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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Kona was not surprised to see Gu Yu and Cyno’s reaction, and he laughed, “I knew you would be very happy to hear this news. Congratulations!”

Cyno looked at him sharply, his voice trembling slightly, “Are you sure?”

Kona was conservative, “There should be no mistake, but to be more rigorous, I will now give him a physical examination.” He added, “He has to be checked for the first time he turns into a beast.”

Gu Yu listened dully to the conversation, and only reacted when Cyno picked him up and placed him on the couch. He stood on the sofa on his back paws and looked down to see his stomach, but now he was a small white tiger, so he couldn’t see his stomach.

Unless he leaned back.

But thinking about that position, he immediately dismissed the idea.

Kona said softly, “You can just lie on your back, you don’t have to stand like this.”

Gu Yu came back to his senses and obediently plopped down, his head in turmoil.

Maybe there was a mistake. How could he be pregnant? He was a white tiger now. How could he be pregnant?!

There must be a mistake.

Kona gently placed the connecting piece on the back of his neck and opened the light screen with the test results, the top half of the screen showed the data and the bottom was a graph.

Gu Yu tilted his head and looked at it, somehow it looked familiar.

Kona pointed to the dot in the graph with excitement, “Look, this is the fertilized egg, he’s really pregnant!” He said with a sense of anticipation, “It’s just a gestational egg now, but it will slowly grow in size. In a month’s time we’ll be able to see its outline, and whether it’s a male or a natural female.”

Gu Yu stared at the light screen. Finally remembering why it looked familiar. It was similar to a modern ultrasound, but it seemed a little more detailed.

His right front paw slowly moved down to the side of his stomach and gently touched it, soft.

Am I really pregnant?

Cyno gently squeezed his paw, the side of his palm against his abdomen, his palm warm, making Gu Yu feel very comfortable. Gu Yu’s panicked heart calmed down a bit and he raised his paws towards Cyno. Cyno took him into his hands, and Gu Yu put his head on his chest, listening to the sound of his strong heartbeat, very reassuring.

Cyno gently stroked the back of his neck with his thumb and looked to Kona, “Why is he so small? Is the pregnancy dangerous for him?” he asked with his brow furrowing slightly. His little mate was at this point the size of a Teck toddler, and should not be able to conceive a child at all.

Kona thought for a moment and then said, “I’ve checked many sources on the Son of the Beast God and there is nothing that mentions the details of his ability to have a child.”

Cyno frowned, “That means it’s uncertain if Little Yu’s condition is normal?”

Kona: “From what the data shows, he is in a healthy state physically.” He looked to Gu Yu, “Can you regain your human form?”

Cyno encouraged him with a reminder, “Just think of morphing in your mind.”

Gu Yu tried, his body suddenly rose up with a heat, and his limbs quickly swelled up with pain, he muffled a grunt and curled up.

Cyno suddenly had a feeling in his heart that he had never felt before, as if he could feel Gu Yu’s pain, he hurriedly said, “Don’t try it.”

Gu Yu let his thoughts go and his body gradually returned to normal.

Kona: “It doesn’t seem to work.”

As he was talking, His Majesty’s terminal rang, he opened the information interface, and after sweeping his eyes over it, he looked up and said, “We found the information of the beast mark of the Son of the Beast God.” As he passed the information, he continued, “This is the information found in the palace’s book collection. Some of it is written down on bamboo tablets and some on paper. The Son of the Beast God would rarely show himself in the year after he had his mate’s ability, and it was rumored to the public that he was trying to adapt to his mate’s ability.”

He looked to Gu Yu, “Actually it was because of pregnancy.”

Cyno’s expression changed slightly, “You mean that pregnancy is the key for the Son of the Beast God to have the Marked Beast Mark?”

His Majesty nodded, “Yes, that’s why the information that is out there doesn’t have any details about it.”

If this were known, the Son of the Beast God would be in great danger.

Those who wanted to mate with him would probably use coercion to impregnate him and forcefully make the beast mark.

Cyno’s face turned ugly.

Gu Yu, after a moment’s thought, also understood, pawing at Cyno’s clothes and squeezing tighter in his arms. Cyno soothingly stroked from the back of his neck to his tail, and Gu Yu’s tail moved and gently swept over his fingers.

Kona received the information from His Majesty and quickly read it, “Xiao Gu’s reaction is normal; the Son of the Beast God was also in toddler form when he first possessed the marked beast mark and gained his beast form.” He pondered for a moment and pulled up the records of the past few days, “On the fifteenth, the various data of Xiao Gu’s body rose steeply, causing great stress to the body. Now the various data tends to stabilize, his current body shape, just like the information says, is for self-protection. When his body can withstand the physical changes, he will be able to return to normal.”

Kona looked a little slower: “In the early stages of pregnancy, he will hardly feel anything. It’s just that the egg is fragile, so don’t do strenuous exercise, let alone fall and touch it.”

Cyno thought about the sound in the bathroom not long ago and was a little scared, his palm lightly covering Gu Yu’s abdomen.

Kona: “I’ll study the palace records again. Maybe I’ll find something else.”

He and Orson went back to the back of the building to study together.

His Majesty, with envious eyes, tapped Cyno on the shoulder and looked back at Gu Yu, “Congratulations.”

Less than six months of marriage, and they have a child!

His Majesty secretly said, “He has to cheer up.”

After His Majesty left, only Gu Yu and Cyno were left in the room.

Cyno looked down at Gu Yu and asked softly, “Aren’t you happy?”

Little Yu had been a little dull since he heard the news of his pregnancy. The rest of the people might not have realized it, after all, he had been very well behaved and held by him. But he could feel that his little mate was not in the right state.

There was no joy, no excitement, and even a bit of panic.

Gu Yu tilted his head and looked at Cyno, shaking his head in confusion. He had mixed feelings. He was happy that he and Cyno were having a baby, but the news that he was pregnant was too much of a shock to him. He had never thought he could be pregnant, and even knew almost nothing about such things as pregnancy. All he knew was that his belly would get bigger and bigger when he was pregnant and that having a baby would be very, very painful.

Just thinking about it, he couldn’t help but be scared. He thought about it, raised his paw and patted it on Cyno’s hand, pointing to Cyno’s leg.

Cyno immediately understood and put him on his lap.

Gu Yu adjusted his posture and sat on Cyno’s lap with his back to Cyno. His feet were very unstable and he stepped on unsteady legs and wobbled.

Cyno’s hand was on his side protecting him.

Gu Yu sat down and touched his right paw on the ring that turned his left paw into a claw ring, opened the terminal and called up the typing panel. He typed much easier than Cyno’s original form could, because his claw was small, and did not have to worry about a claw touching multiple keys. Also, the light screen did not have to expand to large.

But the typing speed was still very slow, after all, it was a finger bomb, and the claw was short.

[I’m a little scared.] As he finished typing, there was a warmth on his stomach and Cyno wrapped his arms around him. He froze with his paws raised, his face faintly warm and a little sheepish. He was in beast form now, wearing nothing on his body, and Cyno’s hand wrapped around his stomach gave him the same feeling as when he was in human form.

He froze and continued typing, [I wasn’t mentally prepared, never thought I’d get pregnant.]

[But the thought of having you and my baby makes me happy.]

After he finished typing, he turned around and Cyno picked him up again and kissed him on the head, “Don’t be afraid, I’m here.”

He was a little distressed that his little mate had only recently reached adulthood and must have been panicking at the sudden knowledge of a baby.

Gu Yu heard his low and steady voice, and suddenly he was much more at ease. He looked at Cyno, his left paw propped up on him, his right paw patted next to his chin and he purred in worry.

Cyno usually took care of himself, so now, with this bearded look, Gu Yu was obviously worried because of him.

Cyno laughed, holding him with one hand, pushed a chair to the bathroom, “Don’t worry, I’m handsome as always.”

He put Gu Yu on the chair and started shaving. After shaving, he took a bathrobe and prepared to take a shower.

Gu Yu plopped down on the chair, saw the situation and pointed to the door, he wanted to go out.

Cyno knelt down and met him eye to eye, “Stay here with me, I want to watch you.”

Gu Yu blinked his eyes, a little heartbroken.

He realized that he had scared Cyno this time.

He nodded his head. Cyno kissed him, pulled open the bathroom stall door, and started to shower.

Gu Yu shifted his position and turned his back to him. But the sound of water clattering behind him made the movement extraordinarily obvious. He could imagine the scene of Cyno taking a shower without looking.

The temperature of his face soared and he buried his head in his paws, very embarrassed.

Cyno washed and then saw this posture and his eyes flashed with laughter. His little mate was always so cute!

He squatted down and let out a light laugh, “Do you want to take a bath?”

Gu Yu lifted his head from his paws and nodded although he was shy. He had been sleeping for seven days, which was equivalent to seven days without a bath.

Cyno put very shallow water in the bathtub and Gu Yu stood in it, the water just reaching his abdomen.

Cyno moved very gently, cupping the water and wetting him a little, then applying the body wash, which quickly bubbled up on his body, making him look even softer. When it came to his head, Cyno put one hand over his eyes and washed him with the other.

Gu Yu closed his eyes and felt very special, comfortable, and at ease. He suddenly had the feeling that it was good to have an animal form. But soon he was a little shaken by this thought, because after washing his back, Cyno then washed his abdomen, and his whole body was about to burn up.

After washing, Cyno dried him off and carried him to the bedroom. Gu Yu buried his face in Cyno’s arms and didn’t move a muscle.

In beast form, many things were still too inconvenient.

Cyno put him on the bed, lying on his back to look at him. The more he looked, the cuter he seemed, rubbing his face on the side of his neck. Gu Yu tilted his head, his mouth brushed his face, and froze.

Cyno smiled, cupped him and kissed him a few times, “Little Yu really smells good.”

Gu Yu also smelled that he smelled good, but so did Cyno, and they both smelled like the same body wash. He thought so, sniffed at Cyno’s palm and touched it with his mouth.

Cyno rubbed his head, “Little Yu is so cute.”

Gu Yu saw that his eyes were still red and bloodshot, and knew that he hadn’t rested properly in the past few days. Although he wanted to talk to him more, he was more worried about him.

He raised his paw to cover Cyno’s left eye and slowly closed his own eyes, signaling him to sleep.

Cyno’s mouth curved up, squeezed his paw, and kissed it again.

Gu Yu had noticed that since he woke up, Cyno liked to touch him more. He growled urgently toward Cyno, only the little white tiger growl sounded soft and a bit like a pout. He swept his tail to the spot next to him, gesturing again.

Cyno smiled down at him and rolled over to lie down, placing him on his chest. Gu Yu’s body tensed slightly and he pointed to the spot next to him, worried about stepping on Cyno uncomfortably.

Cyno put his hand over his back, “That’s fine, you’re almost weightless.”

Gu Yu surveyed him to make sure he looked comfortable before he carefully laid down.

Within moments, he noticed that he would undulate slightly with Cyno’s breathing, and his eyes lit up in a particularly novel way.

Cyno stroked the back of his neck, “You’re sleeping with me.”

Gu Yu nodded his head and rested his chin on Cyno’s chest, but it was exactly where the robe crossed the collar, slightly uneven and uncomfortable. However, he didn’t move, nor did he complain, closing his eyes to sleep with Cyno.

Cyno reached up and gently lifted his chin, and Gu Yu opened his eyes to see Cyno unclasping his robe.

Cyno let go of his chin and lifted the back half of his body, pulling the robe all the way off.

The robe disappeared from underneath him and he lay completely on Cyno’s skin.

Cyno gently laid the robe over him and put his palm over his back again, “Go to sleep.”

Gu Yu blushed slightly and closed his eyes.

He fell asleep quickly as his chest rose and fell with Cyno’s breathing.

When he woke up, Cyno was still sleeping and breathing very steadily. He looked at Cyno with heartache in his eyes. He and Cyno slept together and Gu Yu had never woken up before him. This was the first time he woke up first.

Cyno must have been extremely tired during this time. So Gu Yu didn’t move and quietly studied him, and the more he looked, the more he felt that Cyno was really handsome.

When serious, he looked very majestic, and when he smiled, he looked untamed, yet very charming. He wondered if their baby would be the same as Cyno.

Gu Yu froze when this thought suddenly appeared in his mind. He seemed to accept the pregnancy naturally. When he had heard the news, he had been so flustered and scared that he hadn’t dared to think seriously about it.

However, it had only been half a day and he was already thinking about what the baby would look like.

After he was stunned for a moment, he started to think about the possible changes in his body after he got pregnant. All of his original panic and fear had disappeared, but he was still just a little nervous. He looked at Cyno; it turned out that having someone to face it with really makes you brave.

This feeling was new to him, but he liked it a lot.

It didn’t take long for Cyno to wake up too. His face was clear of exhaustion and he looked full of energy. He kissed Gu Yu as he sat up and asked, “When did you wake up?”

Gu Yu’s ears twitched and he reached out to touch the ring with his paws, bringing up the typing panel.

[Just woke up.]

Cyno moved him to the bed, changed his clothes, and carried him downstairs for dinner. Gu Yu ate for the first time in his original form and really didn’t know how to eat. Cyno poured the milk on the little butterfly 1, and he licked it and drank it, wetting his chin in no time.

Cyno laughed and wiped him clean, then put the milk into a bottle and fed it to him.

Gu Yu was embarrassed and refused to drink, turning his head and pointing at the jerky.

Cyno put the bottle aside and gave him the jerky. Gu Yu chewed the jerky and swept his eyes across the table, realizing that he couldn’t eat anything else except the jerky. He began to miss the human form.

Eventually, he used the milk bottle, and he drank milk and water.

The next morning, when Gu Yu was carried to the living room by Cyno, Merlin, KiKi, MoMo and Cilo were there, each with a guardian for company, and the room looked very lively.

KiKi was the fastest and ran to Cyno to see Gu Yu, “Wow! Yu is so cute!” He looked at Cyno expectantly, “Can I hold him?”

Cyno refused, “No.”

Gu Yu lifted his paw and waved it at KiKi, who immediately raised a smile and reached out to give his paw a gentle squeeze and quickly let go.

“Yu, you go and eat breakfast, Cyno said that you should eat more when you are pregnant.”

Cyno took Gu Yu to the dining room to finish his breakfast, then returned to the living room and sat down.

MoMo sat next to Roald, looked at Gu Yu worriedly and asked, “Why is Yu so small?”

It might even be a little shorter than his original form, but the Tira were small beasts and the Tykes were large beasts! Gu Yu looked at him and arched his eyes.

Cyno: “He’s just transformed and his body can’t take it. He’ll get bigger after a while.”

Brilliant Splendor people were all beast-shaped first and then shift into human form, although the first sex change was very energy-consuming, but all went very smooth.

After all, the beast form was better than the human form physique, equivalent to the transformation from high to low. But Gu Yu was shift from a human form to beast form, so the body physique leaped up, causing the body to produce a lot of stress.

MoMo smiled, “That’s good.”

Merlin looked curious, “Is it true that Yu has a baby?”

Cyno nodded: “Mn,” he thought of Merlin’s pattern of getting along with a few and reminded, “He can’t be stimulated right now, and neither can he have strenuous exercise.”

Cilo asked directly, “How did Yu get pregnant?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Gu Yu noticed that everyone’s eyes were looking at him, and then neatly at Cyno. He was slightly embarrassed, the purpose of their visit today, to see him was only incidental, this was the main thing, right?

Cyno’s answer was very simple, “We made love.”

KiKi held his face in worry, “But I have sex with A’Sheng every night.”

MoMo blushed slightly and didn’t say anything, just leaned closer to Roald.

Gu Yu: …

He was still not used to Brilliant Splendor’s openness. Was it really good to discuss such things in public?

Qin Sheng was worthy of being a doctor and asked very specific questions, “Posture? Frequency? Intensity? Number of times?”

Gu Yu buried his face in Cyno’s abdomen, already embarrassed to listen to it.

Cyno stroked him on the back, “Let’s go to the study.”

So naturally the females stayed in the living room and the males went to the study. Gu Yu watched the males leave with a dumbfounded expression.

Why do they have to go to such a serious place as the study to talk about such things?

Cilo and the others gathered around him and squatted down. Merlin touched him gently, “Yu is really cute. I haven’t seen such a small Tyke for a long time.”

KiKi was excited, “Yu, like this, is almost the same as my original form!”

After he said this, he directly turned into a long-haired rabbit and jumped to Gu Yu’s side, the two close to each other. Gu Yu’s eyes curled and he rubbed his head against KiKi, who quickly rubbed against him again. The scene of the two little cute things rubbing against each other was particularly cute.

Cilo rubbed the two on the back of their necks, “The little baby will definitely be cute.”

MoMo sounded expectant, “I wonder when Yu’s little baby will be born.”

Merlin: “I know! It will be at least ten months!”

KiKi changed back to his original form and sat on the couch, holding Gu Yu in his arms. “You guys take a picture of me and Yu, and we will look at it with Yu’s baby later, maybe the baby will be the same as Yu is now!”

Merlin’s eyes lit up, “Very possible.”

So when the males came out, they saw their mates taking turns holding Gu Yu, very happily taking pictures and recording videos.

Cyno’s eyes flashed with a hint of chagrin. He actually forgot!

The males quickly took their natural females home.

Cyno carried Gu Yu to the bedroom, opened all the floor-to-ceiling windows, put Gu Yu on the floor, and started the global recording mode. He rubbed the back of Gu Yu’s neck, “I’ll teach you how to walk.”

He turned into a white tiger, and with the two white tigers standing side by side, the size difference was very obvious.

Gu Yu inexplicably had the feeling of a parent with a child. Cyno moved very slowly so that Gu Yu could see his walking movements, as well as his running movements.

Gu Yu could walk, but very slowly. He did not refuse Cyno, and very obediently followed Cyno’s walk. He knew that Cyno’s main purpose was, in fact, to record. The two walked from one side of the balcony to the other, and then to the bedroom, and after walking back and forth twice, Cyno turned into human form.

He cupped Gu Yu and kissed him, “Great, you’re learning fast.”

After that, he held Gu Yu and took a lot of pictures, all of which he saved.

Not long after, Kona came to do a physical examination on Gu Yu, recorded the data and compared it with the previous day, “The data is slowly rising, he should recover before the baby turns one month old.”

Gu Yu put his mind at ease, and now that he was in a good frame of mind, he was more concerned about the baby’s health. With his current body, there was no way he could conceive a baby.

Kona added, “Brilliant Splendor as well as the other stars are concerned about your health. News of your awakening has not been circulated and I think the public should be made aware.”

He brought up the online rumors. Many people even tried to break into the villa because they were too worried, and some even muddled through and brought bad beats.

For example, it was said that the association and the institute had experimented with Gu Yu in order to study Gu Yu’s ability. Others tried to stir things up, saying that everything was fine with Gu Yu and that all the rumors from the outside world were false, just to use it to stop helping with the alien transformation, or to get a price in place.

Gu Yu was stunned, completely unprepared for this situation.

Or rather, he still hadn’t gotten used to his enormous influence. He was one of those people who were often overlooked in the general population, and suddenly becoming a pivotal person, he always ignored his influence.

He touched his paw to the ring, went to the Wide Word official website, and looked to Cyno.

Cyno reached out, “Let me help you post.”

Gu Yu nodded, leaned against him, and watched him type.

Cyno was brief and concise, [Thank you all for your concern, I am in good health, and I would like to share the happy news that I am pregnant.]

Cyno: “Is that okay?”

Gu Yu wasn’t prepared to mention the pregnancy, but it’s okay to mention it, people would find out. He nodded his head.

Kona said, “I’ll also follow the posts and explain your situation.”

The two Wide Word posts were sent out one after the other, immediately creating a huge wave on the Internet. The comments under Gu Yu’s Wide Word post rose wildly.

[Oh my god! I can’t believe he’s pregnant!]

[Congratulations little Yu! The marshal is so awesome, he got pregnant in less than six months of marriage!]

There were just as many comments under Kona’s Wide Word post, but many of them were questions.

[How long has he been pregnant? How did he get pregnant?]

[Is Little Yu really the Son of the Beast God? Can he change into beast form yet?]

[Will the transformation continue?]

The number of likes on the last comment quickly became number one, along with many copy and pastes.

After reading it, Kona looked at Gu Yu: “Can you help them transform in this state now?”

He knew very well that Gu Yu’s body was not affected when he helped with the transformation, which was equivalent to rest for Gu Yu.

Otherwise, he would not have asked that.

Gu Yu opened the system panel, everything was normal, just…

He opened his mouth and made an “ah” sound, but the voice was quite soft, and the pronunciation was also off.

For him to shout like this for three hours a day, he could hardly do it.

It was not singing, let alone playing, it was simply pronouncing the words, which was silly and boring. He lifted his paw and pointed to his throat and shook his head.

Kona: “Well, then I’ll send out notices that they will continue when you’re back in shape.”

Gu Yu nodded, feeling sorry for the current batch of natural females, who had been given four days of evolutionary energy and must be very anxious now.

He had to recover early to do so.

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  1. A small shallow bowl called a butterfly bowl. 


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