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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Gu Yu was back on his feet by the third day after the birth of his baby, just a little short of qi and blood, and taking supplements at every meal. With a baby in the house, every day was very lively.

Merlin and the others would come to see the baby as soon as they had time off from work. Cyno replaced the carpet in the open space on the right side of the living room with a softer carpet, the kind that sinks down when people walk on it.

Since the beast form was stronger than the human form, the baby maintained the appearance of a small white tiger when he was full of energy, and he was especially cute.

Gu Yu sat on the sofa and watched Merlin and KiKi play with the baby.

KiKi had turned into a long-haired rabbit. He was the smallest of his friends, and he was excited that the baby was now even smaller than him. He was next to the white tiger, occasionally sweeping his long ears over the tiger. The little white tiger lifted his paws to scratch his long white fur, as if he had found a little friend, and was also very happy, mewling milkily.

Merlin sat beside the two, giving the baby a hand when he was unsteady, and cuddling him when he was tired.

Merlin gently pet his finger on the baby’s head: “The cub is growing so fast.”

Gu Yu nodded feelingly, “Yes, it’s only been five days and he’s already walking.”

Although this was limited to his beast form, it was still very impressive.

The baby played for a short time, and then suddenly became a small human baby, wearing only a red bib of cotton. Five days had passed, and the little baby was much more open, with white and tender skin and chubby arms.

KiKi squeaked and immediately turned into human form to hold the baby in his arms, his ruby eyes full of love: “Ahhhhhh, he’s really too cute.”

Merlin’s hand gently held the baby’s arm, “This is the first time I’ve seen such a small humanoid cub, it’s too soft.”

He did not dare to use any force, but also really liked the touch of the baby’s skin, so his hand just barely pressed on the arm. The baby’s ungrasped hand held a tiny fist against his mouth and yawned a little. His watery blue eyes drooped halfway down and then opened again, looking in Gu Yu’s direction.

Gu Yu frowned gently, “He’s going to sleep.”

He held the baby in his arms and in a few moments the baby fell asleep.

Merlin and KiKi stayed for a while and then went to see MoMo together.

Gu Yu carried the baby back to the crib in the bedroom and sat himself on the couch next to the bed to write lyrics.

On June 20, another big news came out, Kona announced in the  Association’s official Wide Word that the conversion agent would begin to be sold online tomorrow.

A link was included after the announcement, and the sales page was a click-through, with a clear description of the conversion agent, its usage and precautions.

Only the number of remaining goods was zero.

In less than five minutes, the store’s traffic had exceeded one hundred million.

Gu Yu looked at the conversion agent instructions. The conversion time required varied from person to person, but was expected to be between six months to two years.

The corners of Gu Yu’s mouth curved up slightly, at the latest two years later, the number of natural females would increase a lot. At that time, all the natural females would be more free.

Cyno wrapped his arms around Gu Yu and looked at the curtain: “Just in time, you can focus on creating the music you like.”

Gu Yu’s gaze swept the screen and pointed to the last reminder, “Temporarily limited to three thousand per day, and selling less than one hundred thousand a month.”

This amount was actually quite a lot, however when compared to the number of beast females, it was still far from enough.

Cyno said encouragingly, “The initial quantity is small, but it will increase later,” he pinched Gu Yu’s earlobe, “Even if you want to help, don’t do what you did before.”

Gu Yu smiled and nodded, “Mn, I don’t have time anyway,” he thought about it, “Let’s help convert with fan benefits later.”

Gu Yu spent the next few days busily, taking care of the baby and creating songs plus exercising and reading books. He had a lot of requests for help with conversions, and some asked him to help with physical fitness, but he didn’t respond.

Instead, Cyno posted his attitude that he didn’t want Gu Yu to be questioned again, so he wouldn’t let Gu Yu do anything extra so he couldn’t be accused of doing something wrong. The comments were full of sighs and sighs of relief, thinking of Gu Yu being questioned and expressing understanding and heartache.

As for the netizens who expressed fierce doubts, they were hounded by their supporters.

At the end of July, MoMo gave birth to a male baby. The little baby and Roald were very similar, as if he was carved out of a mold, but unlike his father, he was very lively.

Nate grew larger at six months, and his beast form was very flexible. He could lightly jump on the sofa, but also could quickly climb the stairs. But the human form was still a baby form, he just grew faster than the modern child would grow, and was able to crawl around sharply.

Nate preferred to move in the form of a small white tiger. Gu Yu was worried about the small white tiger running away, and always asked Orson to watch him.

The little white tiger was very quiet and his favorite thing was to sleep on his back or quietly look around. From this point of view, he was very good, but his curiosity was very strong. When he found something new, he could not resist looking at it.

Once when he saw a butterfly in the yard, the little white tiger, who was lying on the carpet nicely, chased the butterfly and suddenly disappeared.

Gu Yu looked up and didn’t see him, and was startled. Luckily, there were guards everywhere, and once he asked, they followed the trail.

The New Year in 2387, was the baby’s first New Year, so was a particularly lively one, and the New Year’s Eve dinner was still eaten at the palace.

After the New Year, Gu Yu began to prepare for the concert.

For the past half year, he had been composing songs, and when he was uninspired, he organized his previous songs, until he had prepared a total of thirty songs. Among the songs he wrote, except for the one for Cyno, he released every song he made online through his company.

His songs have taken a place in the charts.

As his songs became more and more popular, many musicians began to experiment with various styles and the Brilliant Splendor music scene blossomed.

Gu Yu hugged the little white tiger, rubbing his hand casually on his head, and communicated with Herman, “A month?” He pursed his lips, “Yes.”

Herman laughed, “I knew it would be okay. All the songs have been produced, you just need to rehearse them and get in the right frame of mind.”

Gu Yu smiled at the ease and agreed, “Okay.”

Herman notified him, “Then your first concert will be on February 20, at the Yew Wah Stadium.”

Gu Yu’s heartbeat went haywire for a moment, “Okay.”

Hanging up the communication, he gently squeezed the little white tiger’s paw, lifted him up and kissed him on the head. His eyes were very bright as he exclaimed, “Daddy is going to have a concert!”

Cyno walked into the living room, a smile flashing in his eyes, “The time is set?”

Gu Yu shyly put the little white tiger on his knee, the little white tiger waved his paw at Cyno and chuffed happily.

Gu Yu answered, “Mn, February 20.”

Cyno hugged the little white tiger, “I’ll make time for your first concert. I won’t miss it.”

Gu Yu’s chin rested on his shoulder and his eyes curved, “You’re so nice.”

Anseth’s publicity department was very fast, and soon news about Gu Yu’s concert circulated all over the Star Alliance. In a flash, Gu Yu’s concert became the hottest topic in all the stars.

[I’m looking forward to it! This is the first natural female to give a concert!]

[So great! I’m a fan of Little Yu, his songs are so good.]

[Ahhhhh, excited! When will the tickets be sold? I must get them, don’t even grab them from me!]

At the same time, the comments below Gu Yu’s Wide Word account were the same, fans were very excited and were expecting more tickets, fearing that they wouldn’t be able to grab them. The comment with the most likes was about the time of ticket sales, and fans were worried about missing the time.

Not only Gu Yu’s GuangYin, but also many comments under Anseth’s official GuangYin followed up the question. Anseth was very dry, and directly answered the fans’ questions. The ticketing time was February 15, and there would be a total of 20,000 tickets.

Gu Yu looked at the comments. He was very happy, but at the same time very nervous.

They were so excited, if he didn’t perform well, wouldn’t he let them down?

With this in mind, Gu Yu practiced even more seriously, applying to the company for a special stage teacher to guide him, taking into account every detail of each song.

In the evening, after the teacher left, he would practice in the holographic room to get a feel for what it would be like on stage.

When he was practicing, Cyno always held the little white tiger and watched from the side, and when he turned around, he could see them. This made him very touched and at ease, and the nervousness in his heart suddenly disappeared without a trace.

On the 15th, the concert tickets went on sale, and in less than a minute, all the tickets were sold out.

Gu Yu was relieved that although many fans had expressed their desire to buy tickets, he was still worried about the embarrassing situation of a bunch of tickets not being sold.

In no time, the comments under his Wide Words grew rapidly.

[Crying a little, did not buy! Little Yu to increase one game ah!]

[Yeah, only one show is too little, let’s have a few more!]

Herman also contacted him and asked him to consider adding one more concert.

Gu Yu thought about it, “We’ll see after the first show is held.”

Although he was ready, the concert may not be a success after all.

Herman immediately understood his consideration, “Okay.”

Soon, it was the day of the concert, the concert time was from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. Gu Yu was backstage putting on makeup very early, and Cyno, Little White Tiger, Merlin, KiKi, MoMo, Little Black Panther, and Cilo were all there.

As soon as the little black panther saw the little white tiger, he jumped off MoMo and landed on Cyno’s feet in a very athletic manner. Cyno remained very calm, but the little white tiger was stunned, eyes rounded, and ears twitching.

MoMo quickly patted the little black panther’s head and said gently to the little white tiger, “Sorry, he scared Nate.”

The little black panther made a soft purring sound in his throat and rubbed his head against the little white tiger.

Twenty minutes before the concert, everyone left to join the audience, leaving only Gu Yu and Herman.

Gu Yu recalled the walk in his head. Because he had rehearsed it so many times and was very familiar with it, he wasn’t nervous at all as he approached the opening. The lights in the audience dimmed and the stage glowed with a faint blue light as Gu Yu walked to the front in a white suit.

The cheers from beyond the stage seemed to turn the hall upside down.

The light music started, and when the first lyrics began, the moment Gu Yu opened his mouth, many people in the audience also opened their mouths.

Gu Yu was moved in his heart and smiled at the audience.

His first concert, and the first song was sung with his fans.

At the end of the song, Gu Yu bowed towards the audience, “Thank you for liking it. Thank you for your support.”

This concert was very special for the whole Star Alliance people.

It was not exciting and not surging, but comfortable and moving, yet also hot-blooded. This kind of fervor was not the same as hearing music in the past, it was not the kind of fervor that made one want to pick up weapons and fight in a minute. Rather, it was music of the future, life was full of infinite hope, and one must have the courage to fight, to fight the blood.

While everyone was still immersed in the music, the concert had come to an end.

Gu Yu looked out to the front row, his expression a bit shy, then he pursed his lips and smiled.

“The last song, ‘Light’, I wrote for my mate, and it has not been released to the public, and it will not be released, because it’s exclusive to him, but he’s here so I’ll sing it.” He paused, “I’m not very good with words, all the words, they’re in the song.”

“Wow!” Envious voices rang out from the audience, and all the eyes swept down to the front seat.

At the same time, the music started to play.

Cyno’s eyes were on the stage and his hand gently rested on the back of the little white tiger.


He reminded himself, This was a concert, you can’t rush up there!


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