pay any attention to this at all, finished his meal quickly, looked at the time, there were still ten minutes to half an hour, and rushed to find Xiao Yu.

When he arrived at room 001, a staff member just happened to come out and close the door with a tray of untouched food in his hand.

“Can I go in and see her?” Luo ZhouZhou asked the staff member.

“As long as you’ve entered the access information, you can come and go in these wards as you wish.” The man smiled and said back.

Luo ZhouZhou waited for him to leave, and then went to turn the door handle.

Sure enough, after a click, the door opened.

“Luo ZhouZhou.” Xiao Yu was delighted to see him, and called him by name, but her voice was as hoarse and dull as a real old person’s. 

Luo ZhouZhou took two steps forward and said, “Xiao Yu, I promised to come and see you last time.”

Xiao Yu looked at Luo ZhouZhou, seemed embarrassed, blinked her eyes, smiled and pursed her lips. If he ignored her shriveled flesh and wrinkles, her demeanor was just like a young girl’s.

Luo ZhouZhou stared at her, not knowing what to say, and dug into his brain to think, “You don’t eat enough, you should eat more.”

Xiao Yu nodded, smiling and narrowing her eyes.

“By the way, I folded this for you.” Luo ZhouZhou pulled out the frog from his pocket.

He took Xiao Yu’s hand, put the frog in her thin palm, and said, “I wish I could fold a fish for you, but I only know how to fold frogs.”

Xiao Yu held it up in front of him for a closer look and said, “Thank you, I like it very much.”

Her voice was raspy, but her joy was undisguised.

“If you like it, I’ll keep folding it for you later.” Luo ZhouZhou thought about it and asked, “Are pink and yellow frogs okay, too?”

There was not much green paper left.

Xiao Yu also thought seriously about it before nodding, “Yes, they are.”

“Then it’s settled. I’ll fold two for you every week until you get well,” Luo ZhouZhou said.

“Okay.” Xiao Yu replied happily.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at the terminal and saw that half an hour was almost up, so he said goodbye to her.

“Wait a minute.” Xiao Yu suddenly called out to him. She rolled over, rustled around under her pillow, and felt a pink transparent plastic hairpin.

“Here, this is for you in return,” Xiao Yu said.

Luo ZhouZhou took the hair pin, “Thank you, it’s beautiful.”

“You’re welcome, mainly because I don’t have anything else to give you.” Xiao Yu looked a little embarrassed.

“It’s really beautiful, but I just don’t have any way to wear it.” Luo ZhouZhou looked at the hairpin repeatedly and said, “Can I put it on Precious?”

“Who is Precious?”

“Precious is my plushie bear, and he has pretty long fur on his head.”

Xiao Yu said, “That’s fine.”

“Then I’ll take a picture of it for you to see then.”

“Mn, it’ll be nice.”

In the evening, Luo ZhouZhou was lying under the bed, fiddling with his terminal, while Precious, with a silver mask over his face and a hairpin pinned to his head, sat beside him.

“Precious, he didn’t even send me a message today, can I send him one? But whether he’s going on business or with the president, I’m afraid I’ll disturb him.” He repeatedly tapped into the messaging interface with Chu Feng and back out again.

“Precious, I’d like to send him a message. If you think it’s okay, don’t talk. Blink if you think it will bother him.”

Luo ZhouZhou stared at the smiling bear for a moment and said, “You seem to really want me to send him a message. All right, I’ll do what you want.”

He quickly edited one and sent it out to【ID54367】.

【Luo ZhouZhou】: Precious asked me to send you a message.

He waited for a while, but there was no reply, so he sent another message.

【Luo ZhouZhou】: When will you be back? This is what I am asking.

Luo ZhouZhou was staring so hard that his eyes were sore, and only after he was sure that the other party would not reply did he turn off his terminal and go to sleep.

“Precious, when he comes back to play with me, I’ll definitely not talk to him.” Luo ZhouZhou said to Precious in the darkness, turning his head to the side. After tossing and turning for a while, he added, “Never mind, just pretend you didn’t hear that.”


For the next few days, in addition to sending data between several departments, Luo ZhouZhou stayed with Qi Fen, watched him perform experiments, and listened attentively to his explanations.

The Case Department, which was characteristically quiet, echoed with Qi Fen’s roar all day long.

“Luo ZhouZhou, are you a pig? Even pigs know that the EV4 strain cannot be used in liquid medium.”

“You can criticize me, but please don’t be so rude.”

“And you talk back? Go and copy the Case Department rules ten times for me.”


“Don’t give me that stupid look, it’s annoying to look at.”


“Luo ZhouZhou, this trip took you fifteen minutes! It took you fifteen minutes just to deliver one folder of documents!”

“Director, it only took me eight minutes, go check the pass log at the gate.”

“Luo ZhouZhou, how long has it been, and you dare to talk back to me again and again.”

“…I’m not talking back, it was really only eight minutes.”

“Is eight minutes or fifteen minutes important? Don’t be so preoccupied. Why are you staring at me? Get to work! Memorize and recite the formula you were taught yesterday.”


Everyone in the Case Department already got used to this scene, so when Luo ZhouZhou walked dejectedly down the aisle, he was greeted by a nurse who patted him comfortingly on the shoulder, “What a poor little guy.” 

Another doctor made a cheering gesture.

Qi Fen, though fierce, was very serious about teaching him, scolding and explaining at the same time. So Luo ZhouZhou learned very quickly how to operate the complicated equipment and how to extract the Sunset Face virus from pheromones.

The only exception was when he asked about the Benzedrine diluent used by Xiao Yu, Qi Fen didn’t answer.

He sank to his knees and said sternly, “Don’t touch that, absolutely don’t touch that. We don’t allow patients out of the Case Department for fear that someone with bad intentions will extract Benzedrine from their bodies. Is that clear?”

Luo ZhouZhou: “Oh.” 

“Oh? What oh? Give me a proper answer.”

“Oh… I mean, I understand clearly.”

On Friday afternoon, Luo ZhouZhou was transcribing data from the instrument when his terminal, which had not made a sound for several days, suddenly went beep. He heart jumped and after making sure that Qi Fen was still not paying attention to him, he secretly clicked on it to see.

【ID54367】: Tell Precious that my terminal was just turned on today, and I just saw the message it asked you to send. And, I’ve come back, this is for your question.

【ID54367】: Today is the weekend, wait for me to pick you up after work.

Luo ZhouZhou read the message over and over again, and felt his heart burst with joy, so much so that he wanted to jump.

“What are you happy about?” Qi Fen looked over in confusion.

Luo ZhouZhou was busy pointing at the device and stammered, “Because this… this data is very interesting.” 

Qi Fen looked at him for a long time and sighed with a headache, “What should we do? You seem to be losing your mind.”


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