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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Lhachril


Although he was a natural female, he was very tall, just a little narrower than a male, and very handsome with a tall body. When he saw Gu Yu, his eyes lit up slightly, and he gave a big welcome salute with a very sincere attitude, “Welcome.”

Cyno responded politely with official words.

Once they went to the place where Gu Yu was staying, the Commander-in-Chief’s attitude was much more casual, looking at Gu Yu and saying with a sincere tone. “I’m really very happy to see you, I’m one of the first insect females you helped convert. Thank you very much.”

Gu Yu smiled, “You’re welcome.”

Unlike the rest of the planet, which was full of males, Gu Yu had the most contact with females on the Black Nether, and occasionally met males, who looked very weak.

While walking around Haini, Cyno said, “Haini is not the same as before, the status of females has increased a lot.”

Gu Yu thought about the old Bug system and smiled after reading the Bug news, “That’s good. The Bug females are physically strong and in charge of the military, and the males are smart and in charge of politics.”

Before leaving the planet, the two took Nate on a tour of the Black Nether.

The planet was a mountainous planet, besides the mines which were very famous, there was also a play mountain which was very famous. The whole mountain was equivalent to a huge amusement park, and all the various projects built on the mountain were very exciting.

Parachute jumping, high slide, roller coaster, sky roller…

Gu Yu read the introduction and was a little frightened, however, Nate pointed to the Ferris wheel and was very excited.

Cyno grabbed Gu Yu, “Want to play?”

Gu Yu saw Nate’s face filled with anticipation and nodded his head.

During the whole ride, Gu Yu buried his head almost the entire time on Cyno’s shoulder, and Nate was lying by the window with his eyes shining. When it was over, Gu Yu was a little embarrassed that he hadn’t acted as bravely as Nate. But it was too high, and all parts of the Ferris wheel, except for the drive, were transparent.

As soon as he opened his eyes, the terrible scene of falling from mid-air came to his mind.

“Are you okay?” Cyno inquired.

Gu Yu nodded, “Yeah.”

When he returned to the foot of the mountain, not far from the exit, a male of about ten years old was running toward the exit and collided with a female of a small beast.

The young male took a step back and hit the female with a short whip, “How dare you hit me!”

The female’s head shrunk, light green eyes filled with a layer of watery mist, and they backed up.

Gu Yu frowned slightly, but at the next moment, he saw a natural female wearing black sportswear dash over, and with a hand grabbed the young male’s rear collar, and yanked away the whip in his hand.

The natural female was followed by a black-clad adult male, who heartily hugged the young natural female and stroked his fingers over the spot where he had been hit.

“Let go of me!” The young male struggled violently.

“What are you doing, let go of my son!” A blue-clad male rushed over from the right side of the souvenir, glaring angrily at the natural female.

The natural female’s face tightened, “He hit my son and must apologize.”

Before the blue-clad male could say anything, the young male glared and spoke in a natural tone, “It’s just a lowly female, and you want me to apologize? I’m a male!”

“Shut up.” The blue-clad male’s face changed slightly.

“Daddy, isn’t that what you said?” The young male was dissatisfied with the parent’s scolding, “Females are born to serve us! What’s wrong with me beating him?”

The male in black came over with the little female, his good-looking face was cold as he looked at the male in blue, “I have notified the police. You can tell them what you taught your son.”

“No,” the male in blue had a sweaty forehead, “this is a misunderstanding…” He said with some urgency, reaching for the black male’s arm.

The natural female blocked in front of the black-clad male, looking cold and lingering, “Back off.”

The black-clothed male patted the black-clothed female’s shoulder and smiled at him, “I’m fine.”

Looking at the blue-clad male, he said, “It would be better if it had been a misunderstanding. Your ancient thinking is outdated. The fact that females protect us and love us is not a reason for us to hurt them.”

Since ancient times insect males were far fewer in number than females and with their poor physique, they were always cared for by the females as babies.

Even the law defends males, and females are taught to protect males from a young age.

This was originally just to prevent females from bullying males with their physical superiority, but over time, the males naturally began to feel superior and treat females wantonly.

After the catastrophe, natural females disappeared, and many males recalled the good old days, expecting females to return to how it had been and they would enjoy their former reckless lives again.

At the same time, there were many males who realized the beauty of their natural females, who were strong, loyal, and always devoted to comforting them when they are distressed.

Before the females were too easy to get, and they had been completely unaware of this, and were not at all cherished.

Now that the beast females have been transformed into natural females, the males have to cherish them.

Soon, two police officers arrived, all natural females.

They greeted the black-clad females, and knowing the process, looked at the blue-clad male father and son with a not-so-good look on their faces and took them away.

Then the natural female soothed the young female, kissed the black male on the cheek, and the family left.

As Gu Yu went out, he heard the young natural female behind him whispering a discussion.

“Ahhhhh, that black male just now is so great, I want a bug master like that too.”

“I want one too, I will raise him well!”

Gu Yu: “…”

The culture of the insect race was really different from Splendor.

Leaving Haini Star, Gu Yu headed to the last stop of the tour, Yas Star.

The planet Yas was very beautiful, and the moon at night was dark blue, especially mysterious. The more powerful and high status people live in the more isolated areas, and can even be called solitary, while only the weaker commoners live together.

Gu Yu and Cyno were sitting in the garden lounger, while Nate, the little white tiger, was lying in the flowers, from time to time moving position, sniffing east and west.

The location where they stayed was King Yak’s palace, but they did not see King Yak. His subordinates said he had gone hunting.

Gu Yu basked in the moonlight as Cyno, in a gentle tone, gave him a lecture, “The Yasians have the highest single combat capability in the Star League, and the strongest have a strong sense of territoriality.”

Gu Yu thought about the defense system and intelligent system the diplomat demonstrated when he arrived and guessed, “So the powerful people like to live alone, and since they don’t want escorts, they replace them with high technology?”

Cyno smiled, “Yes.”

Gu Yu looked at the moonlight, his eyes curved, enjoying very much the feeling of relaxation now.

The Yak King’s Palace was the most satisfying of all his residences in the Star Alliance, with no guards to keep an eye on him and no servants waiting at all times. The entire palace seemed to be occupied only by the residents and the people who kept the equipment running properly.

The two were casually chatting when Gu Yu glanced over his shoulder, “Nate’s gone.”

Cyno said calmly, “There’s no rush.” He opened the terminal and expanded the light screen.

The light screen showed an overhead view of the royal palace, and the two of them were in a very obvious position. Not far to their left, a small white tiger was running and stopping outside.

Cyno nodded at the little white tiger, sensing the creatures near the little white tiger, the closest of which was a Yaz firefly.

Gu Yu smiled, “Nate must be chasing fireflies, let him play for a while.”

Cyno nodded, but did not turn off the terminal, the sensor system was always on, in case someone came near the little white tiger.

About a quarter of an hour later, a powerful Yasian was sensed near the little white tiger.

Cyno looked at the map, “This kid, run to the main hall range, King Yak has returned.”

Gu Yu got up, “Let’s go and bring him back.”

The little white tiger’s watery blue eyes reflected a bright light, which was the light from the fireflies. He was so curious that he tilted his head and ran after the fireflies, occasionally jumping up and raising his paws to grab them, only to fall short. When the firefly flew behind a tree and disappeared, he looked around, but didn’t find it, and found himself in a very unfamiliar location.

He looked down at the claw ring on his left paw, his right paw touched it, and then he heard his dad’s gentle voice, “Be good and stay. We’ll go get you.”

“Ao~” the little white tiger called out softly.

He crouched obediently in place, quietly surveying the surroundings. When he saw a reflection in his eyes, directly to his right, he blinked and stared there curiously.

His ears twitched and he got up and took a step toward that spot.

As he approached, he realized that behind the tree lay a large beast male. The male was covered in silvery phosphor armor, even his tail. The whole thing seemed to shine with a layer of ghostly light in the eerie blue moonlight, and it looked very nice. His eyes lit up and slowly walked up to him, lifting his paws and gently touching the tail that was hanging on the ground.

A slightly cool touch came to him, making him feel very comfortable.

The male did not speak, and the tip of his tail moved slightly. Without any aggressive behavior, he remained lying down, as if disturbing him was only the occasional stopover butterfly. The little white tiger was then emboldened and touched the silver tail with his paws, and was touching it when his vision transformed and he became humanoid.

He touched his little belly and looked back to the other side of the road, he probably ran quite far and was a little hungry.

With two short legs, he ran clumsily to the male, who was much taller than him, and he tilted his little head to meet a pair of silver vertical pupils.

He whispered, “Uncle, you are beautiful.”

His voice was soft, he was wearing a white tiger cotton coat, and his face was fleshy and looked soft and cute.

The male turned into human form, his body still covered with white scale armor, and he casually sat on the ground, then gently held Nate in his arms, his silver eyes fell on his face, “Hungry?”

The instincts of the cubs kept them in beast form, which was stronger, and generally only when they were hungry or lacked energy would they turn into human form.

Nate nodded with a slight blush, “Father and Father will be coming for me soon.”

The male took out a red fruit, “Went hunting and picked this today. It tastes good, try it?”

Nate’s eyes lit up slightly, “It smells good!” He made a fist with both small hands but did not take it, “Thank you Uncle, but Father said I can not just eat other people’s things.”

“Please, King Yak.” Cyno and Gu Yu approached. King Yak saw the two and stood up from the ground with Nate in his arms.

King Yak shook his head, “No trouble, he’s quite well behaved.”

Cyno’s eyes fell on the fruit in his hand. It was a special product of Asterix, very popular with females and a must-have gift for males when courting.

Cyno’s eyes changed slightly, and suddenly he thought of King Yak’s words during the banquet. He took Nate into his arms and looked at King Yak warningly, “Nate is just over a year old, and the number of natural females here is now quite large.”

King Yak looked at Nate lightly and bluntly said, “I’m not interested in cubs. You don’t have to worry, the initial words were predicated on no other natural females except him.”

Cyno looked slightly embarrassed, “Excuse me. Thanks for looking after him. Goodbye.”

King Yak nodded, and Nate poked his head out over Cyno’s shoulder, “Goodbye, Uncle.”

After staying in King Yak’s palace for half a month and a few days after the concert, Gu Yu and his group left. Nate was sad to leave. He loved King Yak’s palace and there were many interesting places in the palace that he had not yet explored.

King Yak was also very nice, and although he rarely spoke, he was very gentle with the pup.

The family returned to Brilliant Splendor just before New Year and got another good news in the New Year, Merlin and Harvey had been married.

After the year, Gu Yu continued to go to school, create, and occasionally help with conversions with fan benefit raffles.

The association’s daily sales of conversions had risen to 20,000, there were more and more natural females on the street. The elementary school division had started mixing natural females and males in classes.

Stardate 2388, the spring college exams in March were very lively, and for the first time in years, there were natural females referencing them in good numbers.

Gu Yu, Merlin, KiKi, MoMo, Cilo all attended, Merlin most especially, who was nine months pregnant. As a result, Merlin also got a lot of press coverage, but the interest didn’t last long before it died down. Because Merlin didn’t like it, it was forced down by Grand Duke Joop.

In April, Gu Yu was in a very nervous mood with the results of the spring exams and his third full year at Brilliant Splendor.

On the fifteenth, while Gu Yu was napping, a familiar and yet unfamiliar mechanical voice suddenly rang in his head, “Hello, trader.”

Gu Yu asked, “003?”

“It’s me,” the mechanical voice trailed off slightly, and after checking the remaining Goodwill Points of fourty-three billion, he continued, “I’ve come to get paid, and you’ve done better than I expected.”

Gu Yu said sincerely, “The system gave me the ability to help a lot.”

003 replied, “Sometimes the ability is a double-edged sword, it can help you and it can hurt you.”

Gu Yu did not understand.

003 explained, “In other times and space there are people who do the same task as you and fail a lot. Some, because the initial Goodwill rose quickly, think they found a good way to keep the only special identity, while their private life was chaos, and eventually end up miserable. Others because of the ability to be strong, seize power to build more power, to become the king of the world, and ultimately their Goodwill Points are far from enough.”

003 voice lightened, “Not everyone can keep their heart when they have the ability, so when tempted by other things, it was easy to lose themselves. And with this mission, there is still a possibility of failure, and that is death. There were two failures who both went out at will and died, causing the mission to fail.”

Gu Yu froze, “I didn’t think about it that much.”

003’s voice was brisk, “That’s why I said I have a good eye, I knew you could definitely do it. Congratulations, the mission was successful, and one billion Goodwill Points have been obtained. The taskmaster activated a special reward, the realization of an unfulfilled wish of the original world.”

Gu Yu fell silent, the original world’s wish?

The dean’s grandfather had long since passed away, the owner of the tea club was happy with his family, his wish to open a concert in Splendor had been achieved…

Suddenly, he thought of something, “Can you help me pay off my student loans?” He paused, “I can pay with the money from Brilliant Splendor.”

Without the student loan, he wouldn’t even be able to go to college. He was grateful and had been working hard to pay it back as soon as possible, but he still had four thousand to pay.

003 was silent for a moment, “Someone has already paid it back for you.”

Gu Yu was surprised, “How can that be?”

He has no family and no friends, so he could not imagine who would help him pay back the money.

003 answered, “It was the girl you saved.”

Gu Yu recalled the scene where he pushed the girl away, but he didn’t know what happened after that.

He asked, “Is she okay?”

003 replied, “Your wish was not fulfilled by our side, so you can change it. You can choose to see how she is doing. Do you want to use this as your wish?”

Gu Yu thought about it, “Yes.”

The next moment, the image in front of Gu Yu’s eyes shifted, and the sound of cheering and noise came to his ears. He looked around. He was at a concert entrance queue, surrounded by many people, with excited expressions, many with pictures on their faces and glow sticks in their hands.

He soon realized that the people next to him could not see him.

“As a senior, this is the first time to grab a ticket to Qiaoqiao, so happy!”

Gu Yu remembered that the girl he saved at first was called Lin Qiaoqiao.

He walked along the crowd to the venue, stood at the front, and watched a very exciting concert. He looked at the girl on stage and slowly smiled.

At the end, the girl changed into a long white dress and the whole venue suddenly fell silent.

“The last song, ‘Silence’, is dedicated to him.”

When the music started, Gu Yu heard the choked sobs of the girl beside him, “Qiao Qiao is so nice, all these years, always remembering her life-saver.”

“I heard that the boy could not speak, was usually very silent, and he did not know Qiaoqiao well, but saved Qiaoqiao with his life.”

“Qiaoqiao thought he had been doing charity work, helping many disabled children.”

“I heard that Qiaoqiao deliberately opened the concert today because today is the anniversary of the boy’s death, and today’s profits, a lot of them will be donated to the orphanage.”

Gu Yu’s heart moved slightly, the song on stage was quiet but very touching.

“Xiao Yu,” Gu Yu opened his eyes and saw Cyno looking at him worriedly, rubbing his fingers on his eyelids, “What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare?”

Gu Yu grabbed his hand and realized he was crying when he noticed Cyno’s fingertips were slightly wet. He raised a smile, “No, it was a beautiful dream.”

Cyno kissed him on the eyes and Nate jumped on him, asking in a milky voice, “Then why is Daddy crying?”

Gu Yu smiled and rubbed his head, “Because it was touching.” He sat up and looked at Cyno, “Aren’t you going to the military?”

Cyno raised his eyebrows and took out a beautiful card from behind him, “Congratulations, you’ve been accepted into the music department of Splendor University.” He lifted Gu Yu’s hand and kissed it, “Baby, you’re really great.”

Nate hugged Gu Yu’s arm, “Congratulations, Daddy. Daddy is awesome!”

Gu Yu looked at the two, his eyes shining with happiness, and kissed each of them on their cheeks, “Thank you guys.”


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