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Chapter 65: Hurricane

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


“The leap point was opened?” Lan Yu lost his voice.


“But the military didn’t notify us. Can’t they detect that the leap point was opened?”

“If we add shielding data to the system, it won’t be detected.” Lu RanKong’s voice dropped.

The two of them ran across the snowy ravines and soon saw the lonely buildings of the leap station.

“Here we are, let’s go check it out.”

Lan Yu gasped, standing in the doorway of the control room and said, “This door was opened. Did you open it yesterday?”

Lu RanKong skillfully worked on the information lock and said, “Yes, when I turned on the energy supply system yesterday, I took the engineers to unlock the information lock and came in.”

The information lock made a passing sound, the door clicked open a crack. Lu RanKong pushed inside, and the two walked in.

Inside was darkness, Lu RanKong pressed a button on the door and a row of lights came on instantly. He took a step inside, Lan Yu hurried to follow, as he surveyed the main control room while walking.

This was a hall, the inside wasn’t complex, there were some powered down instruments on the left and right sides and the space was quite large. After the hall, there was a passage, and at the end was a silver-white metal door.

Lu RanKong said, “Behind that door is the leap point control room. I didn’t go in yesterday, I just turned on the power supply system outside.” Lu RanKong got close enough to see the information lock and said to Lan Yu, “The lock is good, it hasn’t been violently damaged.”

“So can we go in?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong frowned and said, “This lock has the highest level of protection, it’s not easy to break. We don’t have much time, I’ll find Liu Deng and have the information soldier enter my information in as fast as possible—”


The information lock flashed green and made a passing sound, and the door to the control room opened a gap.

Lan Yu looked at his palm in amazement and said, “I just reached out and put my hand there.”

Lu RanKong’s face suddenly changed, “The lock has been modified, the protection level has been reduced to the lowest. Someone must have entered.”

The moment the door opened, the lights inside the control room lit up, and the two slowly walked in. This was a very large room, which was decorated with various instruments. A buzzing sound indicated that all the instruments were in use, each working in an orderly manner. Several three-dimensional screens were floating in the air, displaying a variety of data and images.

The largest screen in the center, a huge round hole more intensely black than the surrounding color, quietly hung in the air. The screen next to it showed a gray and white planet below the black hole; that was Veya Planet.

Even if he couldn’t understand it, Lan Yu knew that this thing floating in space, like a black hole, was the leap point.

“The leap point has really been opened.” He muttered.

Lu RanKong didn’t say anything and directly opened the terminal on his wrist to make a call. A few moments later, the terminal was connected and Liu Deng’s voice rang out, “Colonel Lu, I have received a report that you have completed your mission, the Star Warship is ready to—”

Lu RanKong interrupted him, “The leap point has been activated.”


Lu RanKong repeated in a hushed voice, “The leap point to Kaiju Planet has been activated.”

After a few seconds of silence, Liu Deng asked, “Are you sure?”

“Yes…” Lu RanKong finished and turned on the photography, allowing him to look directly at the situation in the control room.

Lan Yu seemed to hear Liu Deng take a breath, but his tone was still smooth, “Return to the Star Warship, the military department will immediately send someone to depart to the leap station. Now the hurricane will arrive soon, so you don’t need to care about the leap point, safety is the most important.”

“Yes…” Lu RanKong closed the terminal.

“What if someone goes through the leap point to Kaiju Planet before the military department arrives?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong walked to the largest mainframe and reached out to work on the dense set of buttons, saying, “Then we’ll have to shut down the leap point temporarily for now and leave the rest to the military professionals.”

Lan Yu saw how skillfully he operated the mainframe and couldn’t help but ask, “Do you actually know how to do this?”

Lu RanKong glanced at him and said, “When I was studying at the military school, the class on space operation was quite advanced. I guess you only knew how to fight and kill back then, so you didn’t learn much about it, right?”

Lan Yu didn’t know that he had studied in military school, so he didn’t say anything.

“But at that time we weren’t in the same college. You studied mecha, I studied command, and didn’t meet you.” Lu RanKong’s voice carried a little regret.

Lan Yu thought to himself, I’m glad I didn’t meet you, if I did, I’d be a dead K.

After Lu RanKong adjusted a few more buttons, all the instruments stopped working, and the buzzing sound of the startup also disappeared. Lan Yu saw that the black hole was slowly shrinking on the 3D display showing the leap point.

“The rest will be taken care of by the military, let’s go back to the Star Warship now,” Lu RanKong said, picking him up and rushing out of the main control room.

The wind was blowing outside the main control room, the snow was swept into the air and blocked the view, the whole world looked chaotic. The two of them quickly climbed to the ground, crossed the half-buried gate of the leap station, and ran towards the Star Warship.

“How long before the hurricane arrives?” Lan Yu asked as he looked at the darkening sky.

The wind had become so loud and shrill that the entire glacier echoed with a whistling sound that reached his ears through the cold barrier hood, making him feel a little uneasy.

“There are about twenty minutes left. Don’t be afraid, we can make it in time.” Lu RanKong’s voice came out of the intercom, very calm and reliable, so he naturally settled down again.

The wind and snow had blocked their vision, and the two could only discern their direction by their terminals as they ran hard across the ice.

“Pull tight… Let go…” Lu RanKong’s voice became intermittent, and also emitted a prickly sound of electricity, apparently the wind and snow had interfered with the signal, making the intercom less effective.

He shook Lu RanKong’s hand back hard, meaning he knew.

Visibility continued to decrease, down to a distance of only one meter. Lan Yu knew that ice was in a lot of dark grooves, and he could only desperately open eyes, trying to see more clearly. The two people were blown by the wind, could no longer run, could only walk carefully, but fortunately when one person was about to fall, the other would always pull tightly.

The whole world had become so crisis-ridden, full of unpredictable dangers, that they could only rely on the person next to them, supporting each other to continue to move forward.

He didn’t know how much of the road was left, but Lan Yu moticed that his hands and feet were so cold that he couldn’t feel them. He didn’t know if he and Lu RanKong were still holding hands, and from time to time he had to glance sideways to make sure their hands weren’t separated.

He lifted his left arm to wipe the snow flakes on the cold hood, lowered his head, and just wiped it twice when he saw a dark ditch suddenly appear in front of him, crossing the road.

“Watch out!” These two words just spit out, he felt his body was pulled by Lu RanKong and he tilted. After staggering two steps to stand, he found that his right hand, which he was holding Lu RanKong with, was empty.

He hurriedly reached out to the side and grabbed, but he didn’t catch anything.

“Lu RanKong! Lu RanKong!” He shouted twice, but there was no response.

Lan Yu thought of something and lunged for the dark ditch, kneeling beside it and looking down.

It was a long crack formed by the ice surface, half a meter wide, like a beast opening its dark mouth, and the bottom wasn’t visible below.

“Lu RanKong! Lu RanKong!” He shouted twice more as he knelt on the ice next to the crevice and looked down.

The sound echoed in the crevice and sent far out, but still no response was heard.

Lan Yu stood up and looked around, but there was a blanket of snow in front of him. Except for this one meter square in front of him, all the other places were blocked by snow flakes, and nothing could be seen. He began to chatter and shiver uncontrollably, as if standing naked in the snow, from head to toe, every inch of his skin and every drop of his blood was frozen, and his heart was also hung with thick white frost.

But his sweat was flowing out again, sliding down the corner of his forehead into his eyes, stinging his eyes blurred. He went back down and turned his ears sideways to listen to the movement in the crevice, and still there was no sound.

“Lu RanKong! Lu RanKong!” He called out again, his voice so hoarse that he could hardly hear himself. His right hand was shaking uncontrollably as he braced himself against the snow. “Calm down, calm down, he didn’t fall. It’s impossible to just silently disappear. Calm down, go find him.”

Lan Yu held his right hand, which kept shaking, with his left hand and tried hard to stand up. He stumbled twice before standing up straight and walking forward to the right of where Lu RanKong had just been, calling his name as he went.

He tried to open the mecha ring on his wrist, but after turning the mecha several times, it wouldn’t activate because of the lack of energy, flashing green and returning to its original state.

“Open. You have to open!” He repeatedly twisted the mecha ring, feeling really helpless for the first time.

Even if he had encountered countless hardships, even if he had suddenly crossed into a strange world, he had never been so helpless as now.

He continued to walk forward in the wind and snow, desperately trying to see his surroundings. Just as he was getting more and more desperate, a small patch of dark color suddenly appeared in his eyes, faintly exposed outside the snow, standing out.

His heart jumped wildly and he stumbled over to the ground, kneeling down and picking it up to see that it was the dark brown gun handle cover he had knitted for Lu RanKong, with a furry ball of thread dangling from it.

Lan Yu hurriedly climbed up, looking around as he continued to run, and within a few steps, heard what seemed to be a muffled voice in the wind and snow.

“Little Yu… Yu…”

“Yes, I’m here…” Lan Yu mumbled incredulously and shouted with all his strength, “I’m here, Lu RanKong! I’m here! Where are you?”

At that moment, he felt his blood start to flow and his heart start to beat, as if he was alive again. The excitement and joy almost made him cry out in pain. He stood still and looked around, then ran back to the deep ditch and looked down, and drew a cold breath.

——Lu RanKong was hanging in the trench, holding on to a rock on the wall with only two hands, and he was about to fall.

“I can’t hear you… You couldn’t hear me…”

“I know, I know, there’s something wrong with the intercom, I couldn’t hear you just now.”

Lan Yu hurriedly got down and reached out to hold one of his wrists and dragged it upward, but Lu RanKong shook his head at him and tilted his face and kept saying something. But the cold cover had water vapor, and he couldn’t be seen very clearly.

Lan Yu’s heart was anxious, wanting to simply pull off the cold hood, Lu RanKong saw him move and shook his head in a bigger arc.

“Don’t take it off… Never… Feet… Cut…” The caller finally intermittently came a few words.

Lan Yu understood what he meant when he turned his head to look at his foot, and found that his foot was stuck between two very narrow gutter walls, unable to break free.

“Don’t worry, I’ll save you, I’ll get your foot out.” Lan Yu looked around, but there was nothing near him. He hurriedly took off the ion gun on his back, turned off the safety, and reached down the long barrel of the gun to poke the permafrost stuck to Lu RanKong’s foot.

The permafrost had been formed on this planet for tens of thousands of years, so it was hard as steel. He stabbed with all his might several times, but only rubbed off a layer of skin.

The wind and snow was bigger, Lan Yu lying on the ground was blown so hard he was nearly displaced. The sky was as dark as night, and he knew in his heart that the hurricane was coming, but still indifferently knocked on the permafrost, only moved faster.

“Leave. The hurricane is coming, go.” The call finally resumed, and Lu RanKong’s anxious voice came to his ears.

Lan Yu ignored him, gritting his teeth to poke the frozen earth, his whole upper body leaned into the ice crevice. His whole body strength was used in his two hands clutching the gun handle.

The wind swept by, and he was blown forward and slipped, almost falling headlong into the crevice. At Lu RanKong’s cry of alarm, he hurriedly retreated to take off his munition’s bag, took out a flat box from it, pulled out the buckle with the metal wire attached and hooked it to his belt, and the flat box was attached to the ice.

After he fixed himself, he couldn’t care to turn around to see what the situation was now, where the hurricane has reached again, the only thought in his mind was to quickly save Lu RanKong.

“Look, I am very safe in this seam. It’s good that your foot is stuck, that way you can’t fall. The wind also swept me away. Hide in that canyon first, it’s not too windy inside, wait until the hurricane passes and then come out to pick me up, okay?” After the intercom recovered, he heard Lu RanKong’s calm voice talking non-stop.

“Xiao Yu, baby, listen to me. Go to the canyon first, okay? Don’t let Brother Bao worry, you see later when the wind has passed, Brother Bao will still have to drill out and look for you everywhere—”

“Shut up! I’m not leaving!” Lan Yu interrupted him viciously, his hands still moving, “If you want me to be safe, don’t interfere with me now, and save some strength for yourself.”

“Xiao Yu…” Lu RanKong called out lowly, with begging and deep pain.

The dark clouds in the sky gathered together, forming a huge vortex covering the entire sky, and a thick column of wind in the middle met the ground and was moving their way rapidly. Lu RanKong tilted his head to look at the sky, suddenly stopped talking, and his expression calmed down.

Lan Yu panted and knocked the permafrost, not noticing that he was staring at his eyes a little strange, focused and greedy, as if to remember all about the person in front of him, but also with the reluctance and fondness to part.

“Just a minute, just one more minute.” Lan Yu said with his head down, pounding hard on the frozen earth.

Lu RanKong didn’t make a sound, but the hand gripping the stone was slowly loosening… 

“Look, another piece fell off, you’ll be out in a minute.” Lan Yu didn’t notice his movement, panting as he spoke.

Just as Lu RanKong’s fingers were about to completely loosen, his eyes suddenly fell on the mecha ring on Lan Yu’s wrist. He moved with a start, his eyes flashed with a strange light, and his fingers gripped the stone again.

“Xiao Yu, quickly take off the mecha ring!” He exclaimed in an urgent tone.

Lan Yu only froze for a second before reacting, and didn’t ask more questions, immediately putting down the ion gun in his hand to take the mecha ring off his wrist. The mecha ring clicked and fell into his thickly gloved palm.

“Take off mine, quick.” Lu RanKong spoke again.

Lan Yu got down on the ground and leaned his upper body down to remove the mecha ring from his wrist.

“Hold the ring and break it in the middle, take out the energy chip inside, break the top half of the two energy chips and connect the bottom half together.” Lu RanKong continued, “The mecha’s energy isn’t completely depleted, so the mecha ring is protected from shutdown and will last for a little while as long as you let it activate forcibly.”

Lan Yu’s hands were frozen to the point of insensitivity as he clumsily went through the process, dropping the energy block to the ground twice in between.

“No hurry, no panic, baby. You can do it, don’t worry.” Lu RanKong’s ever-steady voice calmed him down considerably, before he finally completed all the steps successfully. “See that line that’s showing in the center of the ring? Screw the connected energy block and that line together and try to start it again.”

Lan Yu began to twist the line, even breathing very lightly, sweat hanging on his eyelashes, so he blinked hard and let it drip off.

The huge column of wind was getting closer and closer, and his whole body was blown a bit, and his two feet left the ground. Fortunately, the metal line on his waist that was fixed to the ice dragged him down so he wasn’t blown away by the wind.

But even so, he only concentrated on twisting the energy block and the line together, not caring that his feet were already in the air and his whole body was floating up.

“Connect the thread and start! If it doesn’t work, run! Immediately run, and get out of here as fast as you can!” Lu RanKong was shouting almost at the top of his lungs, “Remember! Immediately run!”

With a deafening wind whistle, Lan Yu activated the mecha ring in his hand.

A bright light flashed through the mecha ring, the ground shook slightly, and the huge mecha rose up and stood silently in the wind and snow.

Lan Yu lunged at the cavernous mecha chamber, and the moment he entered it, the flat box stuck to the ice cracked into pieces. The pillar of wind was already behind him, like a giant beast with a big mouth, rolling up the sky full of snow foam, overwhelmingly swooped.

999 mecha leaned down slightly and grabbed Lu RanKong in the crevice with one steel arm, while the other clenched into a fist and struck the ice at his side, causing a large chunk of frozen earth to collapse and fall deep into the crevice.

The moment Lu RanKong’s feet were free from the hold, the mecha rose from the ground and flew rapidly ahead.

The spot where they were was instantly engulfed by the hurricane.


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