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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


As the underground trading floor was still some distance away from the bus stop, Luo ZhouZhou walked slowly with his umbrella, listening to the pattering sound of raindrops hitting the surface of the umbrella and sliding down to the ground. Although it was past the coldest part of the season, the wind was still blowing, making one feel a little cold.

He wrapped his raincoat tightly around him and picked up his pace.

Halfway down the street, he stopped in his tracks. A puddle on the sidewalk was filled with water, soaking his shoes and pants legs if he walked over it. The rainwater on both sides of the road had merged into a creek, and there was no way around it.

He looked around with his umbrella, trying to find some bricks and other cushions around by the light of the street lamp. Then the terminal suddenly rang with a shrill voice.

The number on it indicated that it was Chu Feng.

He tucked the umbrella under his neck, clicked on the terminal, and asked happily, “Chu Feng, are you done?”

“Zhou Zhou, where are you now?” Chu Feng interrupted him, his voice somewhat serious.

Luo ZhouZhou said, “I was just getting ready to go home outside the trading floor, but I couldn’t get a cab and was about to take a bus.”

He heard the sound of running feet in the terminal, and then the sound of a car starting.

“Zhou Zhou, you need to turn around and go back to the trading floor. Don’t stay in the dark, go where there are people.”

With the roar of the car motor, Chu Feng’s voice was deep, and his tone was unquestioningly commanding. The experience he had gained over this period of time made Luo ZhouZhou instantly alert, and he turned to look around. There were only a few streetlights, not a single pedestrian, and several equipment stores had long since closed their doors.

“There was no one here. I’m going back to the trading floor now.” Luo ZhouZhou walked back quickly.

“If you encounter any strange people approaching you, you run, understand?”


“Zhou Zhou, you are the fastest runner, and I believe no one can catch up to you.”

Luo ZhouZhou was panicking now, but Chu Feng’s words made him calm down again.

“I know, I will run as fast as I can if anyone approaches.” Luo ZhouZhou heard sirens blaring on Chu Feng’s side, and the occasional screeching sound of cars making sharp turns at high speed.

“Where are you going now?” Chu Feng was driving the police car, with Chen SiHan in the passenger seat, at full speed. His voice and demeanor were calm, and only the knuckle-white hands on the steering wheel betrayed the tension inside.

“I’m coming to the place where two streetlights intersect. Do you know that place? It was next door to a cobbler’s store, and the owner seemed very kind and smiled at me every time he passed by…”

Luo ZhouZhou kept talking as he looked around and walked to the trading floor. As long as he stayed on the phone with Chu Feng, he felt much less uneasy.

It was dark, and there was a street lamp that was out of order, flickering on and off. As soon as Luo ZhouZhou walked past the shoe store, he heard a noise behind him. It wasn’t the sound of rain or anything else, it was the rustle of tires pressing against the water.

Holding his umbrella, he turned around and saw a car driving slowly through the rain curtain. It was a dark red SUV, driving very slowly, and the rain fell on the roof of the car, creating a small splash of water.

Luo ZhouZhou turned back and continued walking, looking behind him as he went. The car didn’t speed up, but kept a distance of several dozen meters behind him.

When he stopped, the car stopped too.

In the heavy rain, one person and one car were silently facing each other.

“Zhou Zhou, why are you silent?” Chu Feng’s side asked.

Luo ZhouZhou watched the car warily and didn’t answer.

“Zhou Zhou, Zhou Zhou.”

“I’m here.” He spoke in the terminal, “A car is following me.”

He heard the screeching sound of tires moving across the road again from Chu Feng’s side, and said urgently, “Don’t be afraid, I’m almost there, look at the side of the road, and if there are steps, walk up them. If someone gets out of the car, you run. “

“I know.”

As soon as he said that, the car behind him began to pick up speed and overtook him, splashing water onto his pant legs.

“It’s okay, he went—” Before he could finish his sentence, he saw the car suddenly brake to a stop after passing him by a few meters. Luo ZhouZhou swallowed the rest of his words and stopped in his tracks.

After a few seconds of silence, the car door slowly opened and a foot, wearing a short boot, stepped onto the ground. The moment Luo ZhouZhou saw someone getting out of the car, he didn’t bother to look at his face, threw away his umbrella, turned around and started running.

At the same time, the sound of footsteps hitting the water came from behind him, catching up fast and furiously. As Luo ZhouZhou ran, he was watching the shadow on the ground.

The shadow was so fast that instead of pulling away from him, it gradually drew closer. Ahead of him was the puddle he had just encountered. Luo ZhouZhou didn’t hesitate to step on it, then ran out of the puddle with a splash, and continued to run ahead.

Immediately behind him was the sound of water again, as the man also crossed over.

Luo ZhouZhou looked at his shadow on the ground, and just as the shadow approached him and reached out his hand, he braked and squatted down, turned around, got under his arm, and ran again in the direction of the trading floor. The man couldn’t react for a moment, and stumbled forward a few steps, but after stabilizing himself, he turned around to continue his pursuit.

This time, Luo ZhouZhou ran with all his strength in the direction of the trading floor.

His deerskin boots were filled with water and were a little heavy, making a lot of noise when he ran. He didn’t know if Chu Feng at the other end of the terminal could hear him, but he shouted out, “Hurry up!” as he ran.

Chu Feng drove his police car, and all the cars on the street gave way, so he sped all the way to a street corner not far from the trading floor.

“Watch out!” Chen SiHan suddenly burst out with a loud shout.

Under the snowy headlights, the two cars in front of him crossed the street, blocking it off tightly. It looked like they were tailgating, and the front and rear ends of the cars stuck together were deflated.

Two driver-like men stood by the car arguing, but when they heard the sirens, they shut their mouths to look in the direction of the police car.

“What do we do? The road was blocked. I’ll go down to ask if they could move the car.” Chen SiHan asked Chu Feng, with his head sideways. 

Chu Feng didn’t reply, tightly pursing his lips; he didn’t step on the brakes and kept going at the same speed.

“Ahhhhh, we’re going to crash! Get out of the way, get out of the way!”

Chen SiHan clung to the back of the seat, gripped the armrests on the door, didn’t care if the people outside could hear or not, just screamed in panic inside the car.

The two car owners thought it was the traffic police, but they saw that the police car had no intention of stopping and rushed over to their direction. They screamed twice in fear and ran to the street.


Chu Feng crashed into the gap between the two cars, the front end of the car was knocked the other way, and the police car went through the gap. Both drivers stood stunned on the side of the road, watching the police car flash its red lights and continue to whistle away.

Chen SiHan spun around and looked out the back window at the two responding drivers, jumping to their feet and cursing at the road.

He turned back, wiped his face, saying, “I’m done.”

Luo ZhouZhou had stopped running. He had run back to the trading floor in one breath, but the doors were closed and there was no one at the gate. He was the last person to leave the trading floor, and when he left, the doors were closed.

By the time he rushed up the steps and realized he couldn’t go in, it was too late to turn back. The shadow behind him also stopped running and walked slowly toward him.

As the shadow came closer and closer, his boots fell on the rain-soaked ground, making a dull sound.

Then, the whole man was exposed to the streetlight.

It was a bald man with a conspicuous mole on the left corner of his mouth.

At the first glance, Luo ZhouZhou recognized him as the man who had been rummaging around Lin WenCai’s house and then fled down the alley after being confronted by him. Luo ZhouZhou backed away from him, looking around the ground to see if there was anything he could use as a weapon.

His eyes darted to the left and noticed a few bricks there, probably left over from repairing the fence. He moved his feet and was about to run past them, but someone on the other side of the fence spotted the intent and blocked in that direction with greater speed.

“Don’t be afraid, don’t run, little Omega, you have a sacred mission, and you should be proud of it.” The man in front of him suddenly spoke.

His voice sounded like he had thrown sand in the air, and it was hoarse and hard to hear. As he spoke, he took a step closer to Luo ZhouZhou, his eyes shining with fervor and excitement.

Luo ZhouZhou looked to his right, and knew that there was an alley in the darkness, and that the alley was full of alleyways, like a disorienting spider’s web.

He was confident that he could lose this man if he could just get in.

The man was not yet close, and now was the best time to turn around without making a sound, ready to dash out from the right. Luo ZhouZhou had just lifted his step when he suddenly felt the world quieten down, and the sound of rain and footsteps disappeared in an instant.

He looked at the man and saw his lips open and close, but he couldn’t hear a word. At the same time, everything in his eyes began to spin and shake.

It was at this moment that the Sunset Face symptoms suddenly struck.

The man came closer and closer, and had already stepped onto the stairs.

Luo ZhouZhou was leaning against the wall behind him, trying to maintain his balance, and although his vision was blurred, he was still watching the man closely. There was no sound in his ears, but he could feel the fierce beating of his heart in his chest.

The figure in front of him reached out to him, and Luo ZhouZhou felt the cold, sticky sensation of a fingertip touching his face, sending shivers down his body.

“Little Omega, don’t be afraid, you will have the most glorious moment of your life…” The hoarse, unpleasant sound continued.

Luo ZhouZhou kept his composure, trying to move to the right, trying in vain to get closer to the alley.

The man’s hand slid down his face and rested on his neck, gripping the vulnerable spot, rubbing his thumb over the smooth skin.

Luo ZhouZhou was about to lower his head and take a bite out of the hand when he felt a sudden pause in his movements. The figure in front of him withdrew his hand, started to look to his right and left, then suddenly turned around and ran down the steps to the road.

Luo ZhouZhou looked into the distance and saw what appeared to be a blinking red light in his blurry vision. He blinked hard and realized that it was a police car.

It should be Chu Feng.

His strength was instantly drained from his body, and he slid down against the wall into a slumped sitting position.

The road in front of the bald man was blocked by the police car, and he instantly turned around and ran to the other side of the road, with Chen SiHan jumping out of the car to catch up.

Chu Feng didn’t have time to worry about him and ran straight to Luo ZhouZhou, shouting, “Zhou Zhou!”

Luo ZhouZhou’s eyes were half-open as someone ran up to him, held him by the shoulder, and said something.

He was a little dizzy now, but he only knew that the person must be Chu Feng, and vaguely said, “I’m fine,” and fell into his arms. 

Chu Feng made a quick check to make sure he didn’t have any injuries on his body, and knew it was a seizure of the Sunset Face. He picked the man up, ran to the police car, put him in the back seat, and turned around to chase after Chen SiHan.

The bald man ran fast, so Chen SiHan fired two shots into the sky, but it only made him run even faster. Chen SiHan simply took out the speed he had as a Special Forces soldier and gave chase. When he got close to a few meters behind him, he took a flying leap and threw the man to the ground from behind.

After the bald man was thrown to the ground, he quickly rolled over and struck him with an elbow, knocking his gun out of his hand. As he tried to run away, Chen SiHan followed suit and kicked him in the crook of the leg.

The angle was very tricky, if the kick had hit him, his lower leg bone would have been broken, and there would have been no escape. But the bald man’s reaction was also very quick. He didn’t even look behind him, he just darted to the left and followed with a punch.

Chen SiHan caught the punch and returned it with a backhand, and the two men fought on the empty, rainy night street.

“Old Chu, come quickly.” He shouted for help in a rare moment. They had searched too long and too hard for this man, and could neither kill him nor make the slightest mistake.

The bald man had no desire to fight, only to get away, but Chen SiHan saw what he was doing and clung to him, denying him the chance to escape. As he glanced back, he saw the figure of Chu Feng, who was also running, and his face showed a hint of hostility.

He took two steps back and said to his collar, “I know you’re around, but if you don’t come help me, I’ll tell them everything I know, including who you are.”

When Chen SiHan heard him speak out of the blue, he was stunned and his hands slowed down by two points, and the man punched him in the face and took two steps back. The bald man took this opportunity to try to flee again, and had just taken two steps when a gunshot rang out and a crater appeared at his feet, splattering rocks and rainwater.

He stopped in his tracks and slowly raised his hands.

Chen SiHan took the opportunity to twist his hands behind his back, pushing his shoulders down to the ground.

Chu Feng stepped forward, looked down at him, and said in a chilling voice, “Raise your head.”

The bald man had his arms locked behind his back, his head was lowered and he didn’t move. Chu Feng kicked him in the waist and shouted, “I told you to raise your head!”

The man let out a muffled grunt of pain and slowly raised his head.

Blood spilled out of the side of his mouth, dripping quickly along with the rainwater.

“What’s your name?”

“Tu Jiu.”

Chu Feng looked at his face for a few seconds, then asked through gritted teeth, “Who ordered you to rob the cipher box escorted by the military five years ago and deliver it to the church in Bavo?”

Tu Jiu tilted his head as looked up at him, a smile slowly tugging at the corners of his mouth, but didn’t reply. Chu Feng punched him hard in the face, gasped, and asked, “Five years ago, who ordered you to rob the cipher box escorted by the military and take it to the church in Bavo?”

Tu Jiu’s head hung limply, and blood dripped down its half-open mouth into a pool of water on the ground.

“Chu Feng, calm down, don’t kill the man, it was hard to catch him.” Chen SiHan was busy releasing the man from his grasp and grabbed Chu Feng’s arm.

Tu Jiu, without support, fell to the ground and, roused by the icy rain, woke up again and began choking loudly. Chu Feng clenched his hands tightly and looked at him with a hostile face.

Chen SiHan lifted the man off the ground, took the gun from Chu Feng’s hand, pointed it at his forehead, and asked, “If you talk, you can live for a while. If you don’t say anything, then I can shoot you right now.”

“Sheriff Chen, even if he is a criminal, you can’t execute him yourself.” A voice suddenly sounded from a short distance away.

Because the rain was too loud and their emotions were heightened, neither of them noticed a group of people arriving, standing not far behind them. A row of dark guns were aimed at them.

“Sheriff Chen, General Chu, raise your hands, won’t you?” The speaker stood in front of him, and Chu Feng immediately recognized him as Sky Wolf.

He was surrounded by a group of men with guns. Chu Feng’s gaze slid across their faces, and one of them suddenly caught his attention. The man was wearing a black mask that covered his entire face, revealing only his mouth and pair of eyes. He, along with the others, stood silently behind Sky Wolf.


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