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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


QuYa Planet was a mining planet, which produced a large amount of beryllium crystals. Beryllium crystals were used as energy stones to drive the Star warships and mecha, and the power supply of the Omar Empire was also made of beryllium crystals.

After years of mining, the beryllium crystals on QuYa Planet had almost been mined out, so the military agencies and some large energy companies withdrew, leaving the planet with a lot of holes. Since the artificial atmosphere could still be maintained for several hundred years, the military department built a prison on it, and locked those felons inside.

One reason was that it was easy to guard; if there were no ship transports, even if they escaped from prison, they couldn’t escape the planet. Secondly, although the crystals were almost mined, there were enough left for these felons to dig for many years.

The prison was located at the bottom of a huge crater, a natural cage.

It was a nice day, and it was time to let off steam, so all the prisoners were gathered in an open space, either playing ball, or chatting in twos and threes. They were also some hidden in the corner secretly playing cards, a little prison gambling game.

Guards with loaded guns patrolled the walls and behind them was a high electric fence. There was a big tree to the right of the clearing, and there was a bench under the tree, which, as far as the eye could see, was considered the VIP position here.

There was a tall Alpha prisoner lying on the bench, and other prisoners were sitting on the concrete steps next to them, smoking cigarettes.

One prisoner yawned, fell back lazily and looked at the sky. There were two planet bodies on the left and right in the blue sky, emitting warm but not harsh light. Gradually, between the two planet bodies, a small black dot appeared.

“A star warship is coming! Hey, a star warship is coming! Guess what, guys, is this a delivery of supplies to the prison, or is it another delivery of new guys?”

“I’ll bet five star coins that it’s supplies.”

“Three star coins, new guys.”

“Two star coins, supplies. Ah no, newcomers.”

A small prisoner grabbed the star coins he bet on the ground, put them into his two pockets, ran to the bottom of the next wall in a flash, and climbed up the stairs. He got to the top of the wall and said something playfully to a prison guard holding an ion gun, who simply kicked him in the ass and let him stand around looking out.

The black spot in the sky was approaching fast, and it was a huge warship. The warship flew close and then slowly landed on the docking bay outside the prison. A few moments later, the small man who had been looking in that direction raised his left hand with his back toward the crowd.

“It’s supplies, it’s supplies! I won!” One of the prisoners laughed out loud.

Then the small man withdrew his left hand again and raised his right hand.

The other inmate jumped up, “It’s a new guy, scared the hell out of me. I thought I lost money again.”

“Lars, fuck you! Say it clearly! One moment left hand and right hand in the other… in the end is it a newcomer or supplies?”

Lars stood on the wall and shouted, “I saw a big iron cage, so I thought it was supplies. But when I took a closer look, there was a newcomer in the cage.”

The burly Alpha, who had been lying on the bench with his eyes closed, opened his eyes, and the prisoners who were still playing ball stopped to look over.

In the silence, one prisoner removed the cigarette from his mouth and threw it to the ground, saying, “Only the most serious criminals are transported in a steel cage. This is a deadly planet.”

Lu RanKong, wearing an orange prison uniform, slowly walked off the warship. The light outside was a little blinding, and he raised his shackled hand to block it, stopping in his tracks. A wheel sounded beside him, and he squinted to look sideways.

It was a metal cage with wheels, quite spacious and with strong bars.

Lan Yu was sitting inside with his eyes closed.

In addition to his wrists and ankles shackled, his mouth was covered with a leather bite guard, revealing half of his face that looked very peaceful.

But Lu RanKong knew that was a lie.

A few prison guards were coming from the edge of the docking ramp, and the planet soldiers escorting the prisoners on this side greeted them, saluted each other, and then went through the handover procedure.

Lu RanKong, seeing no one else around, moved two steps closer to the cage and said in a voice that only two people could hear, “You wanted a single room, so you have to pay a price.”

Lan Yu, as if he hadn’t heard, continued to close his eyes and maintain the posture of meditation, leaning on the side of the cage. He was just really angry inside… 

“There is still such a distance to the prison. Look how comfortable you are being pushed when everyone has to walk.” Lu RanKong added.

Lan Yu’s mouth, blocked with a bite guard, couldn’t speak and couldn’t show an expression. He couldn’t even raise his voice.

“Don’t be angry, it will be better when you get inside. Think about your single room! One room, one bathroom, maybe even a window, facing north and south—”

“What are you talking about?” A prison guard who turned his head to look over yelled, “You can’t control your mouth even if you are separated by a metal cage, and you are so eager to get in front of a felon that you are looking for death? If you don’t know how to restrain yourself when you get inside, you’ll suffer when you get there.”

Lu RanKong was admonished to stop talking and took a step back to the side.

Lan Yu felt more comfortable, opened his eyes and glanced at him.

Although half of his face was covered, his eyes were full of smugness, and when he saw Lu RanKong looking over, he slightly lifted his chin.

After saluting each other again with the planet ship’s soldiers, a leading prison guard ordered, “Okay, the formalities are all done, take the prisoner back.”

Two guards went behind the cage and started pushing Lan Yu in the direction of the prison.

Lu RanKong dragged his handcuffs and shackles, lazily following behind.

“Fucking walk faster, look at your lazy face.” One of the guards pressed the electric batons on Lu RanKong’s hands, and the electricity rattled, “If you’re going to die anyway, work a long time.”

Lu RanKong quickened his pace, and Lan Yu almost laughed out loud. He sat in the rickety cage and began to survey his surroundings.

QuYa Planet was a veritable desert planet, and QuYa Prison was located in the hinterland of the crater, surrounded by a circle of towering earthy peaks without a trace of green in the entire view. A few hundred meters away from the docking pad was the strict prison gate. The guards were patrolling with loaded guns, and with the high fence and the power grid, it looked unnerving.

As the group arrived, the heavy gates of the prison slowly opened.

When they were all inside the prison, the gates closed behind them.

Lan Yu looked around. The prison was very large, and in front of a large square, farther away towered a strict gray building, where the prison cells were. In other directions there were separate buildings, which should be canteens, bathhouses, and places where the guards work and rest.

Above the road were various banners with inspirational slogans such as “Change, start here; start a new life with your heart”, “Black and white is upside down, life is good on the right path” and so on.

On the way, he met some inmates sweeping the floor, wearing blue and gray prison uniforms, looking at Lan Yu in the big iron cage with curiosity and awe.

“What are you looking at? If you want to live, can I build one for you too? Do you want one with double doors?” The irritable electric baton guard yelled again.

The inmates lowered their heads and continued sweeping, only to stop moving and whispering to each other after they left. Lan Yu was pushed along for a while longer into the compound, then they stopped in front of a building.

With a bang, a prison guard opened the cage door and barked, “Come out…”

Lan Yu got out of the cage and stood with Lu RanKong, shackled by the guard who came up and took off his shackles and the bite-proof mask on his face, wearing only a pair of handcuffs.

He moved his sore ankles and opened his mouth a bit, and at the guard’s command, walked towards the building.

Outside the building was a sign that read, “Don’t ignore Planet Law, don’t take another step off the path!!!” in red letters on a white background, followed by three prominent exclamation marks.

It looked like an office, with a coffee machine and water dispenser and a few awards on the wall. Lan Yu and Lu RanKong were led to a table where an obese guard was checking the information in his hands.

“Name…” He looked at the photo on the profile and compared it with Lan Yu.

“Qiao YiSi…”


“Male Alpha.”



“What crimes were committed?”

“Robbery, kidnapping, murder, human trafficking and arms smuggling.” Lan Yu replied indifferently with drooping eyelids.

Lu RanKong, who was standing behind him, coughed and turned his head to look at the corner.

“How many people have you killed?” The fat prison guard put down the information in his hand and looked up at Lan Yu.


“Twelve? No, it was fourteen.” The fat prison guard clenched his teeth, “There was a pregnant woman among them.”

“Hmm?” Lan Yu didn’t know about this yet.

“The pregnant one had twins.”

Lu RanKong coughed loudly again, and raised his hand to block his forehead.

The irritable electric baton guard yelled again, “What are you coughing for? Be quiet.”

The pen in the fat guard’s hand was about to be crushed, and he looked at Lan Yu and squeezed out a sentence from between his teeth, “It’s really cheap for the interstellar jury to cancel the death penalty for you, you scum.” He hurriedly finished checking and said to Lan Yu, “Qiao YiSi, your number is 0356, from now on, the name Qiao YiSi will no longer be used throughout your sentence, you have to remember your number.”

He also said to the prison guard escorting behind him, “Information shows that 0356 suffers from mania, paranoia, Asperger syndrome, personality disorder, and schizo-affective disorder, and belongs to the extreme danger category. Needs to be locked up in a separate numbered room.”

“Yes…” The prison guard returned, and said sternly to Lan Yu, “Come on…”

Lan Yu was taken away and walked to the door. When he saw the gray and black prison building in the distance, he suddenly panicked and couldn’t help but turn his head to look at Lu RanKong.

Lu RanKong was standing at the table answering questions from the fat guards with two guards standing behind him. As if sensing the eyes on him, he turned his head and met Lan Yu’s eyes, slowly showing a light smile.

This smile with a reassuring meaning made his well-defined face instantly soften up losing some of its sharpness.


A sound of electricity rang out.

Lu RanKong’s body trembled, as the smile froze on his face, and his distorted face looked bizarre.

“Why are you smiling when people are gone? Really lustful. Don’t you look at what kind of freak you are smiling at?” Behind Lu RanKong, the prison guard with the electric baton said angrily, “Seeing good-looking ones makes you stupid. I hate rapists the most.”

Lan Yu turned back around and dawdled out the door when he heard Lu RanKong’s conversation with the fat guard from behind.


“Li BaoZi…”


“Male Alpha.”



“What crime was committed?”

“Rape of fifteen Omegas and Betas.”

“Wasn’t there an Alpha?”

“Yes, two Alphas.”

Lan Yu couldn’t help but gently hook the corners of his lips.

Soon they arrived at the prison building.

The single numbered cell was in the deepest part, so Lan Yu followed behind two prison guards and walked through the long corridor. In the cells on both sides, grim-faced inmates flocked to the front and stared at him with their hands on the bars.

“Look at that, what fine skin, he’s going to the Beta section, right? Why did he come to the Alpha section?”

“Pretty little baby, this is the wrong place, right? You should go to the Omega area on the top floor, although it’s always empty.”

“It’s okay to come to my place and let this brother take care of you.”

“Is he going to a single room?”

“There were two newcomers today. Besides the other one, this is the one that arrived in the cage. Sir, can’t you let that guy go to the single room? Let’s leave this one here.”

Lan Yu didn’t look away, just wanted to quickly walk through this section of the building. He couldn’t help but glance at the strange movement coming from the right rail.

There was a famous bald-headed prisoner, cheeks with a flush of excitement, as he jerked himself off with his hand.

When Lan Yu met his line of sight, he was more excited, his nose kept flaring, the bottom of his perverted eyes were cloudy… 

He was really disgusting as his hand increased its speed and he licked his lips causing the other prisoners to cajole.

The two prison guards frowned, but also didn’t say anything. This must be commonplace, so it couldn’t be controlled.

The inmates enjoyed Lan Yu’s expression, waiting to see his face turn red with anger, and then curse angrily.

——That would be enough to keep them entertained for days.

At that moment, there was a flash of a silhouette, and no one could see how Lan Yu moved, but he appeared from the middle of the corridor next to the cell. The next second, the string of silver metal handcuffs on his wrists were wrapped around the neck of the bald prisoner. Lan Yu’s hands reached into the bars and twisted tightly in the middle, and the silver chain sank deep into the fat neck.

The bald prisoner’s hands moved to pull the chain, but he couldn’t do it, so he had to reach out from the gap in the bars to kick, but instead he was pushed hard by the man outside with his knee.

Crack, his leg bone crunched as he moved.

The bald man was on the verge of fainting from the pain and he wanted to howl like crazy, but his neck was trapped and he couldn’t speak. His long tongue was hanging out of his mouth, so he could only make a broken and hoarse ‘ah-ah’ sound.

But this voice had changed the tone, no longer filled with excitement, but pain and fear. He squinted his bulging eyes to look at Lan Yu and saw the same maddeningly beautiful face, but the expression on it was chilling.

——Because of extreme arousal, the black pupils in those peach blossom eyes were slightly dilated and shining with bloodthirsty light. The face remained expressionless, but it exuded a morbid cruelty.

“You look so pretty when you’re dying…” Lan Yu said in a soft voice in his ear. The coldness in his voice spread, and the surrounding prisoners stopped clamoring and felt a chill run through their bodies.

The scene happened so fast that by the time the two guards reacted, the bald man had rolled his eyes and liquid was gurgling out of his pants, giving off a fishy smell.

“0356! 0356, stop it! Stop!” One prison guard blew his whistle desperately, another rushed over and tried to break Lan Yu’s hand away, “0356, you are warned! Stop now!”

Lan Yu’s hand still didn’t let go, gritting his teeth and strangling the bald prisoner’s neck.


With the sound of electricity, he felt a numbness in his body, instantly lost consciousness, and flopped softly to the ground.

Lu RanKong walked into the cell hall with two guards escorting him. He was wondering why the whole hall was silent when he saw Lan Yu, who had fallen unconscious on the floor. Then, Lan Yu was held up by one arm by two guards, his head hanging limply, his feet dragging on the smooth floor.

“What’s going on?

The next thing Lan Yu knew, he was being held up by one arm by each of the two guards, his head hanging limply, his feet dragging forward on the smooth ground.

“What’s going on?” Lu RanKong bellowed.

The guards behind him were habitually about to scold, but when he swept his eyes coldly, they froze without saying anything.

“He must be the one in the cage. The one who is not in the cage is so fierce, so isn’t he even more frightening?” The surrounding prisoners began to whisper.

“Boss, your accomplice… your companion was just about to kill someone and was stunned by the wolf dogs.” Some resourceful ones had already started to defect.

“Yes, just now, stunned by electricity.”

Lu RanKong asked, “Who did he want to kill? Why?”

Another person picked up the conversation, “Boss, it was Hua Ge in cell 5, groping his penis at your companion, and he rushed up to kill him.”

“Hua Ge came in because of rape. He also cut off people’s glands, and destroyed a dozen Omega.”

“Seeing your companion look good, his addiction came back.”

“He was so disgusting that your companion couldn’t stand it and tried to kill him.”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment.

“0357, you are in cell 4.” The prison guard behind him finished speaking and was about to open the iron door of cell 4.

“Sir, I have a small request.” Lu RanKong suddenly spoke up.

The guard drank impatiently, “If you have a request, find the warden yourself.”

“I don’t need the warden for this request, you can solve it.”

“What is it?”

Lu RanKong pointed to Hua Ge lying on the ground not far away and said, “I want to stay with him, cell 5.”

The medical officer had come and was treating Hua Ge, taking out medical instruments to reset the broken bone in his right calf. Hua Ge had woken up, and from time to time, he gave a hoarse groan because of the pain in his leg, and yelled for the pervert to leave him alone.

The prison guard looked Lu RanKong up and down and said, “You’re going to be in cell 4, then live in cell 4, and still want to pick and choose? Even if you live outside the Sasu Planet Palace, you have to be submissive when you come to me, and you can live wherever you want.”

After saying that, he pushed open the iron door of cell 4 and scolded, “Go in…”

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything else, as he smiled and walked to cell 4. But just as he brushed past the prison guard, without any warning, he suddenly dashed out to the side.

The medical officer just put down the right leg of Hua Ge’s pants, barking out precautions, “Don’t get wet during this time, and don’t exert any force on your right foot, I’ll have someone send you a pair of crutches later…”

“Doctor, I don’t want crutches, I want a wheelchair.” Hua Ge lay on the ground and made a request.

Before the words fell, a leaping figure suddenly appeared in his vision. As the figure descended, he heard another crunching sound, followed by the same familiar pain in his left calf as he had just felt in his right calf.

“AAAH!” Hua Ge let out a heartbreaking scream and fainted again.

After Lu RanKong smashed his left leg with one fist, he held the posture of kneeling on one knee and holding his hands together for three seconds, before shaking his hair and standing up.

The entire cell hall was quiet, the prisoners were stunned, no one said a word.

Only after Lu RanKong stood up straight did a sudden burst of applause and whistles, interspersed with ‘Boss’, Boss and cheers.

“Boss is so handsome! Boss is powerful!”

“Boss, come to our cell 12, we are willing to serve you!”

“Boss, I am also willing to serve you, so come to our prison cell!”

“Boss, the best bunk is for you by the window.”

The two guards escorting Lu RanKong reacted, one started whistling, and the other pulled out an electric baton and rushed up.

Lu RanKong hurriedly put his handcuffed hands together and raised them above his head: “Don’t be nervous, I won’t resist, I won’t—”


There was a long electric sound, and he fell limply.

The guard took the electric baton back to his waist, and the whistling guard behind him asked, “Still locked up in cell 4?”

“Shut the hell up. 0357 is a rapist, and when he heard that Hua Ge is also a rapist just now, he wanted to live with him. I didn’t agree to him and he broke someone’s leg.” The electric baton guard took two steps closer to him and whispered, “That cell 4 is full of rapists, what if he went in and destroyed them all? I hate rapists, and fuck, they have a professional monopoly.”

“What about him?” The sentinel prison guard kicked the unconscious Lu RanKong with his foot.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey, Wolf Dog is not allowed to touch our Boss.”

“Watch out if I piss in your food bowl and mix it with dog food.”

The inmates bickered again.

“Shut up…” The baton warder pulled out his baton again, “Who the hell is going to argue again?”

“Boo—” The inmates started banging on the bars and the whole hall thumped into one.

The electric baton guards pounded the baton on the bars beside them, and all the prisoners on this side shouted and left the bars.

“Sooner or later, I’ll cut the dog whip off to make wine.”

“Cut my ass, use the electric baton to cook it.”

The guards were already oblivious to this and continued to talk in whispers.

“Forget it, put this one in a single room too. He’s just as dangerous as the one just now.” The whistling prison guard said.

The electric baton guard thought for a moment and said, “Okay…”

The two men picked up Lu RanKong and dragged him forward by one arm.

Lu RanKong started just like Lan Yu, with his head hanging limply and his feet dragging on the smooth ground.


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Sue R
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….and this isn’t even day 1 😬
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