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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey

QC: Sei


Chu Feng’s eyes stayed on the masked man for two seconds, and then landed on Sky Wolf.

Sky Wolf said, “General Chu, Sheriff Chen, return Tu Jiu to us, thanks for your kindness, we will definitely return it in the future.”

Chen SiHan looked at Tu Jiu in his hand, then looked at Sky Wolf, shook his head and laughed, “This is the first time I have ever met a murderer who bargained with me.” 

Sky Wolf laughed along, and when he finished, he took the umbrella from the person beside him and said, “I know you were in a hurry, and didn’t take anyone else with you. Is the General or the Sheriff not a flesh-and-blood person like us?” He raised the gun in his hand and said, “If you get shot, you all bleed and die the same.”

At that moment, a man came running from behind and whispered something in Sky Wolf’s ear. Sky Wolf looked at Chu Feng meaningfully and nodded his head again.

Chu Feng looked at them without moving, but his hand on the side of his leg was secretly squeezed. Chen SiHan also sensed something was wrong, and quietly leaned in to stand beside him.

“Okay, I’ll give Tu Jiu back to you.” Chu Feng suddenly spoke up. 

He picked up Chen SiHan’s gun from the ground, put it on Tu Jiu’s head, and pushed him forward.

“Wait.” Sky Wolf suddenly spoke up, “I’ve seen General Chu’s skills before. You don’t need to get close, just let him come by himself.”

Chu Feng didn’t make a sound, keeping his posture and standing in the same place.

“Chief, the man is here.” Someone shouted in the distance.

Chu Feng looked over there, his pupils constricting and his whole body tensing up like a fully drawn bow.

Chen SiHan also lost his voice and shouted, “Zhou Zhou.”

Three thugs held guns to Luo ZhouZhou’s head and pushed him towards them. Luo ZhouZhou was apparently newly awake, still in a trance, and stumbled a couple of steps as he walked.

Sky Wolf turned back, looked at Chu Feng and smiled, “General Chu, I can’t believe you don’t forget to bring your Omega with you wherever you go.” 

“What do you want?” Chu Feng’s eyes were cold and his voice seemed to be wrapped in ice.

“Don’t be nervous, I’m really scared.” Sky Wolf waved his hand, “General Chu, there’s no need to be so rattled, as long as we have a safe handover, your Omega will not lose a single hair.”

Luo ZhouZhou approached and was tugged to the side by Sky Wolf and said, “General Chu, how about an exchange?”

Luo ZhouZhou came to his senses only then. He couldn’t move his head, and looked at Chu Feng, who was not far in front of him, resisting the urge to speak out, pursing his lips without uttering a word.

Chu Feng spoke in a hoarse voice, “You don’t move him, I’ll exchange with you.”

“Okay, you can bring the man over this time,” Sky Wolf said with a smile.

Chu Feng walked to the distance of five meters from them with Tu Jiu in his arms, and both sides let go at the same time. Sky Wolf made a ‘please’ gesture to Luo ZhouZhou, and Tu Jiu swayed towards them, and Luo ZhouZhou walked toward Chu Feng.

Just as they brushed shoulders, he heard Tu Jiu whisper, “…In the name of the creator God, Amuel is now free from his bonds…”

Luo ZhouZhou was startled, looked up at Tu Jiu and bumped into his dangerous eyes.

Just as Luo ZhouZhou sensed something strange, Tu Jiu, who was wobbling and unsteady, suddenly moved swiftly, grabbing him by the neck with one hand and holding a snowy dagger in the other, raising it above his head.

The dagger gleamed with a cold light, magnified in his eyes, and he didn’t have time to struggle, only to watch as it was instantly in front of him. 

But the expected pain didn’t come.

Tu Jiu screamed as a shot rang out, he let go of Luo ZhouZhou, and kneeled down, holding his wrist in his other hand. The dagger also fell into the rain with a splash of blood.

It all happened so suddenly that everyone froze, except for Chu Feng, who held the gun in his hand, white smoke still billwing. Then he dashed forward and pulled Luo ZhouZhou into his arms, then flung himself into the lawn to the left of the road, shooting while in the air.

Sky Wolf crouched down quickly, and one of the thugs on his side fell down with a grunt. Chen SiHan then jumped to the right side of the road and hid behind a large, thick tree. He saw one of the thugs take aim at Chu Feng, so he raised his hand and shot, and the thug fell silently to the ground.

“Scatter.” Sky Wolf shouted and ducked behind a landscaped rock on the side of the road while shooting at Chen SiHan, who quickly hid behind the tree.

Next to the lawn was a row of huts with closed doors, looking long abandoned and overgrown with weeds in front and back.

Chu Feng rushed to the back of the house with Luo ZhouZhou and leaned against the wall.

“What should we do? Why not just kill them all?” 

Sky Wolf crouched behind the landscaping stone and asked the masked man beside him, “You dare to kill even the General and the Sheriff?”

There was a gunshot from the direction of the hut, and a crater appeared in the stone in front of Sky Wolf. He ducked his head, gritted his teeth and said, “No one knows anyway, so let’s just kill them and say the gun went off. Anyway, I don’t think the higher-ups want them to live, so wouldn’t it be nice to take care of their concerns?”

The masked man spoke again in a cold voice, “I only asked you to save Tu Jiu, not to kill.”

Tu Jiu then hid himself beside them and said gloomily, “It’s almost time for Amuel to be resurrected, and I must kill the Omega as soon as possible.”

Sky Wolf turned around slowly, looked at him in shock, and then giggled, “I’ve had the bad luck of my fucking life to be working with crazy people like you.”

The masked man spoke again in a soft voice, “You and I are different. You’re here for the money and power, when you’re just a dog we raised to watch the house..”

Sky Wolf’s face darkened instantly and he was about to say something when he heard a scream from his side. It was a thug hiding behind a tree, and he was shot in the thigh by Chu Feng’s bullet, as he prodded half of his body to take aim.

“I don’t care what I can’t kill. Back there at the sanatorium, did those brothers die for nothing as well? Even if you don’t want the money, I’m going to kill these bastards tonight.” After Sky Wolf said that, he sprang out from behind the big rock, fired a shot at Chu Feng’s row of houses, and rolled to the side of the road to hide behind a flower bed.

Tu Jiu turned to look at the masked man and said, “I’m going to kill the Omega, or else all my previous efforts will be in vain.”

Without waiting for the masked man’s reply, he too rushed out and hid behind the flower bed where Sky Wolf was hiding. The masked man hammered down the stone in front of him and cursed lowly.

After firing a shot, Chu Feng pressed his back against the wall and gave Luo ZhouZhou a string of numbers, saying, “Zhou Zhou, call this number and tell them to come right away.”

Luo ZhouZhou memorized the number and quickly dialed the terminal, but the number was disconnected.

Chu Feng looked outside and said, “It’s okay, they must’ve brought a signal blocker, I am here, don’t be afraid.”

“I’m not afraid,” Luo ZhouZhou whispered, “If I had a gun in my hand, I would have killed a few too.” 

“Right, I’ll see if I can get you a gun later,” Chu Feng said.

Luo ZhouZhou asked worriedly, “Is Sheriff Chen all right?” as the gunfire continued over Chen SiHan’s side.

Chu Feng forced back one of the thugs who tried to approach the house, raised his gun against the wall and said, “The main force is on our side, he can handle the remaining thugs.”

Chen SiHan hid behind a tree, glanced at the two corpses not far away, and counted the bullets he had left. He and Chu Feng had been in a hurry to get out, and only had a few spare bullets in their holsters. He filled his gun with spare bullets and took a deep breath.

At that moment, a shot was fired to his left to attract his attention, and a shadow was creeping up on him to his right. He ignored the left, ducked out of the tree he was hiding in, and fired a shot to the right.

The thugs who were lying on the ground rolled over and into the bushes next to him. Sky Wolf hid behind the flower bed and whispered to Tu Jiu, “You go behind the house, we’ll go left and right.”

“Okay, you cover me.”

Sky Wolf fired in Chu Feng’s direction, and Tu Jiu, crouching at the waist with his dagger, quietly rushed to the other side of the house. The ground beside Chu Feng was exploding with clods of mud, and a crater appeared. He leaned against the wall and counted one by one in his mind.

When he reached six, the shooting stopped, and his ears caught only the sound of the trigger hitting the needle.

The gun was empty!

Sky Wolf was about to reload when Chu Feng rushed out from behind the wall where he was hiding. He didn’t have time to react, but the figure was already in front of him. He fell backwards and was shocked by a fist that slid across his face with the force of a thousand pounds of wind, making him break out a cold sweat.

Rolling to the ground, he tumbled out of the mud and water, barely able to block Chu Feng’s second punch, and took a few steps backwards to stabilize himself. Chen SiHan also ran out of bullets and came out from behind a tree as the remaining thugs turned around to deal with Chu Feng.

With his hand knife and elbow, he knocked out the guns of several men and fought with them.

The masked man was hidden behind a rock the whole time, watching them without moving.

Luo ZhouZhou stuck behind the house where he was hiding, sticking his head out and watching intently. He saw that Chu Feng was fighting with Sky Wolf and Chen SiHan was surrounded by several thugs, and he was anxious but could do nothing about it.

At that moment, he saw something shining in the muddy water not far away.

Who had dropped a gun?

Luo ZhouZhou was moved in his heart, and seeing that no one outside was paying attention to him, he crouched down and prepared to run out.

At that moment, his ears caught a rustling sound behind him. It was the sound of footsteps that were deliberately light and splashed with water when he lifted his foot. He didn’t have time to turn back, so he grabbed a shovel by the wall in his hand and swung it heavily at it before anyone behind him could take action.


The shovel made a muffled sound as it hit the man.

Tu Jiu grunted and covered his head, blood spurting out through his fingers.

Luo ZhouZhou swung the shovel for a second time, and Tu Jiu reached out and gripped the shovel firmly in his hand. He tried twice and couldn’t pull it out, but when he saw Tu Jiu raise the dagger again, he decided to drop the shovel, turned around and ran out.

On the left, Chu Feng was fighting with Sky Wolf and Chen SiHan was surrounded by several thugs.

Luo ZhouZhou doesn’t hesitate to dash towards the landscape rock behind him. He could only run around the rock in circles to stall for time, waiting for Chu Feng and the others to finish them off before coming to his rescue. As soon as Luo ZhouZhou reached the stone, he realized that someone was crouching behind it.

He cried out briefly and tried to turn around, but the person was already quick enough to get up and reach out, grabbing him by the throat.

Luo ZhouZhou was restrained, and his hands desperately tried to tug at his neck, but he couldn’t get the hand off. Tu Jiu rushed over, gasping for air, and looked at Luo ZhouZhou with a bloodied face, his eyes glowing feverishly.

“Strangle him, strangle him, there’s still time.” 

Chen SiHan had just snapped the right arm of one of the thugs, and was about to tackle the one next to him as he screamed, when he heard a gunshot. His body shook, and he turned slowly, incredulously, and saw that the thugs in the bushes next to him, who had started to roll in, were pointing a gun at him.

Chen SiHan touched his back with his hand, stretched it out in front of his eyes, and slowly fell down, smashing into the rain.

“SiHan!” Chu Feng looked in that direction and let out a loud shout. He was about to rush towards Chen SiHan when he saw Luo ZhouZhou being strangled, and was shaken and confused.

Sky Wolf took this opportunity to slam a few punches into him. Luo ZhouZhou turned his head with difficulty and saw that Chu Feng was being kicked in the back by Sky Wolf. He wobbled a few times and continued to run this way regardless, but was stopped by several thugs.

Chu Feng, worried about Chen SiHan and seeing Luo ZhouZhou in a chokehold, was so distraught that he lost control of his fight. But no one dared to get close to him with his fierce punches and kicks, just as they did outside the sanatorium.

Chu Feng pushed back the two thugs on his side and was about to break out when Tu Jiu pounced on him again. He was yelling at the masked man, “You kill the Omega, I’ll hold him off.”

Tu Jiu, also a top Alpha, joined in, and Chu Feng, who had been trying to break out, quickly fell victim to the two men who jumped on him and grabbed his thighs, and took several punches to the chest and abdomen.

Chu Feng shook a few times, blood spilling out of his mouth, and dropped to one knee to the ground.

“Smash his sternum so he can’t run.” Someone was shouting.

An iron rod swung above the crowd, arcing through Luo ZhouZhou’s constricted pupils and striking down hard. Chu Feng collapsed to the ground with a cracking sound of a broken sternum. He gritted his teeth and looked up to meet Luo ZhouZhou’s gaze as he was strangled.

Blood flowed from his mouth and dripped into the rain beneath him. Luo ZhouZhou’s chest felt like it was about to explode, but he looked into Chu Feng’s eyes without moving his sight.

Even if he were to die, he would want to spend the last moment of his life with his favorite person in his eyes and heart.

At that moment, he saw Chu Feng on the ground, a silver light flashing in his hand. The familiar shape made him instantly realize that it was Chu Feng’s lighter that never left his body. Everyone was still kicking and punching Chu Feng, noticing his slow unscrewing of the lighter, his shaking hand, that pulled out a syringe from inside.

Luo ZhouZhou could clearly see that it was a syringe with Benzedrine in it. He didn’t have time to think about when Chu Feng had filled it with Benzedrine again, but only remembered Qi Fen’s call.

“…Your body is fine now and the level of Benzedrine has dropped within normal range. But I have to warn you, don’t touch that stuff again. If you inject even one milligram again, not to mention me, even God can’t save you…”

Chu Feng tried to steady his hand and turned the needle around in his palm. He looked Luo ZhouZhou in the eye and, with great difficulty, he reached out, stabbing himself in the neck.

Tears fell from the corners of Luo ZhouZhou’s eyes as he said, “No, don’t…”

The masked man also kept looking at Chu Feng, and as he pulled out the lighter, the eyes underneath the mask became strange.

When he saw Chu Feng aiming the needle at his neck, he was in a trance for a moment, and his hand around Luo ZhouZhou’s throat unconsciously relaxed a little.

Luo ZhouZhou felt his neck loosen, and a sudden rush of fresh air with a crisp, cool sensation poured into his lungs. He struggled with all his might to free himself from the masked man’s grasp, gasping for air as he stumbled toward Chu Feng.

Unbeknownst to the others, Luo ZhouZhou ran up to Chu Feng and yanked the needle out of his hand. Without hesitation, he stabbed himself in the neck before the masked man came to his senses.

Chu Feng raised his hand slightly, but then lowered it weakly.

Luo ZhouZhou pressed his hand down, and all the chemicals were quickly injected into his body. He let out a long breath and slumped down, the empty syringe in his hand dropping to the ground and rolling to the side.

One of the thugs stepped on Chu Feng’s finger with the sole of his leather boot and slowly grinded it. He said through gritted teeth, “You fucking continue to be arrogant, shit general, still lying here like a dog, waiting for me to slowly kill you, along with your Omega…”

Chu Feng was lying in the rain, his face blocked by wet hair, without being able to see his expression, he only let out two muffled grunts. The man looked to his side, found the iron rod that had been thrown on the ground, and shouted, “Get out of the way, I’ll break his bones one by one.”

The people around Chu Feng stepped back and shouted loudly in approval.

The man let out a shout and lifted the crowbar high. Everyone waited for it to fall, for the sound of bones breaking and for Chu Feng’s screams, their faces full of anticipation and excitement.

At that moment, they felt a flash of light, and the man in front of them disappeared.

“Where is he? Why did he disappear?” Someone asked in surprise.

“What the fuck is going on? Suddenly he disappeared.”

“Ma Shan, where the fuck did you scurry to? This is no time to pretend to be a ghost.”

As the rain poured down, the thugs looked around and saw only the shadows of the trees in the darkness around them, swaying in the wind with their teeth and claws.

“This doesn’t seem right, chief.” One of the thugs craned his neck and approached Sky Wolf.

“Ma Shan, Ma Shan!”

Everyone scattered, calling out to the vanishing hitman.

“Am I seeing things? The rain has turned red.” A puzzled voice suddenly asked.

The others looked up, and saw the curtain of rain under the streetlamp, and it really turned pink, pattering, with an indescribable weirdness.

Someone wiped the rainwater off his face, put it in front of his nose and smelled it, shivering and saying, “It seems to be blood.”


The sound of iron falling to the ground startled them. An iron rod fell from nowhere and rolled to them with a clink.

Before they had time to pick it up and look at it, there were a few more muffled sounds, and the open space in front of them splashed with water as several heavy objects crashed to the ground. Blood quickly pooled on the ground, with various parts of the body that were clearly separated.

One of the thugs looked down with trepidation and shouted in fear, “It’s Ma Shan.”

Ma Shan’s head, his face maintained the same expression as before he died, his eyes bulging, his mouth wide open, and his face twisted in extreme fear.

“Ah! What’s that?!” Before the crowd regained consciousness, another shout was heard.

One of the thugs looked forward in shock, trembling all over.

The others, following his gaze, also fixed their eyes on the spot.

They saw the Omega, whom they thought had been killed, standing under a large tree. Through the dappled shadows of the tree, under the white streetlight, his eyes were scarlet, and his face was covered with blue and purple veins. At the corner of his mouth, there were two long teeth, sharp, glinting in the rain. 1


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