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Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: GaeaTiamat


The evening rain had no intention of stopping and in half an hour the alarm rose from orange to red.

Li Chen moved his chair to the backyard door and crossed his legs to enjoy the rain. Shi Yu was just about to leave when he heard a series of thunderclaps.

Scared, Jiang ChengLi’s white cat was crouched in a ball in the corner.

“Stay here. It’s too dangerous to go back like this.” Jiang ChengLi looked for two sets of clothes on the second floor. “I have an empty room.”

This was not the first time Li Chen stayed overnight in Jiang’s house. He took the clothes and flipped through them. “Yo, it’s the same set I had before.”

Jiang ChengLi handed the other set to Shi Yu. “Want it?”

Shi Yu hesitated for a moment, then took it, his voice extremely low. “Please.”

“No problem.”

Shi Yu sent a message to Zhong Tan, who gave his permission and urged him to rest.

Li Chen said he wanted to go to Jiang ChengLi’s study to watch a movie in the evening and asked Shi Yu to come along.

Shi Yu hesitated between ‘going to bed early at eight o’clock in someone else’s house’ and ‘watching a movie together,’ and opted for the more normal, latter choice.

The clothes Jiang ChengLi prepared for him were new, without the smell of pheromones, but a little too big for him. After changing, he took the blocker and followed Li Chen’s instructions to the third floor. Only the far left room was open.

Shi Yu knocked on the door, got permission and entered.

Jiang ChengLi was sitting on a small sofa in the study reading a book, his right foot bare on the carpet, the other leg coiled beneath him. The cat lay next to him as it lazily rubbed against him.

Li Chen hadn’t finished washing so it was just the two of them.

The atmosphere was a little strange. Shi Yu knelt down on the carpet somewhat awkwardly. “Li Chen said you took a leave of absence?”

Jiang ChengLi didn’t move, his eyes on the book. “Yes.”

“Are you not feeling well?”

“A little.”

Shi Yu pursed his lips and whispered, “Is it because of the library? Or that temporary mark from before–“

Jiang ChengLi interrupted slowly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

Shi Yu was silent for a long time and pulled the blocker from behind him. “Here.”

Jiang ChengLi swept a glance over it. It was the same as the original cedar flavor he used.

Li Chen opened the door just then. He looked at Jiang ChengLi and Shi Yu, one on the sofa and one kneeling on the carpet.

One eyes down and one head up It inexplicably reminded him of a certain alpha omega film, but the difference was that in the film, the omega cried with pearly tears.

“What are you looking at?” Jiang ChengLi asked with his chin raised.

Li Chen hurriedly dispersed the dangerous images in his head and ran to the projector like a thief. “Come and see the movie. Harry Potter, want to watch it?”

Jiang ChengLi had always been indifferent. Shi Yu also did not pick a movie.

The classic movie was at the part about trying to find a golden snitch. Shi Yu’s thoughts were scattered as he thought about the small dragon. He could not wait to play those images over and over again, but unfortunately he was in Jiang ChengLi’s house, he could not do something difficult to explain.

Li Chen was less interested. He lazily reached out to pet the white cat in Jiang ChengLi’s arms but was uniformly refused. The white cat’s eyes stayed on Shi Yu from the beginning to the end; the object of its curiosity.

“President, are you approaching your susceptible period?” Li Chen asked. “Can you go to school?”

Jiang ChengLi’s eyes swept over Shi Yu’s serious expression and replied carelessly, “Yes, I guess.”

“You’re too busy, you have to go to the chemistry competition this Friday, and the school sports meeting is coming next week. Oh, speaking of school games, I saw the list of students in the student council today. Shi Yu, are you also participating in basketball?”

Shi Yu heard his name being called and was distracted. “Yeah.”

“You know how to play basketball?”


“…” Li Chen then remembered that the Omega Class was small. “Last year, the Omega Class lost really badly.”

The Omega Class had few boys who could play basketball but they were physically disadvantaged, so winning a single game was hard for them all. He thought about it, “Eh, if you guys don’t mind, you could join us at A1 during practice.”

“Oh.” Shi Yu replied before turning around. “What?”

Li Chen smiled, “We can take you guys to practice. There are several varsity players in our class.” At that moment the projection dragon hissed. “Wow, this dragon is too scary.” Li Chen leaned back on the couch. “No wonder they’re all evil dragons in Western legends.”

Jiang ChengLi raised his eyebrows slightly. His gaze turned to Shi Yu, whose face quickly darkened because of Li Chen’s words.

“So what?” Shi Yu asked.

“So I can’t understand it. Whether it’s a western dragon or an eastern dragon, I find it quite scary.” Li Chen replied.

“You’ve seen a dragon?”

“No, but the dragon is really not good-looking, ah. If you really met it, you’d have to live the rest of your life in the shadows.”

Shi Yu’s face was gloomy to the core. “I give you three seconds to retract that statement and apologize to the dragon.”

Li Chen was appalled by his eyes. Somehow it felt as if he had touched the bottom line. Suddenly timid, he said, “I’m sorry, Dragon. I’m sorry.”

Shi Yu’s face was better and he continued to stare at the flying dragon on the big screen.

Li Chen thought of something odd, reached out and poked Shi Yu’s shoulder. “Ge, you like this thing, right?”

Shi Yu pursed his lips, like a capricious child, his ears still a little red. He lowered his voice, sounding a little temperamental. “Of course I like it.”

Li Chen patted his shoulder. “It’s okay. This thing is only imaginary, so you can like it. However, if you saw a real one, you’d be afraid.”

Shi Yu threw his hand off. There was a tense moment because of his preference and this person went off on a tangent. He was depressed. “I won’t be afraid.”

Absolutely not afraid.

Li Chen was amused and laughed out loud.

Behind him, Jiang ChengLi’s eyes were raised slightly and the smile on his lips didn’t fade.


The wall clock’s hour hand passed twelve. The winter pheromones spread like a mist in the deep night. They filled every corner. When he washed up, Shi Yu found his right eyelid was throbbing and he was a little sleepy.

He rubbed his eyes and locked the door before going to bed. His intuition told him that he had to lock it tonight.

Shi Yu thought it would be difficult to sleep in a strange place, but he didn’t expect to fall asleep soon after lying down.

The drifting winter snow permeated his dream, swept away all restlessness and unease and left only a pale, snowy silence.

Jiang ChengLi pushed open the door and saw the outline of the teenager in the dim night.

The ice fog spread in the air, then gradually materialized. It condensed into a pure ice blue in his pupils, covered with a dark blue light.

The white cat, who was diurnal, sensed something and walked silently with his senses attuned to the door of the guest bedroom. His fur stood up when he crept up to the person standing in the room. It let out an intimidating cry and stared dead on at Jiang ChengLi’s back.

Jiang ChengLi turned back with his eyes narrowed, the usual soft warmth dispersed. His whole body had a bitter winter chill. He slowly crouched down, fingertips on the ground, the same action as before to lure the white cat, but it wouldn’t come.

The white cat stared at him for a while, then panicked and ran downstairs, leaving without a trace.

Jiang ChengLi laughed softly and looked back at the sleeping teenager on the bed. He raised his hand. His fingertips were spread with fine ice, layers covered in snow-white skin, like extremely thin scales. The long fingers gently hooked Shi Yu’s slightly wide collar which soon slanted down to his shoulders.

The moonlight outside was like the perfect sprinkling of sugar. Coming through the floor-to-ceiling windows, various sparkles fell on his collarbone.

Shi Yu’s outline was repeatedly sketched by the pupils of the ice-blue eyes. Gradually they surged with a never before seen desire.

The sleeping teenager knew nothing.

Jiang ChengLi panted slightly. The moonlight coming from behind the curtain fell on his face, revealing an abnormal sweet red color. He took a moment to adjust his breathing, but before he could touch the teenager’s fingertips, his chest ached.

If Shi Yu was awake, he would clearly see the fine ice overlay on Jiang ChengLi’s skin, then how the surrounding cold air suddenly condensed and the ice fog around the figure gradually changed.

Finally, a white dragon slowly crawled out of the ice fog.

Perhaps because of the young teeth, the little dragon looked docile and well-behaved. The white dragon’s ice-blue pupils were less cold. He rubbed his head on Shi Yu’s fingertips so that his palm fell on his neck.

The white dragon quietly climbed Shi Yu’s chest, then probed the back of his neck and sniffed. The slightly cold scales of the dragon’s neck seemed to affect Shi Yu, and he frowned.

Jiang ChengLi wanted to be gentle, but now he was out of control.

He was fascinated by Shi Yu’s neck. He lay on his chest and the unstoppable dryness and longing gradually stopped. The violence and gloom that had tested his sanity for several days was swept away. His dragon wings were spread slightly on Shi Yu’s chest, his whole dragon form lay in Shi Yu’s arms.

He was still for a moment, then quietly moved to Shi Yu’s collarbone. He inched closer, lightly sniffed, and rubbed with the tip of his nose.

This was a skill he’d learned from the cat.

It was really comfortable.

Jiang ChengLi was relieved of all discomfort, but Shi Yu felt an unusual heaviness on his chest. He whimpered, turned sideways and reached out to wrap his arms around the dragon in front of him like a cushion.

Jiang ChengLi’s ice blue eyes rounded slightly. He nervously observed the other person to make sure he hadn’t woken up. His curled claws and paws slowly relaxed. One gently rested on Shi Yu’s arm.

The tail behind him moved, raising a cool breeze, Shi Yu frowned and pressed down with his calves.

Jiang ChengLi, the whole dragon, was held securely and unable to move. Only then did he put away all his back spines and sharp claws and slowly closed his eyes. Before going to sleep, he pressed the corner of Shi Yu’s lips.

Since he was a dragon, this was not a kiss, right?


The next morning, Shi Yu lazily opened his eyes. His thoughts were still wandering between dream and reality when he suddenly realized he was holding a head in his arms. He paused in his breathing for two seconds and lowered his eyes slightly to see Jiang ChengLi, who was still asleep.

Oh, it’s Jiang ChengLi.

No…why is it Jiang ChengLi?!


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Sue R
Sue R
August 3, 2021 4:07 pm

Oooopphhh, Jiang ChengLi turn back to his human form during sleep. LOL how will he explain the incident?. 😥😥🤭🤭🐲

August 3, 2021 5:01 pm

Oh my!!! How will explain himself lol so looking forward to next chapter! ☺️☺️

August 3, 2021 10:09 pm

So would it be like “Oh, um… sorry, I was sleep-walking.” I hope the cat won’t hate him later on.

Thank you for the chapter!!!

August 3, 2021 10:36 pm

Shi Yu your dragon is right In front of you🤭

August 3, 2021 10:55 pm

What a shocking wake up call😂😂😂😂

August 4, 2021 4:55 am

What a wonderful way to wake up and now for some honesty. Thank you and looking forward to the next chapter.

August 4, 2021 7:49 am

Oh. 😳 president jiang. there seems to be a bit of oversight..

Li Chen should be given a reward. 🏁

August 5, 2021 12:29 pm

This is rather lovely.
What excuse will Jiang ChengLi come up with to explain this unusual behaviour…
Thank you for translating and editing.

August 6, 2021 1:34 am

Is jiang chengli a western or eastern dragon?

November 19, 2021 11:21 pm

Mr. President 🐲🐲

February 1, 2022 11:43 am

Oh, It’s Jiang ChengLi 😯
No, why Is it Jiang ChengLi? 😵

December 13, 2022 11:27 am

Cutie dragon! So sweet that he went to sleep in that form.

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