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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Across the street, in the darkness of the guardhouse, Lu RanKong kept his eyes fixed on it, sweeping them past a cavernous window. When he saw a window on the sixth floor, the reflection of the glass shifted slightly in the moonlight; apparently someone had just left there.

“Officer Liu has been shot.” Lan Yu rushed to Liu Zhao’s side, picking up his upper body, subconsciously using his hand to plug the gunshot hole that was seeping blood, not realizing that his voice was trembling.

Although he had acted in countless gun battle films, and also picked up the bodies of countless shot actors, in the face of the real scene, his heart was in a panic and chaos.

Lu RanKong turned around, pulled his gun from behind Officer Liu, and said as he ran out, “The wound is two inches below the heart, it’s not serious.”

As he pulled the door open and rushed out, he snapped off the lights in the room.

Lan Yu, through the moonlight outside the window, saw that Liu Zhao’s eyes were closed and his face was pale, so he turned around and put both his hands on his shoulders and lifted him up with force.

When he was waiting for the elevator, he saw the terminal on Liu Zhao’s hand hanging from his shoulder, so he released his hand to open it.

After opening the terminal, he didn’t know who to dial, there weren’t many numbers saved on it, and the notes were simply “Chen”, “Jin” and so on, so he had to choose the most recent one in the call log, and seeing that the note was the word “Wang”, he pressed it directly.

The answer bell sounded, but only after two rings it was hung up, and a few seconds later, a gunshot was heard from nearby.

Lan Yu didn’t know whether it was the murderer or Lu RanKong who was shooting, so his heart was overwhelmed with anxiety, but he could only dial the next number on the list.

“Hello, Old Liu.” The terminal rang with a loud greeting from the opposite side, accompanied by loud background music and female voice dialogue.

The other party was supposed to be a prison guard, who was now guarding the prisoners in the warehouse watching a movie.

“Officer Liu has been shot, help me inform the medical officer. I’m carrying him to the medical room now.” When the elevator had arrived, Lan Yu stepped into the elevator and said to the terminal while pressing the button.

“What?” The other side didn’t hear clearly and asked loudly.

Lan Yu repeated to the terminal, “Officer Liu has been shot! He’s been shot! Tell the medical officer to wait on the road!”

The other side finally heard him and asked in a panic, “Who are you? You are not Old Liu. How did Officer Liu get shot? Is it serious—”

“Don’t say a word of nonsense, call the medical officer immediately.” Lan Yu shouted sternly, his tone was an unquestionable command.

The other side was stunned as he subconsciously replied, “Yes, sir…”

The elevator buzzed down, Lan Yu carried Liu Zhao, only to feel the sweat on his forehead seeping out, He looked down at his feet, drops of blood were dripping down.

“Liu Zhao, you have to be stable! Think about your Xu! He must not want you to die like this, so you have to fight.” Lan Yu said in a hoarse voice. “You haven’t avenged him yet, you haven’t caught that Lontan person yet. If you die in the same way as Xu, will you be able to face him? You have to hold on…”

With a ding, the elevator reached the ground floor, and Lan Yu hurriedly exited the elevator carrying Liu Zhao on his back.

The dormitory courtyard door was still tightly closed, and Lu RanKong was obviously out again. He propped Liu Zhao upwards and jogged directly towards the direction of the medical room with the door open.

From here to the medical room, he had to pass through a large courtyard and several houses. Liu Zhao was not tall, but a bit fat and heavy. Lan Yu gritted his teeth and opened his legs to keep himself from slowing down.

He met no one on the way, everyone in the warehouse was watching movies, so he couldn’t find a helper, and the sweat that was sliding down his forehead was stinging his eyes with raw pain.

Liu Zhao’s breathing was light but not gone, and he should still be able to live for a while.

He just hurried through the courtyard, into a row of houses in front of the corridor, when he ran head-on with two people wearing white coats, and were the prison’s medical officer and assistant.

The medical officer was in front with the medicine box, and the assistant was pushing the stretcher bed behind.

They rushed to Lan Yu and said anxiously, “Quickly, quickly, go back to the medical room.”

“We’ll give first aid here.” Lan Yu put Liu Zhao on his back directly onto the stretcher bed and ordered, “Hurry up…”

The medical officer froze and immediately reacted, saying, “Right, buy time, resuscitate in place.” As he said, he put down the medical kit he was carrying.

Lan Yu ripped open Liu Zhao’s uniform, revealing the gunshot hole that was still gurgling with blood. The medical officer took out a small therapeutic device and snapped it on, activating the button. The therapeutic device emitted a white gas and a faint buzzing sound, and the wound on Liu Zhao’s chest slowly stopped bleeding.

“Is he okay?” Lan Yu looked at Liu Zhao, who was as white as paper and still panting a bit.

The medical officer continued to put the oxygen mask on him and said, “He didn’t hurt his heart or major blood vessels, and the first aid was timely, so he should be fine.”

Lu RanKong rushed out of Liu Zhao’s room and leapt straight down over the staircase parapet, landing steadily on the sixth floor, then leaping over the parapet on the sixth floor to the fifth floor, quickly reaching the ground floor and then over the courtyard wall, heading straight for the office building in the back.

He was as swift as a cheetah, and the whole process took less than a minute.

After entering the glass doors of the lobby, he held his gun with both hands and leaned against the wall by the elevator to aim at the stairs above. The moment he ran out of the dormitory courtyard at full speed, he stared at the building’s exit and didn’t notice anyone coming out. The elevator numbers beside him didn’t jump, the person who fired the gun could not have been faster than him and must still be in the building now.

The ground floor lobby was empty of anything but a few potted plants placed in the corner.

The moonlight and the light from the guard station spilled in through the stairwell windows, and the tiled floor glowed with a cold white aura.

Lu RanKong moved without making a sound, like a beast stalking in the dark, and reached the second floor without a sound. According to the time and speed projection, the murderer – perhaps the Lontan person – was also on the second floor at this moment.

The second floor was a long passage, flanked by offices. The doors were closed, so the person must be hiding behind one of the doors.

Lu RanKong held his breath and listened to the sounds in the darkness.

There was silence all around, a breeze blowing from somewhere, a dropped paper sliding on the floor, making a rustling sound. He chose to walk to the left of the passage, stopping in front of the first door, then gently turned the doorknobs, and quickly dodged inside.

The interior was unlit, but still clearly visible, with no place to hide other than the desk and chair.

He exited and continued to check the next room, while checking and listening intently to the surrounding movements. At this time even the slightest breath couldn’t escape his ears.

Just when there were four rooms left, a crisp ding suddenly sounded in one of the rooms in the right corridor.

This was the terminal call sound, the simplest kind, but when the first beep sounded, it was like a thunderclap, cutting through the dead silence of the whole building.

A black shadow flashed out of the room closest to the stairway on the right as the terminal rang, and rushed to the stairs.

At the same time, Lu RanKong also pounced on the stairs, as fast as the speed of the wind blowing through.

But he was still separated from the stairs by seven or eight rooms, and the black shadow was at the entrance of the stairs. By the time Lu RanKong reached him, he had already leapt over the guardrail to the ground floor.

Lu RanKong followed him down the stairs, and when he landed, he saw that the man had already rushed outside the building, and his prison guard uniform was on display in the light of the prison guard stand.

He raised his gun to the back, and his finger pulled the trigger.

The man in front of him bent his left foot down and stumbled two steps, showing the side of his face. Then he immediately stood up straight again and continued to run forward, only to run with a limp, his left leg had obviously been hit.

Lu RanKong although already had a few guesses in mind, the instant saw his face, he still slightly narrowed his eyes.

He raised his gun again and aimed at the right leg of the man in front of him.


There was suddenly a loud earth-shattering sound, the ground trembled violently, and the whole building was shaking. The sound of breaking glass came from everywhere, clattering to the ground. Caught off guard, Lu RanKong’s feet didn’t stabilize after the bullet had also been discharged, but it hit the building’s metal door frame with a bang, blooming a fire ring.

The man took this opportunity to dodge to the right, behind a row of bungalows.

The prison’s automatic alarm had been activated, and a long siren sounded overhead, harsh and urgent.

Lu RanKong continued to chase forward, just two steps behind. He saw something drop from the bungalow, bouncing on the ground a few times, landing in front of him.

He looked down and found a black metal object in the broken glass, which had broken in half, but he could still see that it was a remote control.

Not good, that loud noise just now was what he detonated. This thought just came to his mind, as Lu RanKong ran while looking around, in the distance when he saw the ring-shaped mountain wall. His pupils suddenly tightened and his pace also slowed down.

Seeing the prison behind the mountain wall, a tunnel-sized black hole, from which water was gushing out, poured down on the bottom like a silver waterfall. And the water flowed directly below the location of the warehouse alcove. The part of the prison where all the prisoners and prison guards were watching movies.

In his daze, the man’s figure had appeared not far from the prison gate, and was holding a pass card for identification. Lu RanKong just raised his gun, but he drilled out the prison gate and disappeared into the vast night.

Lu RanKong looked into the distant mountain wall gushing flood, and after only two seconds of hesitation before making the decision to let this man go for the time being, he rushed to the warehouse to save the others.

After all, he had been wounded and ran out of the prison, so he wouldn’t be too difficult to catch. But this explosion was too fishy, there were thousands of people in the warehouse, anything could have happened.

Under the medical officer’s treatment, Liu Zhao’s chest began to rise and fall regularly, his breathing was much smoother, and his face gradually became better, but he was in a coma and didn’t wake up.

“Xiao Chen, go back to the operating room.” The medical officer pushed up the stretcher cart and was about to leave, instructing his assistant.

When Lan Yu saw that Liu Zhao was no longer in danger, he wanted to go to Lu RanKong, who had just gone after the shooter and wondered how he was doing and whether he was in danger.

When he turned around, he heard a violent explosion, the earth shook under his feet, and his ears buzzed. Lan Yu almost couldn’t stand on his feet, and hurriedly held the corridor pillar beside him.

“What happened? What happened? Is it an earthquake? Or did the building collapse?” With debris falling overhead, the medical officer was the first to crouch over Liu Zhao, asking a series of panicked questions.

Lan Yu couldn’t be bothered to rub his ears, so he walked around the building behind him and looked at the source of the sound.

Only to see the prison rear shrouded in thick smoke and dust, and he couldn’t see clearly what the situation was, but it was accompanied by a huge roar of running water. Then, a harsh and sharp automatic alarm sounded over the entire prison.

“The automatic alarm was pulled! Is it an earthquake or a building collapsing?” The medical officer was anxious as he was blocked from seeing behind by the building and couldn’t leave the stretcher bed.

When the smoke cleared, Lan Yu murmured, “It’s not an earthquake or a building collapse, it’s a flood.”


The assistant also came over and they looked back together, then turned his head in shock and said, “Doctor, it’s really flooding! There’s a big hole in the mountain and water is pouring down from nowhere!”

“Where did this water come from on QuYa Planet?! I’ve been working in the prison all my life and I’ve never even seen a stream!” The medical officer looked bewildered.

“It’s a flood and a waterfall, Doctor, it really is.”

Having never seen such a sight on QuYa Planet, neither the assistant nor the medical officer was worried about the situation in the prisons, but was only wondering how the water had appeared.

Lan Yu couldn’t care less about this, he was worried about Lu RanKong. He didn’t know how he was doing after the gunshot just now.

When he turned around, he heard his assistant suddenly shouting, “There! There! Down there…”

“What happened down there?” The medical officer asked.

“In the warehouse under the alcove the people watching the movie are inside!”

Lan Yu stopped dead in his tracks, suddenly sensing that something was wrong.

Yes, the warehouse was just a few rows of stone stairs away from the inside, and they could have run out immediately, but at least two minutes had passed since the explosion, and no one had come out, and there was no one in sight even now.

He was debating whether to go to the warehouse or to Lu RanKong when someone ran past him and a familiar voice rang out, “Qiao’er, come with me.”

Lan Yu heard this voice, his heart calmed down, and all the worry and panic were gone.

It was Lu RanKong.

He followed, running shoulder to shoulder with Lu RanKong in the direction of the warehouse.

“The man ran away…” Lu RanKong suddenly spoke.


“I shot the guy who shot Liu Zhao but he got away.”

Lan Yu then reacted, he saw Lu RanKong at the moment, full of only the thought that he was safe, and didn’t remember that there was a murderer who wasn’t caught.

“If he ran away, he ran away.” He said indifferently. Feeling Lu RanKong’s sideways glance, Lan Yu realized that his words were wrong and immediately pulled a face and said, “Why did you let him get away? What if it was the Lontan person?”

“I hurt his left leg.” Lu RanKong said.

“Did you get hurt?” Lan Yu asked with a sullen face, not caring, but in fact, his ears perked up high.

Lu RanKong said, “How could Brother Bao get hurt? Don’t worry…”

“I wasn’t worried…”

Lu RanKong gave him a sideways glance while running, “You’re obviously worried.”


“You were in a hurry…”

“Fuck you…”

“The last time you cried and said you weren’t crying, you had the same expression. It looks like nothing, but actually shows a weak state of mind.”

Lan Yu stopped with a brake and looked at him coldly, “Are you annoyed?”

“Hey, don’t stop.” Lu RanKong reached out to pull him, “I’m annoyed, I’m annoyed, I was wrong.”

Lan Yu broke away from his hand and ran by himself, saying, “You said you wouldn’t mention it, but you keep saying it every day, saying you forgot, or that it was a hallucination, and I think you’re going to say that even in your dreams.”

Lu RanKong knew he was in the wrong so he shut his mouth. But after running two steps, he whispered, “I worry about it and I’m also worried about you. What’s wrong with admitting it?”

His voice wasn’t loud, and was mixed in the sound of footsteps. It wasn’t clear, but Lan Yu still heard him. His heart jumped but he pretended not to notice it, as he continued the conversation and asked, “So where did he go?” 

“Out of the prison, but it’s okay. Let’s see what’s going on in the warehouse. If there’s nothing wrong, we’ll go outside the prison and catch him.”

The two men ran across the wide courtyard, one after the other, into the passage next to the cafeteria.

Lu RanKong explained as he ran, “As long as the Lontan person is inside the body, when he injures the host, his body will be injured as well. It’s not clear how long he has been in this host body, so I didn’t dare to shoot at the vitals, only hit the left leg. See this side out of the way, just leave him alone for the time being, let him run first. Anyway, he went out of the prison gate and can’t get out of QuYa Planet. He will be found.”

“Do you know what happened to the water on the mountain wall?” Lan Yu walked around a large plastic basket filled with dinner plates in the passage.

“It was blown up, the guy I was chasing pressed the detonator.”

Lan Yu continued, “And did you see who he was?”

Lu RanKong was silent for a moment and said, “Basically, yes…”

“Who is it?”

“You should think about it.”

Lan Yu turned his thoughts around and asked, “How did you find him when he was hiding in the building?”

Lu RanKong plucked away one of the bamboo poles trailing across the building and said, “His terminal suddenly rang.”

Lan Yu remembered that he had used Liu Zhao’s terminal to make a communication, only to be hung up without a reply, followed by a gunshot. He stepped up to catch up with Lu RanKong, looked over at him and said, “I might know who you’re talking about.”

Lu RanKong looked at him sideways as they said in unison, “Officer Wang…”


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July 3, 2021 11:58 am

Oh sh*t! I think I figured it out! Kay this is not a spoiler but my personal theory: Lan Yu didn’t transmigrate into Colonel K, but the Lontan person that took over K’s body!!!! Dun-dun-dunnnnn!

July 3, 2021 12:25 pm

Glad they’re all ok and it looks like they’ve finally identified the Lontan person. Hopefully they can leave their tough prison lives soon.
Thank you for the chapter.

July 3, 2021 1:45 pm

😲😲😲the suspect is someone out of suspicious scope😬😫😫😫

Sue R
Sue R
July 3, 2021 3:19 pm

Very much exciting, then the reveal. Thank you for the chapter.

July 24, 2021 12:32 pm

This chase scene was so cool!!! That moment when Lan Yu’s call helped alert LRK where the Lontan person was located was incredible! It was Officer Wang all along omg.

Aww Lu Rankong called Lan Yu “Qiao’er”! 🥺

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