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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


Already on the shore, the handymen and prisoners who had gone ashore first carried some big tires, threw them into the water, and then jumped on them to row to the warehouse. Because there were no other lakes and rivers on QuYa Planet besides the vanishing Pelican Lake, there were no boats, and in this case, they could only remove the tires.

“The warden is still inside, go and get him out.” A guard who swam out shouted.

“Is the warden okay?”

“Yes, he’s standing on the highest lectern, someone is taking care of him, and there are dozens of others who don’t know how to water are crowded up there.”

“Okay, here we go. Back there, get some more tires off.”


A few tires were paddled towards the warehouse, and one after another tires were thrown down. Everyone worked very fast, and in a short while, the people left inside were pulled out.

The warden was the last to come out, and by the time he was halfway through the line on the tires, the water was almost to the roof. He simply jumped into the water with the others and swam, he caught a tire that the prison guards threw in, and they pulled him back to the opposite shore.

The water continued to rise, but there were no more people, just a large flock of ducks swimming happily around. The kitchen helper, who was in charge of the duck house, ran around the shore in a hurry, calling out loudly.

The ducks ignored him.

Lan Yu, still sitting on the roof of the warehouse, said to Lu RanKong, “I can’t believe Officer Wang could bring the water from Pelican Lake to here.”

Lu RanKong thought for a moment, “Do you remember the last time I went into that cave, you followed me in, and we finally left?”

“Yes…” Lan Yu said.

Lu RanKong went to explore the cave, and later said it was dark inside and a waterfall was falling down, so he didn’t go further.

“I guess there was a dark river under that waterfall, and one end connected to Pelican Lake, and Officer Wang found out that the other end led to the back of the ring wall of the prison, so he made preparations early and planted a bomb on the wall.”

Lan Yu said, “Don’t call him Officer Wang.”

Lu RanKong understood what he meant. The real Officer Wang should’ve been long gone, after all, Liu Zhao’s lover, Xu, had found the Lontan person in the prison six months ago.

And that Lontan person stayed inside Officer Wang’s shell.

Now it was too late to figure out how Xu found “Officer Wang”, because the hole on the mountain wall was still gushing out a lot of water, and under the water there was also an unconscious crystal-devouring beast lying, unclear when it was going to wake up.

Lu RanKong had regained his strength and stood up and shouted, “Come with some good swimmers, bring the thickest steel cable, and go down with me to catch the small fish.”

Lan Yu followed and got up, but he squeezed his shoulder and said, “You rest, let others go at this time. Swim to the opposite side first, when I go ashore to find Officer Wang.”

The inmates were already on the opposite shore, blacked out.

They listened to the group of handymen talk about what had just happened, and knew that Lan Yu and Lu RanKong had crashed through the door with the help of the big fish, and were both thankful and grateful. Now, when they heard Lu RanKong’s words about catching the fish in the water, dozens of voices rang out, “I’ll go!” “I’m going too!”

Among them were a few guards.

“No, a few is enough.” Lu RanKong was standing on the roof of this room, and pointed out a few of the taller ones from afar, “Just a few of you, follow me into the water.”


Some people already knew where to find a long steel cable, so they followed Lu RanKong and swam down into the water.

Lan Yu didn’t join the fun, so he leapt into the pool of water ready to go to the shore. He had been followed by three ducklings, who jumped into the water with a flutter and swam beside him. The other ducks also gathered and swam with Lan Yu to the shore. The helper in charge of the duck house was finally relieved to see this scene.

The water gushing from the mountain wall didn’t slow down at all, and the whole prison was in danger of being submerged. The warden began to arrange manpower, ready to blow a channel from under the crater to lead the water out.

This side of the water, the captured crystal-devouring beast by the prisoners had also emerged, shouting that this thing was too heavy, and then some people helped. In the water, the prisoners had tied the fish down, and dragged it over with a heavy steel cable.

Lu RanKong swam over and got on the shore, while wiping the water from his face, he ordered loudly, “While it is unconscious, pull out the stalactite in its throat, it has been stuck for several days. If we do not get it out, it will die of hunger.”

Now it wasn’t clear who was a guard and who was a prisoner, all mixed up in one place, when the warden assigned the task, everyone was answering, and were also busy in their own way.

Lu RanKong walked up to him, whispered a few words, and the warden took out a pass card and handed it to him without asking any questions.

Lan Yu saw Lu RanKong looking around with the card, knowing that he was looking for him, he separated from the crowd and walked over with the little group of ducks at his feet.

Then he stood behind him and coughed.

Lu RanKong abruptly turned his head, and Lan Yu saw his eyes glowing the moment he saw him, obviously relieved.

“There you are, I was looking all over for you.” Lu RanKong was obviously happy, but his mouth was out of control, “What are you running around for?”

Lan Yu asked, a little annoyed, “Didn’t you ask me to swim here?”

“Really? I said that?” Lu RanKong saw Lan Yu’s face start to look gloomy again and hurriedly said, “Go, go, go! Let’s go find Officer Wang, no… that Lontan person.”

Lan Yu said nothing more and followed him through the crowd.

Now that the crystal-devouring beast had awakened, the stalactite in its throat had also been pulled out, and seeing that it was surrounded by so many people, it was about to pounce and bite hard. As a result, his whole body was caught in the steel rope, so he could only keep fluttering in place.

A part of the people under the command of the warden began to methodically plant bombs under the back of the hill. Some prisoners, in particular, were very skillful and were veterans at first glance.

The water in the alcove was already over the top of the warehouse and was about to flood the top few steps, so the diversion channel had to be blown out before that happened.

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong were now going to find the Lontan person, so they started running when they got out of the crowd.

The ducklings couldn’t keep up and were so anxious that they ran and squawked.

Lan Yu turned around and called out to the duck house helper, “Take them back, it’s too dangerous here.”

“Don’t worry, I’ll take them back.” The ducklings were finally left behind and driven back by the duck house helper who caught up with them.

“Where will he go when he gets out of the prison gate?” Lan Yu asked as the two men ran in the direction of the prison gate.

Lu RanKong sidestepped an oncoming prisoner who was still holding a plastic basin for scooping up water. “If you were him, where would you go now?” He asked rhetorically.

Lan Yu muttered, “If I were him, where would I go now? If I were him, now that I’ve been exposed, indicating that those jialing crystals definitely can’t be guarded, I would hurry to take a few and leave here.”

Lu RanKong didn’t speak, only took a shortcut to leap over the next row of fences, as Lan Yu followed the leap and continued to run side by side.

“If you want to get out of here, what would you do now?” Lu RanKong asked.

Lan Yu snapped to attention, “Liu Zhao said that the Star Warship that arrived tonight would leave immediately.”


There were still two guards on duty at the prison gate, and the entire prison, except for the two of them, the rest, whether guards or prisoners, were now concentrated at the back of the warehouse.

“Hey, you two, what do you want?” A prison guard looked at Lan Yu and Lu RanKong, who were coming straight at him, and alertly raised the ion gun in his hand.

Lu RanKong ran and showed him his pass card from the warden, saying, “It’s flooding inside, and the warden told me to go out through the gate and follow the beam to the back wall to close the gate, it’s urgent! A few more minutes of delay and the prison will be flooded!”

The two guards were already in a panic, so when they saw that the pass card was indeed the warden’s, and then saw that both of them looked anxious and didn’t seem to be faking, they didn’t have time to think about it more deeply. They hurried to turn off the gate scan identifier, and rushed into the adjacent duty room and pressed the open button.

The tightly closed prison door slowly opened with a heavy chute sound, and the two ran out of the door one after another, rushing into the darkness of the night.

“How can you spread such a panic? It’s full of holes. Where would there be any gate on that mountain wall? The warden also sent two prisoners to close the gate.” Lan Yu said, “I was afraid the two guards wouldn’t let us out.”

Lu RanKong replied as he ran, “They aren’t interested in hearing the truth, but in whether the prisons will be flooded. If I say I’m going to catch the Lontan person, do you think they will let us out so easily? Even if they don’t arrest us both, they will have to interrogate us for a while.”

A few hundred meters away was the docking bay, where a huge Star Warship stood, looking like a silent, solid metal fortress in the darkness of the night. The Star Warship was already warming up as it was about to set out, and Lu RanKong and Lan Yu were still at the prison gate when they heard the rumble.

“The Star Warship is flying away.” Lan Yu’s heart tightened and he ran faster.

Lu RanKong said, “Don’t worry, there’s still time to warm up, so we can catch up, look at the door. There are still people standing.”

The Star Warship’s abdomen had a large open square, and through the bright light, there were several figures standing there, facing the direction of the prison.

It was estimated that the movement of QuYa Prison was too big, so the people on board couldn’t help but look at the reality, but their departure time was approaching, and could only stand at the Star Warship door to gaze in the distance.

As soon as Lu RanKong’s voice fell, he saw white gas spewing out from under the belly of the Star Warship, and the rumbling sound of the engines suddenly changed frequency.

“The Star Warship is really going to fly away!” Lan Yu shouted in panic.

Lu RanKong said, “Don’t worry, only a hundred meters. The Star Warship door is still open.”

As soon as he said that, the Star Warship door was slowly closing.

Lan Yu, “…” 

Lu RanKong ran faster and shouted, “Run! The Star Warship is really going to fly away!”

Seeing the light from the door getting smaller and smaller, the two ran like the wind, both shouting, “Wait, wait!”

The Star Warship door was slowly closing, revealing only the upper half of the door, and three Star Warship soldiers were still standing there, looking out in the direction of the prison.

The captain pressed one hand on the door closing button, while he was driving them away with the other one, saying, “Don’t look, stop staring, we have to leave soon. It’s just a break in the wall of the mountain leaking water, and it was flowing for a while, but it’s not Pelican Lake, and it didn’t cause a big impact on the prison. If we continue to watch, the captain will find that I have blocked the automatic shutdown of the cabin. Go away, go away! Don’t block me from closing the door.”

A Star Warship soldier resentfully moved aside, his eyes swept across the road ahead, his expression suddenly a little strange.

“Wait, wait, there seems to be someone there, running towards us.” He muttered.

The other two Star Warship soldiers heard it and both looked over there.

“Sure enough, someone is running and shouting something.”

“That’s a prisoner, still wearing prison clothes.”

“This prisoner has run out of the gate and came after the Star Warship?”

The hand of the captain pressed the door button subconsciously loosened, as he looked outside and frowned, “The prison didn’t just have a leak? How come the prisoners are out?”

“How come the hatch hasn’t been closed? Lieutenant Wu, you are responsible for the rear cabin. Is there a problem with the hatch?” The Captain’s serious voice came from the intercom.

“No, no, I’ll close it immediately, but just now something fell in the gap, the automatic closure of the cabin didn’t start.” Lieutenant Wu hurriedly returned.

He was about to press the closing button when the Star Warship soldier blocked his hand and said curiously, “Lieutenant Wu, don’t shut it yet. Listen to what one of the prisoners is shouting.”

The Star Warship was too loud so some of it was inaudible, the shout vaguely drifted into the ear, intermittently along the wind.

” Planet man… Lontan… Planet person…”

The Star Warship soldier on the far left folded his hands in his ears, listened intently twice, and said, “He’s saying he’s a rookie.”

Lu RanKong threw off his two long legs, his prison clothes drummed by the night wind, as he ran and shouted with all his might, “There’s a Lontan person on the ship!”

Lan Yu didn’t move an inch behind him, running with his temples pulsating on both sides, seeing the door gradually closing, he also ran with all his strength and shouted, “Empire stationed in the tower Planet army second mecha battalion Colonel K, orders you to open the hatch!”

“Empire… Army… …Colonel K… Open the hatch…”

The Star Warship soldier on the right, who had been listening intently to the shout, suddenly exclaimed, “Captain! I heard him clearly, he’s talking about Colonel K.” 

“Colonel K. Is that the Colonel K I’m thinking of? The brutal Colonel K?”

“It should be, whether it is or not, you see how anxious they both are, it must be some major emergency.”

“But Colonel K should be in the military headquarters of some planet, what is this prisoner shouting at us?”

“Could it be that Colonel K is secretly hiding on our ship?”

“Damn it, open the door and let him come up and ask.”

Lan Yu’s heart sank. If the Lontan person was allowed to board the Star Warship, then he and Lu RanKong would have to report it. They both failed because the mission was small, but the military department would definitely deal with the Star Warship, perhaps it would be rude to let everyone on it simply disappear.

Just like Jiang Zhi said before accepting the mission, if they couldn’t find the Lontan person in the prison, then the whole prison would die.

Just then, he saw the Star Warship door, which had already closed a large part of the way, slowly start to open again.

“They noticed us and heard us shout.” Lan Yu said as he ran and gasped for breath.

Lu RanKong, who was still breathing, said in a deep voice, “Of course, I’ve been shouting that there is a Lontan person on the ship, they heard me.”

As he ran closer and closer to the hatch, Lan Yu saw a man lying face down in the shadows to his left, where the light couldn’t reach him.

“Look, there’s someone there.” He said to Lu RanKong as he kept walking.

Lu RanKong glanced sideways and said, “It’s Officer Wang…”

“Then he—”

“The Lontan person has detached his body into the Star Warship, and it’s been too long, so Officer Wang himself must be gone. We can’t care about his remains now, first let’s catch the Lontan person.”


Two people finally ran to the Star Warship door, the gangway was closed up, the door of the ship was still three meters high from the ground.

Lu RanKong wrapped his arms around Lan Yu’s legs and threw him upward easily, and Lan Yu tumbled onto the Star Warship with the force, then reached out and pulled Lu RanKong up as well.

The two had just stood firm when they heard several successive violent explosions coming from the direction of the prison with red clouds of smoke lighting up half of the sky.

That should be the noise from the explosion of the crater.

“What’s going on over there in prison?” Star Warship soldiers couldn’t care less about the two men and asked in a horrified voice.

Lu RanKong hurriedly explained, “It’s okay, it’s just that Prison is about to be flooded, so we blew a hole in the mountain to divert the water out.”

The Star Warship soldiers looked at each other, “What kind of water makes one blow up the mountain?”

“The water of Pelican Lake…” Lu RanKong said briefly.

Several people drew a breath.

A Star Warship soldier eyed the two warily and asked, “What are you after? If you have anything to say, say it and get down.”

The other Star Warship soldier shook the ion gun in his hand, “You just said something about Colonel K. Is he on our ship?”

Lan Yu bent over with his hands on his knees to catch his breath, hearing this, only raised his hand and shook it.

Lu RanKong while wiping his undershirt, while helping him to say, “Empire stationed in the tower Planet army second mecha battalion Colonel K. Suspected a Lontan person mixed with your Star Warship, so now we need to search the whole ship. “

“You are Colonel K?” Several people lost their tongues.

Lu RanKong, “I’m not, he is.”

“What’s wrong with the hatchway? Why hasn’t the automatic shutdown system kicked in?” A stern barking question came over the intercom.

Without waiting for Captain Wu’s explanation, Lu RanKong said, “Lu RanKong, 3rd mecha battalion of Empire’s Tower Planet Army, requesting to speak to the captain.”

There was a reply, “I am the captain…”

Lu RanKong said, “Captain, there is evidence that a Lontan person is on board this Star Warship. Please stop flying, I want to search the whole ship.”

“Lontan person?” The captain asked in confusion, “You mean a Lontan person is on board my ship?”


The captain paused for a few seconds and then said, “Colonel Lu, I cannot accept your ridiculous request, the Lontan person has been expelled from the Sasu Planet system years ago, and you say there is one on my ship. Please get off the ship immediately and don’t delay our departure.”

“There was a Lontan person in the prison, and now he’s hiding on your ship. If you just return to bring him back to the main planet, what consequences can you bear?”

The captain said impatiently, “Lieutenant Wu, get the man off the ship, close the doors and get ready to set off!”

“Captain, this is extremely irresponsible—” Lu RanKong said sternly.

“Lieutenant Wu, did you check the identity of Colonel Lu? How did the others get on the ship?” The captain interrupted Lu RanKong.

Lieutenant Wu said sarcastically, “Well, Captain, Colonel Lu just rushed on board now.”

“Now? On board?”

“He’s still wearing QuYa Prison’s prison uniform.”

After a few seconds of silence, the captain yelled, “Are you out of your mind, Lieutenant Wu? You’re putting prisoners on board? Blast them off immediately! No, and contact their warden—”

“Fuck you! If you keep talking, I’ll suspect you are the Lontan person,” Lan Yu, standing aside, suddenly spoke up, his voice low and cold, like a layer of ice.

Lu RanKong turned his head to look at him, but didn’t make a sound.

The captain’s roar stopped and asked incredulously, “Who? Who is this? Who else is there?”

Lieutenant Wu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and said, “The prisoner with Colonel Lu, said he was Colonel K.”

The captain’s voice was shaking with anger, “The two of them, get them off.”

Lu RanKong, “Captain, you can verify our identities with the top right now. What do you call this ship? The Departure or the Launch? We came to QuYa Planet on the Long Range, or you can ask the captain or vice captain of that ship, they should know a little bit about our identity as well.”

“Lieutenant Wu, drive them down, don’t bother with the crazy talk and also—”

“Shut up, you arrogant Lontan person!” Lan Yu interrupted the captain’s words.

“You two prisoners get the hell off my ship.” The captain said sternly, “I will contact your warden immediately if you try to escape.”

“Really? You can do that now. Lon. Tan. Pla. Net. Man.” Lan Yu finished the last sentence in a tone of voice into the intercom, one word at a time.

Before the few Star Warship soldiers could react or see how he moved, Lieutenant Wu, who was standing at the front, was hoisted in his arms and choked, and the ion gun was in his hand, right against Lieutenant Wu’s temple.

Lu RanKong sighed and lowered his head to roll up his sleeves.

The next second, the three Star Warship soldiers just raised their guns, they felt a blow to the elbow, and were sore and numb, as several guns followed one after another to the ground.

Lu RanKong had an additional ion gun in his hand, aiming at the three who were bending down to pick up the gun and barking, “No one move! Lontan people…”

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Sue R
July 5, 2021 6:54 pm

I feel like readind the scene of mission impossible, very exciting. Love it.

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July 6, 2021 2:12 pm

So glad they took that stalactite out the crystal devouring beast.
Everyone got out the warehouse safely, but a shame Officer Wang has been lost.
The Star Warship Captain is infuriating! Love when Lan Yu gets into Colonel K mode. Will they find the Lontan person?
Thank you for the chapter, can’t wait for the next!

July 24, 2021 1:12 pm

It’s interesting that Lu Rankong did not want the fish beast to die.

The comedy is on point in this chapter! The Star Warship is gonna fly away!!! 😂

I love how Lan Yu lost all his patience with the captain. I don’t think he is acting. 😂

Lu Rankong is just like “Welp, Lunatic K is back, here we go again”

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Those soldiers including the captain make my blood boiled… but i want to acknowledge those cuties duckling ,, so sweet, they want to accompany Lan Yu 🥰.

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