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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


“The questions are all covered, so you can try to do it again.” Jiang ChengLi reminded him.

Shi Yu was just about to say yes when he heard the faint sound of a door opening. He instinctively covered his phone with the book on his desk and turned back alertly.

Lian ZiJin thievingly carried a plate of apples. “That…Do you want something to eat?”

“No, get out.” 

With just three words, Jiang ChengLi could hear how impatient Shi Yu was at the moment. It was as if all of his patience had been exhausted during the lecture, and now it was a burden to give Lian ZiJin a good word.

Lian ZiJin had developed a thick skin over the past few days, and was still standing at the door. “I think I just heard another voice… Not Zhong Tan. You have a new friend?”

Shi Yu said slowly, “What’s it to you?”

Lian ZiJin made a fool of himself and went out with an unpleasant look on his face. “You remember the parent-teacher conference after the midterm, right? You don’t have to take time off this time. Someone from our family will be there.”

Shi Yu watched him go out slowly and went to lock the door. He came back to find the phone call still ongoing under the cover of a pile of books. He was silent for a long time. “Jiang ChengLi?”


He was still there so he’d heard.

Shi Yu was a little annoyed. He didn’t like his personal affairs known by outsiders.

The other was silent for a while. “I was just about to hang up when I heard a noise from your side and thought something was wrong.”

Shi Yu’s eyebrows relaxed. He was slightly relieved.

Jiang ChengLi was just worried about him. That’s why he didn’t hang up.

“The person just now was Lian ZiJin?” Not thinking deeply, he heard this question again.

It was no secret that Shi Yu lived in the Lians’ house so he answered yes.

“If Lian ZiJin wants to bully you, feel free to tell me.”

Shi Yu inexplicably heard Jiang ChengLi say he would back him up. He laughed, “I’m not a kid. Are you going to sue my parents if I get bullied?”

“That’s not what I meant.” Jiang ChengLi also laughed. “I don’t like him. I want to change the vice president to someone else, so I’m looking for opportunities.”

Jiang ChengLi, as Nan Zhong’s white moonlight-like existence in every student’s mind, had always been pure, flawless and unattainable. Shi Yu hadn’t expected him to admit his dark side so easily. Compared with Lian ZiJin, Jiang ChengLi was indeed frank and open.

He said, “Okay. I’ll report to you whenever he commits a crime.”


The news that Shi Yu of the Omega Class was second in the grade was an instant shock to the senior class. Although the Omega’s curriculum was a bit ahead of other classes, the best in the Omega Class used to barely squeeze in with the two A classes to find a place in the top 100.

Shi Yu also became a legend in Nan Zhong’s Omega Class.

Meanwhile, his cousin, who had always been strict and self-disciplined, was ranked at the bottom of A2 out of more than two hundred. 

Nan Zhong’s parent-teacher conference was on the Friday of exam week.

Shi Yu had always taken time off in regular classes because no one in the Lian family would go with him, but not this time. The parent-teacher conference required students to be at school with their parents, so they were dismissed half an hour early and asked to go to the door to bring their parents to class.

Shi Yu couldn’t refuse, so he waited at the school gate for ten minutes. He was not feeling well today…sleepy, weak. He was also a little restless. When the ten minutes were up, he was just about to leave when he saw Wang Zhou waving at him.

The teenager’s face instantly went cold.

Wang Zhou had nothing to do with him. Why would he come to the parent-teacher conference?

“Eh, Xiao Yu!” Wang Zhou came up and reached out to put his hand on his shoulder.

Shi Yu silently pulled away and resisted the gesture.

Wang Zhou didn’t care much, only said, “Originally, Lian Yucheng was going to come, but I just received a call. Zijin is sick so he is taking him to the hospital. I temporarily came to help you. I heard that you got second in your grade? That’s excellent.”

Shi Yu turned a deaf ear to all the praise from the man and walked ahead with a gloomy face.

Shi Yu didn’t know if it was because of his overnight study sessions these days to make notes, but he felt a little tired and even angry at feeling so weak.

Wang Zhou took in his strange appearance. “Where is your classroom? Take me there.”

When he went upstairs and passed by the teacher’s office, Shi Yu bumped into Jiang ChengLi who had just come out. President Jiang was carrying the materials for the evening meeting, and looked at the two people in front of him with a blank face.

Wang Zhou knew the Jiang family so of course he recognized Jiang ChengLi and greeted him with a familiar face, “Ah? It’s Mr. Jiang, it’s been a long time…”

Jiang ChengLi just swept a glance at the omega behind him and ignored Wang Zhou’s familiarity.

Wang Zhou stood in the same place with a gloomy face. He thought that little kid, without his family, he was nothing. Jiang ChengLi put the meeting materials on the podium. Li Chen came over and his face was not too good.

“President, have you heard? The one who came to give Little Teardrop Mole a parent meeting is an alpha with the surname Wang.”

Jiang ChengLi walked out the door without responding.

Li Chen thought he didn’t understand and followed behind him. “It isn’t a big deal. But A2 spread the rumor that the one surnamed Wang isn’t a relative of Little Teardrop Mole at all, it’s…”

AS if he sensed Li Chen’s difficulty in speaking, Jiang ChengLi asked carelessly, “What is it?”

“They say he’s a marriage partner…”

Although he hadn’t been joking about not mentioning Shi Yu, Li Chen could still sense that his President Jiang had some special feelings for the omega. He thought that if they were really in love, he would be able to give his blessing. After all, Little Teardrop Mole was fragrant and beautiful. Even if there were some character flaws, President Jiang could slowly help him change.

But if this didn’t affect his heart, and he was wrong …

The two people passed by the bathroom where they heard someone recklessly talking.

“Wang Zhou is an old sex demon. He’s been in foreign countries fooling around with all sorts of omegas and doesn’t care about the wife and children at home.”

“He’s such crap?”

“Also, didn’t Huang Lin drop out of school before? The class teacher also said nothing. But his background is deep, and wants to make Shi Yu suffer. Later, because Wang Zhou looked at Shi Yu, Huang Lin confessed!”

“So that’s how it is, so disgusting!”

“Also, Lian ZiJin has been particularly concerned about Shi Yu lately because his company is in trouble and Wang Zhou has a lot of money! Shi Yu, after his differentiation, is pretty good looking, and I heard that the more aloof they are on the surface, the kinkier they are in bed…”


The bathroom door was suddenly kicked open, the huge sound scared the two people into shaking.

Jiang ChengLi glanced over then walked into a cubicle. Although on the surface he wasn’t happy with A2, they never acted arrogantly in front of Jiang ChengLi again. The hierarchical suppression among alphas was deep-rooted. Even though the concept of hierarchy had been abandoned for a long time, instinct still prevailed.

So even though Jiang ChengLi always looked cold and aloof, no one dared to provoke him. His glance today chilled the two to their bones, and their alpha instincts were buzzing, warning them to stay away from that person. 

Li Chen walked up to the two men with an aloof gait. “Hey, do you have any proof of what you two just said?”

The men came back to their senses. “No…”

Li Chen’s eyes were cold. “Since there is no basis, do not create rumors. President Jiang does not have time to deal with you.”

The words ‘deal with’ had a deeper meaning, and the two A2 students left with faces of frustration. The washroom quieted down, and Li Chen’s resentment just now slowly dissipated. He did not allow others to talk nonsense, but his heart had not bottomed out.

If Shi Yu was really that kind of person and Jiang ChengLi found out…How could he politely imply to his big brother that he had a problem with his vision?

Jiang ChengLi pushed open the bathroom door. Li Chen followed like a puppy, “President, do you think-“

Jiang ChengLi turned around. Li Chen made a ‘shut up’ gesture over his mouth.

Ok, he wouldn’t even ask. 

If this had been at first, when the omega was rumored to be weak and deceptive, Jiang ChengLi might still have the possibility of believing, but he had seen Shi Yu’s fierce eyes.

The omega in heat dared to make a move on him. Now, the sour grape smell of an alpha was everywhere because of him.

And playing wild?

Heh, how wild could a person be with an omega security awareness rating of only 27 points?


Shi Yu was trying to find a way to get rid of Wang Zhou. This person was like a dog’s skin, completely different from the elder who was at the right distance on WeChat. As his discomfort grew worse, Shi Yu realized what he had gotten himself into.

A month had passed since his last heat, so he was going into heat again. Thinking of this, Shi Yu’s face was quite ugly. Wang Zhou obviously had plotted something and there was no way he would tell him about it.

The inhibitor and the blocker were in his school bag which was on the chair occupied by Wang Zhou.

Though the class teacher had already begun, Shi Yu went around the seat where he was being pinned by Wang Zhou to He Huan’s side.

“Do you have blockers and inhibitors?”

He Huan quietly searched. “Only blockers.”

“Thank you.” Shi Yu expressionlessly tucked it into his arms, turned his head and left.

Wang Zhou’s eyes deepened as the omega’s back disappeared. Heh, seventeen or eighteen year olds were just cute. They think They’ve done something so secret, but in fact, they were clearly seen.

Wang Zhou had long ago smelled the pheromones that were as mysterious and unspeakable as the cold incense of the deep sea. With a compelling nobility, just a little was enough to evoke an alpha’s desire to invade and explore.

It was a unique and mysterious scent and he wanted to get his hands on it.

Wang Zhou made a gesture to the class teacher that he needed to answer the phone and followed the trajectory of the teenager.

In the washroom, Shi Yu covered his face while spraying the barrier agent. The peach scent was too much to get used to. The barrier spilled all over his body slightly suppressing the shameful heat.

He thought he was getting better, but the illusion lasted only a second or so before a deeper heat surged through every fingertip. The back of his neck felt like spider silk had fallen there; fine itch tormented his nerves and screamed incessantly.

Shi Yu bit his lip and suffered. His hand, curled into a fist on the door, colored as if steamed pink.

The situation was not good.

Shi Yu’s vision was a little blurry, like there was mist in front of his eyes.

He was an underage omega. Wang Zhou knew and dared not do anything much to him. Thinking this, the door panel trembled.

“Is Shi Yu in there?” Wang Zhou’s voice was tinged with laughter. “You’re not comfortable, right? Open the door, and let uncle give you a temporary mark.”


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