Addis Last Day in Tokyo

I really didn’t do very much today.

After breakfast a group of us went to a mall called Sunshine City where we went to the Mega Pokemon store to grab some souvenirs for our friends and family. (I video called my sister as soon as the store was open and took her on a virtual tour of the mega store so she could pick out her own gift. Lol.)

It was raining so some of the trains in the subways had delays and whatnot. I also noticed that they have women only cars on the trains during rush hour to make women feel more comfortable about potential gropers.

Although this does nothing for the a typical yaoi train groping scenes, I thought it was kind of cool that they want women to feel comfortable on their way to work.

So at around 11 am, I went to go meet one of the girls from ExR who lives in Tokyo, Jyoujimi. We had decided to meet up for some ramen or tsukemen at noon. The place she chose to take us to was in the mall system in Skytree tower. When we arrived there was a line, so we figured it must be pretty good.

When the waitress was passing out the menus, she turned to my best friend, (who is Asian) and started speaking Japanese. Since both Jyoujimi and me are whiter than sour cream, I guess she thought my best friend was showing us around Tokyo. Lol. She was so surprised when Jyoujimi answered her in fluent Japanese instead.

It wasn’t too long of a wait, maybe 20 minutes from the time in line to the time our food arrived.

This was bomb. I got the spicy tsukemen and since Jyoujimi doesn’t like eggs, she gave me hers.

For those of you who don’t know, tsukemen is the summer time ramen. The noodles come off to the side and are chilled. You dip the noodles in a condensed dashi broth which is hot. This makes it so during the summer, when you eat it, the meal is more of the human body temperature instead of hot.

The tsukemen dipping sauce was not salty and had so much flavor it is indescribable. Just so much umami. The red paste on the side is a spice that I added to mine since I love spicy food. I probably added about half of it to my bowl and it was the perfect level of spicy.

As Jyoujimi said (after translating what the waiter said), “You can ask for more soup to add to your soup to make it more soupy.” XD

What they mean is that the tsukemen dipping dashi is thicker than a normal ramen soup dashi and is too condensed to drink straight by itself. So once you finish dipping off all of your noodles, you can ask for the broth they add to their ramen to thin out the dipping dashi so you can drink it. I didn’t do this, but it made a lot of sense for those who wanted a hot soup to drink at the end.

At this point, my best friend split off from Jyoujimi and me because she was going back to Akihabara with one of the other girls in our group. So Jyoujimi and I decided to check out all 6 floors of the Skytree mall while we chatted.

There were so many different things in that mall. I didn’t want to be hella touristy and take a picture of everything I thought was cool, so I only got a few things.

The two pictured above are actually those fake acrylic food that stores in Tokyo use to show exactly what you are eating. These fake foods look so real it’s kind of frightening.

Before Jyoujimi and I split up, we grabbed some ice cream. She got strawberry when I grabbed the matcha.

It was so much better than the kind you can find in the states. It had more of a green tea flavor and less of a milk flavor. The cone was a “salt cone” which wasn’t sweet and made the matcha actually stand out more.

At this point, it was already around 2pm and the two of us decided to go our separate ways. It was so nice to actually meet up with one of my ExR girls in real life. It makes them more of a person and less of a face behind the screen.

This was the fun part. Lol. Trying to get back to the hotel by myself. A lot of the Japanese people I passed looked at me strangely when I used the subway system by myself. I guess having my best friend with me on previous days made us stand out less. But since I was a random white girl in a sea of Asians, I stood out a lot more.

It was about 3pm by the time I arrived at the hotel, and since, for the first time in almost 3 days, I was by myself, I decided to catch up on all the yaoi I had missed since leaving the states.

Due to the jet lag, my cold, and finally being by myself without someone snoring in the room, I fell asleep. I slept for about 4 hours, missed out on every one going to dinner together and am actually currently deciding what I should do for food at 8pm. I might hit up the local convenience store less than a block away and grab a bento, or I might just skip food completely and go back to sleep after taking some Nyquil.

Overall, I really enjoyed the three days we spent in Tokyo. I think, if I were to come back again, I would probably only stay 4 or 5 days max anyway because you can do everything available within that time frame. Any longer, and you might not find it as new and exciting.

We leave our Tokyo hotel tomorrow morning at 8.30am to head for Hakone. We should get there around 5.30pm after visiting Mount Fuju etc, where our next hotel is actually a traditional Japanese styled inn.

I’ll get the next two releases out at 6am tomorrow, but meanwhile, I think I need some food.

Thanks for reading,


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31 thoughts on “Addis Last Day in Tokyo

  1. Wow I wish I can go to Japan someday.enjoy your time there and thanks for sharing your wonderful experience to us.

  2. Sounds like a nice day. I’ve been to Tokyo around 4 Times? And yes I usually stay only 3 days. One time I did stay 5 days because I decided to use it as my base city to travel to neighboring areas. I took day trips to places like Yokohama or planned half day to spend at places liken the Ghibli Museum. But mostly i go to new places to eat lol. The train systems in Japan can seem overwhelming but I never found it too bad…but maybe because I’m used to using trains since I live in NYC. I’ve learned that when going to Japan, having a portable wifi or SIM card is a must. It helps to have google maps available when you’re lost haha. I also like rome2rio because it’ll actually tell you the next few available trains and times and what platform they are on haha. Or hyperdia.

  3. Now i’m living expecting this post of your journey apart from the releases! Sound fun and lovely to meet people that you only know online, and the food, you are making me hungry! Continue to have a nive and safe trip 😀

  4. Everywhere food!!!*swallow*
    You seem to be enjoying your time there which is obviously the best thing you can do, keep having a great time 🙌
    👋 From Greece…

  5. Ty for sharing your trip with us! Could it be allergies instead of a cold? It is spring after all! Feel better, and enjoy yourself!

  6. thank you so much for sharing and the pictures (especially the food). I want to go even more than I had originally wanted. I can’t wait for your next installment. And I hope you feel better soon

  7. hi..Addis! I plam to visit Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto next year (spring time). It is one of my dream to go to Japan. It’s not easy because the trip cost is so high. Therefore I must plan the trip carefuly and as efficient as it can be.
    If possible, can you share your itenary during your stay in Japan? I’m collecting as many infos and tips for my travel. I can’t speak Japanesse or know anyone live in Japan. So I’m very nervous…

    1. How long will you be visiting? We are doing 3 days Tokyo, 2 days Hakone and 2 days Kyoto out of our 12 days here. I recommend at least adding two days worth of travel from where ever you’ll be coming from.

    2. I’ve been to Japan numerous times solo and with friends. I don’t speak Japanese but it’s very easy to get around because all the major cities and tourist spots will have maps and signs with English. Also the major train stations like Tokyo station, Kyoto station, etc.. will have an information kiosk and the workers there will typically speak some English. Get a JR train pass if you are not part of a tour group. Saves you money and the hassle of always booking tickets because you can hop on and off any JR train or Shinkansen on the non reserved cars (with exception of the fastest trains). You can also reserve seats if you choose to do so (recommended for longer rides). It’s especially worth it if you plan to hop from city to city. In Tokyo you can use it for the JR lines, the Yamanote line basically gets you to most major tourist destinations and will be covered on the pass. Get a WiFi router or a SIMS card if you don’t plan to activate your international plan…WiFi is surprisingly hard to come by and having internet access while walking around will help you so much (this is from personal experience). You can also use google translate haha. Hope that helps. I love Japan and always encourage people to visit even if they are worried about language barriers haha.

  8. When we was visiting Tokyo we planned out schedule to packed that we got exhausted and had to made amendment to our schedule to let us sleep in (till afternoon lol).

  9. Ah, I really want some ice cream now~ That matcha cone sounds really good. And I’ve heard of the women only trains before. Manga groping scenes probably contribute to the need for them…

  10. wow. . it really sounds fun during your stay in japan.. I’m so jealous. .I hope I can go there someday 🙆

  11. Quite fantastic they are so thoughtful to women and have women only cars to avoid gropers. It would be cool if there was one in the states so we could avoid individuals who masturbate or like to flash people on the train in plain sight. Thanks for sharing the pics!

  12. Wait wait… you were at Sunshine City but there is no mention of Ikebukuro the land of fujoshi?! I loved shopping in Ikebukuro the most… <3 ahhhhh I wanna go to Japan againnnn – thank you for sharing these pics and omg I love the food pics hahahaha… maybe I can check out some more places when I'm there next… kufufu..

  13. Thank you, I felt like you brought me with you for a while. This feels like a food blog + travel blog + yaoi – the best combination I’ve found ever. More power and more yaoi to you and the team, and health.

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