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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: KarateChopMonkey


The others were sitting on the sofa downstairs, Director Wang was talking about life in a serious way, the two staff members were listening in a serious and concordant manner, and Xiao Liu was playing with his terminal. When they heard footsteps coming from the stairs, all of them looked up towards them.

Lan Yu walked in front, his handsome face indifferent, not showing joy nor anger. Lu RanKong’s hands were in his trouser pockets, and he followed behind him. Both of them were tall and graceful, yet they brought a great pressure to people.

Chief Wang stood up a little nervously and asked, “Is there something you found?”

Lan Yu looked at Xiao Liu, “We might have found something…”

Xiao Liu shivered and hurried to turn off the terminal, but he pressed the wrong button and a game sound came out.

Lu RanKong walked right up to him and said, “Xiao Liu, I need to ask you a question.”

“Okay, okay.” He shut it off handily and got up from the couch where he was sitting.

“Do you remember taking Kabul to a bar for a drink? What bar was it?” Lu RanKong asked.

Xiao Liu recalled a few seconds, nodded, “I remember, that day I went to the Black Crow bar after work, just arrived at the door and saw Kabul passing by. I thought it was boring to drink alone, so I called him in, but he only had one drink and left.”

“Do you drink at the Black Crow Bar often?” Lan Yu asked.

He saw Xiao Liu quickly look toward Director Wang and replied, “Not often, but I just went to have a drink that day.”

Lan Yu looked at him without saying anything. Although there was no expression, his pair of sunken black eyes made Xiao Liu’s two legs begin to get weak. He pushed up his glasses, and said with difficulty, “I usually go there once in a while.”

“How often is that?”

“About four or five times a week.” Xiao Liu mumbled.

“I told you not to drink outside on weekdays even after work, so as not to reveal the secrets of the Institute!” Director Wang yelled from the side.

Lan Yu frowned and turned his head to look at him, and Director Wang held back from making another sound.

“Have you told the people in the bar that you are from the institute?” Lan Yu asked.

“I think I said it, I don’t remember. Sometimes I talk to people, so I may have said it unconsciously.” Xiao Liu replied.

“Who were those people? Guests? Bar staff?”

“All guests, I haven’t talked to the bar staff.” Xiao Liu answered.

“No impression of those guests who you have chatted with at all?”

Xiao Liu recalled for a moment, then slowly shook his head, “I would only say a few words, and don’t even remember what they look like.”

Lu RanKong, who had been leaning against the window, asked, “Who did you talk to the day you dragged Kabul into the bar? Can you remember?”

Xiao Liu frowned and tried desperately to think, not making a sound.

“You’d better think of something, or else—” The rest of Director Wang’s words were interrupted by Lan Yu’s cold glance.

Xiao Liu’s forehead oozed beads of sweat, and after a while he said, “Indeed, I can’t remember, because I drank a little too much that day, and I remember talking all the time, but I don’t remember exactly who I was talking to.”

After a moment of silence, Lan Yu looked at Lu RanKong, who gently shook his head at him.

“Let’s go here first, and come back if we need to.” Lu RanKong stood up straight and walked out, Lan Yu following his steps.

Director Wang and Xiao Liu also chased after him.

When they got into the car, Xiao Liu sat in the passenger seat with his head hanging down and Director Wang asked in the back row, “Colonels, are you ready to go to the hotel now? I’ve booked the best hotel near the institute.”

“No, we have another place.” Lu RanKong opened the terminal in his hand, searched on it for a while, and gave an address to the driver, “Send us to this place.”


When he saw the address, Mr. Wang couldn’t help but say, “This place is in the best part of the main city. You can’t even buy a house there with money.”

Lu RanKong smiled faintly and didn’t say anything, and Director Wang was also curious so he asked a question in passing, but when he saw that he wasn’t willing to speak, he didn’t say anything else. The business car sped along, as Lan Yu thought of the Black Crow bar, waiting for the car to stop, and found that they arrived at the entrance of a high-end neighborhood.

The two of them got out of the car and took the suitcase that the driver took out of the trunk. Director Wang asked from the window, “Colonel, what time would you like to be picked up tomorrow?”

Lu RanKong said, “No need to pick us up, we’ll go by ourselves.”

After the business car left, Lu RanKong picked up the two suitcases and said to Lan Yu, “Let’s go and see our home on Sasu Planet.”

He used the word ‘home’, which made Lan Yu’s heart flutter.

Lu RanKong passed the information identification in front of the gate, and then gave a few words to the person in the security room next to him, who then entered Lan Yu’s information into the identification system as well.

“What did you say to the security guard?” Lan Yu saw the tight monitoring equipment outside the neighborhood and was a little surprised that the security guard agreed so easily.

Lu RanKong said, “I said you are my newlywed Alpha, the kind that is registered by the city hall.”

Lan Yu was a little amused to hear that and noticed the security guard peeking at him as he passed through the gate.

The neighborhood was large and very beautiful, with a lake in the distance and a few villas scattered in a random manner, hidden among the trees.

“Where is our home?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong, obviously pleased by the term ‘our home’, said with a big grin, “It’s… It’s…”

Then he stood and started to look around.

Lan Yu slowly stopped and asked, “You can’t even remember where your home is?”

“I rarely come here, don’t I? Usually I’m in the barracks, and I only come to stay for a night or two when I go back to the main planet, and most of the time I stay at my father’s place.” Lu RanKong said. He walked up a path on the left and said, “I didn’t drive the car, so I’m not familiar with the path.”

Lan Yu walked through the quiet villa area, hearing only the wind blowing the leaves and the chirping of the birds on the branches. It wasn’t like being in the main town of Sasu, but rather like a resort.

After walking for about ten minutes, Lu RanKong stopped at a crossroads, tapped his terminal and muttered, “I think this is a left turn… Ah, it’s a right turn… Three hundred meters further… I found the way! I know where our house is.” Lu RanKong turned off the terminal, saw Lan Yu looking at him, and explained, “Driving with navigation is definitely different from walking.”

The two of them got on the road to the right, and after passing through a large wooded area, a beautiful villa appeared in front of them.

“Finally…” Lu RanKong breathed a sigh of relief and said to Lan Yu, dragging his suitcase in his hand, “See the rose that sticks out from the wall? I planted it the other day. Look, it’s growing so well.”

Lan Yu looked along and saw the black carved fence covered with roses, the flowers swaying tremulously in the wind, and smiled, “You’re pretty good.”

“That’s for sure, although I don’t grow flowers on the balcony of my dormitory, but I’m actually a flower lover.”

When they got to the front door, Lu RanKong put his palm on the information recognition lock.


The information recognition lock emitted a rough and short error sound.

“This broken lock…” He muttered and put his palm on it again.


It continued to report errors. He put another hand on it, and it still didn’t work.

Lu RanKong turned to look at Lan Yu and said, “This lock is wrong, I’ll ask Uncle Chen to see.”

Lan Yu didn’t make a sound, watching him start dialing the terminal, “Uncle Chen, this is Xiao Fan… I’ll see you when I’m done… By the way, Uncle Chen, what’s wrong with my door lock? Can’t recognize me, it keeps reporting errors… It’s the villa in the Fay Rouge neighborhood… I’ll try again, don’t come over.”

Lu RanKong hung up the terminal and said to Lan Yu, “Uncle Chen doesn’t know the lock, he hasn’t been here for the past few weeks, he only sent workers to clean it, so I guess there’s something wrong.”

Lan Yu reassured him, “Don’t worry, it will probably be fine after a while.”

Lu RanKong tried again with his left and right hands, swapping out hands to identify his face, and neither worked.

He sighed as he propped his left hand against the closed metal gate, turned to Lan Yu and asked, “Shall I go to the gate and ask them?”

Lan Yu said, “Okay, I’ll just wait here for a while.”

The sun was a bit strong, and Lu RanKong saw Lan Yu with his jacket off and hanging on his arm, his forehead already beaded with sweat, and his lips a bit dry and cracked. Seeing that there was no shade in the lawn around, he said, “Forget it, I’ll go over the fence and go in.”

Lan Yu hesitated for a moment, “Is that okay?”

“It’s okay, you can go over your own wall as much as you want.”

Lan Yu was also tired of walking, and didn’t want to wait outside, so he didn’t stop him.

The fence was a row of iron fences, Lu RanKong used his hand to support, easily leaped up, stepped on the bar between the iron fences and said to Lan Yu, “Hand me the suitcase, put the suitcase in first.”

Lan Yu went to drag the two suitcases, and Lu RanKong looked inside the villa and sighed, “I haven’t come to live here these days, but Uncle Chen has changed everything inside. Not only have they planted a lot of new flowers and plants, but they’ve also built a small swing.”

“A little swing?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong replied, “Yes, it’s light blue and the seat of the swing is a little penguin, it’s pretty.

Lan Yu held the suitcase and stopped in his tracks. Why did he think Lu RanKong’s description sounded like a child’s swing?

“Come on, give me the suitcase, and then you can hop in.” Lu RanKong half squatted down and held out his hand to him, “This lock also requires identifying information if it opens inside, so I can’t open the door for you.”

Lan Yu hesitantly lifted a suitcase, and when Lu RanKong just caught it in the air, there was a loud bellow from behind him.

“What are you two doing?!” 1

The two stopped moving and looked at the voice in unison, only to see a middle-aged man standing a short distance away. He was full of shock and anger, holding a young boy in his left hand, two fishing rods in his right hand, and a bucket beside him.

When he saw the two of them looking over, he hid the child behind him and pointed the fishing rod in his hand in front of him, saying in a stern voice, “I’ll tell you what, this neighborhood is very secure, all your actions have been filmed! Whether you want to steal or whatever, stop now!”

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong, who was squatting on top of the fence, looked at each other before putting down their suitcases and asking the man, “What do you mean?”

“What do I mean? You’re almost in the yard, and you’re asking me what I mean?!”

Lu RanKong explained, “We aren’t bad people. Look at our uniform, this is our house, but the door lock is broken, and we couldn’t enter for the time being.”

After these words, the middle-aged man not only did not relent, but looked more nervous. He shielded the little boy back, and quickly clicked on the terminal in his hand, “Security! Security! I am the owner of villa 023. Two thieves are climbing over the wall of my house, and they are pretending to be officers.”

“Your house?”

“You said this is your home?”

Lan Yu and Lu RanKong asked out at the same time.

“Do you still want to pretend to be the owner?” The middle-aged man continued to point his fishing rod at them as he bellowed sternly, “Don’t try to mess around, I’m telling you, there are cameras all over this neighborhood, your faces have been captured long ago—”

“Wait a minute…” Lan Yu interrupted loudly, “I think there’s a misunderstanding.”

“There’s no misunderstanding! I just took my son fishing nearby for an hour.”

Lu RanKong jumped down from the fence and took a few steps forward. The middle-aged man immediately shouted shrilly, “Don’t move! Don’t come over! The security guard is already coming soon.”

“I’m not moving, take it easy, I’m also a resident of this villa area, I just haven’t been home for a long time.” Lu RanKong stopped, tapped the terminal in his hand, and said, “I have the real estate certificate, look.”

Lu RanKong zoomed in on the floating display, which showed a certificate of home ownership.

The middle-aged man took two alert steps forward to look at the display, and the little boy behind him poked his head out to look at Lan Yu, his eyes sparkling.

Lan Yu smiled at him, and the boy made a gun shape with his hand, shot at him twice, and said, “Bad guy…”

“If you’re also a resident, why are you going over the fence of my house?” The middle-aged man asked, both confused and angry, when he saw the certificate and was sure it wasn’t a forgery.

Before Lu RanKong had a chance to explain, an electric car came down the road with five or six security guards sitting on it and carrying electric batons in their hands.

“Mr. Wu, where’s the thief?” Before the car arrived, the security guards jumped off while running and asked.

When they got closer, they greeted Lu RanKong again, “Mr. Lu…”

Ten minutes later, under the guidance of the security guards, Lu RanKong found his house.

“Mr. Lu, ask me if you can’t remember the route in the future, but don’t go over the walls of other people’s houses again.” The security chief admonished him from the electric car.

Lu RanKong promised repeatedly, “Sure, sure…”

When the electric car left, he turned around with a long sigh of relief and met the expressionless Lan Yu.

“The roadmap says there are more than three hundred meters straight ahead, so you see, our house is not far from his. Also, it’s more than three hundred meters further, so it is inevitable to mistake it.” He explained retroactively.

This time the door lock opened with a sound and the two walked in the door with their suitcases in tow.

It was a three-story villa, large in size, with a lawn directly in front, which was neatly manicured. To the right, there was a swimming pool, as Lu RanKong said, only there was no water in it.

Lan Yu looked around and asked, “Where are the roses you planted? Didn’t you say you planted the roses and climbed up the wall?”

Lu RanKong pointed to the left under the fence and said, “I planted it there, so I mistook it for someone else’s.”

Lan Yu thought for a moment, “How did the rose grow when you left?”

“Just a small seedling, I guess.” Lu RanKong said.

“A seedling? What kind of seedling?”

Lu RanKong used his index finger and thumb to compare a short distance, “Just a little…”

“Then how did you plant it? Stick it in the soil and leave it alone?” Lan Yu asked.

Lu RanKong looked at him and didn’t say anything.

“The roses need to be well-tended, you think you can just stick them in the ground and they’ll grow? And climbed a wall?”

Lu RanKong opened his mouth and closed it again.

“Forget it, let’s go inside.” Lan Yu said.

When he entered the house, Lan Yu was almost blindsided.

Dark gold wallpaper, complex cascading chandelier, dark gold wide leather sofa, the whole set of mahogany furniture inlaid with gold trim. A color of gold, like an interstellar beryllium crystal mogul’s residence.

Lan Yu looked around the house and said with a smile, “I can’t believe you still like this style of decoration.”

Lu RanKong also looked around and said, “I didn’t care about the decoration at all, it was Uncle Chen who did it. He liked the style, so he made it like this for me.”

Lan Yu looked around the spacious first floor and found the kitchen. The kitchen was also too big to be true, with all the kitchenware inside, but it was all new, and even the logo on it was still there.

“Let’s go take a shower and rest, don’t cook at home today, I’ll have the restaurant send food.” Lu RanKong saw him touching the kitchen utensils, so he spoke up.

Lan Yu pulled open the refrigerator, only to see that it was full of bottled water and no ingredients whatsoever, so he agreed and followed Lu RanKong to the second floor.

The second floor kept the decoration style of the first floor, still very grand, with intricate mahogany furniture and dark gold wallpaper printed with money flowers. Lan Yu even saw a large yellow and blue carved amphora vase at the stairway.

When Lu RanKong saw him looking at the vase, he smiled and said, “That’s the emergency room that Uncle Chen prepared for me.”

“An emergency room?” Lan Yu didn’t understand what that had to do with the vase.

Lu RanKong reached out to hold the left ear of the vase and wrenched it inward, and the wall next to Lan Yu instantly moved away, revealing a space without a sound.

Lu RanKong demonstrated to him, taking turns to break the vase’s ear, saying, “Remember not to break both sides together, or the person inside will not be able to get out.”

“Why is there a setting like that?” Lan Yu thought it was strange. Shouldn’t the person inside operate the switch so that the outside can’t open it?

Lu RanKong sighed, “Uncle Chen did it on a whim. He can do whatever he likes.”

The villa was very nice in terms of privacy and environment, but the decoration was a bit more disastrous.

“Uncle Chen said I’ve always been unlucky, and that the more expensive the house, the better it would be.” Lu RanKong said, “If you don’t like it, just redecorate it the way you like it.”

“We don’t even know where we’re going to settle in the future, so why redecorate?” Lan Yu said, “I think you only think of this place as a hotel.”

Lu RanKong took Lan Yu to the master bedroom and said, “You take a shower here, I’ll take a shower in the guest bedroom next door. See you downstairs afterwards.”

Lan Yu waited for him to go out, then retrieved clean clothes from the suitcase and went into the bathroom, filled the ridiculously large bathtub with hot water, and lay down comfortably in it.

The hot water was so soothing and comfortable that Lan Yu didn’t want to get up until Lu RanKong started dialing a number on his terminal, only then did he lazily get up.

When he got dressed and went downstairs, he saw Lu RanKong on the stairs wearing a dark red gold velvet robe, his hands in his pockets, leaning in front of the floor-to-ceiling window and waving at him gently.

It was late afternoon, the sun was sinking in the west, and the orange light was coming in through the glass, coloring Lu RanKong’s hair light brown and his eyes a deeper shade. The dark red gold velvet robe he was wearing was slightly reflective, showing the money pattern on it, giving off a stronger middle-aged Alpha vibe.

“Where did this robe come from? It looks so expensive…” Lan Yu smiled.

Lu RanKong looked down at his body and said, “It was also prepared by Uncle Chen.”

Lan Yu gave him a thumbs up, “You look rich and make me feel safe.”


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